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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Feb 24 1898, Page 7

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - February 24, 1898, Marble Rock, IowaCotrich Tum chapter v. He began to speak of what English Call sport and he told stories of the Money which he had lost Over which of two Cocks could kill the other or which of two men could the other the most in a fight for prize that i was filled with astonish ment. He was ready to bet upon any thing in the most wonderful manner and when 1 chanced to see a shooting he was anxious to bet that he would see More than me Twenty live francs a Star and it was Only when i explained that my purse was in the bands of the brigands that he would give Over the idea. Well we chatted away in this very amiable fashion until the Day began to break when suddenly we heard a great Volley of musketry from somewhere in the front of us. It was very Rocky and broken ground Aud i thought Al though i could see nothing that a Gen eral engagement had broken out. The Bart laughed at my idea however and exp fixed that the sound came from the English Camp where every Man z Headid a Skeat of musketry. Emptied his piece each morning so As to make sure of having a dry priming. In another mile vre shall be up with the said he. I glanced around at this and i perceived that we had trotted along at so Good a Pace during the time that we keeping up our pleasant Chat that the Dragoon with the lame horse was altogether out of sight. I looked on every Side but in the whole of that vast Rocky Valley there was no one save Only the Bart and of us armed Yon understand and both of us Well t a Furt to Trier self whether after All it was a trite Neces that i should ride that mile which would bring me to the British out posts. Now i wish to be very Clear with you on this Point my friends for i would not have you think that i was acting Dis honorable or a gratefully to the Man who had helped me away from the of brigands. You must remember that of Jill duties the strongest is that which a commanding officer owes to his men. Febu must also Bear in mind that is game which is played under fixed rules and when those rules Are broken one must at once claim the forfeit. If for example i had Given a parole then i should have been an infamous wretch Nad i dreamed of escaping. But no parole had been asked of me. Out of overconfidence and the Chance o f the lame horse dropping behind the Bart had permitted me to get upon equal terms with him. Had it been i who had taken him i should have used him us courteously As he had me but at the same tune i should have respected his so far As to have deprived him of his sword and seen that i had least one guard besides myself. I reined up my horse and explained this to him asking him at the same whether he saw any breach of Honor in my Leav ing him. He thought about it and several times repeated that which the English when they mean Mon you his was a Cut at Ray head. I parried and Shore off half of his Amto plume. Lie thrust at my breast. I turned his Point and Cut away the other half of has cockade. Curse your Monkey he cried As i wheeled my horse away from him. Should you strike at said i. Yon see that i will not strike that s All very said he. But you be got to come along with me to the i shall never see Tho said i. Ill Lay you nine to four you he cried As he made at me sword in hand. But those words of his put something new into my head. Could we not de cide the matter in some better Way than by fighting the Bart was placing me in such a position that i should have to Hurt him or he would certainly Hurt me. I avoided his Rush though his sword Point was within an Inch of nay neck. I have a i cried. We i is to which is the Pris Oner of the he smiled at this. It appealed to bj5 love of sport. Where Are your he cried. I have none 1 Sor i but i have cards let it said i. And the i leave it to carte Best of i could not help smiling As i agreed. For i do not suppose that there were Tai be men in France who were my Mas ters at the game. I told the Bart As much As we dismounted. He smiled also As he listened. I was counted the Best player at said he. With even Luck you deserve to get off if Yon beat so we tethered our two horses and sat Down one on either Side of the great Flat Rock. The Bart took a pack of cards out of his tunic and i had Only to see him shuffle them to convince me that i had no Novice to Deal with. We Cut and the Deal fell to him. My Faith it was a stake Worth pitying for. He wished to add a Hundred Jerold i was Wereb Mufed Sot to Hurt this Mas. A cold give me the slip would conf Caid he. If Yon can give no reason against the Only reason that i can think said the Bart is that i should in Cut your head off if you should it " two can play at that game my dear said i. Then Well see who can play it he cried pulling