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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Jan 13 1887, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - January 13, 1887, Marble Rock, IowaWail my pcs. 11.00 per terms Iowa january Marble Bock Floyd county. Or. Stewart agent for the Cedar daily a Iowa yet verday. Aka Wei fall. Port at in. Few user us Bip the new remodeler Heller Mills of mar Bis Rock. Ban Kami h the Entenni Burket Nicod to Taipan rental Tki Hall for we mra. Mtg wet ban to Muon Ohi n. T. U received the quite a number of oils Mai of her Mother s dangerous a Kur prix Parl hat Lui tit they. A called her to will Begil balloting Tor a successor 10 Roubsl Soi Staple and fancy ii i to menu. Oate. To i2 Etwo. Timath Mcd f Egga 15 per Duaei Onai i per Inch. Tarkey per in. St of Flor thus railway Bult Standard of urge by 86 to Tow us from St. Louis and Cairo to Pim blah. Bria Kluj. Gow we Aramm in. Latue menu Magnolia Texarkana. Allia it Pamat Tyler Aota. Fort Salt cat at Central Texas tha Beqai Mikl isms Bolt by flaw i my we tit fast mall poll act Skorpen f specially tar a of travel rip Tactett to -11 Pajti. Fat Tiaw 8. W. Fordyce. A. 9 Dix pfc. To ram St. Una to. I it iu4m, Wilm m of oof 1 need the 9 k. P. A latting and Fra iut in filae. 24 my 50 Reata. Saitoh s were will immediately re wite croup whooping Coagy and bronchitis. For Aad Urr complot. To have a printed f Wattee on of Era bottle soil vhf i a Wulber. It Neter 1mb o a naval injector free with each bottle of pried so a. J. Paper. Co. To Olit if you will take the trouble to Cau and Price out go Odt you will be convinced that you can do As Well or better by buying at Home than you can Byj ring your Railroad fare paid to tame that offer Terpay your expenses Etc., toe Tettl Gioc you the Benefit of foods bought for Cath far can t pay Railroad far Orsett at Cost at Tome advertise. Good Goodat Roh Mable prices gear g mate per in. Duka s Onla per in. Lair Baa it Ned from i Lenou. In. C. C. To Pkt is the sick in hear Kaa been quite tick the Pitt few Daja. Or. Kaa just recovered Froais a trere spec to Aie Kenai. Or. And in. Latof Burton of Koe lord tinted with in. Rubison the willing workers will meet with mra. U. Clip Friday afternoon Janu Ary 21st. Will Brander us wife of Rockford to mite with their parents East of town the f rat of the week. I mrs. Of or. M bag arrived in Marble Kock the Fine of this week. This certainly is an open Winter open at hath with North blowing dear through. Quite a number of our Yong people attended the Marble show at last saturday evening Rev. H. S Church presiding elder of Cedar Falls District will occupy the m k. Pulpit in Marble Rock of thursday of ism week january loth. K b. Winchell will have a Public Sak at his livery urn of a Tardov january 15. Hesra mutes and cows a Are now running at their full capacity every Day Are Eivy Tlell to utmost Emu Ity to keep up with our constantly Iii rowing Patron age. We Are ing tue Liest of i Daj morning. John to giant j Abib a Tilder departed thu life on Mon satisfaction to our customers. Our flour made of Clear Good Anil sound wheat. Mill in doing As Good work As any other Mill in West Ern Iowa. Sack of flour is War in. Ton Pisa waa called to Norton recently by the Ceroua Ilaena of her Mother. Quite a number of the Young mar ried people surprised Albert awl wife Fot. Sale or Trade for other live s Alan Rohn Kran Hal parcs used Olsen Borg place and will Lake posses Ion Between thu and the fint of Marth than will be preaching at the Sculti a owl Houm next sunday Altern i by the her. W 0. Harper of Rockford Sergio be commence at 3 o clock p. In Marble Kock Mills will pour the next 30 Days cheaper than any other Mill dare sell straight flour Grerr net is warranted. We Are Mak ing two of straight flour and no Patent Sou. Me Donult Bud s. Say consumption in t be Ayer s Cherry pectoral proves by forty Yean experience a cure for this disease when not already beyond reach of medical Aid. Even then it. Ate affords great Relief and ios res refreshing Ejup the Rev. W. G. Harper will preach in the m. K. Church next sunday january 16th. He will fill the pulpit instead of the presiding elder the ret h. S. Church of Cedar fails. No ser vices in the morning. Last thursday evening the indies of the Marble Rock w. C. T. U. A Temperance Tea party at the House. Notwithstanding the severe cold weather the was Good and the ladies netted in the neighbor Hood of the Good Templar s Lodge at this Alaee numbers Over birth Lodi be if rightly conducted will do a great Deal of Good and should have the Hearty support of the Temperance ele ment of our Community. I must have order in this court sternly demanded a Justice of the peace i Mast and will have Lem confusion Here. I have already d s posed of three important eases without being Able to hear a word the Ovi