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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Feb 28 1878, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly (Newspaper) - February 28, 1878, Marble Rock, IowaLock Floyd gouty v Geo. H. Nichols. 4 the in Rob lock la. I in me week it. I fix or. Okie Jear , thu Hll. Tear. I we tear. Rims per you. If paid in a Dauee. Jisoo if not paid until the . Published to b. 5kms, volume to with malice toward Huna. And Charity for a terms per Hairom in Advance. I a Viita. It Ujj. Marble Kock Floyd county Iowa feb Vaky h us we in Uchs in Brm us in. A h tit in Slitni. Iowa Houte. Tar i Hulk u in Rev Kwh ring Cut. South ii Wolfi Ike fill a nuts my. Alt Bokn l owl or j w. A. The Burlington Cedar rapids Northern and Vicks a lower h a thu by a h. Illustrate inn l 0. 0. P. At Lull in in at via s omit u re Tine Minneapolis a St. Louis railways. Maw in uni ukr i. The Only route Runmin Tum trains five Ami l a. Ibsen Iunus dealer in groceries dried fruit Glass Ware Pai-1. I us fed. 1 inn Mii Tiff i full two by Iii Kepi Fri nil Offitt air Iff Mirvis Iier Vul in jail in infer Una to it. A my pm Lush w 4 i. Liou-i1 f in it a ruin Mii up his i a Ilu in Oto Puii in. I in Htiu a Muir two i 0 g. T. Marble Iii 1 u t Al zit Tili will Ruti i it. In k r. M v to 1p77. In c will try fir. Tin in All Ini prof Litwa h Mior to am i Ahi Tilv s. I1 Filini Turr of in. Ii uni of in Niton a. H. Jolson j trim if it Hock Ion a ii tint the Littler Keiit of the Dimil tax Litaud cml nil in Lustid Art joining Cim Bilec trawl i Tiht also made or rep All on Init i of work i and w with wanting Wurl no. sex. In Tonj part Tif it Eimi Irv Tiu in willing work it ii Iii Furui a. I Nevil not w from Loit time 10 or i Uli Yui Rupet have a Over is Anjer All who i Mitt it my bar fkr i the to Kwh j Gnu Iii he Kulic mid at u bar Haj Inett ii a Mph Chr Thoj n Ira it unit 1 1 few of Tui ii it Lii in conf Wal i i Havkin it i Llau Itco . T3 in ready made clot1-h3sto, boots shoes and everything pertaining to dry goods i l Rosei kills Maui lice if is i Kil lip in Ilie Tir. A Lite in hit ii us v it it la pm Tii lilt ill id 111 till Tio it in if li.tu1 Nuu in i a i tic then.-. If Jidith h i flu do Wiltil to of i Linioul tin i err tic in mrs. Tits t Avo 74 of i i j a mute uni Fuh Taeuu or Birtt Una Ali Utvik Iii i u i it 1 j 0 ii to la Ritvo Xiloj i tilt Jii ill Holli Sutic Nfn tin s try u in Lur . M the v Avn Villi the Walkly 1-1 h half. Cill and of tit. Jisc i Tut his tit. In Tofu. Toni to j i a m u i 11 in the Utu ki.i.1, Linin Urt no in a Ixl and pot i Nutil Hattid Oti of to Init Tea thu Pohlit will find the a pm to of at kith to Virtu. Kuria r t fur Ood cite Wilb Burull plod a it k cd Muo. And to Iii with a k y ii Ltd so co smut fisc Rijh in itch m Mill Rii Imi ecu -titmihtt., Ottist and Obi Iii at with Wal tent 1m Plum Utun j. W. Oakland our Stock consists Iff Dut goods at nirhoe Wutti in Actipe Ai Cut . A unfit kit Lemirt for l Charles City. J. S Trigg. Jat of ba1kr it Vita a or Titre k j fur at via sort with Pacific 1 it pow of h 4. H t n 1 k y to tit i at Stu Illinois can 1 it in Xlee City. At St Wal it it with so if for shoes hats Caps. in i la j the ,.lili f to the Nifosi Luuis just Ritli Usif lie arc Elk it tic Tiplin. Ill l Ciarli i i or tie i j1 la tit in Jinni Mitic. End morning nun Tiliti Ikirt the in i Iii Ti-n-uile1 Ilia Illel it Ute Cluj in. Hon Mart a h lion to Filcich Al Llic i White Lilak mule Ami Ai civil Jicile i ii , were locked in and of i rollicking ilium Lii we Sliu Mii by Sicri in the Tol o i the greatest . Palluti suib Sliu i j an its Tel ecu Luik Ai Ulni to in the h of wit Facton As ,h1c. Mil a have tiled i in j i m u i Imti. In i i j Linbi Lilia the firm of a c i Uitz i t Lur Iii Aiu ii Xintu lint Sihu Siul s in or Ai lil i i p to i l iou to nil to a Kiln Iliili till re Murec ainu b aleut in mgr try in la Lii j i Iri Lionil at la. No i lift i Liu in Uin i 1- 1 " i tonin Trumps ii to i new on a we Blue Licu Rulli y ill at a i qum Lor to Lin the it it to i Junor Ryle Sintil you Bill to prohibit offi Ixl s or of a institution i to thu from furnishing suit Jilin to such in to pud Ilic sen Ito in. It is new we Emilio pc in the of let of in to of inti Lii i i h. for Salti of i hit will in Din a for Partica Larn it of -4 Cut i but tin thu i m in. I Chili