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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Jan 13 1898, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - January 13, 1898, Marble Rock, IowaVol. 23 no. Y.3. Marble Rock Floyd county. Iowa Jan. 3. Terms a Yeak River on into dist no i 4s 17 f , 12 02 i m imitation imitation what mean. Oho. I be now. Uliey Are Irwin or to get a Stop to Fuji Tate our h a. Eks but they cannot do it Lor that stove is Niit made thut will do the work of the German Heater. Go where they Aro in use and sit with your Leet under the stove and ask the user How they to heat the floor so hot and hold the fire so Long with so Little fuel they will Tell you the stove does it All. You do not need an Enin reer to Maud and watch it first to open the drafts Toj Iun soldiers Relief fund 10 11 Lund keep the fire Tiroui using out and lieu to close them to keep from settin your Rool on will save you All this trouble and at least one third of your i Tsehay Selling you a genuine downward dra t diving flue German heat a. 51 23 of 1400 24 s4 is 10 o. 251 i. till Moon. Vul uting Bro tue in Yood Sti main to attend. Hobbert w. S. A Davis Sec. Proceedings of the Lind notes and mortgages in the hands of the auditor in the amount of and a Cash Ballance in the hands of the treasurer to the amount of 4s a total of for which the county is indebted to the state As shown by the auditor s report sled at thin session we further report Board of supervisors january session 1898. Made a Semi annual that we settlement have Board met in s Pervis is room t court House in Charles City monday. January Ord Itofe at 2 o clock p id members present. , Merrill Pip pin Shultz and supervisor elect Chi Chester and w. D. Lin Daman county auditor. Or. Chichester presented his credentials and took his plice on the Board. On motion or. Shutz was elected chairman of the Board for the ens into year. The official Bonds of e f. Walster j. I. Martin and j w Parker Tor the offices of county treasurer. Superintendent of schools and she Iff were on notion Iii Junuia Iti Pult i t Una Puli Uuttu Jan 1st, 1s9s. To the Hon. Boar of supervisors of Floyd herewith mib Mit my report of fees collected since nov. 1st. Ic97, the Date of my Hist report to this Date in the sum of respectfully submitted w. D Lindaman co auditor. Permanent school fund report. Jan 1st, 1s98 to the Hon. Board of supervisor of Floyd county herewith submit my report of the permanent school fund since nor. 1st. 1897. The Date of my last report to this Date As follows. Cash on hand at last report. In paid in since last re port. Alfred Allen 200 00 Delbert Hunn s50 00 cats Zuelue a 50 00 total. Amount loaned 0 00 bal on hand this Dale Arn t of mortgage notes on hard 00 total am t the county is indebted to Sta e. 4g the loan of Del licit Lunn was paid in full and 1 have cancelled the from record. Respectfully in Ami de. Lind nun. Arnitor. On motion tha reports of auditor s Lees collected and i Ria nent school fund was approved. On motion official Bonds of the Fol lowing justices of the to Jug and Constable were approved Morrison and of Brun Ducc of Rudd township. L a be Attis o the county treasurer from june 1st to december Olst 1s97, that we have compared and checked All receipts and Mishur events of the office Lor Tho said period that we find vouchers on file Lor All monies paid out and All monies paid to Al aint in All lands All of which is respectfully submitted signed i l Lam finance Cora. Phil sin xxx report of finance commit to approved by the rest of the Board. On Mociran charged and collected with balance due Lor the year 1897, As follows salary 00 civil Case s3 4 78 criminal cases 144 10 summoning trial jury go 00 grand jury 7 20 summoning Talisman 15 00 executions 407 g2 Louo deeds 10 00 Wuendi Iier court Uhli prisoners 2 00 persons to stale institutions. Miscellaneous fees umm Tiue its 2o discharges 20 total Char de ll-1 1uu lulls medical serum a redemption 114 71 flour flour total 00 submitted i t1 i 1 r Linda Audi or. J be wish to Alii at ten Ion to our Brand of on motion the Board adjourned until i Clear Oil flour which arc Sellin at a 17 tuesday p. Session. Board met it 1 o clock. Members All pie seat. Titty Brissor flour was placed in this mar is the summary was read and on motion was approved. Laue s dist. Amount expended Merrill s dist. Amount expended s02 so Chichester int in Pinch a t5s7 79 pippin dist. Mount expended 1028 91 shuit7 amount expended 70 Fisher fold Bridge a i touches and ice Jiff Zuj very close margin. Wac guarantee that no Ket. We also sell fresh Graham Corn meal buckwheat flour. Pol a will and see us. Refunding 1329 balance of hand at this Date so total. 