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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Feb 24 1898, Page 4

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - February 24, 1898, Marble Rock, IowaThere is in horses a uie at Deal can Azaile using Asper s condition powders of is a general tonic and a Fine cd it. Hardens the muscle and places the animal in the Best condition 101 Sale ii Caius Gnu a Jasper co druggists my ii Imp i1 r _ i t ii la ii r let in d ii t program. Of teachers meeting to held at Marble Hock saturday March uth. Mohn1.ng session. 10 30 o clock audience address of Welcome maj or f e. Gates response supt. a to music Stile Quartetti class recitation id Grade. Miss Gertrude la Eva Harmon Rockford Mesa Jones Greene Ira Stuckrath Nora spruss afternoon session 1 to o clock. Music ladies Quartetti recitation miss Lena Clark instrumental duet or and mrs to. Myers the relate duties of school officers teachers and pupils teachers Menza Hubbard m. R. H. S Hon. John Gates mtb6 Alice Piersol i Reuters e. C. Spaul Chang mrs. A. H Walster or Randolph Allen pupils Effie Brunor mias Elsie tugs Rockford or. John Teape Rockford ii. S. Co. Supt s arms. Duvis and Sanders moral e general discussion supt Dick Charles City inn. To Luscet Greene Pron. Howard i Artville inn Stuckrath Norn spoof is music ivies. S. H. Davis and Ultra Angell president j m. Davis Secretary an Zautz county superintendent j i Martin hip guard of p Wilri Insi and Alt to ii juice of introduce Ion d the a d tie stick Al j n 1 object Iii w i Fth u ii to its an one until the Bill i and j i he Bill Iti or her As still r c eth ii Hows mat Hie m i x a a Dur 2 h in Lor passage with Bouic the judiciary commute., on j incan 28th. The Bill was then messaged to the and on february 7th that body notified the Senate that it had passed Senate file nj7i? there evidently some about this Bill in is conceded auth ont that the tax was illegal Ani such could not used the town ship for the purpose for which it was voted and unless something was done would hive to Lay i i the hands of the i Leupi outs treasurer the Bill Lear fuzes the tix and empowers Thoj Board to convert it into Thi teachers fund if they see fit it does no compel them to so convert it but if the do to u will Legal Rill k a o. The a Iru -i1 a arts .11 reality i i ,1 l Mth 1 lol in 1. To Tii. Hei Auti u0m All Counti Couise Hiji ily House Mon a held Zirong the r tented i ii the ii l u i .1 matter of j t f r Inch tbi3 i u i Chiao but the the excitement Cheek Atid con o i a o co Nihin i of Tad. Adoption of Resolution ii excl Ealing Lor inform upon in i he sen the or Morgan of tied a re of a tin of in the la l recognized in irn Junt of Cuba and had a 1.12 neg Mtnlion of i United rat Sie i Thi d Lay Oihi. Ii of to i a i Aoi let Beci ill it and r Possi hit the do Reudi avowal and Pool will come Ore the Over is taken b., e. R. X. R y. The Cedar r Kochi 2 and arriving Titue of trains True table at Marble Kock in effect May 23, going n Olltha passe Gei 11 40 u m. Freight no p in. Passenger i 3-10 a in. Freight no 3.55 p in. Goln7g South i hirer no n 0 2 j m 7.40 a in 11-40 am 9.0--. D m fifty cen1 for the camera with Complete ii tit for and j ing Send to Day for full Piti Cults i regarding ibis Rymar Kirbie offer As it la 1 mixed the camera ii thoroughly Hij a Grade and first Clui in Ever respect fitted with All modern improvements and is guaranteed As represented address camera department the new York Ledger Ledger building n. Y. City. No freight no j freight no a daily. Of a Bill to compel Farmers to eur the weeds and Arass on the 1.1 l to but was Defeated in t the Farmers Obj Ete 1 o it some the arguments against u Weie fury one represent Alne said that the Bill was in the interest of to e doctors who wanted the roads to kept neat and clean for their Specula led tit and ure As they drove Over the n it is the writer s opinion that the Dou ors would have less driving to do if the i Oad. Were kept in better shape As the populace would thereby More health and less in need of doctors legislative notes. One of the pleasant incidents of the Miod Wib the visit to the Senate o Lindie Haguewood the de dumb and Blind girl this girl when is months old lost her sight and hearing m the result of spinal fever tier parents Uusi 1c into uni u tit Nuu reached the Aee of 15 that any Effort