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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Feb 22 1900, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - February 22, 1900, Marble Rock, IowaVol. 25. No. 29. Marbl1 Rock Floyd county Iowa feb. 22, 19w. Tee3is 4 year r i Raven food positive cure for Chicken cholera Roupe 3 Lapi s and All of poultry. It produces i Bones my role and larger fowls and makes i 1 i p hens Lay in Winter. Try a Box no cure f. No Vav and Money it under. For Sale by u fat Jeffi a "5? i speedling speedling. Druggists Marble Rock Iowa. I in the of this , begin a j regaled in the opt option and free Trade original Viii the attempted massacre a year press. I Don t foil any of the amen Jaq and with the latest har Barite i can free Trade tax not jct. Denouncing the it i perpetrated upon wounded and dead soldiers of a Small picket surprised by the democratic party is still having trouble with its Tail. Or Bryan has and Jed the Boer Causi to his free lecture repertoire a new Yolk yellow journal has bounced that Ohio will go Lor nest fall possibly if Lor be interpreted in its Slang Scase. I Elk cent of the Heoji meet have indigestion. Tell pm about or. Cali Well s pepsin Ai a. J Asper co. Tie Hon. Sam Jones promises k carry Ohio for Bryan is Sam biking for a plane on the Ticke he tailed to carry the state for himself. Tis not do not sell or. Caldwell s syrup pepsin Lor every disease it is Only Tor Juntip i Tion. In if Ieslin sick headache and troubles and we guarantee it to cure. A. J. Asper co. Those gentlemen of the House Hep Resen Tives who keep them Ives Bui a looking out for the interests of the users filipinos and other people. Than their own constituents will food a Day of reckoning at hand. A Fiu Eam us flu sue will Otter. Cause a liar Rule Stiim Bruise. Bucklen s Ruiea Falve will kill the pain and promptly heal it cures levers sores boils Corn Ali skin eruptions Best pile cure or Earth Kiy a bus cure guarantee i. Sold by Asper co. Druggists. Fort thousand mormon Are Abou to in will find that Wyoming is no More i to handed with such religious Liberty a. They ask than Utah to move from Utah search of thedous Luht and busiest and mightiest Little thing thu Ever was made is or. King s new i in these pills change weakness into strength Stu Energy brain fag into mental Power. Teyv Wonc Tull in building up the health. Only 25c per bos sold by a j. Rape u term a. If the slate 100 subsidies and bounties tie foreign ships in Competition with our own receive. Band there aug i hey re Eive their denunciations for cans who Prate of the of relic that american ships he you Are he a in no i Teri in Savages to tavern the if elves. Their i put upon Equality of conditions. It j before the Day of March a. Bessie e. Dresser. Plaintiff is. Charles closest imitators in this state. Nobody has yet Heen impudent Unis by that believe there is no enough to propose Hai american i Bill before Congress today that Means so voters should vote Down an american of material Benefit to the nation the Queen of Holland has had som trouble in securing a Cut of Herschl a Naome to go of the Coio o. Her relm. 8he need t worry. An Coin looks handsome to the Man Whu has 11. The Only Choice. The speech of controller dances at Peoria on monday set Forth with con about the Philippines which the United atutes us now to face. There Are not Many men whose thirst for notoriety leads them to Delight in being Kri offo As traitors. To oppose the suppression of an insurrection to de ire the defeat of United states forces and the Over throw of United states authority is to be i traitor. For years after the out break in 1x61 there were Lien who could Carp and quibble every Dav and Sll Day about the origin of the War yet would not Brand themselves As traitors by taking sides with the insurrection against the United states. But there Are some who still there selves with the idea that the Tagal insurgents Are for Hearty or. Dawes puts that Side of the Case accurately m saying that the rebellion had us immediate Rise in the discovery and frustration of a plot to treacherously massacre it night our soldiers and foreigners in later he shows that the Choice is now Between sup pression of the insurrection and eur Lender of the isl Anri to oligarchy of a