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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Feb 24 1898, Page 6

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - February 24, 1898, Marble Rock, IowaMarble Rock weekly. H. B. Lies 4 i Ulius them Marble aunt n1andy." our aunt Mandy thinks at never Aughter make a noise. Or go swimming or play Ball or have any fun at All thinks a boy and Outhier be dressed up All the time an she Mollert jest As u my us. At the Littlest mite or dirt on a Feller s hands or face or his clothes or any place. Then at dinner time Bhe s there Sayin t kick the or Why Don t yer sit up Tain t perlite to drum yer an yer got to eat As slow cause slip s dinging at yer so. Then when Chris mus comes she brings nothing Only useful things Han Kerchi is an gloves an ties sunday stuff yer jest despise. She s a Ole maid All alone thou no children of her own an i s pose at makes her fuss round our House a Bossin us. If she d had boy i bet tween her Bossin an her fret she d a killed him est about so god made her do without Fer he knew no boy could stay Ith aunt Handy every Day. Lincoln in l. A. W. Bulletin. Elsa. 1 Tern for crocheted her another s knitting and crutches were by her bide Olaf was close by the window caning a salad with some skill and great Delight. Thing was As right As could be. Aud she went out into the gentle rain and followed the Trail across he Prairie with a quiet heart. If there is one thing a Xor Egian girl to do above All others it is to Crochet. A new pattern is More fascinating than books or dresses or beaus und Eisa and her Friend Kurin were worn to go deep into the delightful of or o be lace and insertion of co webby fineness and real Beauty. So Thev worked away tog Ether forgetful of the lowering temperature and the waning afternoon. Suddenly a great id struck the House. There was no longer the flashing of rain on the South windows. Instead there came out of the West what seemed to be a Volley of grape shot. In five minutes Elsa was on her nay Home with the wind at her Back pushing her along As though she were a toy balloon. Fortunate it was for us All that Elsa was Large and Strong. With her Well shod feet and a corseted Waist her Short skirts and her shawl drawn tight Over her head she sped along before the wind now and again crouching on her Knees to catch her breath and let some particularly Niekras blast go by. She told me afterwards that All she thought of during that run for it could not have been called a walk was How thankful she was that the wind was not in her face. Wrapped them about icy bodies of the rescued oxen. With hot water they sponged out the eyes Aud ears and Roseb. They turned the great head out of the wind Aud then considered the problem of where to House the Crea Tures for the night. Shelter they must have the stable was impossible. It Wear and tear of banquets. A. Popular former mayor of Balti More Hun to it. In these Days when Many of the ills which flesh is heir to Are said to be attributable directly to the eating of too much Good food or the drinking of too Jet Loci Tuc i us a Jim was Plain that Thev must it them into much Good , it is difficult to find the Sod Kin Hen. And How the door Man who in the course of two decades was much too narrow to let the great in Public life has attended at a con bodies through. Well then the door Serva Tive estimate not less than 000 e and at it Thev went with banquets and still maintains a comfortable avoirdupois and shows no ill must com a will. Elsi s Strong arms plied a and Ham tests of an ordeal which might Well such a Man. However. Is Ferdinand Claiborne i Strobe. Job or 14 Jears he in the mayor s chair and during All that time he was subject Torner and saw. And she found time to be thankful that the sods were shrunken so much that the work was comparatively easy. But even when the door and its casing Ivere out. The opening was still too narrow and the sods had Law which declares that to be chopped away with the a. This j a of a mayor s duties is to go to was almost the hardest part of their j banquets. Before he was Ever elected work of tearing Down but it was done 1 mayor of Baltimore he was a Public of at last and with much thumping and facial having been speaker of the House prodding the bewildered beasts were of delegates and held other Oil ices and housed and the door braced up against i during that time his quota of banquets the opening. Xerxer was there a More was not Small. And since he has retired to private life his friends who during seven years As mayor had honoured him with invitations to banquets have not forgotten him and he has continued to tired girl than Elsa after she had changed her wet clothes and sat Down beside her Mother for their evening prayers. But in telling Roe about it she seemed Grace the tables which have known him never to think of her Ovi n bravery Only of How Glace she was that she Hap in his official capacity. Say then that there Are be died to be at Home and she wondered 1 during which Gen. Latrobe has been a _ _.