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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - January 13, 1898, Marble Rock, IowaMarble Rock weekly. H b. Utes xxv Fob Lien Marble Rock. Iowa. Music of the Mills. With cadence Sweet As tripping feet across the room at morn we hear the Bell from factory and eau a note of Horn that s winding out a shout across i a and a v the music of the Mills. Where Shadow crr a Anu lilies sleep in quiet ii is place where if r All is Down of old Nili sends Mournful note swelling Throat till sent a r in above the Bird there s faintly heard the music of lit Mills. From Ermine room Mammoth loom and warehouse near the track is Busy thrum drowsy hum death float inf Cloud of walk Sweet of bread and children fed the sturdy workmen fills. As to the skies the Sparks arise with Murfie of Mills. On every hand As vision grand. From East to ruin Elf the waving Grain on yielding Plain tells of a nation blessed while Shadow s fee by Yorol the sea Back from the Granite Hills. And Sweet ail Clear to Day the hear the music of the Mills. Tell out the song to waiting throng As White winged shins sail on to Tropic strand Piil land of darkness Farewell to care for everywhere the message stirs and thrills King out the gloom with song of. Loom Ai. Bruner in Chicago inter Ocean. 1 Iko s fish Story. By Florence Converse. Do 0 let the Chilli said aunt _ Allie. Old ill. Pardee is Down there hell sifter him. There is not the slightest Chance of his Corning to any harm if he behaves himself. Hun along Honey and bring us a great big fish for very Well Iko you May sighed Mamma anxiously but i will not have you sit with your legs hanging Over the Edge of the wharf. Promise me you will be said Iko. He was already half Way Down the Garden path. And Ohiko listen to Iko paused obediently but Tih Erc was. A slight indication of impatience a the he twitched his shoulders. Walk Down Between the freight car yes you make a perfect baby of that said aunt Allie. He s Iko is Mamma assented quietly and i suppose he is old fashioned from having lived almost exclusively Vith Gru Uii people bin he is to i afraid of Tulig Wocl his tenacity of purpose is sometimes quite tint Allie smiled so optically As be Bent Over her sewing but wisely said nothing. Meanwhile Rio vt5iose name was Isaac by the Way. And a very Good name it is for a fishes Vruir was walking As fast As his thin Little legs could carry him Down the Middle of the Long steam boat wharf and Between the Woodten rails on which the sat freight car eled flown and Back twice a Day. At the Landing the wharf widened and made room for a shed which opened on both sides to let the primitive railway pass through and beyond framed in by the opening of the shed was old ill. Pardee in the blazing Sunshine perched upon a Cluster of posts which projected above the floor of the wharf. A nervous flush spread Over Iko S.I. i Cate dark face As he approached the Bro and Landing. Lie had not yet made the acquaintance of or. Pardee and the figure on the posts did nor. Look sociable. The old Man wore a coarse Blue cot ton shirt discoloured in spots and very Patchy trousers his head and vere covered by a great hat of rough country Straw and All that Iko could see of his face was a pair of thin lips exhibited in profile closed but making a slow grinding Moti ii indicative of tobacco. Iko paused within a few Knees of the posts clutched his own hat from his head shyly and1 gazed with wretched Gucci i buy at the Oil Man. When some ten or twelve seconds lad elapsed the great hat began 10 revolve upon the Bent shoulders and the withered Sunburst face and smash. Eyes of or. Pardee were slowly turned upon the Little boy after which with no change 01 expression no Stop Ping of that relentless grinding motion of the lips they were As slowly turned Back again. Iko. Hopelessly embarrassed began to Fumble with his fishing tackle but he had never baited a Hook before and the Little pieces of meat persisted in drop Ping off before they touched the water. He grew redder and More Clumsy after each unsuccessful attempt once he pricked his Finger with the Hook and Tiwe to time he cast Side glances of mortification and woe at the silent Fisherman on the posts. After the Little fishing Rod had been jerked Back several times or. Pardee. Who appeared to be oblivious of a As going on