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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Jan 4 1900, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - January 4, 1900, Marble Rock, Iowa25. No. 22. Marble Rock Floyd county Iowa Jan. 4, 1900, i i Happy new year j w e wish to thank our patrons in this method for their Liberal Patron a e the past year and wish for them m k Jet i one and All a Happy new year. I i yours truly m s speedling speedling. Druggists. It isaid that or. Bryan intent to spen i the rest of the Winter up the democratic part in the was the republicans will push him along in the Good work and his expenses. Made Youm of or. King s new life Pilu each night for two weeks has put Pic in my teens Assin writes d. Turner of Demp Seyton a they Are the Best id the world fur liver to Tea h and bowels. Purely at Asper to " drug store. Were arguments necessary every puff if smoke Tiroui a factory Chimney would furnish an argument against the Chicago platform. Dave you a so then instead of taking so much quinine Tako a pleasant mild stomach and Bowel remedy which will cleanse the system and you will be surprised How quickly the cold will leave you. We sell it Cal dwells syrup of pepsin for just this purpose. Try u. Loc. 50c and for Sale by a. J Asper co. If Dick Crocker could Only become attached to the Iree Silver sinker just think what a Happy new year u would be for number of new York gentle men. Buckles s Jaksica Salve world wide lame for marvellous cures to inv other Nung for years he has avoided nervousness sleeplessness indigestion heart trouble. Tion and using electric bitters and he it can to be praised too highly. It gently Stimus the kidneys tones the stomach digestion and a splendid appetite. It has worked wonders for Roy Wile acid me. It s a marvellous remedy for old people s Only 50c a. J. Asper i co s drug store. While disclaiming any disposition n Gud Over the condition that conf rooms John Bull today we have not forgotten that he was not particularly pleased Over the Way we conducted our War with Spain. Engagement broken off a. Gir in Montgomery broke her engagement with one of the wealthiest Young men in the county because he had ind Igus Tion so bid he was a menace to her happiness and no Good to what a Relief just one bottle of or. Well s syrup pepsin would have been to that and what a Boone it is Tojay to Many a household where it keep he family in a state of health that warrants True love conf Derca and happiness in the Houie. Try it year self. At a. J. Asper co s the Brittis generals Are said to be the air boat of the time. It is like Wise Tutt they Are All it it you desire to be popular listen to the troubles of the other not Tell your own. Fortunately for and the "bulls1 Are not Only animals in the pasture. missed a number Christmas presents by keeping address fro u Hia Boston friends. Min the o1 his when peace is restored in the Philip to be Given the Job of Latiok out the Rural free Lic livery routes in Luzon. The Veteran employees of the Pennsylvania Railroad who were re ired january 1st on pensions doubt less believe thai great combinations of capital Are not nil bad senator Kyle of South Dakota who has been classed As an Independent has come out Square or republicanism. Senator Kyle says that South Dakota will give Mckoley majority in november. This talk about an offensive or defensive Alliance with other nations of lie part of our National administration is All Roi. Whenever this country enters in 1-- Pic will be informed of it through the Senate the matter will be thoroughly discussed in that body. The Gold which is going to Europe need not worry the calamity criers at All it is going there because it com mands a higher rate of interest there than can be obtained for it Here and nut for the purpose of debt paying so Long As the Trade balance is in the neighbourhood of forty million dollars monthly in favor of this country it will not be necessary to Export Gold to Europe for debt paying purposes. Comptroller Dawes in a speech at Springfield. Illinois last week outlined the administration policy of the Philip Pines and the trusts in regard to the trusts he said that those organized in restriction to Trade Mast be legislated against and suppressed his statements in regard to the Philippines were Iden tical to those words uttered by his chief during the return of the philippine volunteers. The Republican policy in the Campaign of 1 Joo will be the Gold Standard the suppression of injurious trusts and the relation of the Philip Pinas. Tic populist party has suffered a material ids in the withdrawal of such eiders Kyle. Stewart and Jones who Are now announcing their deter ruination to abandon that party whose management has degenerated into a of principles dangerous to the Republic. Senator Kyle voices this sentiment when he says that the socialistic tendencies of the third Par y people coupled with the Prosperity which is being enjoyed by the Farmers of the country have bounded the death Kiell of this movement. Commenting upon the fact that at a populist meet ing in a own state the american Flag was twice torn Down and the red Flag of socialism raised in its Slead he says am in favor o american institutions my would rather take the Republican party with All in it that is Dia tactful to i me than be Allied with those who have no respect for our Flag and want to tear Down our government it is distressing to think what would happen to John Boll if he should pick a quarrel with some fellow of his own site. Hauge i has comment