out his sword. I had drawn mine also but i was determined not to Hurt this admirable Young Man who had been my a Refactor. Said i. You say that i 4n your prisoner. I might with equal say that you Are mine. We Are Here and though i Hare no doubt that Yon Are an excellent swordsman Joo would is rally Hope to hold your own against the beat Blade la tto Rex Light cavalry i have a i child. Plebes a game but what was Money when the Fate of col. Etienne Gerard Hung upon the cards i Felt As though All those who had reason to be inter ested in the game my Mother my Hussars the sixth corps d Armee Messena even the emperor himself were forming a ring around us in that desolate Valley. Heavens a blow to one and All of them should the cards go against me. But i was confident for my carte play was As famous As my swordsmanship and save old Bouvet. Of the Hussars who won Sev Enty Sis out of one Hundred and fifty games off me i have always had the Best of a series. Cli Apter Al the first game i won right off though i must confess that the cards were with me. And that my adversary could have done no More. In the second i never played better and saved a trick by a finesse but the Bart Voled me once marked the King and ran out in the second hand. My Faith we were so excited that he Laid his helmet Down beside him and i my Busby. Ill Lay my Roan Mare against your Black said he. Jiuu i. Saddle bridle and he cried. I shouted. I had caught this spirit of sport from him. I would have Laid my Hussars against his dragoons had they been ours to pledge. And then began the game of games. Of he played this englishman he played in a Vay that was worthy of such a. Stake. But friends i was Superb of the five which i had to make to win i gained three on the first hand. The Bart bit his Mustache and drummed his hands while i already Felt myself at the head of my dear Little Ras cals. On the second i turned the King but lost two tricks and my score was four to his two. When i saw my next hand i could not but give a cry of de Light. If i cannot gain my Freedom on this thought i i deserve to remain for Ever in chains give me the the cards landlord and i will Lay them on the table for you. Here was my and Ace of clubs Queen and Knave of diamonds and King of hearts. Clubs Are Trumps Mark Jou and i had but one Point be tween me and Freedom. As Yon nay think. I declined his proposal. He knew that it was the crisis and he in did his tunic. I threw my Dolman on ground. He cd the ten of Spades. I took it with my my of Trumps. One Point in my favor. To Greet play u Clear the to craps and i led the Knave. Down cams the upon it and the game was equal. He led eight of Spades and i would Only Dis card by ret of i Tinio a s. Then i aide the seven of Spudes the hair fairly stood straight of my head. Erich threw Down a Kingjr at the Linale. He had won two Points Aad my Beautiful hand been mastered by his inferior one. 1 could have rolled on the around a i thought of it. They used to play very Good scare at Watier s in the year "10. I buy brigadier Gerard. The last game was now for All. Thu nest hand must Settle it one Way or Atiq find t Najt away my sword Belt. Lie was Cool this englishman and i tried to be also but the perspiration would trickle into my eyes. The Deal Lay with him and i May confess to you my friends that my hand Shock so that i could hardly pick my cards from the Rock. But when i raised them what was the first thing that my eyes rested upon it was the King the Kinju the glorious King of tramps. My Mouth was open to de Clare it when the were Frozen to my lips by the appearance of my com Rade. He held his cards in his hand but his jaw had fallen and his eyes staring Over my shoulder with personal and literary. For Young people. The key to the Box. To the Sgal Box except for j Mildred Lowells. Daughter of the novelist excels in Book illustrating. She lab illustrated her lather s poems i aide n literature begun to stories j Quito Young. I Wilder Goodwin s two to in Anees of colonial the head of a Hundred Ami White have Ueen put up in line with j handsome illustrations by Howard Pyle Ami other leading Marv x. Murfree s new Book. Afterwards. A the crack they found the key and they brought it i the Jig Eler is said to contain much i Back i tie tall and i customs of the mountaineers Are Gen Antl As la j in the author s Best manner with More j now than Lier usual vividness and humor. But the a. Palmer m her Book. Intelligent geese. The teak Wood Box ave a Goitia croak i to the key but t cd to to speak. "1 said the key that i will hide in the Erick Down there by the Chi Nuey i Side. Just so this proud old Box May How Little it s Worth except for kid Aud laughed to 11 be Good to the Box on the but the Little key topped with a. Shiver grecian hns Given an entertain i for there was a Bright new key in the lock ing a out of the Greece of to Day i and of m Box Gald. To am Juu Aud has shown herself Well versed j see in ancient grecian history. The Book i but the place is filled my poor Little Pye in St. Nicholas. 