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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Feb 23 1882, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly (Newspaper) - February 23, 1882, Marble Rock, Iowa1. To it. Cheapest Honey f. A. Rozine. Loan. Real estate broker Charles lows Skoot fats Loans on improved farms i published by Henry b. Fies. With malice toward Stone mid Charity for terms per in Advance at lowest obtainable volume 7. Kates. Marble Rook Floyd county Iowa feb murky 23. It82. Number 30 to prompt puking Neu. Witk Isonoe seen Raj. 1 offer Jubino Geo term. I in always Ible to Art j be Dij for sons Anition Vitinu Ike Tito to Security is perfect and such to at All Finiw relied Apo. F. A. To Zikie the most popular me surpasses bothers 23 Union 6q. Nev York i Chicago ill. -9 5 0 Range Mas 3. the Stone store Marble Rock Iowa i will sell All kinds of goods such As Tea Coffee sugar spices exit cuts tobacco t kinds of inti buy kept in general dry Good Anil g grocery store a any Man that for his bouts and Shoei of variety will a loud u the stunt store. Clothing is Coli Haftl on hand in quart Itic. To cd Tom All goods ire warranted represented or Money refunded. I Iell the new american sew tag machine one of the Best manufactured Allen Moore this new Hap Pivoras beyond any reasonable question that tic i Chicago North Western railway tha besi Toad you to take who travelling in either direct Iii Between All of lie Phi Wip in it inti nit7if find West i examine map. Pri Cipul cities of he West and North West Are Sla Ioas on thu Road. Its through trains make close connections with tie train i of All railroads at Junction topic cou6hcure the Chicago Poutu we Ter Kalway Over All it principal Una runs each Way daily Irosa two to four or fast Ess to Iii. To ii the Road West North or Northwest of chit go Palace of by into Pound u to Leith Xci wiil tax i taxi la in l c Marti internal . Do. Sta in Eccl vol io3d by Rhc gttst3, grocers or Tae Lumry of India. Let me now allude to an Wotli Wilry Peculiar to the cold weather wbk u sex Cepi in Small rats tit from the rail is fast dying out. And Ilia h the o be. 1 came out in Calcutta Ufa less and Bombay were wholly dependent on supplies to by the Tudor Lee comp Jiny and retail owl at 2 Annas the ser that is two pounds of Lee brought from Ameri Ca. Were sold in India for 3 Punec or 6 cents. The Tofu soil up country was entirely dependent on artificial ice could Only do made where the Eold weather was really Felt in All other parts we were obliged to Cool our drinks with Saltpetre and Sahm Mininc or. During the hot winds Bra Tacic bottles before the thus Kjems titties or swinging them in a Basket covered with wet Straw. By these appliances we could Cool our drinks to g5 degrees fahrenheit or by carrying on the tool ing with f re cd i Paphos of Salta we could even freeze water. But the process was tedious and expensive. Science came Monica machines came gradually lilo rogue and latterly carry s wonderful pneumatic machine which i have Scon produce ice in two minutes in a temperature of 95 degrees. With these treat appliances Block ice is now available in districts where it could not formerly to had at from one and a half to two Annas per ser. To return to Tho old process it depended entirely on the production of cold by evaporation As also on sufficiently cold weather and the presence of dry West wind the East wind being absolutely fatal to the production of ice. The essentials for the process Are 1. J exposed and treeless ice Fields which Are partitioned off into four or five feet squares in which two or three inches of j Straw Are Laid Down. 2. Myriads of. Flat porous earthen Sanders. Six or eight inches in diameter. 3. An unlimited Supply of water. 4. An army of Cool ies Ami water carriers. 5. The ice pit. This the most important adjunct in the process is very carefully constructed a great pit is and in it rests a huge Timber Cone the space Between it and the sides of the pit being rammed with charcoal chaff or Straw non conductors of heat the Cone itself is lined thickly with coarse Felt or blankets and then a matting our All s. Straw hut with very thick roof and Walls and a very Small Entrance is const Rui Tol. Now for the process. Tho outside thermometer reads tie Grees then ice can be manufactured by evaporation. Half an Inch of water in poured overnight into the saucers by by casties Llin. At 2 a. M., a great drum is beaten at the pit to summon the cooked who assemble in hundreds each armed with a scoop with which the ice is skilfully turned out of the Sauveur into an attendant ves Sel and Well rammed into it. When Lull it. Is taken to the pit emptied there and ram wed Down. Thus All the ice has a Chance of Consoli my Usu j