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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Jan 14 1886, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - January 14, 1886, Marble Rock, IowaTho in am by Yuul Marfie Rock Floyd county Iowa january 14, u80 terms fancy groceries proprietor of the aha Salie table 5 Hood Xii hmm Utas store. Of Furford. A Tomb. Boot so to60 be tits. 19 21 Itow Obj Tori Cora 20 seats. Hogfcfs.j5tet8.40. Suji it Reata per dotes 10 Reata per Inch. Arnica world Theta abeam Kefer sores Tetter chapped hands Chil Blan corns Aad All skin Krap tums and a Abualy cores Mea to pay req or it a Gazara aloud to Gin perfect Trot too or Omoy Retia Oei. Price 2ft omit per Box for tale by Kendall overcoats wot e co i want a Good cough syrup 1 is Terr Inq seac Nannt in our Trade and we Lov Arvut give the person task it Bep a cough Syrop knew it to be the beat und most re Bible on the Market. For Sale by a . Niks eau Tofu. Harry Jooa to Hek. Joba ii talk Walster Tia Oer. V h. Oaker is Laid a with i. M. A Nubia was at Muon cite last tuday. Wit. Lulie a tows has retired Home front Hli Dob. Walter has moored into the Arnold bom. We. Fur he Aioo Rei onto he of there farm. John Waller wot to a Tojo with a air Lead of oat de jul Tyndaj. Or. Dilta a fou a that Bolti duts will Thip file ear Loida of bogs this week. There teem to be nothing Bat Snow but the Bea Tifal is Here in Grai i Bandure. J b Shepardson i putt no on Stylo with a new Eatter just pc cared Kim Chicago. Bart t Paddleford of Maible Bock in Towo Jabro sprint miss Sifly Vorbeau is a to Vii Yli Oid leter she u Aone belter it i writing tuesday. Or in maj a Mcniell s Little Pul he Terr sick the part week. She . Out of or. Stand i has Pailoon Shulti and wife for neral Thona Aud dollars damages Tor Alt Oder Rob mawr Money one Dollar from each a bomber will help us oat Gore this you attention. Coll a did coital teens sad Tel. Robes Wailer. Kite fat trninic her let rates Oil Ami Nunu Lont Oil 1 1 in Iki Evert he lev Bawd in f it hew Haman to Kef. A work tin anted Kwh paid few Lidei and Row Marble Rock Iowa t am them at factory of work u l Mak blk Kock. V cheaper be Bens chars cough syrup. Is a Pel wet we Bear on i1 1 eur Drin care fur in Ufa twi ill Imit unit for Sala by a j it la Drw to for _ 8s that Sallow 09 m of Wal 9f a Nav Revow new we Chi lint fab us i Cru Mango Box Ikumi a j Aurry it co. The suit of Kraft heft is both of soon Tow Oszip Hare settled their i Meddio. Or. Walsh paying or. Al Tel Waterloo Iowa by a. C. Boater of Dember 16 the 1885, or Clarase town Tod Hiss Eveline Hoal Naa bets Koet we Ibn Traer. Of a wite a Lut weak fonday. To recently the Blite building now of canted by miss b Benson with i Miot Nery semite for i will s following men s Winter Caps Scarfi i soak glares like. F f m attorney Itji ind attended circuit court m Mason City last week and we bound. He walked Iron. Mason City to Nora ten not on Mowray As no Wen nun a on to Milwaukee Road a passenger Trail blockaded of the Mitra wee mad Latt Friday and Barlet Catt with sixty of Board. The Al tuft to Roo lord Lua Hotd out. Eerie the. The Iowa of Bokor Kairat de the Odd fellow Kail for their West Ikea tie Panteah year. A. Luella Otily Rord Tsaited the roof last or. Clarkia Iii in to the rate of Skwe a Kalf Post a por week. The eau weather a Erio Matiy As Raniag with bed Oeters or. Lilac wart East of town Del tired to a Dilia this week the total might of which we Peoria a touting to my Wiafe the to Truk Tow Frie Tib a be so i wily Moyeed n ratty late berate meet. Aad a Gibon 1 heartily Yot. F. T Lump keys Magoo. City has located hums As. We i Teitz to him the right haad of Fellowship. Or. Tangari of ureese to that be will be Here to Morrow evening u open Hii writing school. The Graml army lecture last even big was poorly attended. The lecture was item tic Tail worthy of a larger Attena Aace. Beach Tad Bowers Jill morels was Prodo added by those in attendance the Best minstrel Bow they Ever Clinton daily Herald. Attention will be a special meeting of Marble Rock Post no. Sos u. A. I. Saturday evening Jao Otty 15th, for the instal lation of the Mocera elect of the Post. And their families Are ill Vitco. R c. T Ackler com. Owing to the mow blockade the legislature failed to Orga Aue lot monday owing to this fact the message of the governor a Fri too late Lor Pabli cation this week text week however we Ahall publish both Shermaa s and Larban s Merak jul in form. Sale tit cruised Lor Mobil in Lith 1886, Wai Pott Pond on account of the bad condition of the. Rotas a til Friday. 15th, Ikse at which line the weather permitting the Sale will positively take place the following subscribers have thanks Aid the past week b. C. Darland 0. W. Burchard Rob. Duggett. Shultz Martin Auklet a. A Mcalpine Geo. W Bussell. We want to hate about 500 others follow in their footsteps. I co. Haying Talca Tho Agency of Tail company for the West half of Floyc county. Soaib Joist Cerro Gordo North Butler i will do a general in Strance business with head quarters at Marble Rock. Cou Paiit o the be Anent doing a farm business i1 e a Cal Iii Vav a Jeat. La the went Twenty four boars wit Bont food. It is said that Rossia Aad Austria Imp info Fot t War to begins to look try m if Low our of All the rooms will never be Happy till so Mew to Tai in and gives him a Good tet them pick if Nee Trad the Tad by of i a Dmn last week it Haring Iowa mra. Or Lar brother dark of pleasant Ottre immediately started for the a read to Atod do Forral of their Deo Ahamd Porot. Nealdow hot Ben himself and for