i. Of Ali. .1 i y to Lilore to Linn tin1 lit us i .1 la Ltd a flt of u in h la ill All Ell , ii. i lint Mil an Ali 1 enl i i p. in i a. i to 1 Uli a , but Nono the loss ii tile injunction preventing the City Council of from ordering a vote on t the question of to Clin ton on Liy judge the m Aii l a in Siul eve Mill i not in m ins 1 Otth. Me Umile it Wii Lor for restoring Cray stir to its natural vitality and Cotor. A dressing which is at wet n r Retablo healthy and of inv hair. Wafer will be put to a popular test. A bitter of years Slind ing bet con j. W. Hirers a lawyer and Lac Iii i broker both of Fayette to unto Culi Lunati d in a shoot affair on the of West Union Ikumi Hallub but the wounds Are slight Llo Jers is the attorney for hush s divorced sonic Whf tit thiere4 made a raid on the granary of Henry Muelter in tip ton township Lardin Connie unlock it d i Lnita. It Ili oat in run am a time " i j it in j 1-t for the a cow. The Nicl ii in a 1 n Cool-1 1 heard two Good orthodox they carried off the plunder leaked a my Tui. an i it u1 to Fin a at be to j Flimin Hur is Tai Ekenes of idling rec Ceil and Ahlness often though not a Jas by new. Tooth can restore tie liar where the j i i Irimie in can resort year were the Kuddie. At so that now the i a tall i Toni. Follic los Are destroyed of the Glutch be Kihei lieu. I at hot it tunes but inc be thu Piecul Zaritt . Rusoti Tinee. Alt i Finif. In i be 111 ims Riker i s i in it ,1. In it in 1 to in atrophied and decayed. But such a remain can be Savaii for Stefi Uneeda by this Arjit cation. Instead of film the Hur with a pasty sediment it will keep it Dean and rigorous. In it Cash isl will prevent the hair from turning Gray or tailing off and consequently prevent baldness. No Nuli tie one who Hini Oll the most in Pilla in . To lib Vataj. B i Ecci is to be n in j spirit and Intini in. An 1 eur Job r i the i Kli blow Najj. Ai Nur la Hajj few Ucli inn. Soothing t sent Milinn it loin a Burul Jie Ople of the matter ill. Is ill or Ful knit a Tiptop in the it of All kinds. In t re trevion of the United states i Anil i Advertis rent address Danirl f. Be if a if s. J. 1 Ai ill null Fuh fort nil he use in Cumic Wiite r Ami Mik Tif w Kiwi with in Kamwai Fri Titlair co i Law Rolt Chr Tweton ill in . Uni join us. In the Vlk Prmt Nolc better ii f Hir Kwi to Pultr. 1 1m, t Tor Fiat 1t7 with Hill a Fucia nil. Pm. Cd flu it is p ret m a i mint a Levit Chat ombre Ihm Fern Jeff mkt cad Tvr let .11 Pri Vipul m us i Imp shot of Mai the lit a War r Roc Lmarr. It Mim. It Ter. Law All in n ind cent no m . T Irton i ticket f Olluf am. Cebu Kwik. I. M. Co., Grain dealers Mil. Highest Market Price paid for All kinds of har Lerock Shep Abdoh bbl s. Elected for eve Allcut consider it tin Wittsr Pei aka Ken its Price of Imtair. For the whiskers. Decant papa rating he on Tochini Tellie Rotor of Law Twani from Gray or and other Shade. 1o or Mack at Tion. It is Pis ill apply a. Thin in preparation nine and of Fath Al polor Wilid will Neil iwo nil. Ihm uhf. 17 r. P. Hall 4. A Shea he. M Trik to Tab. Muo the met atm. Able such by Rheiny 13 he utter should be allowed in the i strict who can Tell what harm he is was the reply "1 Don t mourn Orer it at All it will do indie than harm. It Hiliot never would prevail and people would never study the Book of books with half the earnestness they now there Are two opinions that a nil much anxiety in Felt Abong the one Earnest antiquarian has been Hunt ing up the old colonial Law touching the .jret, which by the at Torney general recently decided is Mill in Loree in the District hat my never been or piled. In the first Section that Law is found the Little Ici ring a Puin Trail to the House of one stunt who Confidence of the i he pointed him Ilia i . In Oltof tin who Ali make some preparations Ilan Yenxu and injurious u the hair the vigor ran Only Benefit but not hum it. If wanted merely for a hair dressing nothing else can be band so it afr i any shall deny our Siri our be Art Vird and bound Over. So says the Aldora Llor Ald. I aul Breyer of Scott county had brought suit against Hin wife for divorce claiming cruel treatment on her part in his petition for Anont the much Abowd Paul his wife truck bin in the face with her fist struck his person with a War dipper struck his hand with a Broom stick kicked him with feet