Feuu season thousands of pounds weight of ice May be stored according to pit room Nail lev and Harold. Glea Vihos a Western paper describes j gun it Melinda t. Jacobus Jersey j City Lam october and about two Hui Cornet and dres Lodge u in her mile. I Liberia has a population of about Twenty thousand amen mean born negroes. Who control Over a million native swedish nist uhes have attained a great popularity All out the world. La year about it about six million barrels of a Nide Petroleum to Supply the world i ered but Jet before she did so Johnny proposed marriage to her. She Drel Inu a to accept him unit her father lately de bib arrest on a charge of assault and commenced a civil action against him placing damages at the new York Wawn Ial informs an inquirer the word dictionary1 w derived from the Saxon of tire Ard John and Harry. It is a Suppok d that three were the finetto while Dingy husbands arc rot pop to Tow. Every Maiden liked to have her Beau very bather thin. What 3a you think of my arts or on the political inquired Fen Dersoon. Even body Haw heart Peak of replied Vogg. Praksi it very do said Vendor ii eagerly. Whom have on heard Peak of to body Fogg care Lehr by. Fenden of if has Learned one thing. U lieu or. Gets a compliment he Oue Jeur. About thirty million barrels Are now stored in the tall of president Arthur is paid to bit As fond of dancing As was Nellie Grunt n heu she was a Belle of the Weitz and now Thoy say the chinese Are re so nimble for the Small pox. If people could be made to it would j so to speak Knock Johns Bundru bus 1 a near undertook to break into the non it us i pm join Man one sat life to take it an it Bull Given. Hill Herr f put into collective form and give after he Liall not ask it k 10 them which nobody but 1 i Golden Star Oil stove , thu first was we believe in irishman. And his name aft act innately Abbrev Iati in to Dick. John win i scotch High Lander who pronounced his mine and tie Nalimu Malily of Arn a has Orer g cars. J to in Bro ily Rod that Niton Lotti or Curtin re t of Chicago. 3.0w milk.1 to Ruad. It the Hillora my Tretick Lime 1 a in i omit line Cei itrel d in to a be Fomka by i in. Bock Furd. Fru put j Dut que line Mih Raukuce Grace Bay a Cape nor Road Art old he Alt Tichet to it United and Cariad for ticket via Tiivi be they mid Orer it Tuul Lake none other a l Chica of. H i by Kock cud for Taw Rcv it Rock and ii the a dlr medicated hta of Toh on each fat Ppitz sue Bot Tim. Price Ulm fcb n the of trav Altton Chicago 1lu by and on Tsuu Aceves agents i i John r cough is ban Book of told i Sun ush tand Shadow the Oman lung John b. Gough Iron a card. W e in cat Pii Surj in Culli attention of our and to on cough and Ejrup Wlinich is per Cecily harmless 10 the a till not in use ate and gives Relief almost instantly. It at ten not Huw severe your cough May be How funny Foni Ili to q i have tried or How Many physicians i von have consulted the tonic soothing did properties of this Iii Edouine will loosen it and Assiat the Throat and is to Eipel the offending Tratter Iea Vang them Iti a condition ree irom Ilion my Tom air m and 1 cent. For the cure of in sumption colds asthma dry hic Finz loss of voice irn action the , soreness of Tho pains in the of blood Enon u hooping coach Ana Irver it ecu Ommel i tins Medicine e ail others. Call j and get Sample bottle free. Yours truly a. J Asper it co. Irom bitters we Cert a All Ono ilme tote a Jpn , Ferguso recorder of Floyd county. Met Tow fac rent of appetite do Oral Kouth last of Etc. On the modes my new to us acts like inning Ione. Chur let Oij. La. Boot to toil not Kac knt to Teeth or Biro won Cuce. Bokl try Ftp u Bbott . Co. Patents a brutal his Flat. Not. Or. tie new York sort or received not lung1 since stinging proof of Ghebru Toliu of nihilism. He two hours ago 1 m a on the elevated comes Down sixth Avenue in the City of 2s us Turk. Two decent looking men sat immediately in front of me on ony of the Eros Seijiu in the Middle of the car. They the of a rpt it Ihle mechanics. Neither of them in ii nor. They spoke Ocee Kinnaly without Tuni ing their faces ton urd Otter. At length Ono of them said loud enough for my to hear him distinctly on a impulse on hearing remark to leave my Seal for another the nearness to Midi a per son was Otie she and a sort of foreboding of evil took of my. After h few Rei Lection. I new yorkers Fet l nit her is Barbaeu to talk about in Uttich when they a Collitt the on Nib Community i does not it meet much ire Tiit upon their i love Sonya Al Lionso Karr. But i hive u horror of those which How Ine a woman can ing in one ear the bread of her children and m the other the Honor of her the a mongers of tie Garfield Monu ment fund for the Tautie have invited accompanied by