below him. Descended from his Perch took the Rod from Iko aside the scraps of raw beef aunt Allie had provided As bait Hung a piece of Catfish on the Hook and led the toy around to one of. The wharf. Where the shed cast a parallelogram of Shade upon the floor then having ant cast the line Over with a careless Ness that made Iko tremble for the bait pm returned to his own sunny Pedestal. All this he did trip haul a work. Iko Teing a polite child wanted to S.I. thank but the silence of this Peculiar old Man choked the foun Tain of match huh in him and he found himself incapable of uttering a sound. The air quivered hotly Over by the Shore Ami along the tops of the Onty ing bathhouses. The sunlight of the water Hurt Iko s eyes and he Drew his hat Over his face. The heat and the stillness made him drowns. Lie wondered if old or. J urdu e suis annoyed Ssith him for coining Down to wish. Lie wondered parts of those queer Troun is had Helon ired to to Peiu they Sere first no Tilc. And if that Blue shirt had Eser smash of. Lie wondered if or. I Ardee was warm out there in the or if he was like the salamanders Mamma had Tolu him fairy creatures who were fireproof. He wondered of a great Many s ague sleepy thai grew Sleeper and Sleeper All the time till suddenly his body gave an unexpected Little As one s body still sometimes when one is just on the Point of going to sleep and he lifted his hat and discovered that the parallelogram of Shade had quite perceptibly shifted its position and he was on the Edge of the Silas hire. Lie stood up to move to a better place and As lit did so something at the other end of his line a desperate Jerk and pulled him at a brisk Trot Over to the Edge of the wharf lie Clun to the Rod with both hands and held Back As much As he could but the Lish on the end of the line tugged mightily. Once he saw a big Bob out of the water and a Tail swirled up As the fish went Down Arnin. Juko s dreamy Brown eyes were filled with the Light of Battle and a grim expression settled about his Mouth. Lie had stopped himself within about two feet of the Edge of the wharf and he dug his heels into a crack Between two planks but the fish pulled him Over on his toes and he was obliged to take a step Forward in order to keep his bal Ance. Try As he might he could not lift the fish an Inch out of the water but he could hang on to the pole and he did so his Little Knuckles were White and Grassy with the Strain. He rocked bade and Forth ind took another step Forward. It was perilously near the Edge his Eye looked As if they were starting out of his head and his month was tight shut stubbornly. Decidedly Mamma was Correct when she said that at times Iko showed an adj Bonishing tenacity of purpose " he made a feeble and entirely useless attempt to lift the fish tip and once More began to Rock Back and Forth. As he swayed Forward he could see the i water and the Green Slimy Post against which he must inevitably strike his head if he should go Over. As he swayed Back the sky went round a Bizily. Then he went Forward again and there was a singing in his cars. Instinctively he put his foot out to take another step but he knew that he was walking straight off into space Down. Tim still to the pole. Just at this exciting moment old Pardee s left hand gripped Iko s Collar i and hurled him backward anywhere the eyes grew a Litto the old Man would lend it to him afterwards for a few min to that he Boss it to Mamma Ami aunt Allie. He lifted the wish and pressed it against his shirt front with one hand to keep it from slipping out of and with the other he took Oil his hat then he or. Partite and said i am much o you. If it been for you i Rhc uld have Jie i lie gulped Overton in to give you my please re member me by. 1 can catch put of your or. Pardee. Iko did so. And waited Jfe was accustomed to being thanked for his gifts Thi unions abrupt ii a Dis concerted rim or. Pardee leaned his Oss n Rod against a Post spat emphatically the water Rose and took the wish from to. Then he produced a piece of Cord from his pocket and slipped it through the creature s Sills. This he said is the biggest fish Ever been caught Here senic i Ter git when and i m i-0. If you Ketch an other like it in -10 year i la give be a. Iko confused Anc humbled and won Dering Why i innocent remark should so suddenly appear to be an u a warrant Able , stood first on one 1 oot and then on the other while the old gentle Man fastened a piece of stick crosswise to the string for a handle. Does your come Over to night on the Iko. Well you give this Here to him with old or. Pardee s and say is a Fisherman is Fiat Means a Bass n gentleman. Take said Iko and stood with Mouth and eyes wide open. Come said or. As Iko and not a Igni Riecl a in intention of Goinsjr Home this remark to partake of the nature of a dismissal lie looked at his Benefactor uncertainly for a moment and then a Asir i will i certainly he turned and to run Down the v. Harf As rapidly As the wish would a less. Great boy observed old or. Pardee As he settled himself once More on his posts. He can catch another one he can. Can he Luis ii. Lawdy and he laughed an aged cackling laugh companion. He approached ii. Tar Deb. , out of ail Ulm Pur dec s Rigaut hand Liat Lishing pole a Irv veep nut a ing1 hint sent tic fish up against the suit of the shed with a prodigious slap. Lav rely. said old Rar Cloe " 1 like to swallowed my i d have never let go. Iko blinking and crawling on his hands and Knees toward the fish. "lav.dy, murmured per Dee again Ashu examined the Fisli. He measured it from Mouth to Tail with i n up. I Teeth together in ? Fasli Ion and said cup. Then he returned to his Cluster of posts kit alone with his treasure. Be i Knelt beside it for a Long while. Was really so shaken Bot i in mind and body Itiat he had not strength Cix nip a to move or. Pardee had a his deliverance with Riog in tic hand. At last after much blinking and staring he became conscious of the fact that he had caught a redfish the Lav rest he Ever seen and moreover in very first fish he had caught in All his life. La All his life a picture of the dark Vater and the Slimy Green Post flashed into his mind and he siindderec7. Sup pose or. Pardee had not arrived in time his Busy Day. Cakes and ale. The Topeka Eliut liar Liefl cider once upon a Tiru-3, a a eat Many years ago it came to pass that it was thought desirable to ship a Hogshead of the Best Medford ruin from Massachusetts to Kansas to the cite of Topeka the capital of Kansas. Exactly Why it was thought Desira ble to do so is a matter involved Lii some obscurity. Merc babblers demagogues i he to Lull Lutjjijlu-11 ill a full of All Emy and but Harita Bleness have been heard to say that the reason was that a United san pcs senator to be elected that Winter at Topeka and one of the leading the idea of tapping a Baire. With a View to shielding the Honor of Lik beloved state t rom the shame of seeding the wrong Man to Washington. Gs1 Liat As it May the Hogshead of Medford rum was duly shipped. But for ome purpose presumably out o regard to the feelings of Temperance leading candidate Afore said was a powerful pillar of the Church barrel was marked cider and thus it was entered on the shippers Book. In due course u arrived at its Desti nation. That same afternoon unwonted excitement of a Suppi esst a and mysterious nature observable in both branches of the Kansas legislature. Those who were known to be ardent supporters of the statesman to v. Hem reference has already been made could be seen tipping significant winks to other members who were is opposed to be of that Calm and judicious tempera ment which prompts its to study every question carefully before making up their minds. In Short no sooner had the two houses adjourned Mure than half the members repair cd instantly thong a trying hard to look As if they were Iro avg 10 a prayer meeting to a certain House the statesman who is believed to have desired to shield his Stylc from shame had a suite of rooms and was keeping open House. The barrel alleged to contain lest ,1 i manner found its Way . On n Long Extension table Ivere glasses pitchers sandwiches crackers and cheese and Ether things. A Gen Erous portion of liquid was Dran n Roin the Hng Siead. Every Glass vans filled and As each legislator lifted the foam ing Gobiet to his lips a glad shout arose in response to a Toast express he of Good pushes for the Success of the candidate for the tried states Senate who had Given this touching of statesmanlike ii Lif cations. For though lifted to n pair of lips it lowered almost As quickly As it lifted for Cut in a ass was filled in deed pud truth with nest cider advertiser. It easier to forget some tillage than to remember them. The business Man seas very much occupied when one of his acquaintances came in. I want. To ask began the caller but the other without looking up waved one hand Back of him and re j need the Friend to Meuce. After l ing half a minute the visitor tried j i v. Of t take Miinch of our he i said. This i.