cd his career in the House of repress a to Vej very auspiciously. His business ability was recognized by speaker Henderson who appointed him a Var of the agricultural and claims committees. Both committees Are important ones and the assignment to them chores that or. Laugen stands Well his colleagues. The District will find in or. Haugen a hard work ing and pro Gustive representative. Those democratic bagpipes which wheeze 10 noisily of government Only by the consent of the Are sublimely silent concerning the Hund reds of thousands of negro votes whom democracy proposes to in the South. And then too the democratic heart that goes out in sympathy to the Boers warms not to the four fifth a of the popu action of the Transvaal which Are governed without their con sent by the Savoured Oue fifth that has die Power of government in the posses Sion of the offices the revenues and the heavy Paul dispatch Sute superintendent of Public instruction Barrett in his biennial report or wis ii. To provide mercy to build three new state Normal schools there being but one now. He also re commends a Law to make the township the unit of schools Organ nation doing away with and providing for graded schools in each township and transportation of pupils to them at District Union Gazette. President Schurman of the Philip Pine commission announce that he not Only originally opposed expansion but that he said to president Mckinley when tendered the chairmanship of the commission that he was opposed to the acquisition of the islands. The Prest Dent however insisted that he wanted Only facts whatever they might be a a result or scour than obtained them and in doing so became convinced that the islands should be retained and that the United states could give them a vastly better government than they would obtained under any other Sircum glances. Dewey reached Manila before the inhabitants were awake and two Days before the Spanish recep Ion com Init Tec expected him lie reached new York two jays in Advance of the commuted plans. He arrived in Washington before the hour set therefor. He say it has been his plan through life to a two or three Days ahead of time rather than two or three hours late. These facts Are Fertile in to the Young american boy or desirous of making a career. The old fashioned virtue of promptness needs special emphasis such As these Dewey instances Are calculated to give. The gospel of get there now More Ilian Ever before includes the principles of promptness directness and alertness these three but the greatest of these is promptness. One of the most Chr caning signs of the times is the gambling mania it is invading All and is especially entangling in its alluring our boys and Young men. Its growth Lua been rapid loitered by numberless devices appealing to that weakness in humanity which is always attracted by seeming Opportunity to get something Lor nothing such scheme 13 too raw to allure one of Shvom it is said is born every Muto i the fact that no Mam or set of men arc trying to do business for the fake alone of benefiting their patrons cuts no figure with one who has had the gambling instinct awakened within him it is a mania a madness and is not amendable to reason or common sense. Its indulgence a cents Ulike of honest employment idleness disregard of the lights of others vice Nally crime Liis is a frightful downward stairway but the Steps Are easily traced by any person who will devote a Little thought and observation to the subject. Asol Liberty so of safety eternal vigilance is the Price and the object is Worth the outlay. Watch the literature the habits associations of your boys and spare no vigilance and no care in inculcating principles of sturdy old fashioned honesty and Independence such As Hill make them scorn to ask or receive any thins for which they have not rendered value Lor value. The writer is no Pessimist but he has Here uttered a few warning words for which he thinks he sees urgent need the would spends too much fuel Lor a Given amount of heat Light or Power with the result of too rapidly using up the Luel Supply which is limited. True there is a Happy optimism which de clares that the race will be Able to meet emergencies As they nay arise but this does not less Eft the desirability of interminable talk in the House of representatives am just now coming 10 for a share of the abuse of the democratic members it will be re called that no scamp Ever has much affectation for Law and the Wordy congressman does not like to have his verbal privileges curtailed even if by so doing the nation s business is sex. Edited. Making the most of what nature has provided Foi our use forests Coal Fields and Oil reservoirs Are being Visi Bly reduced suggesting the time when they will disappear the question of fuel is one of growing importance and the time will come when it will be a problem fraught with the tragedy of t a human race. The of the conservation of Luel is Backo a growing and will become to overshadowing problem dwarfing All others. Thought research Casperi. Anont Dite tej toward securing the highest percentage of Utility out of fuel will be Well expended. Congressman a Tugen 15 starting in Well. Lie has introduced a Bill. H. K. 3346, authorizing the Purchase of a suitable site and the erection of a Federal building in Mason City to be used at custom House and Post office be arc in Hopes that Tea approx Liioi May be Raadt move on the part of congressman g n. Haugen is in line with the prediction recently made by the writer that our representative in Congress