specifications and an estimate of Cost not to exceed miss Blanche Roosevelt tells a Orleans reporter that Shii Bas n life of Longfellow nearly ready for and that the poet has promised to revise the proofs Bhe used to be a newspaper Cor Rebou Dent. Or. Francis wisc a and the richest Man in Ireland Bas just died. He left no will to dispose of wealth which amounts to . A reasonable share of ibis is i american securities. Within the presbyterian Synod of Kansas the gospel or something else is reached in i Juht different German Bohemian French Welsh Cherokee Choctaw. And peruse. In the Bay state mme Newark Dis Tret Nevada at a depth of 20-1 feet he Jow thu surface some Bona nere recently discovered that so no one bos Bren i Iblis to e is sift. Allow they Camii there is a Puzzle. A ii in recently from Manitoba is commits ironed by a number of bachelors to Oft or such inducements to re like number of Mariap Able Yonng la Dies May induce them to leave on Tario and accept a Home an a Good bus band in Tui great Northwest. There is Youngmun travelling around in e Istrin Texas vaccinating the negroes wit i he charges a. Dollar a vac., and represents himself As being appointed by the United states govern ment and threatens that dire penalties a Boston Florist says that for a past the ladies of the Ucol society of that City have affected Flowers pc and tiling of a Ellou tint. At Liis Sioson the an taxed to their utmost to and French marguerites which hitter Are sold As at ferry of Terri torn an old Indian died recently who according loll was 1 i years old. In the memory of the oldest Hel tiers this old Man not by ii Able to walk. He win Blind and almost , and remembered Lewis and Clark on their remarkable tour through the coun try. A Corre Spoll it of the Boston Jittra Ong in Paris was Pitird to francs and sentenced to 5u francs damages for Rushing at Young lady who u As to the altar of a Church on her Bride while the out. And tie u the Darl wife Arm in Crown of Orange blossoms from the Bride s . Lotf Don t detente to Wear it you have done Jiuu too much shrieked Tho turned Parth around and looked away. Flirl. After which sometimes most absurdly said to be when it is Only meant that the poor fellow is himself in Dan i very different thing. To demean one s self is merely to behave one self whether Well or ill. For or for Lor As applied to the criminal. It the not the Lhatt is executed. I for an onion Plant May be healthy but when you pick an onion to arc is no More Hakh mesh or to , although it Mav or Liiv not a "wholesome1 As Ull .11 Lillie us Tuou. July for for kid for a Libie for or for for or better still for in Plen tiful11 s for As rent real pretty for As for Leotise for go to bed.1 Seldom or for Seldom if or Seldom or for somewhat 1 she is borne better for where Are you this is one of the of Antici uis. Thu for sum Moni the Bosy kind 1 of apples for that for for immodest or in decent.1 for still leads the world. 5o.ooq in u9e1 Ordinary Kef Ovelio. Bites i Izail to us Cook Send for new circular. Moebs Osborn co., of co. A Wmk 41 us Hunt Chicago. Call on our local agent. O Ujj 5 c5 cd o 91 or o o i o 9 09 Pawl Boston in his Nib Cra float in Down the Arkansas slopped at quark to to pipe. A Little lower Down he came silent h up to a Skiff con Viii j t " ii i inv in thine Limey it up h g f y y pc u yell when they saw to i add d rapidly to Shore and then Mada Mit that All was new to him in this cd uttry. Lie took great inner to express Surprise and to gain information in some other Way than by inking direct questions. Being a guest one Day. At .1 Gen lie Man table he so far forgot innit of As to relish for tie mince smiling at he hostess. What i its Call this mince pie i m glad Roa like you Bare Miccu Pic in the lady. Of thank Yon mince pie in my he replied. Carrier pigeons. A Pennsylvania physician s training homing pigeons fur me m hire practice. Some of Bis Young Birds put upon the Road to make records of Distant a have made very Good time namely fifty Miles in ninety minutes sixty Hix Miles in eighty two homing pigeons Are largely used by country physicians both h -r-1 in on in yell Wien Parai Jhamilia. In i cart Mung Over nearly Hoo townships and consider them an almost invaluable Aid. After visiting a lie Sendt the sary prescription his dispensary by Pigeon also an other advice or instruction the of Den and. Lie also pigeons at. Places from Shieh he reports of Progress to be dispatched at top Scilk d Tiofio or it certain crises. He he is enabled to attend to a third More Bifi neos it least in Roob the time saved Gens. In crib p. Paddled rapidly to Shore hurriedly into fhe Woods. An out of town entered a Iti Boston hop tiny bad a Sim of i Pic put up. The Chargo Jmc a states to he remarked that it