cruelty Ami corruption which would rival that Beio e main Lainon Spain the actual Enar Acter of this in urgent Force when once clearly compre it need ends the discussion for All civilized men. It seems utterly inconceivable that any United states Sena or can wish Success of a Small minority trying to fasten a cruel and despotic Rule upon a majority of the natives. Men recall acts of Hunspe flyable barbarism and Trench cry which have marked the conduct of the Inaura Enop and realize that the ques Tion is whether several millions of peaceable natives shall be ruled by the United states or by this gang whose Jueds o brutality and shame cannot be distinctly described in decent news papers it ceases to be possible for Njo it civilized men to wish defeat of United states arms insatiable craving for he notoriety which comes to him who differs president because he suppressed a i and to the people in every part As this murderous outbreak of a Savage tribe 1 shipping it is not difficult to see that the Plain j there seems to be an almost unania people when they come to learn from 1 Fylous sentiment in Congress in favor of Many thousand returned soldiers j ending the session before the National the Philipp be barbarians really Are and i conventions meet and unless i Niue thing what they have been doing will have Dot Dow expected Shull turn up. And a feeling toward their american allies cause an Extension of the session the which a not be adequately expressed adjournment will probably take place 1 Ork Tribune. Country the the kind of a situation that to there will be pm file in of i the clerk of the i Tinct court apaches or Sioux indians have 1101 have confronted several times on the j county Iowa the petition of the pm in been Heid entirely gated to establish a Tariff Bill my the country has t been Lair of Restid claiming of Jou a 0m Rop the bunds of input Rinion. You Are also Alired that unless Appe Tir Ebert to and defend by fore u on of the Sec Oral of the Ter i of feud District court of said Floyd county to be Donau paced at the court Llo is in Charles City on the a Day of april a. 1000, default will to entered against you and Jud Tom it and decree there j b. To George Dall to Eggers Juliu Ann Tautui Jessie Dallas lasers Walter Thomas a Jigers Xii Jay Imi irm is Gers Tuluii Ann Arthur a night of anxiety was text Lor the widow of the Brit general Burnham of when the doctors said shout the first of june. Senator Allison a paid a Ali compliment Wien he was chosen by the re Rachins me caucus in be chairman of the she would die steering committee of seven charged Iron pneumonia before j with arranging and control log the leg mrs s h. Lincoln who attended her i Siat Job i everybody else appears still to enable j.0pinion without knowing what he is cot la not fix Emall Bald hard work Luve warts on the nose bicycle lace War craze swell delirium Treu Leiis unhappy marriages insanity and punctured tire Sofia to ignore completely the history of these insurgents. Because there arc item educated and capable men who have shown their character by a course of almost incredible Treach that fearful in ight but she Beij sred for or. New discovery had Trigram in the semite Lor the remainder of the and authorized More than saved her i i cured j to cd Loose to Toller 51x members of the her of . Alter she committee but the Republican senators slept All Riahi. Further be enter ill i know senator Allison s Sterling Quali. That his experience fitted him for cured her. This is Gus aniseed to cure All and Luns ii eyes july it c und 5 v j i the site lllu1 udl1 a 30 trial boules free at Asper to co Drui store. Washington letter. Washington d. C feb 10. 