was made to penetrate the dark Nese which up to that time enshrouded her whole being her teacher miss Donald says that it seemed a task to Moke her comprehend what was of Coteil other mils we would place an object in her hand with which she was fit blur the a Cap spell on her i nacre the in a at last one Day when she wanted the Cap we saw her making the Itig for the word we spelled it out u the made the letters and knew that the Light had begun to reach her. The Cap was brought and Sheat to understand what the eign Leutem meant. It was not difficult to make her learn the nouns which described is Rubilar objects greater difficulties was experienced in bringing her to under stand but making and giving her the word to describe them she was brought to understand the Usa of the verb. Gradually Ohe Ima to Hare command of the alphabet and to understand that All words were made combinations of those letters. Her vocabulary Fie i could t Tell you How extensive it in Bat she a constantly surprising As with new words which she gets from her new books of the them to us we explain what they mean and she remembers them wonderfully. She is now studying geography and numbers doing regular fourth Crade work and just As Good work an those who can the ii asked to in prompt for the farther education of this poor Rirl which will undoubtedly granted without opposition. Of the Board of directors of the Independent school District o the City of Ajo inst the unit Unity and mate publication o Tost is erred to Coro Nnttie on schools senator Hobart presented Remon Strance of teachers of the schools of Plymouth county against passage of referred to committee on schools senator bolter presented Remon Strance of teachers of he schools o1 Den min county of the Ray Bill referred to con settee on schools this is Repei Tud every morning incl will continue until the a Bill Dis posed o a the people desire legislation upon tins subject they Turat arouse from Ihetu lethargy and the same Means that the school Book Trust is employing tie Bill Haton to Puni h illegal voting at primaries was Defeated in the House a vote of 37 to 40 Bill should have carried All Means who voted in showed a to against that Winch Mil Aisi to poll Ion honesty and politic in purity 1 venture to say that nine l r Ana the Dou of War turned Loose in t been Ite an i a re tar the rat jauic1 g Zelte in con u Entys the lome affair and to Hile u at tile .ne time Siuth Yuliy Reuia rns tint the american son o tuut1 Iii cub co Intro Neve t i Siitia Tooh 5 aim e sunday of signal. Nil Ca Rie f on freight Tri Iasiah ,jrov1deu ticket0 arms had for Jii Iii Otio Lor Intel the in. Leo tins a it t admin 1 i a u lion aside irom tiie do lome i Ici Denti but it is i i e t it this incident will add m in i to t Lehre and so inf Laile Public Futios Cut to Force the press Jet haul Tuc undue Iii feeling the United states is that the cuban Uji to Stop t e people the Idiu nitration or the Audi in. I Icin Iii Congre s aut a to Cribei could put a Stop to it a fir Iii ii d u equivocal Altrude it once for special pre i Muli to issued in and Raldi c arc to Ork Leiter build at new York evil the world he weekly t w Klug a sent 1 the Cedar rapids cards Are the and Saie All the c 15c per Tor 25 Doz Send or Money order to 2nd cards w ii route High Grade finest Quality finish for agents of r 4n pack two 50 per sett postage paid tenths of the o it Iii of political or Steri were in favor of passage of this Bill the Patent Medicine people f he 61 i Rit or All j in is j Miu of Tho Graz firm of Jonts i1. In of Ici la v. F Lexer o. Rid Ron g p a Cedar rapids Iowa. 0 0 Fly n 0, Lyddian dealer in live Stock. Marble Kouk Iowa uis Hest Market prices paid. Get my prices on und cattle to Ore sell t j the key Iowa state Register 15otli one year for s1.50. The weekly the daily Iowa state Register Koth for out for address Tut Rocic la. I i i to inter i l h i i. U is it ski d Jujj ii Pic and Dercie Osc and Pana it pills tint i i -ic1 m a could do Noil info. Lur Tofu lip into i j j in Ijo ten the Giorc i Ulo ii u pm my to Ali the Bill allowing counties to receive interest from funds deposited in Banks has passed both houses and where the Board and the Trei Durer can they can Deposit. Manev where it will Dow the Iddis inter it the Bill How not release the Trei aurer fro a liability should the Ink so selected fail this last