tried to break a chair Over his head and tried to strike him with a sad Iron. She locked him oat at night a Breed him to seek shelter at a neighbor s when it was dark and 1 Aal also petitions for the cos Tody of their child nearly Foar Yean of age and also desires his liable up ouse bound Over to keep peace. Sus , to be the son of god or shall the holy i Rimaj Law Faili or. Son and or the Jod j ii is Tine Shoah do Toine head of an of the three 1 persons or think to relieve the and the i nity of the godhead or shall ut-1 troubles of the Cople relative to Pat too we receive deposits buy paper by and sell sex and do general a xxv Atuk no. 1. S. P. Murray Fresk for Toichi Mizii at All Hare at Kuliu Bitume sex Pivk a tet i when Wiy 8chooltbachkrs i a a dealer in boots and shoes i Ter an profane words concerning the hold tin ily or any of the 1 persons i j thereof Luil u thereof . He or she aha Llor the first of Feti a be bored through the Tongue for the Sec Ond by trunks leather belting. Whan leather burning tic will the letter a hair. Oil amp Curr Combs and brushes. And for the Ali Ira Buffer higher t us Price paid for Hia Art pelts. Ai-3o and dealer in Hari stress Masiew few Kurt Oak i Ersoll w by Law to be Preci pitted into the Uljee whose cells Lent he denies Mil a Lime Max we be a inject of his third ure. Given hour within a few Iausly Roveter it is High Kiaie Lor such a us to be Savon a a Little too of the Ages. . Narue Rock Iowa. To of if w. T. Hartfo i. Fight jury an have to Fin a a till for it of for pent i a for what the cd up the Amir not. party de then thit anti Thi re w u fwd noded of How he follow we Dew after us Auar Wey i it i pm ten ohm Ilai has proven a of party he had Ink Tot h nov oct rarer the Iowa prior Patat w Midk it Resy River m Crio Atai of Cut As it present the con big Savoner of protect my the rights inf fre its of patentees apparently glom All he can to injure the very patents which or grind a living ill the models and Pevi canons for toe patents he should hot Grant one after another for the same thin the the he a prot Cedon to the Patentee of ill right and any Otie should feel Safe in Froais any one holding a Patent but of the contrary the Pink tax in to Isle a Patent to one who applies if he have Woney to pay the Enon Noam fees. I Ong Rcw should either nuke the Pat ent grunted Anil awl Conli Viivi. Evi of i or it before him i Lulli j a Hiti t tt1 pontifical Sucetti Sion. It Knynn that pin had cont Ailenee Notni and Antoneilli. The Prunier wan exceedingly of him. Mill dreaded h n ill once in the a it i he u a Asu Man of my. .1 i in might into Lisa Matt a. And res Lute and always Nore i Lor i containing docs not neither Oil apr White Cambric i and yet Long on the Bur it a Rich Glossy Istre and a perfume. Prepared by or. J. C. Astr Over others in he has wattled in Only recently that win kept Uway Rit hit arc iltoix.-. Of 1 i by inc late an Tonelli who was the l ski. I my t Midi Intili to thu Lutr y be Imri mrs. Chislm 1 Rani when tie went t i a Leirl. A wit the rial of her Hin i incl n in she utters Unsei the control of Tow win r dared hot Lilia lung in 1 he Illren. B fore testifying she we Warne i he to attorney n t to one Torii Kansas. All about in i Rodi Ietti. I Jinn in of Tofte an a the Kansas Farmer a to pm we ctr. In 15th y r. Paid. 3 no no. Address. J k Urmos Topeka Liu Sqq Kiy umma Fife he a u Maunc in it of my c no us Wen. For Alkil Kurt them or Milf in a Wartt of it to he h w ukr tempt. A t. R a b Chi it to flirt Hurt in the Cwm. H of w Omil Aram wet i wll of in Clim pm w Mem Tami. To n in answer to if of Only All Manl to by event 1 1 prote the conspiracy by Reler Cnoc to minion she Init Diatel in her testimony and not allowed to 50 if mentioned anything by her husband ithe told the court with to know anything of her and her she stated that Houi were fire j at tote time fit. Kyan for Friy of the club and tews by a nun an accuria Taroc of Eil s Tow tit innocent Jwia skill i City wrote to for Ike i sending a copy of the dead the purpose of anti a Nam be for the protect Kwh of tto peo Filc. Unt not to Lay traps and Affif to Cir Tik oat my i into Grafi Lor toe purpose or Al. Ryan who was the Saaw who had shot. The Mason replied in a hitter dated Rhy. Kew aary u. Ilia own Jirl Jet Iriwa
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