-. Something too important to be or i d Gonway and come i suppose there r no use of my trying to get through with this before dark was the rejoinder with sigh. I m sorry it s to interrupt Oil. It s All right. When i cume to think of it i would t know whether had the right answer when i got you could easily have the bookkeeper verify it could t you to. I tried it. Lie did t know any More about it than i in t it anything connected with ".xo. If it were i d he compare they Serene. Us siness in t the Only thing j in a great Deal of it Ali Oriel the calculator for to office boy and when he appeared said to Roinas you this two Dollar Bill and buy me Many works on arithmetic As you can for then turning to j his Friend with the air of a Croas questioner he said to make and what do we want with Money respect. Ave want to feel that to can hold up our Heads in the world and not be obliged to face humiliation. The purposes of this calculation Distant from Liu siness though it May be. Are the same. I have a boy who has clone Well in his studies and who does me the Honor advice every once in . Boys Don t do that. They think it s impossible for their fathers to know very much owing to the misfortune they la bored under in not ing the same school teachers. This Hoy of mine re marked the other Day that he was go ing to take tip cube Root to Day. Have Sou tried to extract Ary Catbe roots since Yon left the caller answered a the negative. Then you Don t know How much you have forgotten. It s a Heap easier to learn to extract a the first place than it is to Rem Mhor it again after you Hase gotten out of practice. But i m going to keep at it. To night hell come Home Vith some examples to do and Napoleon. When he started for St. Helena did t feel a bit worse than i will if i have to Lay Down my Lead pen cil and paper and Osvin up that ican t do free press. Looser gloves Are worn. A talk with Mes. About the Casuso of anaemia. Everybody comes into this world with a pre disposition to disease of some particular tissues Mother words everybody has a weak spot. In ninety nine cases out of a Hundred the weak spot in. Women is somewhere in the Uter Ine system. The uterine organs have less resistance to disease than the vital organs that s who they give out the soonest. Xot More then one woman irs a to the Stem necessity of helping one s self just As soon As the life Powers seem to be on the Wane. Excessive menstruation is a sign of physical weakness and want of tone in the uterine organs. It saps the strength away and produces anaemia blood turns to if you become anaemic there is no knowing what will happen. If your Gums and the inside of your lips and inside your eyelids look in color you Are. In a dangerous Way and must Stop that Drain on. Your Powers. Whir up on a generous uplifting tonic like Lydia e. Pinkhard s vegetable compound lbs. Edwis enr.10, 413 Church St., Bethlehem pa., says i feel it my duty to write and Tell you that i am better than i have been for four years. I used Lydia e. Pinkham s vegetable com Pound one package of Santive Wash one Box of liver pills and can say that i am perfectly cured. Doctors did not help me any. I should have been in my grave by this time if it had not been for your Medicine. It was a godsend Tome. I Castrou Ledwith excessive menstruation which caused womb trouble and i was obliged to remain in bed for six weeks. Mrs. Pinkham s Medicine was recommended to me and after using it a Short time was troubled no More with flooding. I also had severe pain in my kidneys. This also i have no More. I shall always recommend the compound for it has cured me and it will cure others. I would like to have you publish in such cases the dry form of compound should be used of ibo ii Canada passed through Chicago recently in route to England. He paints m blowing colors the advantages of Canada and says that a Large number of tenant farm ers from the old country Are making their Homes there and those who during the past few years have gone to that District from the United states Are