____1___ i i .___1_t 1. To a Little at the Fervour with which her quiet Mother thanked god for her Good daughter. Modest cheerful Elsa you Don t know that you Are Braxe and regular guest at Public banquets. He himself says that he must have attended at least 30 a year during that time and that makes the total of goo ban Quets. What is the secret of doing this loveliest in the world. Bat it seems thai he Hetero lbs to another i know what 1 am talking re marked a member of Congress. When i say that a congressman has to Oubes of Iii o wit. It s a Fine thing to be a statesman and show up in the National Parade of greatness at the capital but there s a Good Deal More to it than that. And one of the things that is hardest to Bear is what they say about us. Why a lady can t come up ask to see a member that there Aren t half a dozen people to Wink and shake the head and a lot More of the same to make him wish All women were in hades. Of course there is some ground among us for remarks just As there is Amona and doctors and Hod carriers and everybody else human and i know a woman or who find their chief Delight in toying to involve Congress men and other officials in any kind of a flir tation that comes Handy. They Are pretty and persuasive and before a Man knows what he is about he is Down in the Senate restaurant paying for a lunch and listening to some kind of a tale of woe. But they miss it now and then and i am glad to note an instance which occurred Only a Day or two ago. A member from a Northern state had been invited to Call at the lady s hotel the next Day and she had asked him to let her know if he could Conie. Lie wrote saying among other things to Morrow Madam. I Hope to see the loveliest woman in the whole world naturally she was pleased and told All the people around the hotel about it. The next Day he did not appear and the next she saw him at the capita and asked hire he meant by her so. What did i he asked innocently. You said you were coming to see she blushing at the remembrance of his words. I think not indeed you she insisted. You said you see the loveliest woman in the and she hushed again. Oil i beg your he said smiling 1 meant my wife. She just arrived yester it was in december that mrs. Olson broke her leg and sent for Elsa to Home. My children cried when she climbed into her father s Wagon and lumbered off behind the slow looted oxen Keither she nor they thought then that those same oxen would furnish the occasion for an exhibition of bravery and Good sense of anyone might be proud. Ii else had not had such a cheerful soul she would have cried too for she knew there was not one comfortable thing about her father s House. She knew there was Only one living room and that it had Only one window in it. She knew that the Little Sod sum Mer Kitchen leaked like a Sieve. She knew that to get Down cellar for Pota toes she would have to lift up a trap door in the floor and drop herself Down like a spider and that the getting out of this Hole was not unlike the getting out of a Good Many other a Good Deal harder work than the getting in. She knew that she. Could throw a cat through the Little Sod stable where the oxen lived. But no matter How uncomfortable things were she always found Sorne to be thankful for. She used to Tell me How glad she South and their one door looked East for in Winter when they had to have the door shut the window was just right for All the Sunshine. In the som Mer when the window must be shaded because of the heat and the door must stand open for Light How Nice that it was on the Cool Side of the House she was so glad their cellar was t deep for How could she get out of it if it were and How much better to have it under their one warm room even if she did have to move the table every time she dropped herself Down into it for As it was. Nothing Ever froze there. She was so glad that the floor of their Sod Kitchen sloped so that the water which ran through the roof would All run out away from their living room. How bad it would be if it ran into the House in Stead of out but even her Bright nature failed to find much cause for gratitude when she remembered the oxen in their ram shackle shed. She had the kindest Teart in the world and to see a helpless creature neglected gave her the keenest misery. But she used to Sny that she glad her father had oxen instead of horses for horses needed