10017 30 balance on hand . A 1897, tax collected. Receive a Fotu other sources Leo. W. Gates. 83245 of 0491 12 2s1 21 total 30 signed int Putin chm. Com. Coutv of on. The following of county Road was read and of motion was approved or. Laih i on Viand Jan. Lit. j7, tax collected 4.3h 09 total 7551 27 or. Line s amount expended 01 Merrill s dist Imit expended -11.1 00 Chi Lipster s d St. Hint expend. 070 11 pippin s list. Mint and expended. 799 28 Shultz dist. Amt expended j4s 4s outstanding warrants paid 3 00 refunding s 79 balance on band. 0907 00 signed 7551 27 to pippin. Ohm. Coin. 51 50 28 15 5 75 00 1490 98 01 which Lias been collected 1111 8-3 Leav treasurer s balance i permanent school fund apportionment school Lund school fund interest state fund county Iund county school Lund i insane Lucid poor fund county Road animal fund clurlo."113 ind fund in Turp lung Charles City waterworks fund St Lund St Charles Load Lund Floyd fund Floyd ind i fond 1 Tyd Kad Lund Nora ind Lund Sheet a in the balance due for number in Days confined. 480 amount charged for h Ard 274 29 number meals furnished 23 3 45 number of tramps s in scribed and sworn to by j. W Parker sheriff. In Molion the foregoing report a approved. The Kee order s report for the month of n Lembit to id december. 1s97. Of Lees collected in the account o 2y and annual report Tor the year 1s97 no Lee collected in the amount of so dam 15 were and on motion were approved. The report of the clerk of the Dit. Court Lor tit a co looted for the of of Vimbor and december. 1s97, in the of 65 which together file making a s7 to go s49 37 8 285 63 2001 75 939 to with of ports on ii8 or i Floyd township a Viii for of the Nora corp Lund peace and Janius Patterson of Judd township for Constable. The following report of the finance committee was re id finance committee report. Gentlemen of the Runty Loard we finance Comai tee would respectfully submit the following re port to wit we have of ruined the books Ana accounts in the auditor s office for the current year from january 1 hoc. Urove dist Lund Rock Grove Road Lund lit idd Lund i id ind Dit Lund Tutti do Road inn Hock Ford dist. Fund stick word ind dist fund Hook lord Hoail fund re corp fund Hist Lund i Ulster Road i Gnu Scott gift fund 57 03 624 57 los 02 17 01 43 492 or 181 57 70 00 3-23 771 01 10 s2 197 01 454 741 48 total or the year 0 15. Sub 2-s7d 29 sen had by Willard Perrin. Clerk 8907 01 and a notion w-i9 approved 50241 the report of c m cart of fees 517948 Dnn air Ilie year of 1m17 in the sum of 05 was read and on Trot in a i approved the report of expenditures 213 go of Trifi county fund was 96 j read and on motion was approved do Avdi Xor s report or s Ron i 1397. J to the Hon. of supervisor of j Flint Coj Tylo a i herewith the following state ment of the expenses fur which try ints have drawn on the county fun Foi the 1807 Couit expanses. Witness 376620 jury fees. 2221 justices and g on Sta i Arm report tent Lenin. Your coining tree on of Nonty Fennii submit the following Raport or the year of 1597 number of nusted Jan 1st 1s97 12 Jan 1st 14 average number of inmates Dur ing 1s97 to one Eiith Hai oct Rcd during the year. The inmates now consist of thirteen Tunica and one Feciale who Are old and feeble in both mind and body with the exception of one male the and inmates Are Well cared for and the Stock and Tarm Are in Good condition under the stewardship of u l Roberts and Wile the following if the invoice of property belonging to the farm invoice. Household goods farm implements 34 curds of stove Wood s ads of bees i Bua Huu of Corn 950 bushels of Barley bushels o fits to 2 of Milieu seed 500 40 11023 175 a Piickens j horses 19 cows ind Heifer s two year old Meers Loye in Litius ii cakes one a f interest in Bull or his 14 tons to Hay i Millett Straw 75 tons oat and Barley Straw clothing and shoes Corn drug s Iii Iranus salary for s total Duic Inary invoice january , 1s1 11 voice january 1st. Balance in Lavoro receipts for year to t 41 j Toun Obiji Kauffe if the .1th 84 11 j p. M., i and on the North no of Snail 10 74 j Section thence Ingle left the 1 j in i the Iii inter Post of s lid Section 3-1, 80 b770u Jaud degrees Gnu inn South Westerly i i Jack is too chains to stake thence 1710 to Ingle Rit lit is degrees and minutes and run South Westerly 1 and ii7 und Hundred is Clui ins to Angle ill it i i Iees and of minutes and Ruu southwesterly 1l 17 Hua Diehs chains to a stake in the Center Ofin and 004 fid i Road to. Uitich is1 Lor 1su7 i no. C of said to. Ii j Rajjo in Road record no. L Over sunni total , chm com a Poci was motion the approved the application of Ann c and Job Usu Hilll us to Joi Yuoi of Sucu to on lots 2, a 5, 13. 