id the weak print in the Law and will the Rook Heron the boards and treasurers trill meet with some difficulty. To illustrate the weakest Bank in the county will probably offer the Best interest the to ird will Annoni to secure Tho rate in the treasurer will not feel Safe in depositing the Money with the weak institution As his Bondieu an liable should the Fol if m 1 Shif fun treasurer must agree to the Deposit before it can ordered tin Board tins is the Taw but suppose the defunct j up the pure food Bill which that the Tonnu Ai tuners of shall print in Larivie top Loti the Pena Piip or Lable the of the Irepa i Lon the 1 so fur is it 10 nit i .11 1 adulteration of loud is All n e Liis Fea ibid it 01 i the Tjui not e1" of its application to i another Anil Sei cd to a opposition Freeman r too Arvaj the of the Iowa league has been Appo need chairman of the com i ittes on arrangements of the a Dtizo a Republican league which is to hold it in Omaha on the is h 14th a d 15ih of the or l Onawa has the reputation of Bei one of the beat in the noun try. He i thoroughly familiar Noik. Of this Cha Rattei and will make a Ireat it in i the tank of l it h co in in Moo hate fees our office is opposite u s Patent office incl u c c m Feu Lis ii t in t Ost. Remote from Vas i title Bend Model a or Anotn t Tion ave n-1 -1 or no f to of n doll in in ill or Lor Tiki i it i in tru i i i a. Co Dro j c p-1 -1 or no f of due till scared a Pamp Hust f i Cost of Iatrou. In tie l s and foreign countries sent free. Andros Opp Patent office Washington. D. C. Tor e will a the Tribune a Cliance inc All for -1 75 in Adi me ii o pans it Winro of d paper. 55 Phi Boisi i to it. I i 0 a or. Fire Reward. The under is Ned association of pre buium papers Are maintaining a fund popular f of which we a Reward of for Tho arrest i Vonvic ton of any incendiary in in Anjo the associated towns. Property owners flee clap Blua pcs Homes Iowa 19yl or. I. C. Bronson dentist. Rock Lov a. Office open All week. In Teeth without pain. Specs Alt All v Oik guaranteed to first class. And surgeon. Of a a. J. Asper o drug a tire where lie he found if not pro vile in town or to the Counti promptly amended to office consultation free of charge. Free your to u. E Flocklen i co and can overcome in almost ail cases the use of scots emulsion of i. W. Mcgray physician and surgeon. Prompt attention Ghen to professional school Book Leen lation for this at least is Defeated. .1 Book Trost has its strip tight upon the and superintendents of our fat brio of Bools to give the trader an ides of what is being a done in the matter the record of tuesday As it we a the Seratt and is printed a the John to senator Perrin promoted memorial of Wool and teachers of Cerro Gorto chichi saw and counties the referred to nmn rim schools. Send of try fms rtt first City of Nora Springs Belore its failure had offered Tho county a interest on its daily balances what g for re Eledine in Floyd county would been willing to so on record As refusing to give his consent to such a Deposit thereby depriving the tax of the interest that would a Carne the new will Nike trouble the to aurer i he Nii tur f the lax voted in Scott township ii stirring up the j citizens of District n o 9 in Oil Asner it co Cha liver Oil and the hypo hos office at reside Ute garble Iowa. Presori tiros compounded at office flutes of me and soda while it is a Scis Ratific tact that cod Livchi most digestible Oil in is u o Keef or pin Mph in and sins sons. Office at residence in the Gates Block. Calls Day need to press in Toni Comro minded it the office pc orgy palatable a is Fig ested and made ready it is also comic Josd Tveith Supply a food not Only for the tissues of the body Tut for the tones and and build up the child j its Ordinary food does not Supply proper nourishment. J a Scott a ass thai ii , dentist Friday at or tt1t to 1 m Marble Rock even 3o. Be arc i York. Their in of pc i Rood the Hird to Ivo if a p on and 11 1 Ici it for i Ickle on freckled Squaw my pm Coli j. L. Liesenberg and Domestic cigars. Iowa tit May truth the Oivo thu coat try Eibon a 1 01 find Nocht tar thin Kulwin ind Hub Grade c strip tace Punde Thuv ire of Marble Rock. O the c il1 for u Yon to i tent the Ltd ing a wed Don von forget it sold Dutler. Ottlo had High Evv Ortte a u til Kotoun of cd tag

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