so much More care and food and shelter. Oxen could live around the Straw stack half the Winter. So she went Home that december Day sorry to leave her comfortable quarters and my Loving children but willing and glad to make life a Little easier for her Mother and with never a thought except to do cheerfully what Ever her hand should find to to. In a. Few weeks a very strange thing happened. It rained. Now the old est almost never known rain to fall in North Dakota in january. But there had been a great Many mild Days and Evhen at last the rain fell straight Down softly and quietly with out any wind just As it used to do Back we All forgot that we were in the land and season of Bliz kids. Elsa s father decided to go up to town with one his neighbors. I thought he would be Back by four o clock but if he were not his 12 year old son Olaf was to shovel out the stable so that oxen could be shut in if it turned cold. Pfow Olaf and is father were As like As two peas. Each would work like a a fiver at the thing he enjoyed doing Olaf at Wood Carv ing and his father at the forget All about the empty Manger and broken door hinges. If Elsa had been so instead of 16 she taken account of her brother s nature. And followed Myles Standish s advice if you want anything Well do it but she was Only just be ginning to learn the of life so her father had gone she tidied up the House put out All her pans and kettles and tubs to catch soft water filled the store with Lignite Coal nursed and watered the Little Myrtle tree which scr not Fer bad brought with her from Sor my fut their Timple dinner of Luk scrod and and then concluded to to of fee neighbors about two to Neww enu ii part darkness had come reached Hei i Iii ice s ii us and panting her heart thumping As though it would jump right out of her Mouth and her Back coated with ice. Had her father come to. Ind Olaf taken in the oxen no he forgot. Did he know where they were Well he saw them Over on the West Side of the Straw stack late in the afternoon when he went out for a piece of Wood for his carving. I think Brave Elsa would have cried or scolded then if there had been time. Doing neither she said Olaf. You go and get the lantern Quick we be got to get those oxen right off 1 and out they went into the tempest for by now it was nothing less. A dozen Steps Over the Slippery ground brought them around the Corner of the House into the Teeth of the wind. Down went Olaf Aud away the lantern would have rolled if Elsa had not caught it. In another minute the Light was out and they were both on the ground holding fast to each other and to an obliging Post while the wind roared and raged above them and the sleet lashed their Bare faces. Get Ting Back into the House As Best they could they remit the lantern. Then Elsa tied handkerchiefs Over their faces just leaving their eyes exposed. The lantern Vas strapped to Olaf s Waist a Candle was set in the Kitchen window and they started out once More. Bending almost double keeping tie lantern be Tweedi tuitau aim i me i i l i 11 11 o11c i b h i modest and cheerful and if. Perchance i without shattering health and Happi Jav. Star. Clui c s1j.c_________ _ v to _ i i i i Dittri in f tit _ i Yon Ryart this sketch of von self Ness without even being interested in which May easily you will 2urn-h, Switzerland pc ration or Only wonder Why any fuss should be i having one s stomach removed Ter haps it would be Best to give it in Hia words "1 never found the task said he the other Day. I have attended All kinds of banquets dinners at which the dishes of Many distinctive nations were Send. I jut the fact is made Over just the a Louig of one s duty you were glad to do what you did. Yes. Elsa there lies the secret of your cheerfulness you do your duty with and when i think of you i always remember what King Sley s about his amyl is Ojei Eft his 1.1 life just doing the right thing without i that i never ate Rueh and Seldom drank i h Teneia Etters her. Prom the evening news Detroit Mich. Mrs. John Tansey of 130 Baker Street Detroit Michigan is one of those women who always know just what to do in All trouble and sickness. One that is a Mother to a reporter am the Mother of ten a Lundien and have raised eight of them. Several years ago thinking about it because the spirit of god was in y. In dependent. The Quick horse. An outgrowth of improved Amerl ctn methods of it is Only recent years that Quick horses have been developed and appreciated and admired and the poet has not yet attempted to sing the praises of this More prosaic but Noble . Yet after All to one it to care any thing but Mineral 1 would always eat a Good dinner before i left Home and would when i arrived at the banquet table