remark ably will. They find the climate chg wilful Ana although in very poor circumstances when they arrived they Are mostly doing Well and have excellent farms some of them being Able to loan Money to the Rev settlers. As an example of what has been done by colonists this year he says Hugh Irvine who has Heen in the country five years threshed bushels of heat and received 12 cents per Bushel for it. Dames Fitzgerald raised bushels 111 the fourth year of his settlement while James Atkinson had a crop of bushels. These men started without any capital and were induced to go through the representations of the Canad an government agents. Hie development of the Edmonton Klondike route 1ms Ere a cd a Lime Cash Market. Hundreds of Square Miles of magnificent farming country yet remain for cultivation in the Saskatchewan Valley and is sold at Low prices. Love is thin when faults Are thick. Farm journal. Fort Nule in Coll gloves Are worn much looser than for Merly. This is Well since the weather his a Corr. To be quite Wotli ing is colder than a Light it malts fret circulation c he blood impossible in irm tionne pm de Cledu uncomfortable the look cramped and deformed. Castor gloves Are the Tina for Street Wear. They Are made of a . But soft undressed Lud. And Are far Varnier than Dogskin. They slip on and Oft easily and Are modish in the extreme. Cray is the favorite color with women Ivhon Large allowances but that color soils easily and the soft shades of Tan prove More acceptable to who have to count every cent before and after it is expended. Cat Tor gloves can be Bung it in. Stock almost and where for 31 or ?1.25 per pair but it is cheaper in the end to have them made to order at a regular Glove store. This can be done for is. 75. And the purchaser is then sure of getting a e Iii Iule from a perfect skin and Alt of of being Well fitted. Great displays of highly col ored 3-id gloves Are being made but one sees very few women a earing them. Coloured q-inve1 Ike stamp to Weir wearer with the Mark if not of downright vulgarity at least of bad taste. Soft shades of Tan Brown Are the torni or Street Wear while Dainty Pearl and Gray tones Are vying with while for the first place for dress occasions. Suede is coming move Anil More into use. American . Aro the Best shod women in the world but they win Neier be considered the Best gloved women of Long As the stick to the cold Witeli is hand covering 41, v. 1 times Herald. G slip Vjio Lac it Nten is Tom. Sou mics frills for the Vair spot and velvet spot effects Are being produced for Earh near in both worsted Cotto i foods. The spots Are several apart and the fabric is made on Prin Ciple. Plain velvet makes up into garments that excellent Wear. Puffed velvets in red and Ciceu and checked and plaid Are pop ular and make stylish blouses and Bod ices. Among the new shades Are six tones of gendarme Blue from the deep Dull colors to a Paie. Pearly Goblin tint. Some Lovely forget me not shades Are Seniv in the Pale blues and three exquisite Turquoise tints Are strongly in the possible answer to tuis took u Strong hold upon Iko s Tion. He looked up at the a old j for Herman a sensation of gratitude 11 re exc tement swelled suit Iii him i Uva whig him Jos Ful and a gloss. Yes j his old Man had Sasen his life i he touched he fish lovingly along its gleaming Side and As he did so a Way to i express his get etude came into his i mind. Eyo sparkled Over the vision j of a Nickii had burst upon him. He would give the fish to or. 1 of she had a sort of hesitancy in her speech and so left a hesitancy in her speech i never heard of that before Are of not Unis to. Not at All. For when 1 asked her if she would have me. She hesitated to say is. Ami she hesitated so Long that i Cut her for another moments. Man keeps three dogs never likes to Sec the Basket a his Way then he frs to Fri Chi Flam s Horn. And old Csc colors an1 seen and i there arc a dozen Beau fun of j soft pure Chicago record. J i Rozyn Cloi the drying of clothes in frosty weather is s Nactines. R. The of delicate fabrics attended tearing. Be cause of Quick in cold air. A simple precaution which will prevent any such Tro ble is to dissolve three or four handfuls of coarse Salt in the last rinsing water. Thus making it. In fact a weak . Articles so rinsed will not suffer froth or Suten with coir. X. V. Post Mevicker