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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Jan 4 1877, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - January 4, 1877, Marble Rock, IowaUs sunk n or with. In see. Every Tea baath Bath. Ice on is it Marble it his of the Marble j w i in Thor s 00 i smart 5.so i .1 i j vhf nun. Lumn one i in turn. One rebels Ike Yge editors and publishers. Witt malice toward add and Charity for All terns jl50 per am Nam a one Imhof volume 2. Marble Hock Floyd Coulty Iowa Jan. 4, 1877. K umber 22. I Ike Tufti fat Type 18etf it j. W. Darla id our Stock t Oast a of w. D. Truax Blacksmith. Shop Mieir Aureola a All work Pirt lining i boots 1 shoes hats Caps Arra Memeth. 4 Minne iou railway. Kail w pu1.v it is i we to not wish Nair any bad Luck and we wish that Uki a Wlllie inc let Lin. Ii run f i a Folk n t counted forty i in main Santt and it wan t i my a turd for t i Lila col in set tax and de to. La connection the paper we lure a Good Job office and arc pre i pared to All orders with licit and of reasonable s r 7 10 us Gerkan drug store we in e a Stock of the latest style card Board which we arc pre pared so Cut up and print at the Fol lowing Low rates 30 cents for Twenty fire 45 cents for fifth and 75 cents for one Hundred a full Supply of letter and note Heads on hand which Wilt be printed to order and delivered to customers bring in your orders. Fall kinds r oct very Yankee notions etc., a of which offer to the Public at the lowest Jim tits f k a 70u 110 Turl w Liki Uii o huh Nitchi he 11 i a. Liru fib 1 i rear 113 it a i s Bock. To j. K. Feel propak to. Wade Rosene ians keep new wag of Blacksmith shop. I Pierce Vandusen proprietors All in Wood or Iron re Hirae Dmit promptly f my n m Ore wishes the parties i tint i Hood in n t take the guru Vodd t it snid Lur them tlllll1 our i Umie Silivos _ 1x77 Mali ii a tend to coi Unk m c the first of the ii i Tern we nil the attention of the Xii to us tilt Little Olio who will t i necessity of a walk Hall citizens in a Kwest. Enthusiastic meet1n1j. If my bites Mitaine Kin Seit. Litral propositions. My Send. To i Bimi will Elk r i i a x k i 1 r i 110 to it our Bop on Streit near i r a the Lii Nilor in Millili. 1 no -14 i 7 in n its in till and i a ii fire insurance company of the by St ii Turc iia aka a a Tiirik tend m Huml of the from the Street to the Viool Bui dim in eve Ellills Javon 1, the to i it i which at a meting held at masonic halt 1st, w77, skirt if John Parlan itt a and at paws that will Maiv it to go Al out attended by Many of Cit Ueng it Van deter a "10 i mined to take Iwine Diatz towards the erection of a Good Hall very generous and Liberal offend Hare been made by the j Aikley Iii forms us that were mistaken in the dilution to made lat Wick he has bum j into Tofu but has not wit his Furm we Iscer Lull make to g j. Kobi num Ruk lilians John Darland j i in Moore and Allen Moore. The matter is now in the hands of men that know to such word As fail Lamia Hall at Marble Kock at no Distant Day in a certainly. Uku be a Tine thing it a jut the Charsh door k for a Roku Vii Ticy Adit 1111 when to out and in As it Mold the Church Lery fail to hate the water town new f Iff n a a and by to the Kina Blanc of lipid found in a till in office and printed to order 1 i fail to a. The Vrr t Pexos. Tian08. Tuk Vino ill t i Neptin client thine i i that Lliter limn us. . La 1m1 Mil a u the lyceum was Well attended tuesday night and the knights of the forum made the air resound with to inv and yet it is Sot nought in that do to itch Staten Dooald of Osman a gave next the band Buijs dance had Cam owing to the Fri that i Thieu assets Over Quarter million. Nijiu i Wei nose to of Day if tit in Mcmorr Rinpei that Little itt on foot to 0 Mattie. Evno could save Manait Al Mcmins Sweet and Hoitt and in a god tar the arises Al Thi the in Utt Vaj the fort Tia and worry i Uter the Iteni Priit of the markit make it any Livre to tic Aud ii uhf and of ought we not to Luik Alward on thu Bright in thankful that it is no Willi a Hisari Ivr Nike the it what we Haw we Lite to know what it e have Nuu ced one of our Young if Ilc of Flat it he would up that Little matter ill right it can in a kind of Wake of the cup for head a peeves that when turns mid i into itself and thus the Poison of its own Venniti read to the editor of the Marble weekly sir Uke my a from your and Shuff my paper i think is not out that i paid Yon for until March next but i will Guc the balance of the time. Niit if to mop Tat for i fur you nor your paper and you can understand. I main a he count a a third t re am run Tine Phiiip As i Mali of to Yjih la an Nir i r Ion me i ill either i in Una m Ilka to or extern in Ipek Tram Notts will lie found at this office from one to ten thousand Accord ing to demand. I not Imp i us in r. S ref the Call tie it Fon tic great Lini i Ortii co., Loik Lio u 1 1 Iti ton j. We will take in Itjin Nguc for the butter Pegi flour Wood chickens Tureen backs anything Jun have to dispose of that is eatable or will keep a Man want. Bring it right along and it us take four name and you the paper. Something 1 Marble Ruuk ii h i i new fall hat i. In k i ill i _ it lie Cuil i. In intr i j Teijo hit j it a Xiii i tuft i a i uhf a u Ilij j bridal wreaths Loti ii Llor Lii. I i slip e. Butterick t go s patterns Mil we tinier our to the fun a Piu i Wolf that is Elo red m upon 0. Aids bring her nearer. In of ill Are l Tom for pal m the Flatt tit for Namiot Uhl All . 