7 and b of the irregular Survey of the North i. 1 ii Tol other with the and of the Siginu j Road and on motion thu audit or ua.-. Iii Truc cd to Couill Ftp the loan j on in Clinin the salaries for o linty of liners was fixed fur the ensuing Jeur 00 3uo 00 51 Iii -j4 00 190 00 210 Olgg 00 175 00 00 35 00 300 00 017 00 2so 227 100 lid 25 on -219 4 2 00 40 to 75 00 25 us 2007 Una in Liidi Tilths chains South East of Aogle describe ii of be located and hereby Lepie seut that we Are the of wets in fee simple nil the lands affected by said proposed Highway and herein severally Grant and to the Public the right of Way Over Ana upon our respective lands As described and waiving notice relinquish All claims us i Tel said location. Signed Sanford Kinley and John a Parker. Sept. 30tlj, 1s07. On inti m the Tom petition was grained and the Ruad established As prayed for the county to Niaj the Xiste. Or. Geo to. Vert a speared Eforo the Board and asked for Pei Mission to con s Ruut a Way under county Bridge auditor ail lib i fee. Of Tih Clit pin Luti of clerk hire , Between treas tier 61 my 00 clerk of the t a clods nil4, Tou ship a 81- Iol 00 of tin fees and in to fies i a a on Tki. On motion clo not amount to that sum the balance Eion Iii Granold same to be d no in to he a ads up by the county her order j to Law the fees of the Olliie i to i sheriff the foes of the Ortice and i m Erin less on was on motion granted to for on court township As John ii. Summer of Hudd township to receive s2 of ppr Day s peddle Wuh out a License on account of inability to Peifong Iii Yuul labor. Henins upon proper la Cetti led Bills. On motion the Board adjourned until f o clock tomorrow. Wednesday a. Session. met at members ill present. Minutes of read and ilic ird Bonds of 1 for county Surveyor and w. A. Conk Tut presented and 1 i tuition and consent for i to Tho Board of super co Only. The re apr the fit it i Imlig a. Of Fier a motion on motion the braid adjourned until 1 o clock this i. In. Wednesday p. Session. Board met onto d cd members All present on motion following were Ordette tit. Of and by i the Ait. The Inci Ojini u Nils. My continued on eighth p Ige. Of i Loyd Hain j fruition a total try i potatoes flux lists lord Millott o her re keep pts 83914 5o 170 a 29 101 1 a 1 5f sell As Scott s and is a Statema made by the emulsion is called that the druggists Thorn Sivc re till 6l i to i or am. Jones of Tiu ring Finis of Jones Jor. Hilu 0, or a Vine a i , says that ubi a Iii i ins Wile wj3 ticked with la tip in and Hyrc i curious tint and i Atia Coula do not inns Lor Lite h Kumud h.hii1 or. Kind s or id the Mure and lots a ii a bottle Homo and to Ali j Turpin a of All the 10 letter rum first dose and Ball it zen Dollar Buttles cured her sound and null or. Ivin s f sometimes and a in diffs Peotr. Road und -1897 to december Olst. Ib07 that j Union dist fund we find proper authority on file for the i Union Road a and issuance of All warrants drawn on the i Marble Hock corp fund several funds. That the Aid warrants ind dist fund were checked and traced to the Audi tors expenditure where the mounts were placed to tic proper i Pense account. That the auditor s Leduc balance were compared with the a Balanco sch in h a i a Koh permanent school fund account and Institute Aumi 257 of our be Porter. 9p -1 supervisor lieu Anil Mil ase. Com work 5t j trus Hes and elections 522 of 874 2s us 06 m co i total to arc the and 75 102 334 28 pleasant Grove dist fund pleasant Grove Road fund i Iverson Koa i fund Niles dist fund Nils Hoad fund Cedar dist inn 117 08 219 p or and farm. Farm liar of. Up and repair 1710 b3 276s 54 tiie f the vent flout and groceries dry hardware sex p. Id during j Kepniss 25 and township 1s 55 j and Dork hire 5 j nt1 l stationery 70 1107 1977 4s. A 0180 2-- j 76 1 24 11u33 Rindin by Coal potatoes of schools. Bounty on Wajid animals 127 04 Fri tank of Coci liver Oil hypo hos Whites of and Scudo. As the Standard the desires to procure t in because be knows has been of untold Benefit should not for one instant think of taking the 1 Isk of using some untried Prepa ration. The substitution if something said to be just As Good for a stand Ard preparation Twenty five years in the Market should not be permitted by the intelligent purchaser. Be sure of cd Scott s Bowne jew Ati l i old.-, Nurk to i j. , tin to i lt.1 trial u r dry k ii a i it i on t i freckled squaw11 a greatest so. Nijjar on Earth

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