b theater Chicago always plays the leading attractions. The sporting with an All Star cast follows Kellar. The Chicago medical missionary training school i92u Wabash Avenue has been established Fer the purpose of preparing Christian Jung men and somen to Laboria City missionary and Rescue Stork. Conse cried Young people of both sexes Are received As students svit Hout regard to Creed provided they Are prepared to devote their lives to gospel philanthropic Stork. The instructors Are physicians trained medical nurses and philanthropic workers who gis e their services free and students Are furnished with room and tuition free of charge and boarded on the Kuro Poan plan at a Cost of from to per week Lor meals. The superintendent of the school who May be addressed at 192c Avab shave. Chicago still give All the information needed regarding this purely non Sec Tanan Benes Lent Stablish meet its Aims and work. Hot to work it. Do you do is Hen Jour father Svon t let you have and More clothes get a new world. Weather changes bring rheumatism. St. Jacobs Oil makes prompt pm a it is always hard on a Man when love or the measles attacks him late in Cago sews. While asleep cured soreness stiffness All right St. Jacobs Oil did it. Skill of doctors tested. Risteen Vears of buttering. I thought i should surely Tulien stomach begins to fail in its duties other organs speedily become acc cd a sympathy and life simple a Burden Alm Ost unbearable indigent ton and dyspepsia Are so common that util the sufferer from these Kiowa the possibilities of misery that inhere in them. A typical example of thesius Ferias of the victim of is furnished a the Case of John c. Pritchard. He on for fifteen cars from bad to worse. In spite of doctors he Greer constantly and thought he would die. Lie got Well however and thus relates his experience for if Teeth Drears i was a croat sufferer from indigestion in its worst forms. I tested the skill of Manv doctors Bui grew worse and worse until l became so weak i could not walk fifty Yards without having to sit Down and my stomach liver. And heart became affected and i thought i surely die. I tried or. J. C Ayer s pills and they helped me Rii Fht Awa y. I continued their use and am now entirely i Don t know of anything so quickly relieve and cure the terrible sufferings of dyspepsia As or. Aver s c. Pritchard Brodie War Ren co., x. C. This Case is not either in the severity of the disease or the prompt and perfect cure performed by or. Pills. Similar results occur a every Case where or. Ayers pills Are used. They helped me Light away is the common j expression of those who have used Here is another testimony to the truth of this statement i formerly suffered from indigestion and weakness of the stomach but since i began the use of or. J. C Ayer s i have the appetite o the Farmer s Bov. I Ara 46 years of age and recommend Alt who wish to be free from dyspepsia to take one of or. Ayer s rills after Diau cry till their digestive organs Are in was Steiskel Grant Ayer s pills offer the surest act swiftest Relief from constipation and All its attendant ills. Thev cure nausea heartburn palpitation bad breath coasted Tongue nervousness bilious Ness and a score of other affections that Are. After All Only the of a More deep rooted disease. You can find More information about or. Aver s pills and the diseases they have cured in Ayer s cure Book a Story of cures told cured. This Book o f Roo paces id sent free on request by the j c. Aver co., Lowell mass i Fri ural water color paints a for decorating Walls and ceilings grocer or paint dealer and do your own Kalso mining. This material is made on scientific principles by machinery and milled in Twenty four tints and is Superior to any concoction of glue and Whiting that can possibly be made by hand. To be mixed with cold water. If . Us Amu from the same dealer. This material is a finish to be applied with a Brush and he comes As hard As Cement. Milled in Twenty four tints and works equally As Well with cold or hot water. For Sample cards and if Yon can not Purchase this material from local dealers let us know and we put you in the Way of obtaining it. The Muralo co. New Brighton. S.i., new York. Candy cathartic cure constipation All druggists a fair face cannot atone for an untidy use Sapolio x

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