be Bow aunt to Eow Wurf deet Anit Liat Mimi Model state that the fit for Laws to raced to and All that tort of a diag we not Rynars of w Mem people used to be Falor hospitality and Nice Turnt cookery. Jus Adel aide Presith bus just Bosua a series of articles in the Utica keeper which Are to embody All the Choice recipes trea our i Lor Mycral generations of an old j Nirh like to see the Numor containing the syst of thu series will receive nne free by Andins postal card to us Keye us. Co., Minneapolis Minn. The follow in officers were duly it us led by Shell Bort Book Lodge i. 0. . On monday evening last n a v. It w Holland w 0 Carob to use Kraw a Kinoy cd Haney John Clay. 3 b s to n ores Schermerhrn i s to n Fletcher b 8 to v Mies t 8. To v Thomas Pierce. The meeting of the Lodge was Well attended and tenth Siasa Brothers of order Are earnestly requested to attend the Lodge meet we of monday evening next oar Eom Waity it Luri cd weak fonday boning by the Aid news thai mrs. Car Bieber bad add enl did on thursday of Echt of Drain and hem it appears that mrs ctr Biea or retired Nesoal Evet ing about ten o Loek or. Car Moor bom of the children and informed that Bis wife who slept in to adjoining Raon was taken nude Only ill or inure Dutott refund to Ber apart tent Aad found her partially on the hot a tramped position Fie owe of to Hoys for or. Binoy before the doctor Carbiener Bod Pond Over Tea silent nver of death the owed is Ami 8 mania of age. Was lady Lun Rod mooned by a t Large of Zmoda Many she Sims Gouda it Ober a Dollar s an i Loadeth of Bess Lor and very Liber Al club pre Mioch Tii Soldt Tael seeds a famished by or mete air of is. Fall. A thoroughly Stod dealer and Itu subscriber or note Titi varieties Ati Irei list published by t the Wai. Cra Troa liar Coli Klej a Bear residue for cd. Morrill press Jill a Verso in desiring needs should for i list. Marble Hock ia., 12th, 1886. I a Stoi Vou would like an item for your paper i w n him Siy d it mrs. Cater returned irom 4 two visit a. Manchester evening and bras Snow Bouzid join Mur ulc Ilie left than of fray Momtag arrived St or. Frt see a it Ivora. Warmed up and started again or. Tial Brauth sch Ere she remained All night ii id started again Satu Jay morning re siding or g n. Baldwin g it noon remained there until Sunc Liy afternoon Hen we were by the neigh Bors and arrived Lisic at s Pira. We our very kindly for their assistance. Uratis. Comb i come 1 come Lubison s Hill. Grind band Bene it special engagement of the Beach Bower minstrels and uniformed band in Street Parade. Oae night Only tuesday january 19ih. Admission children 25 Conte adult cents. No extra charge for reserved seats at Oaks t son s drug store. Cad a few. Of he Many press notices blab t to webs a Powers were greeted with crowded Boos last evening. In ustice to the company we will state the wat first Elm in every respect. Hie singing was Good and several Atiim introduced were encoded Antil he fairly Shook. The first part does away with male gigs and Gira a refreshing opening Al singing j the Starlight Quartetti which an Good one doubly do i be or in a voice hard to beat. Sobby been in his artistic dancing we in moot am responded to foor Ewa ores while Otic Bowers nato fan enough to keep the audience a humor a weak. Luke the contortionist and Harry r. Vukos in is fan. I the Are artists of super iut ability no latter does one of his work quite is ire As attic him Jas l in even ahead of that artist pc of Csc Bie Aaris with hit guitar and budget of Tift was str Tobt oat id to Joe cml of to and peace. To tire we Good Aad Ibe boys Rirl to a pocked Bowld tiny rent. Do. Kelia Bli Wood and Ataee Fosia for Sale. J. T. Balt Koab. Fuller. O Ihu distinct has introduced a Bill provides that All pensions which have been or which May be granted in consequence of death occurring from a cause which originated in the service since the fourth Day of Anarch eighteen Hundred and sixty one or in consequence of wounds or injuries receive or disease contracted Lince that Date shall commence from the death or discharge of the person on whose account the claim has been or hereafter granted if the disability occurred f riot to discharge and if such disability occurred after discharge then from the of actual disability or irom the termination of the right of the party having prior title to Sacii our Des Moines in looking Over the Field finds that the prohibitory Law will be of importance and so fir As the views of members expressed indicate their action the present Law will be so amended As to make it enforcement More easy and Urc obligatory on the affair cars of the Lair. There also seems to to a Strong desire to croat a system of state marshals about one for etch congressional District a Lite sole duty it will be to enforce the Law and thus relieve Citi ens of that trouble As the us now works. The office of District attorney having been Dol Islic by constitutional aide nor ment and the present court system be ing rather unsatisfactory and slow there will probably be a decided change for the better. The school Book question has Cote 30 pc Rmendy before the Public through the recommendations of Statt sunt. Akers and the state teachers As that the prevailing sentiment seems to indicate that it will be left to boards of directors whether they shall Purchase books or not and what books they shall furnish. Cota Nolor Chancy no us. and Cut men of a present oar . For k in Raj Cor uni on Tiu. We iwo will vices. Sea. View let Mew Zunli Kladek pc. Ii. . 111. Oakes

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