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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Jan 7 1897, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - January 7, 1897, Marble Rock, IowaVol. 22 no. 21 Marble Rock Floyd county. Iowa Jan. 7, teems a year to lie owners of kerosene i Why buy poor Oil when you can get Good Oil for the same Price we do not buy Oil from the Charles City tank Wagon. We buy Only Pennsylvania pro duct shipped in barrels. Throw away your old Wicks used with poor Oil and try our Oil with a new Wick and you will never have any More bother with your lamps. Yours for Mutual Benefit Geo. W. Gates. A National convention which necessarily attracts less attention from the general Public than the importance of work deserves Lias been in session Here this week. It is the geological j of amorini i. Anil this is i ninth annual convention. The society has -40 members most of them connected with the National or state Geo logical bureaus and educational institutions. Miss Florence of a who is in attendance is the Only woman who has the Honor of membership in the society. The permanent Headquarters of the Republican National committee Are now regularly open in Washington for the transaction of business Secretary Perkins is in charge and his terse clothes by it o Vil vlt1--. I my he veil Drav Fijol Man up his a statement to Are in for the War for Bis Ris ii Harp he win Wou Fiul i kit How they a howling swells at link outlay. It costs Only i Var to look Jirku u Man a Lio oui a valor one has the costumes 10 Start on. In i strut or of it suit of sumptuous Oft is occupied i by do clerical staff of a concern Wlinich i is engaged in keeping the clothes of j Bojuso of our and most influential citizens in repair. A hit so factory employing a army of e spec and a kept in constant and the of if Sec a daily Cov Elhiu or jul in i i lira Best parrs of i lie Eiry. To the of i societies. A. V. A. Jul. A f. A a. Stone Lodge no. 251. Regular communicant Iii wednesday on or before Fol Mooti. Visit lug Brothers in goodst Widing cordially inti cd to attend. Kobbert Hugger. W. M. 8. A Sec. I. O. Of f. Marble Kock lose to. 3si, meets thursday of Eark week. Visitors cordial la invited. A. 11. Merit x Ii. Is a Beeler Lodge. So. Meets tuesday evening f Oahu week. Visiting Brethren invited. K. Kamsay. C. 0. Walt Davis k. Of h. I. I. Of ii. Meets the 3rd tuesday night in each Mouth in add Fellows Hull. L. W. Bose speass Fres. H. J. Anklet acc. Sec. Meets at the Home of mrs. Stewart the test and id tears sett of each month at 3 o clock in. Lbs. K. A Stewart 1 res. Lbs. In Histia Aspin Sec o. A. K. Bock Tost so. 308, meets first saturday each month. W. B. C. T. Ackley com. E. Adit. W c t c meet Terr thursday. Tyler president. Lbs a. M. Webb Ian Secretary. Comr civics. At 11 a m. Epworth Raigue meeting at payer meeting thursday w. V. Lion Stox pastor. Christias Chunchi preach wins sunday at 11 m. And Pra. Christian in Cater meets p. M. Prayer meeting wednesday eve Ning. J will pastor. Fun Sun lays at . And . Young Peoples meeting at prayer meeting the atty evening. J. P. Heat is pastor. Baptist. Preaching every 1st sunday in each of try sunday at 10 a. Union ecu ool Bouse. M. Services held in the ii. , pastor. City of hours. Mayer Etc order treasurer. Street commissioner manual. Joseph Wiloth ii b Liose Krana j Martin c. F. Jesmore Strond c Dai jam1., we Fletcher 11 Bone Nattans a h Meier Chus Weber r Huggett clod township school Bnard president Geo w tier Tufti a. Ii b Kies treasurer. John dikectoe3 1 pick Staudt s Harry Packman 1 e p Walster 4 Lew Mininan. It Egbert Divia 11 pm san Ltd. 6 Bine 7 John cites 8 Jame Parcher ceo w Kuffell to Sam sea four Scott town help off cars. Marsh g x Baldwin. Constables v Olney town t w Nicholson. Stetten Kinney a w Itter and or. Beater. Scott township school Hoard. President John Bishop Secretary. George x Baldwin treasurer Charles d Lerrick Dike toes 1 johnb Stop. 5 Brace Ward. 1 e w Garber Fec a Pauliuc s Chas Cher 7 j Cunningham 4 John Abart s j w 9 John Losee. P. W. Burr John c. Ehen Vin. Terms of court -4th monday in Jeanary 1ft monday in 2nd monday in september. 