partake of perhaps a few things and then sit still and enjoy my self until it Carue time to respond to that abused Toast. The City of Balti More mayor can make no greater mis take than to try to go to banquets in one night. This is a thing that i never did. When i received an invitation i wrote it Down and if another came i informed the second Comers that and sympathy and encouragement. The when the ume came to feet Swift horse wins the race and in these Days he May cause considerable Money to Chatine hands in which there is certainly nothing that is commendable. But the Quick horse 1 write about saves life saves property and under modern conditions of life is essential to our safety and general Well being. He is Bull . Of a just outgrowth of our skillful Ameri fire departments which could not now exist without him. Not so very Many years ago when a broke out Verv body far and near up and Tell my hearers something about the City government which. I must con fess i knew a great Deal Abonit at one time it struck Gen. Latrobe As rather funny when the National complexion of the banquets which he had attended was caller to his attention. There were the German celebrations it or instance. Began when she was about sixteen years old. She did not have any serious ill Ness but seemed to gradually waste away. Having never had consumption in our fam ily As we come of Good old Irish and scotch Stock we did not think it was that. Our doctor called the disease by an old name which i afterwards Learned meant Lack of blood. It is impossible to describe the feeling John and i had As we noticed our daughter slowly passing away from us. We finally found however a Medicine that seemed to help her and from the first we noticed a three months treatment her health was so a letter to women a from mrs. Smith of Philadelphia will certainly corroborate the Clam that Lydia e. l vegetable compound a woman s Ever reliable Friend. I cannot Praise Lydd e. Pinic Ham s vegetable compound for nine weeks i was in bed suffer ing with inflammation charge. The St. Andrews society hied she gained in flesh rapidly and was soon in perfect health. The Medicine used Nas or. Williams Pink pills for Pale began to run and especially began to him Luu is piping hot and equal i be l and the firemen of that by hot scotch who Skaad the St. George a .1 a of old o time being in the Semcer for the sex i stuck to the roast beef Cit ement of it joined in the yell and England and other things which g. Started out the old hand from its nth to. Solemn repose u Hile the Foreman run a11 of these Gen Latrobe attended As Ning ahead shouted innumerable or i Sidro Llesly Aud there were dvrs hoarsely through his trumpet to there was the banquet of the the great Delight of hundreds of Small hebrew benevolent society where the boys panting to keep up in the a Lori aug dishes of the prophets met the Eye. The race. The fire that was auce Rether a Sec the lantern was stepped to Olaf s Waist. Moving with the greatest care some times crawling on hands and Knees they reached the Straw stack which was Only a few rods from the House. There they found the Ani Roncil stnnrlipg1 right in the face of the wind Blind dazed their Heads hanging their Bod ies encased in Ioe and their limbs Bend ing under them. Elsa shouted at them but their ice covered ears failed to hear. Holding the lantern close to their Heads she saw that they were breathing with the greatest difficulty because of the ice about their nostrils. To get that off visas the first thing to be done. Put Ting her warm hands Over the nose of one of the oxen she bade Olaf do the Mondary matter and when they finally got there they Wenit to with More i of less efficiency. There was a great i Deal of fun in rhe business but fires were not sex tick ii shed. Our cities in tue Early Days were not built to prevent tires Bat seemed if anything built to encourage them. In France we Mav Well be amused a with very teutonic dishes and wine and j greatly improved you would not have recon Beer. Then there were the meetings of the hibernian society where the sons _ of the Sod of Erin had the catering in people. _ i have always kept these pills in the House since and have recommended them to mothers about them and they have effected some wonderful cures. Every Mother in this land should keep these pills in the House As they Are Good for Many ailments particularly those arising from impoverished or diseased blood and weakened nerve Only half sure. Bookstore can i How Vou. Madam _ mrs. Want to order the banquets of the City College and other Complete works Complete works of i about the same educational institutions and last but j there i be forgotten again i know it either Wordsworth or Southworth but not least the annual gathering hot East the annual tune Reg around which. About the the Festal Board of the merchants and thing Ain t Tribune. Manufacturers association where orators of National Fame us ally Clis cannot be cared local applications As they cannot reach is a courses upon tonics of timely interest. 