Valsier wants a att lament of Jon account. Look Orer Hia notice in Thia ume. Lut thursday evening Between Tea eleven o clock the thermometer registered 38 Aero. At in Uio morning it Stout at 24 degrees it was coldest night we have experienced so far this reason and the inhabitant is racking his Bruin to find something to compare with it. Are. Rev George b. Shoemaker. District see ithary says Falls District s first answer to the Roll Call fora million Fer missions from collections Dia Syrsa f a cure. It will i hereby destroy _ g the germs of scr Fula and will in trom a i fll3t new life land Thi at it ubom. The brother 1 we Lola or peaks and Hia Nice can be Beard quite apportion Well collection taken and ment who will be the next to answer 1 tie next 30 Days i will close out my entire stuck of dry Roods consisting of notions if the Church but reaches gloves and mittens yarn also the White heat of passion for j boots. Now is the time to get apathetic idleness and silence would be i bargains. Will sell Chil Lappla Nied by Energy and work. Let j Jrena shoes at reducer prices the advanced step taken by i n Tobison. Incite the entire District. I the Kock Foid clip per Lewis it of wednesday evening january 5. Wyatt publishers made in appearance 1887, d. D. G. M z. T. Baker in on on table Lut week. It is Bright the Ficen of Rock i and newsy. This makes the third a Lodge no. 362, 1 0. 0. Kas per for Luckford to sep Portland if some Iowa n w Holland. R. S 0. Rosenkranz. R. S. To n. U a i few l a y Flagler Kinney. W Wagner 0. F. Wilke. 1. H. Schrader. W. O. Of Tomb of them won t Hare to scratch before the Jear closes we will Misa our guess Rockford is capable of supporting Good paper More than that is a Burden on the Community and a detriment to Cali Flexia excuse com Jan uary 4, 11. 12, and 26 and february v no 15, the b. C. K. N. K y will sell round trip excursion tickets front All principal stations to Mer Rinc at go inc. I California including pan Diego late Wen of the trains interfered l at very Low rates. Good six somewhat with the afternoon meeting j months for further particulars Call we repaired to the school of ticket agents or Boise and bad quite an enjoyable time. I j k up returning to the hotel we found j Gen. Tick. 4 agent. Of Jinn it to unnecessary to the Tearnen did ample Justin. Assigned work on the program a prepped with one except he Lyle we of Tiefa ranted to Sive entire Fine Large not coming i ,11 i -11 yearn old. S p. Tion by tue Lead in Clef. Mill is As Well Host of our in chants have been Illuv ill the state. Of Stock the past Farmers receive 33 Jan id of the Best 10 of Liran for each bus life of wheat of lived at the Mill. Mill is constantly improving flour. We Stylc every to come and wive us a trial and if our 3 flour does not give entire Akinfa Tiou return it and we will you for your trouble. Boo to prop. John sillier Alice Robison he returned from her Parkersburg visit tha congregational pulpit at Rock Ford is vacant. Bennett Johnson has returned from ii Albert Lea . Mrs. Jennie Asper has returned from her Northwood tint. Diphtheria a epidemic at Horton. Bremer Mountj. We a e info Imd that Black measles an still raging at Nora Springs hog cholera is raging in this Vicinity an alarming extent. Quile a number of people Hare it allot Here it is with still More violence. There seems to be no by i Ritli the he read of the do can be a topped Lille the state horticultural society will meet at Charles City january is. Will be continued Tei eral Days. Quite a number of our people been under the treatment of a Phi Wician residing at Oij. Miss he of Nora Springs. He Giest of Dura Hacen Thi first of the week. Frank Maxwell of Benezette had a half born the other night without the usual Caudel appendage nor u there a place litre Slid appendage aught to grow. We Are informed that Nelson Bob of Rockford ban commenced suit mrs. 0. J. Wilbur of the same place Tor 000 Lor seniors rendered Etc. It we us Popard at one time that they were to be married. Latib matter has been settled by in. Wilbur Kobbins report uti hawking Alley Coal is the latest i a Liioi o u Supply of fu.1 us blvd u j. M. It is the Law for the taxation urine ind other ii Latiola it Eam Innes u be no doubt one aria time new the Utard of supervisors has developed Tome while Nile perjury and it the duty of the next grand jury investigate the matter. We Are credit ably in turd that the swore to a list it 104 in while the acts Are it he leu than forty regular subscribers at Ibia office. Such wholesale perjury Shemild be punished by the courts. Peterson s Magaskie for a a very Bri Llinat number. With a Atrul a grating of that we predict will be popular with everybody. There is also a Beautiful Dottle Nimtaj fashion plate then a Superb Dolored pattern fur a screen a japanese design of a Stork and after that Scute Illy other engravings. Lady h. Hooper furnishes an Ihunt Raletz Atwi St. Valentine s which is charmingly told. With just the Leam touch of Bam or. The Duke s heir is Eow tinted and grows intensely intent tiny. In Ann s. Stephens Kraal and others Abo not Loret a powerful Story by i m Clelland. A contributor the of that remarkable novel oblivion on the Lookout for Kwh Mark. Ill Large circulation Merit considered two Jolaura a add Raat Feterson. 