3ft Beautiful Hilld Ead bees Mas teed. The most dreadful expression of consternation and Surprise. I whisked round and i myself was amazed at what i saw. Three men vere standing quite close to meters at the farthest. The Middle one was of a Good height and yet not too the same height in fact that i am myself. Lie was Clad in a dark uniform with a Small cooked hat and some sort of White plume upon the Side. But i had Little thought for his dress. It his face his gaunt Cheeks his beak of a nose Bis masterful Blue eyes his thin firm Slit of a Mouth which made one feel that this was a wonderful Man a Man of a minion. His brows were tied into a knot and he cast such a glance at my poor Bart from under them that one by one the cards came fluttering Down from his nerveless fingers. Of the two other men one who had a face Ashdown and As hard As though it had been carved out of old Oak wore a Bright red coat while the other a Fine portly Man with Bushy Side whiskers was in a Blue jacket with facings. Some Little distance behind three orderlies were holding As Many horses while an rear. Heh Crawford what the Devil s asked the thin Man. A you hear cried the Man with the red coat. Lord Wellington wants to know what this my poor Bart broke into an account of All that had occurred but that Rock face never softened for an instant. Pretty Fine Pon my word Gen. He broke in. The discipline of this Force must be maintained sir report yourself at head quarters As a it was dreadful to me to see the Bart mount his horse and ride off with hang ing head. I could not endure it. 1 threw myself before this English Gen eral. I pleaded with him for my Friend. I told him How i coi. Gerard would v it Ness hat a dashing young1 is a Reoul of a tour through that plucky Little Laud. Bradford Mackie has issued a historical Romance Mademoiselle de dealing with the year 1t7s, in an american officer Falls in love with the of an English officer. One pm n easily imagine hat complications might Arie. Mine de Stael was driven from her Celoud Paris by order of a Cleon 5-he took with her into exile her neat Lloita to parlor games. I titty at mind Reading Anil Minitee the sport inter Sun. First i la Tell you How to play at mind Reading in a Way that will probably Puzzle your friends for a Good while. Let Mary be the mind Reader she must then select a Confederate a per son quite As important to Success As her self Tom would answer better per Chihi dish As one of her most pre haps than a girl As he is More Likely f perhaps to have a watch of some sort and the watch is a sort of second con federate. Ail the company except Mary now troop into a room selected for the Experiment they decide on some object pious House Lipold this How s How popular the dealing dish fat in As As in the More ancient tinier of a crypt Greece and Home. Hope Hawkins i Jinx e monies tour in cuu Ihm Ami Canada delivered More than so lec Tures. To gave his last Reading in new he confessed that he had enjoyed his entertainment and the people he had met but will Reserve the further expression being Misumi i r How Tiki Ion Gander at tended i Minooi Institute. It must have been in the -10 s thai great a was a Aarau i from College and began to teach school. was not so rapid As now and the Exchange of was accomplished with More Difine Uiti. The country Wab not Over run with teachers manuals and Acu there were few educational work. It was Only gathering together and exchanging ideas that teachers were Able to Progress. To facilitate this would in the summertime travel irom place to place holding what Wero called to which All who taught in the neighbouring country would flock to recede or new ideas and to discuss methods of study. My Uncle and a Friend of his had started on a tour of this kind and on saturday arrived at a town where they were to hold an Institute the follow ing monday. Sunday afternoon they took a stroll in the outskirts of the town an the Banks of a Stream and were engaged in conversation when my Mcle a Friend espied a flock of geese approach ing in a solemn procession. Moved by a sudden impulse he took off his lat made n Low Bow and addressing the geese said allow me to introduce to 1 selected for them All to think about it must be understood that this sub is some definite material article the room. The Gas is now turned and All go out again Mary meets act e in u i of his opinions fearful of and Bess that tlie3 wl11 a11 f or a i Ler stood. Feu moments fasten their thoughts on playing it Low Down. One Way occur Nizik it Oier n can the Man in the Spring Wagon had just Given the a vindictive Cut with the whip when a Long hallo Back on the Road caused him to Stop the animal at the outset of his burst of Speed. The Driver turned in his seat and waited for the person in the Dis Tance to overtake him. A steady trait soon covered the distance Bette in them and As he came within hailing distance or. Corn Tassel exclaimed loll up mister me be you an me Kin make a when he reached the Wagon the firmer put his foot on a Hub and leaning with one Elbow on his knee meditated for some time on what he had to Sizy. "we.1." said the Driver after Aalf a minute if you Haven t anything to Tell me i May As Well along. Yours in t the Only farm in this i Cinfy that May be struck Fey lightning you of course. 