2nd monday in Tso vember. Board of so Uncini line chairman Phillip Sulu Tim Obj pippin r. S. Chichester 3.c. Merrill it Golie meetings Charles City Marble Rock Koc Liford Hadd Miles londay in january Washington letter. Washington Jan. 1, chairman Dinalee has proven him self to be the right Man in the right place since the Tariff hearings began before the House ways and Means committee. The gentlemen who have appeared before the committee have mos ii been considered experts upon the particular matters about which they some of them have been greatly surprised to learn by chairman Dingley s comments and questions that he knew As much or More about the subject than they did. In other words the experts upon particular schedules or branches of the Tariff have Learned that chairman Dingley is an expert in All branches of the Tariff. Exception every Man who has been heard by the committee Lias condemned the democratic idea of imposing duty on Olin of in or Tolo ral rpm the present Tariff does a an incentive to fraud and an injustice to Tho honest importer. One gentleman called Atten Tion to the act that Turkey was now the Only country besides the United states that used the and Valorme system. It had Long Ugo been settled by the republicans that the new Tariff Bill would a Poso specific duties. Republican advices from North Carolina say the reelection of senator Prichard is now fully assured notwithstanding the opposition of senator Marion Buller. An opposition which some Call treachery. The news irom Kentucky is not so assuring Wius to party factions among the republicans which Are being worked Lor All they Are Worth by both wings of the democratic party the Gold democrats Hope the republicans will fail to elect a senator because they will then try to gel Republican votes Carlisle or some other Gold Democrat and the Silver democrats want the Ciu to fail because they believe the legislature can then be deadlocked and the election thrown Over to the nest legislature which they expect to control. If the republicans of the Kentucky legislature Are Wise they will get together and elect a sen Ator. Secretary lament. In issued an official order directing the attendance of the Candela of the West Point Mili tary Academy at the inauguration of president elect Mek lev and a similar order to the cadets a. Annapolis is expected from Secretary Herbert these cadets have not taken part in an inaugural Parade since president tiran s second inauguration when their exposure without overcoats to the terrible weather of that Day resulted in several deaths and much sickness. Foar tells the purpose in View i the committee will continue to Send sound literature where it will do Tho most and invites de mands individuals As Well As from state and county committees the demo ratty members of the House ways and Means committee did t to know where they were at when or. W. 11. Of picks Burg miss., who appeared before the committee As the representative of the growers of extra or cot ton in Mississippi Tennessee Arkansas and Louisiana asked for a duty of cents per Pound upon egyptian Cotton which comes in direct Competition with their product in the new England Market. Representative Wheeler of Alabama whose constituents raise cot ton but not of the kind that the egyptian article competes with Sot hot under the Collar and after spitting out some rot about the South Selling Birthright for a mess of Pottage by asking for this protect too started to leave the hearing but before doing 80 said in reply to representative Payne that Llie Birthright referred to consisted i Tiff com however r Oji Vilu i 30-js title of to on tha Chi. A 1 .1.y i pin Nuci cd nut. Of Tho a. Of free institutions free Trade free somebody in the crowd remarked except there Are really no new develop ments in connection with the cuban question and none Are expected after Jon Giess reassembles but every hour brings a new Rumor to the surface As to what is going to be done by Spain and one or More of the european nations if this country interferes in any Way that these rumours Are intended to influence the action of Congress is certain but it they do it will not be in the direction intended by their originators. There Are too few Congress men in town to speak positively it this time Lii fit a yearly in Arl . Only Navy american of i i this a ii oru of his c fan Jostle tip Jost of Trio Thi ice the Aro to All the services re Tii their a not Larobi in Aucul . The Cliet so Ullic Tell t him which i name Uro printed. A three Roii Inicis at his Homo Oiler Rico Layton a. At the House of of the Oom Nauy a gift if and collect in clothes been placed a the Chest Tho Tiquio leaving a Chest full of clothes and ready for Iver. Due ainu Vjio Lias Bee i a