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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Jan 3 1878, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly (Newspaper) - January 3, 1878, Marble Rock, IowaThe Marble Roc wee la. Pill Hieu in ebb thl a slay or Marble Hock Floyd county. by Viko. H. Nihols. J 1 rates of Rock ones in nor. Usif we 9 Oiw a Metis. .1.00 on s tar. Or 1 Ilert hums Fwy a. Pubis id by go. H. Of Ichols. Ii in a Jock Floyd Corty Iowa j am any 1878. _ with malice toward none and Charity for terms per annul in Advance 1 isl Maik a. P. A. M. I. 0. 0. A Iowa the. Ti1k Burlington Cedar rapids Northern Minneapolis St Louis railways Rosenkrans in or Okiu Mason a Mii i a w l i i in j it a ,.v.-r i i . I la w v in 11 1 i in v by we ii Orsi h i l i in Al Init it. That it that who i i with tin War . O. Q. T. A i in r. I _ i1. T. Jim. no lurch services. We Clark and Clayton 111.3umrsi.nv. a . An a slim Vith .n.-s. Ami am 1 in it a i v i i in a Iii ii Titis Infin a vols a massive Thal sin. The win. 1. J Lary i f a ill in 1 Aii i i Man Rac univ Iva my e. E Haynes. Tirve i of or a. A Jol Nisun. Niv i. It i r a i Ami Linalie l. i a. M a t., my. a Lri. H it Iii a Ami in this Lulu All u Hii my will of j it y _ j a l is Liis Ihal a ,.i mini Minlu y Vilh .i1 but i Wii he Clotil. Its i _ ii trial. He uni Vii. Swink ii him i i ii Inu Lian Unorio i fit Iii is Vunt l a Tiv. Ill-., la. 1 tin j Aii i file f ,.il my Iii. All l cd vital 1. ill everything pertaining dry goods Cin is 1 Sun , a fur that All i.i..l-. A i Nii Marbie Hock. An it Ihu i Init the that has in Iii Phillar liar Iii Onier. J of , Iliia Peri us Jjo i he Ahuvah. Charles cite. I boots shoes hats Caps and a v v a i i Ellul Ali a will in Hal. Has owl this pm pity Iii Ciu trl. I Ali a i a i. K i a. I v v v. In i j i Al i i out re. Vick s i Tzvi is six .m is no Iwin Ira Una Vrh sikhs thir Ito it la ilk 11 i Clu ill l if till. Paiik m . rtt . Liti ill taking i. In Luik Ltd -.v. Ski is it i. Ill he i. I r kill ilium an. i Lull Tinl ii us Micili i in is a a i i a a As 1 Waul a nun. In. H. It i i i. V Iii its. H. Annm is thu is Tuu . I can i lat. In lines. Us j Al 1 if . Hutches co., Grain dealers , Lov a. Market Price a Rel Shock wild for All kids of i i. . Ll.li.m.mi.c.-. J. i i l j Navy our. In air i pm. Saints in i atom a. Happy thai j like wifi. Nv1, la p.-Hicnh ill in. S i i i its in in. Stain i. Minikin Tim a Ali h Lait. Illint of i this that lilt tin Lin a ii a our ii w Wii Ilu i All inv i i i 1 ii Insi s i.tlii1. To aids j they re sri a i Mai in Wii ii lire l room the Mother this Cut of Tow sixteen i Nitis Iii i.tuanniv-.. i i year old Uttah tar who when her in i is if Iii l a Iii i the fit we lying Dud in us i shop on Bradford Street .-r.nf. I tuning Tud is aging into in per j i . 0. I m M.Vr..Klti a. . J tin nu.-.-r. I Ilon oar fur i i. Is. In Ortr .11 re . Elba toe shepards01t bed s. Receive 1 Tinl sell change. A. 1 i it Vern i at Bock. J. K. Feen i Roii Ihor. -.-1 Market a Public s. .m.urmy, Ali i i Horn. I Ami m wit i this Ufi Yini the Haw in no in Ami -.u i Wln--.vr i ii thru . Ii v Ali in his Han is ill l in y p. Tin. Ii Sivio. It by Iii lots mom la it As. J Lii 7 1 rapids Carriage works i Iii win Llain i a Lay i..n i Aii i a lain i. A a him a Ali i Inesti j i Hin. I .Yii with his a Vav. I is with j Wii ii har a Fanti. I . I .m n- .1 a for Khaki i i. Lii Iii Iii St. A for in my. .-Lii.-.-. Liv w. F. Hall late of Sycamore Iii. m Al a. _ o j-w.1 confectionery. My we Las Al i us a s. I. I Viik. Hns Fittim i in full fruits in i hair f. By att. J in in 1 Fps u i in that j in. Liat i ii ii Imily ii will i a i thai , that the la i i an Iii Tiv. "im1-v la let ." of York Anri Jancys. I ,.nt air. To i with much sati loss. That -privati1 in Whu Toni. It leads it fair the Tii Stiver Dill. At the of i v2 2 maj Rity. In
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