would look closely to the Teresta of constituents. Or. Haugen has already i oven himself a valuable Man to the people of the District and his useful Ness is cure to increase with experience and length of service in Coores. You May have heard about Scott s emulsion and have a vague notion that it is cod liver Oil with its bad tests and smell and its other repulsive Fea Tures it is cod liver ii the parcs i the Bussi in the but Mado 50 Palata Bis almost everybody take it. Nearly . Ike it and ask for More. So qty s emulsion looks like Cream it nourishes the wasted body of the baby child or adult better than Cream or any other food in existence. It bears about the same rela to o her envy scions that a Terr. Docs to milk. If you had any experience so called just is goed prep rations you i acc ins h a fact. Or tit a cot Ribi so Oil Csc because _ Terveus system to impart strength to the whole All our i of the Rel Mke Lub with his parents to Transvaal an. That he country. The Story that gun. Joubert o Boer army four it with Sun 1.1, Ujj Jug 1 Ine spoiled by the general Sayonn that he j its Farmers Institute was born in Cape Colony and moves editions. The of Ultra and the Farmers m ituc.1 i 1 Heso for riot of their can Sai d by Duli Otia or. Home. To the .1, county and general our dam the Fui fhe ii. Fu1 0116 Jear j1.50. Never before sin prior i Reading matter offered for so an amount of Money. The four papers had never been in it was during lie Campaign that that famous phrase open Uil Mills and not the mints a Erst l i brought into prominence. 5mce then the Mills have been opened and pros Ameci which we dub our own re Peritz has returned with the result Well known throughout Tho i Ort Aad that the activity of the Mills has of Neuil themselves to the Raider s j affected the which was just wha a Teutila upon Mei ii Ron. I j evcrjhod3 expected. Report has it that the democrats will Endeavor to defeat the treaty with Germany and England on the subject of the samoan islands whereby we propose to give up All claim to certain to Germany in return Lor confirmation of our right in other islands. The claim of the democrats is that we have no right to dispose of the islands or any one of them with j out the consent of the owners. The Homestead is the Streat and live Stock Paliero the the poultry Farmer is the most practical poultry Piper for the Fanner published in the country the Farmers Mutual insurance Jour in of Farmers to to Perttu e am Tho special Farmers Institute Edi ions Are the most practical publications for published. Take Reat offer. I to i pm notion of Rood Marinie Ever i a 1 j attn stage of this to Florada and the South. If you Are in a hurry to Eft to the the fact i Tho Harbor of Pago Tom of solid Liroi Irh train of wide pull Mim sleepers Anil coat hip. Leaving Mirble Fidilo at n. And arriving at St. Louie ii Arlo ii in., where close connection is made in Union a tuition with limited trains for All Points in the Lann of in wars. Call on the tide rained for your Pogo at the Island of Tiitola is our property which be infringed for we purchased it Rora the rightful owners and the transaction was entirely legitimate. Iris wine saved wife s tickets Good advice saved my life writes f. 51. J has of Winfield i had j a bad cough i could hardly breathe. Steadily grew worse under docent s y Lour demo Cut is Ziy Wile urged me to uai11 one of it protest of or. Kids s new discovery in pm american newspapers. It Corres e. A. King. Agent b c. R i it. Tig s new discovery Lor con sumption which completely cured coughs colds la Grippe pneumonia asthma Hay fever and All maladies of Chest Throat am lurks Are positively cured by ibis marvellous Medicine. 50c and to. Every bottle guaranteed. Trial bottle free at Asper co s drug store. Pm paper Pou dents everywhere Covi is every Field of and Domestic. It is strictly in politics but is above All a newspaper and ought to be in every Home during the Impo Ilant presidential Csini Nign of 1000. The Price of mail daily including Sunil a is Bis dollars per end. Daily without Kuzur dollars per year. Sunni a Only there is every probability that dollars per year. Linn i _ More tobacco factory than the to Mac can buy. A i of Greer Ville Iii. Or j k look writes have been troubled with Billiou incs. Sick headache sour Stanuch constipation etc., for years. I sought Long Anil tried Many remedies but a . The hitter edition is a part. Almost to the average daily it the of the we sly. It not Only tur. But also a great variety of interesting ant mat Ler for every member of the family. For free simple copies to the Globe printing co., St. Louis to. Disappointed until 1 tried or Well s syrup pepsin. I car. l Al Loc Ltd Reisui a for in recon Renil it to any suffering from Roy new soup of or. Jill s i old and new Cus Tuiuri inc invited to Abote complaints a. Jasper co r0ffie and Seo me a. G. Pie clubbing season is at o ii hand Good Reading is As to the welfare of the family As any other Arti Cle of household Comfort. We can Supply your wants in this line at astonishingly Low prices. We will furnish you clubbing rates on any periodical published on this continent but our snenp.1 offer this season is the Marble Rock weekly and one of the following papers for the weekly and inter Ocean and Des Moines Register. And St Louis Globe dem i and Homestead combination some of these Are for a limited i time Only and will be withdrawn in a Short times As our Arrance 7-3 o _ x ment with the publishers is Limi Ted. H. B. Niks sox a

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