1 jottings. A huns t Are Wax Novier better. A by to i a 4 fettle up for 1 1-ot cd Jinai w Fli the but Hart that Mellow whisper we Tore added quite a Bow j Ber of new to our lint we Arr under to to Liege who have 111 Fri More. Thi bigger Vick i i talkie our Khz week in our Alicr Tisma Cut Lukuf Stead what he j-vten1 h a i Iii Giitl i i i i us and h Ilea hit Mab. Drum per the article entitled oar to letter in Nola pm. The the Lor Hart twin of a sack of Floter or a few pounds of butter or a few Dotty or one Dollar i and Sty cent in Noney tie i we Kilt whole year and if you read to ill Auger Bowlby tic go s i Tii Rutht from t try inti ii k h rip Iwa by Imus. I rown it i wifi to per him Iii he taif i i ukat Lilc i inv a Terr Jon nil ii. Liitt w j parlor Organ w. N Lone 9 w.1ii. Tefr Pupik crowded out Ite old Quarter for kale by k those net orly to a duration will not in rect the Union meeting of Tho Mitchell and Fly cd county tonal to be held at Floyd Ion Friday and satyr any of week we Hope that the trash eff will make extra to be Tiff a a programme of unusual inter been prepared and every Erfurt mule this a pleasant and prof Itable meeting. To in of Mir i Forret that by Tinct fait data Jig with All fact. Penrou. Ril Kip file to men of Munjat Vor Lwi his Good wife wwio., when a had 7" felted there we no and now you in tto Cook As there was plenty of the poo Dittl left and the Printer was look the Hong of Vorhes. Remain and proper Dai pics Ernie to frag Ted with accounts of another terrible disaster. A a Saenger train of five to Aeeti and drawn by two Fixico Attim goes a Bri let Ltd into n Piror ubi Veysal satisfaction. By x flt Alful apr of Tow Fml of the put Clit Date like oof late of Sycamore Iii., per for i us it Ftp Fly i hive in off Mlac he tic i Taftt pipe a Unity Manenty located at Marble tin Rocth a of info Wini Public that he k prepared to do All of work. I ready for us Boaen Krauft co. Streets present a Lively appear tins week the a ult of for far nuts produce the next 30 at i hew com for Cwb. At k. A. The Ramtin out and in Church. Fem Mill continues ending jct below the Hwn a i press on the Lake Shore rail whole Nam Lar pupils enrolled. 156 all4 he occurred just 14fi i he 8iae of 0 of the Hundred and seventy Oier one Hundred were instantly killed n j Thor by the fall or by being drowned or burned an the can Torau Diatel tool fire full part blurs in next 2ind, lt-76 Hole number a Cage dul attendance Vura ice of Iata a the before it a f a what m web Fotte Here the uht As we Hall Call Pon plans t n uni Nimit by i v tit with latest specifications and fun need top thulion. 10h of Atten Lance Irnita laity no of Days Abent 5j9 so of Vitton during the Roll of Honor a me of i Upil i not warily nor int during Weck of term. High Nihoul Miller mj3 Irene a find Ackley master Rosenc Tea h. Int Tran Diau tirade Nantes Pupil nuther a my hmm Sowu of its airfare it High. Try desire Ali for the purpose. Lut j out Eren forego that a Lauwra rather to Bare the lying dirty Ahert in my yours with no Kopet d s Baa in Heit womb or w it us up of his utly finl so Sicht hat m gentle nun. What it. ii will it. All work to the line it tailoring us Marble Koek when desired Takuri May to left with airland k a. I Menf crash or j k Feen which will by or a aptly attended in. I will work in Mam the Tiv it p Ai firm a my who Wai not i j at All Friendly to Sain Way in fact would t i taking Worth Sim tried to an Wilt . Work i caper than Van Cir in thin a Kitty wih new f c and fit awl set of for n cents with Tho fellow but he would t a and All work warranted. Then Irbid to a hitch the work and Piaf new a trial. Nun it am but As a five i would Uewl. A trait the other would a ten if t the the and Urdy for the lat Futon fur men mini Wyten i take kindly to that the fax which us wat Baj Ime Bee udies have or urdu the in getting away term cd Fig Pec 2j, in madly and a Fwy beat Tiff piece of of Mitan agents wanted 1 priv in indebted to Nipom w or fire they Ink fathers c primary tirade disappear re in the of the titty Sun. With of of pupils neither Taivy or Halip Iii to Tail Hoard want for the a wort. Of the fisc Pim Kia to a of Dulfo
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