natron of Tho novel establishment for some time Liat it works like a Charm Aucul his App arc l hears out his statement. Of course Tauc Ertho old clothes Gary Cross Aucul the servants who Hare strutted in the cast Oil garments of their masters Dou t Lilic to , but it is to Ueo Etsity of thu times. Keeping up appearance is a great business Here and this new clothes mixing scheme is i regular Boon to lots of my in who travel on shape Ami style. York letter Pittsburg Dis Patch. Birds of ill nature. The cruelty of Sunui displayed toward other arc not is lliiiii1 it co it but ave arc telling Good clothing Cliea Pei than tiny store in town. E have a assortment of overt Oats that be sold and we Are the Price Way Down. It will lie to your advantage to examine our Stock before rim aliasing elsewhere. Childs Mitchell. R be i of the the St it i commander writes us from Lincoln neb., As follows alter trains other medicines for what seemed to be a very obstinate cough in oar two children we tried or King s new discovery and at the end of two Days the cough entirely left them. We will not be without it he Ealter. As our experience proves that it cures where All other remedies Stevens state not give his great Medicine a trial is it i guaranteed and trial bottles Are free at a. J. Co a drus store. Regular sizes 50c. And april. Jane and sep Temler and 2nd monday in november. County onners. Auditor treasurer clerk of the recorder. Superintendent ski Sejor. Comity attorney Coroner George s Hanford m. Arf a. A Merrit Nan Frank Lingen folder c. W. Knickerbocker it mat do As much Fob or. Fred Miller of Irving 111. Prius that he had a severe Kinney trouble for Many years with severe pains in 1 Bact and also that his bladder affected. He tried Many so called kidney cures but without any Trood re . i suit. About a of a he be Catt Roziene bitters and found Relief electric bitters is especially and in cd to cure of All kidney and liver troubles o ten gives almost Relief. E r Walster. S n i one trial will prove on statement. Sons titles pm flex , k i Mcbell i i l i Price Only Doc or Larae Hottle. At a. Cud j j. Asper co. Drag store. T7io Iris i potato Iris i. The peculiarity of Tho Irish potato called is in to fact that it is not observed one of who potato sex to crts of agric nral department. The pc Ito Ongiri Wylly grew wild in tha i curls of Chile Peru and Mexico. Or Fli l not Ink it to Kuril . Sir Francis Drake chronicle it to Elighi if 2u years after Nvard. It civil Bettr however in Ireland than s and got name 110 Borcau o of Early and extejt Jive in Ireland. Botanically it runs originally known As the balata Vir but in after years it was prop Colv to and classified As the so . As the Winter Stock is being Laid in it May be Well for Tho inexperienced to be Able to select until j Uii i Iii ii Slu u Home especially the most Domestic sited Thuro is of Teji an exhibition of us Friml new seemingly unaccountable says a writer in Tho Cornhill Magazine. The Gas Refl Waii g., i i Ono of the must Unn Nicou is ways. Not Only in the Breeding Dors a mail Bun Rosonet t lie intrusion of a Strango gun tar Niau but in Ivill spend the in driving off from Domain arty Tel Nelcy which might be plainly assumed to have no designs upon Domestic Cangeni Yiirs and have indeed 110 desire a Eyoul that fur a comfortable Wash swim. In will also pursue even the most of Rev Loni Duck Libigs they us Init tingly rejoice in an Carh Lumc their common Dement when i Oulu child has passed out Al the Opp get stage of life grown to full physical if not Nisi ital Uia Tyrity and Mother Sluus have been known to fall tip out and deliberately beat it to death with Wing and beak. The gratified parents swam gracefully about the Mere in which they Hyrtl the great Verhito Corpse of Thecil son Lay battered and dead upon Thi Shore. The following year after another had Leen born to them and u infancy carried upon his Mother s Back they be gun to i Pat him so roughly that not be ing pinioned like them to wisely away and we saw him no Inori. Curiously Congh geese which have experienced rudeness from swans in rho Lusty Spring have been known to retaliate in the Calmer autumn when the fierceness of their enemy had become mitigated. I have seen a Gander leap upon the Back of u once arrogant Swan and Pound away at it in the full enjoyment of revenge. San Franeisco Goa in Gatgos. Cut the raw potato in two and rub

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