to it Phinix of. He the Price of Tho that alters the was the Cebu a Troy Bas figured out the amount of Gold and Eil Ermound in the at new York by a is tank treasurer Acton on u a train of were loaded with i ton m earn the the Sailboard of the preceding Wagon the precious caravan extend from Troy to Albany. James Dpi Nap worked fyr Farmer in , pa., and wanted to marry tie Farmer s pretty daughter but of what do they make them the Farmer with mercenary preference asked tie lady. I for a Rich won a Law. Then Apont Lunan of Hii rank Neil not Jay. I do not but to frit bound to keep up the Lionor of Japan so far it on mince i l a the pie slowly and. With tic air of a critic Bis face Bright end is be in Japan Miner arc Nigado of and James went into the far wetland son get a Fortune. Thy Farmer s daughter re rained through leu and i k the Long waiting ended in tic her trip i if. tic Plarr of pm a in pm mile Biow Down Villa cal., on the Fynbu i a Thrifty i no shout Flat in height priming out of a Vav Nat in curious about it u the fat of it making no i err Siivo in rec in ?i7o since it Tivi not fsr Sli in of hat broken out n a a Roc Tinh. Ort Iron. J j non err Ptiip All Pii Blic j 1 into a i a Jwuc Viliar to him b the of Sugeon Cal crises he is Able to hourly Bullet in i from Tho bedside he can it Ceil Case after Case where Haic Beun that have been lost if he had Iwon obliged to depend upon Ordinary Means of conveying in formation. The Fer the number of workmen employed in the United who a wages in according ten a the Tim bar of Workman employ Ltd in this a nine of manufacturing Industry had incur amyl to 1 10.h7s. Waife Amotio trip to lie in to of in Iii i of Iron and sit Vej Broil if to a i t Nib cml. But it be us Corvid tin w Agi. I i in inc Las fallen it Riu a it. To it Pur in Iron Aud steel making states in 1870 wow per Jear amounted to round Corne solid welded Anglo Iron Frame. Fire and burglar j extra secure locks. No. It Norris my a act 57 state Chicago i. Q o weather Allianic free the Cincinnati Dollar weekly Commer an eight Page. Fifty six column family newspaper. Printed from Large Clear new Type publishes More a the Money than any other in tic country the Imie of week containing Over Square feet of printed Iii tar. And is not Supra cd Tor Nwe Kep crts literary and he act it iding. Each Peryon ending us one Dollar including to Lilac Ren Cuffini their Tion s Mill receive the Dollar weekly commercial one year Ami the they Pilc out Iron the paid nil free of Ali he books being and printed in paper covers a Lesnok s weather 18b2." written fir the United states by Profos or Henry g. Pc Tor the noted weather Prophet with forecast of the Cather for i the work contains not Only prob abilities for the Iii uth but Ine showing the probabilities fur each week. This almanac full of most interesting matter prepared by professor Vennor and Eon twins nearly one Hundred pases with illustrations and illuminated cover. This is the production of the Earl of work with Thith he consoled himself Hen throw in out of Power by the liberals led by or. Filed atomic. U the most a revel of the Day. Lurf. 01 by Frederick w. Farrard. F h. S Lite fellow of Trinity collate master of and in Ordinary to the Queen. Canon Baas history upon an Independent of the four Jostis Side by Side. Pm j. I eco in j a Satin and fur. I a Lvi to Weir in aking Anil running j i Vita Black As in to inf like which Rover the entire he Wie cd Lousy try a a Oktis. Acas n l try itch . I cajun lev so. Tie j limb ran ring the to Ali diff. Tearing a Simk sir in and met Mimi i ick. A coloured Man in in tic animal. 1 in the Folins the a Lark us n co into i to Mary sir Toast in the wot. Uail to a. To clo to foil Ilio 1 Trow the Are a Catt met 4i to us jute a i to Wcur it of entertain Violit. I clip cd. Nunn tic electric i i Thuv i flt Fani ily to had raid fee n l who Kite to of Rev inc Najih Money to make fair j few by fore. He. Jwak i Notbohm Nioni to go West. lie Simier the of 1 Broc Attis. In which the i majority of it met in Corbeil Deputy. Liat ii the t intermingle tint of who have Faile i Cit Init cd l one into dil Treu tint would not i flu on de Law Liccion a i i Jot Rov the Tocco or without enough Fianu to in i sch it in o get my mom i j a . I i Jolin ii. Wolf Plauf Tilv a t p Filamir a in in furl 1 or. Of n h Etc n tit lint tace v. J. F. Shoemaker dentist will be at Tho Mcclur Touw the 1st of exch month remaining one of feel. At Greene the St Reni Minini one week also the and remainder of each month. Satisfaction Guann teed. J Marble _ Rock 1 i is now prepared to i Uri Rak a Superior i of Bridge building flaking and cutting stones of All i t mad. Foi Rales i t. Boot. I Marble Rocic. Lows
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