1 applications As they cannot react it the diseased portion of the ear. There u i really enjoyed it All continued j Only on Way to cure deafness and that ii. The sex mayor. I liked to go not Only by constitutional remedies. Deafness is bouquets which Vou have men caused by an inflamed condition of the my but to imn others i i lavs Kust Selnau tube when out to Man., others. J. Liwaj s i tube to in awned you Jave a Nimby be to the toned be get in flanked y watch the Pompier corps trundle its i had a Good time wherever t went. But i 60uud or imperfect hearing and when it is Bath tub on wheels to the scene of the in did t eat much. Banquet goers i entirely closed deafness is the result and . And deliberately fill Ita apartments writer slipped up from should remember that and i did t drink much and that is who i have not unless the inflammation Nii be taken out and this tube restored to its Normal condition hearing will be destroyed forever the Gutter it is thrown by a lit j developed any of those diseases which cases out of ten Are caused by Catarrh tie pump upon the flames because a know much of the architecture there is solid Aiad fire is Are lurking in Tho atmosphere sur which is nothing but an inflamed condition rounding the gourmet. Of mucous surfaces. We will give one Hundred dollars for any a Public mar. Must needs attend a Case of deafness caused in Catarrh that in Wili soon Ourn itself out. Cut in. Our great Many of these functions but at cannot be cured by Halls Catarrh cure. Them till the frosty covering was melted to lift tip their Heads a Little and breath More freely the next thing she did was to Dunstrap the lantern from Olaf s Waist and push it under the Earlge of a wag on bos lying near leaving h its Light would be Safe from the Gale and yet be visible from the House. In putting the Ian Tern out of the wind she struck a Loose picket stake and at once found some thing to be thankful for. They tied the strap to the horns of the weaker animal. Olaf began to pull and Elsa to beat and prod with her providential picket stake while they both shouted and encouraged As Well As the storm would let them and poor beast began slowly to move its ice bound limbs. The wind Nas at their backs the Candle beamed at them they soon had their charge on the sheltered Side of the House. Before they rested a minute they went Back for the of which was coaxed and dragged tip beside its mate. Only one who has been of in a Prairie storm can understand How heir end their Knees Shook when Thev went into the House and dropped Down. The table where their Mother had hot Coffee ready for them. But their Strong Young soon pumped fresh blood through their veins Ami they tackled the last half of their difficulty bravely As they did the first. Quilt from toed Ticy country a Mere spark May in a few seconds become a devouring Furnace and House after House and Block after Block. Many buildings Are tinder boxes and our dry climate adds to their . While the careless or Workman by improper s. In us Nicholas. And the but vim e so Many dumb have been excellent actors one of their nimber at least has been immortalized through failure. Moliere himself was the actor who brought about the untre scene Between himself and his ass. The play was Don and Moliere played Sancho. Some minutes before he had to appear on the stage he was waiting in the wings mounted of his ass. But the Iatter suddenly for got his part and insisted upon appear ing on the scene without delay. Xor was it of any Avail that half a dozen assistants Hung around his Hend and Clung desperately to his Tail. The ass with Moliere on his Back dashed wildly among actors on the scene the would have Beer Complete had not Moliere the situation by shouting in the audience while jogging along gentlemen Pardon ladies but this confounded beast Haa come of against my the pub be responded at once with roars of laughter and Suppi arise. But Moliere never again mounted an ass. West Minster Gazette. Twain like the late Foro Colombo now has a bust. It is work of the by Riff. All of them he is almost sure to meet a Send for circulars free. _ number of people whom he knows and j it is always pleasant to talk to one s friends. Thus n. Mart May Combine pleasure with a duty which might at times seem disagreeable on account of its frequent recurrence but if he would life of of try a Inifi who have a hankering to remove