306 Ife Phu. A. my Multi of i. Doubt the a hoi Nawab Ili in erred Fer the spa try Eft Cuil cure of i toughs and the Everest fungi Roant. H att on an entirely Dir Terent principle frown the Isaal then by tie As it dots nit dry a a leave the Ticeson t s he whereas in inc of liquor t inc or Ianc soft it Burnand the manufacturer re rouble heals the of clean leaving no Stone or clinker in the store it hulls fire similar to hard Coal the Price i a Little ugh tonsil per ton a ton of it will go considerable further than the Era Ivury Coal. While out Riding last week Wesnes Dorn and some driving onto a Bridge near the residence of Kalph Wanner a scout town ship there ran from under the bid ii an an Ideal of unusual appearance. Frank pronounced it a Jack Rabbit whip the others gowned most everything else. They shouted and yelled to Lyulph Wagner who inn a band came Down us shot the inon Tler. It proved to be As Frank said a Jack Rabbit and weighed ten pounds. This species being very rare in this Section it proved to be quite a curiosity. We Are prepared. To Eich Ince 30 10 35 in of Lour per by slice of Wiiest in Luis of ten hot Shell or Over. Bring on your wheat Kad a anal. I. M. Hot care i sox. Garn but not the and retailers. Erbo Pav a Revenue lice aae lie thur they Kelt More or in Llumi rudder in the cull Eutin of the less Complex i ill in the of Stern but on the contrary rein Vea the Matix of my and less zip Cleive in storm i or car Eil Slorra win Dows of the Ticino to Krilor and Ayi you i prices. Remember at Mansfi Cturner s u an end to Edward Sheperd of ii rrb Burg. Iii us a Novini received so much Benefit from electric hitters. I feel it my to let humanity know it. Have bad a running sore on hit leg Lor eight years my doctors told me 1 would have to have the Bone scan cd or leg amputated. T tvs cad three of Al citric bitter and seven Boles stuck Len s Arnica naive and Ray Lex is now sound and elect no bitters Are Nold at fifty cents a bottle and Buck Len n Arnica have 25 per. Box by and leaves in a purely healthy to will Tion. A bottle Lepi in the Home when these did Easen make their a will save doctor s Biola and a i Lone spell of Tenuta illness a trial will convince you of it is Pogi Vurly sold by All drug gifts and general data Ersia Price 75 Large notice i Public notion is hereby Given that the underpinned bus this Day been appointed and by the Cir Cuit court of Floyd in the of of the of deceased in if Icil to file sail and within their being Nikica Tim Blu Salve a the world fat Ota. I 4n.-l.4u. Saga fearless and saucy Hule Koy Daw waa admirably Nau ined Good piece acting and won the Warta of the avd Lewoc. Miss h my Fudi Tjada feg wed at him Rafoa. Awl Etc of wac awl ice Ali Law a. Tor t10 the recipient could make his Fortune. The swindler who resides in new Vork City in glowing language act Lorth that in or. So so who hid been Reeoma amended to bin by some of his private correspondents v a reliable and energetic Man. Would tend him jilt he would Forward of the queer k Well executed that it deceived the Expedita. Avoid the Powal Authon Tiea he advised the of Money by cd prom any person so Gallik a to a nit this fraud wild Ceru Ioly be emitted to severe j instead of sympathy he received a a big saw dust or mate other Senff. The All the Kwi Aret Kows Appow he or. Nam a Hwi Haw fat pm half a War that Man am get anti hat. My Majum mtg m up Maiman fit Hawa to iw7, i. Tami t. R. It a Ealr Alwg tuban. M or. Brer aw4mr. Luavaa inc As the by yer wow Marfo Hub Charr is Putin m the Cav maj. Al parties indebted to us and Settle this month. This Means what it says. Come at ionic. Delay is dangerous . Moneys i tit Mit tar inn wih my Mast flight mria hic la Lam do am the work a ital Tun Roll Worth. W will Mart a Pluhm if. Tact be he _ Good at Cem maim to in at Wanna m Law m str inv Lac Wurt we two. Kuchai Taii to. Time i general agents wanted cry Tara i hitter Aad to to Vic fac Fol Ilal tart to aft Kwh kit w off mum Mitt Iii in Ulm in want Talfair Ike hew Tomk deeds of daring by Blue Gray. The trat i octet fun Iff in an it Ittin Tot due Overr that which a rings Good the greatest or. A Jug discovery or j and Cua will fax Croc tithe with and Tave pfc and i n that Kemil. M Cir Uma comb Okli Mic of he. Till mall w us Wemker All k m ii cwt. Tl9e Ulm Vii cd Vera Ihunt it working cusses Milf m at m to retire i to Tom trial foot
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