1 Haven t got any right to interrupt you onless i mean to talk business an hint secs w nut l no mean. Only beforehand Lemtnek say that lev a reputation to sustain for not Knotick Lin Crowin to lightning Rod men Ner Book agents Ner nobody. Of i was to give be a Small order be would t go around Braggin about it like be had me cowed would one i would t mention it if you desired me not i Don t mind Ovenin up to Bein the thing selected this being done in i an impressive silence. Mary goes in the room in the dark and in a moment returns and tells what it is have been thinking about. Tom you see has left the dark room last and. Has left his watch on these elected object he perhaps has taken part str the discussion As to what it should be because he wants something that his watch can indicate conclusively. The ticking1 of the watch leads Mary aright and she picks up the watch and the information at the same time and conceals the one and displays the other. A Luminous match Box will answer for a guide As Well As a watch. Then a quieter turn is wanted just heat every one with a Pencil and paper and ask them to set Down from Mem Ory the figures on the clock in the next room or on the watches in their pock ets using the characters just As they Are written on the faces of timepieces. All will probably Start out with great Confidence but ten to one no one will remember that the four in such cases is cot written thus iv., but thus till. Might obstinate when come i git my head set an of i thought be d allow the impression to git out that after turning be off in a Way that Ortere a Warnin to any lightning Tod Man i run after Jean tuck it All Back i d give up this Experiment of you can depend on me not to say a was the response. I be of t Thi Busi Ness of right. You say that by i stick if a Point up into the air you Kiu attract the Ligh Inin to it ther by Keepin it from Goin somewhere else j where it might do More exactly i Gigli twin Bein the same As elec Triciti t company recognize individuals in the other part simply by seeing one Eye you will give another Surprise. We think know the eyes of our friends but when it comes to seeing an Eye alone it is More than most people can do to Tell a one from a Blue a Pood Way to arrange for this pers in which a Hole the size and shape of a Large human Eye is Cut or More holes than one Cut in it and Sev eral eyes shown at once. The exhibited in this Way Are in one room and the scrutinizes in the inter Ocean. Bobbing for caramels. One of the funniest games for Chil Dren Over in vented. Making tally or any Candy is to be sure great fun but eating it in always far better. In this game the difficulty is to get the Candy. Buy some fresh caramels. They must j be quite soft. Thread a Stout Needle with Seine Fine sewing silk tying a i Large knot in one end. Draw the Needle Khz Jive the to Ioseb to toe Zeab Foncer he was. A my eloquence might have melted the hardest heart i brought tears to my own eyes but none to his. A voice broke and i could say no Mere. What weight do Yon put on your mules sir in the French he asked. Yes that was All this phlegmatic englishman had to answer to these burning a words of nine. That was his reply to what would have made a Frenchman weep upon Ray shoulder. What weight on a asked the Man with Tho red coat. Two Hundred and ten said i. Then you Load them Deuce Day bad said lord Wellington. Remove the prisoner to the his lancers closed in upon me and i was driven mad As i thought that the game had been in my hands and i ought at that moment to be a free Man. I held the cards up in front of the general. See my lord i cried i played for my Freedom and i won for As you perceive i hold the for the first time a slight smile soft ened his gaunt face. On the said As he mounted his horse it was i who Cwm for As Yon perceive my King holds tiie through the Center of the Caramel until did you Ever pit any electricity in the knot catches on the other Side. In Tureau Etc Nee die leaving the Caramel voter system on a sudden but be know something about How it by observation " it s Lible to give be a purty hard Jolt Ain t be d been hit on the Back of the neck with an a handle or some enough of it will kill n it might do some damage to a mule might t if a of Iii Tret it ill tend to that. See that mule lie s got to thin Ken that he s the Onk kicker there