Stom Achs he should follow my never eat much and never drink Sun. Public. The comical sight of a French Bride and bridegroom in All the Giov of bridal Satin veil and Orange through i the streets in open cabs and hugging and kissing each other Vruth an unctuous Freedom is Apt to throw a conservative american into a spasm of laughter. Indeed the Frank and can did Way that love making goes on in Public among the lower classes is so amazing that at first you think you f. J _ Cheney co., Toledo 0. Sold by druggists 75c. Hall s family pills Are the Best. Then of tilts. Prim Man is born to Rule the world. Prone Bat sometimes he gets married. Top to Date. The general appraisers of goods passing through the custom House have Malesev eral decisions lately which until passed Poi by the Secretary of the Treasury will Holt Good. But while there is stability in that Quarter no system failing in strength can to properly sustained without the Aid of Hostetter s stomach bitters a genial tonic and remedy for malaria rheumatism dyspepsia constipation and bilious Ness. After a Man is 30, in thinking of coasting he considers the walk Globe. Many people cannot drink Coffee at night. It spoils their sleep. You can drink Grain of when you please and sleep like a top. For Grain-0 Dees not stimulate it nourishes cheers and feeds. Yet it looks and tastes like the Best Coffee. For nervous Rerer in this world will become accuse Young people and children Grain-0 is Toje perfect drink. Made trom pure Tomed to it but you get accustomed to i Graing. A package from your grocer to in great strange sights in Paris. Day. Try it in place of Coffee. 15and25c. If a kiss explodes unusual 1 in a cab near mine it sometimes scares to i when a girl goes on the Street to look i her steady everybody knows the horse but it no longer disturbs me i Globe. In the least. My nervousness Over that sort of has entirely worn Lilian Bell in ladies Home journal. Lie still Hud then. She very Slippery coming Home was it not of very. Could t keep Yoor suppose 7" of yes. I did to keep them but they changed places with the Back of Jereral stat Cesmac. Family moves the bowels each Day. In order to be healthy this is necessary. A turf Nutly on the liver and kidneys. Cures sick Prica 25 and Doc. However a Man May feel he loses his look of sadness when eating a Good dinner. Globe. Theater the Best feb tary 13 Sunshine of tace Tion of the ovaries. I had a Dis charge All the time. When lying Down All the time Felt quite Comfort Able but As soon As i would put my feet on the floor the would come Back. Every one thought it was impossible for me to get Well. I was paying St per Day for doctor s visits and 75 Centa a Day for Medicine. to try mrs. Pinkham s vegetable com Pound it has effected a Complete cure for me and i Hare All the Faith Iatha world in it. What a Blessing to woman it Jennie l. Smith no. 524 Kauffman St., Philadelphia a. Five Finger exercise to. 2. A word which in the Estey Organ construction Means experience Best material deft fingers and improved Machin Ery. All this accounts for the marvelous Way the Estey will stand 5n tune and re Sist bad climate. Many an Twenty five years old is As Good As new. On five pointed Dio est Ftp c0. Course Complete with s catalogue tent Freo. It. Der new Low act by us co rare w. Rate. By Dhumy it colds coughs sore threat Croop influenza. Hooping cough bronchitis find asthma. A certain cure for consumption in and a. Sure Relief in advanced stages. Tjade it you will see the excellent effect after first dose. Sold by dealers everywhere. Price 25 and 50 cents bottle. Go to your grocer to Day and get a 150. Package of it takes the place of cof fee at j the Cost. Made from pure grains it is nourishing and health Ful. Insist that Roar of Rotor fittes you Kajito. Accept no imitation. In 3o 4 years an Independence is assured if you Walro up a on in westers Canada hated pamphlet a. Git into experience of Fannett ibo Bare veal by in growing neat. Or Al cites. Eta and fall information u to reduced Rall Iray rates. Crib be had on application to department Interior. Ottawa Canada or to c. J Broughton. 12b Monadnock 111. T o. Cub rib. Stereos Point was m. T. Sci uses. No. 1 Merrill Block. Detroit. D. L. Cat Ess bad and tames a Bible. City. Mien n. Bartholomew. Dts Milnw in. , Stratford Lowa. Notice Samz Sci s Ersnt Salve. For the sound and permanent care Cli Olcen. Ticer. Of of kind and description no matter boil pan Standifur. Or by what came known. Ana for a retention and cure of it us. P. A1len medic Ink co. St. Paul jew tale Oats cheats now it mid m Kurter us Jet bos. Twu Tori per it Walt of tin Reaf Gat Alfrice Mim a Tii

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