is in the neighbourhood. He he s got everybody cowed me in i 1 eluded in i Dunno but what lie has got i i some reason fur it. When he gits ready j to let his Hind foot go it s Safe to say that somebody s Goin to Lay off from work. I5ut i Ain t Goin to to him. Though t never thought i d Ever git to where i d have to use strategy Weth a mule. What i Grant you to do is to a Rod to him. Well aft. An right Over the spinal column. Well tie him up in the Blacksmith shop so you Kin operate. Be Kin let him drag1 1 n Chain fur a ground connection an 1 then when he s he s so Fine we to put jewelry on him. Well turn him Loose an wait fur a Thunder form an see of we can t nimble attached to at least a Vard of silk. Then tie n Good knot in the free end. I enough caramels should be prepared i beforehand. When you wish to play you see. Her father first soaked me in the very very. However her brother kindly tried to wring it for enquirer. Far Inland. Clear cum. Arc accused of resisting a police officer. In i t m Toots then i plead purity to i y. Caramel to Ebing. The game gather the players in a Cir Cle giving to each a Caramel Hung to the silk. Vib the one who after placing the knot Ted end Between his i hands folded behind him first succeeds in the Caramel into his Mouth wins the game. Of course there a a trick about it bet a very simple one. Just work it out. One Little hint. Eien thing de pends upon having that knot firmly fastened in the bet in your . It is really Worth while to Stop and watch the Workings an of the other to aces if you to get the. Booby i i airy j former Csc port i in the eleventh Century Sandwich was the most famous English seaport. It is i now. However two Miles Inland owing for the to the sea chronicle. Mikei of the Burat cd horse. Driving out the invaders. You my Friend or. Psi who will hold n Institute in. This town to Morrow. I cordially invite you to be the geese appeared to listen attentively to the j Ozug Man s words and when he had finished they waddled gravely away. The incident passed a quickly from their minds the next afternoon arrived and the friends repaired to the Church where they were to expound their educational views to those who were assembled for instruction and profit. Day was Beautiful and sunshiny and everything beamed propitious by on my Uncle As he arose from his seat behind the pulpit to address the dignified gathering1. Hardly Nad tie opened ule i out to speak when something in the wide opened door attracted his attention. There stood the old Gander the Leader of the flock they had seen the Day be fore and behind him were All the geese having completed his Survey to my Uncle s horror and Chagrin he waddled slowly up the Middle aisle Fol Lowed by the rest. Was Ever a Young Man in a More painfully embarrassing situation at this moment he received a tug on his coat tails and plainly heard the partially suppressed amusement of his Friend and the whispered exclamation they be my Uncle grew redder and hotter the geese approached in front and the tugs on his coat tails continued behind lie could Only stutter and stammer each moment becoming More painfully aware of the awkwardness of Hie Posi Tion. At last with the timely assistance of the congregation the unwelcome in truders were expelled amid quacking confusion and uproar. It is almost unnecessary to add that the fount of my Uncle s eloquence Vaa choked for the time and a Insp Quentlyn his exposition on the education of the Young was not As Edify ing As it might have been under Ordinary circumstances. This did not end the matter How Ever. My Uncle s Friend for Many years after at every dinner when he was called upon for a speech managed to recount this incident. If my Uncle was there it Only added to the general enjoyment. Tiring of this in. The course of years Ilii in i it arusi., Friend had related the Story and said there was one Point to to hich sufficient attention had not been called namely Why had the geese understood so perfectly All that his Friend had commercial trib Hen . A lady who lived for some time when she was first married on a Mississippi Cotton Plantation says that among their poultry was a Hon who developed a fondness for a More civilized Way of living. She preferred the House to the Henyard. And lost an Opportunity of mounting the and entering. She was always shooed out but this did not Rai so her ardor to decrease. Finally a conceived the idea of Mak ing an offering to the inmates of the i for . So nearly every she enter and no an egg in the Sheet trunk which stood at that time of Day in the Hall. The Fain ii wore so amused at this performance that they avowed her to go in and out without molestation. A novel invited Dorothy to go with him 10 feed the morning after her Arr Al at tiie farm. On her return to the House she inquired shyly Gradja do All Hena Nitle their

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