19uu. The second stage of the financial legislation by this Congress was reached when the Senate passed the in the Riant men As his associates the Louse this week took up and passed the legislative executive and judicial appropriation Bill. As usual the discussion of the Bill which carries the Vioney for the pay of the civil employees of the Ovenu int provoked several More or spi item dialogues Republican finance Bill by a healthy i about the service Law and its and majority the Bill passed is a substitute for the Bill passed Esrher in i he session by the House ministration As applied to the govern ment departments in Washington. Senator Chandler has not yet called Boih Bills will now go to a conference j up the Quay cafe. " Ali oust he May do committee Compo de of senator and time. Lint in View t1 the simple of the youth representatives which will decide importance of speedy action on the St Orth East of two to f. E. , Assignee of Lane j. Myers als to Juliu and to Vern inn Freixes and to Xina Electa it Law of Hannah in. Deceased von Are hereby notified that on the Ith of december a. A. Is Jug the following described Leal estate in county Iowa to wit number three of lot Nii interone a a Ritsy of lilo us number eleven in a Vurble Vuk sold by Floyd county i Wii co John Gates the Dehm Juett then due upon said real estate and that the right to redeem said real estate will a deed of said land be made to less Leitem Tiou i froth Cuch Sale be Tui Iii a item Muety Days from the Date of completed Snavice of this notice the Corti flan eol Puich Nee of said real estate Beij now Jiuu fully held by the undersigned. Torix Gates. Dated february 1st, Titt Tjw Ilic a Lluu Lucic now on we in the office of the clerk of the District court of Floyd county Iowa a petition of Nancy m. Mount Clivi Minfu to he the u isolite unit Sirni life owner if lot to. Ten him in Bio u to. Line in the a ii Idad addition to Xora Springs. Floyd county Low i nod asking Tunit her estate thespia be established Sod hint i and each you be buried and forever stopped from having or Ula Ernins any right or title id said premises to her. You Are further notified Hobss you appear Ali Erato defend before noon of the 2nd any of tins l i of said court to be Ami held lit the court House in Charles City. In., on the 2nd Day of Apul a. N. 1000, be fun it will be entered against Jou incl judgment rendered us a nixed. 29r p. A. , att y for Plain Tiff. Origina l notice. To Muller and mrs. George Luuri Ler Bis wife be rare Stoskopf to i mrs. Genre Stoskopf Bis and Charles ii Allbee and Matilu Bee his wife. You Are hereby notified that there is on tile in the clerk s Otic i of the District court in and for Floyd cot ply. State of Louii the petition of the Plain Tirl ecu Jobson in which lie Stales that he is the absolute owner in and ip6 the nil Minimi urn win do us airy put through whether i will be More advisable to a Bill composed of i in to a Luau Auu a Owaiian Ullie it is not Likely that the Senate will and time to dispose o the Quay Case until after parts of ouch. There Are differences i bran of these Bill Llave Bacn Autch upon in the Bills but inasmuch As they both Saliho Iiga some on the a Jug May be made time to time after it is called up Whei Iever Opportunity occurs governor Taylor Joes Well to hold to his Post until to has Enine real Assur Ance that the Crock cd election Law will be repealed it is a serious have the same object in View it Aill not be very Dibi Suu for the conferees to reach an Argro ement and there is no doubt that when an agreement is reached. It will be promptly ratified by the House and Senate chairman Payne of the House ways and Means committee has Given notice that the Porto rican Tariff Bill will be called us next monday and kept before the House until disposed of the dome Are Busy circular Inz rumours of Republican opposition to this Bill but the most careful has failed to find a single Republican member of the House who will say that he will voip against it. The Bill will pass. Senator Davis chairman of the Senate Coia Mitten on foreign relations which is still considering Tho Nic Era Guan canal treaty never expresses an whether the legislature Pho d the terms made unofficial peace Villa. Will agree to Lur it by the conference at Louis talking about. Thire Ioie when he expressed the opinion that the treaty the Eastern Are trying to Boom former Secretary Olney or the presidential Notni nation. Before they to too far they had belter ascertain How or Olney stands on the issues of the Day. We s that he is a Republican in c Sci tiling but and perhaps even in that. The canal question i simply whether the United states is big enough and Brave enough to Trust its own ability to would be ratified it carried More weight Tenet an that May arise to to swindle the ural i Laitio. Luna my j i Muu a. f f it i Etc scared by or. Old Well their own followers and syrup i Psia u . Bat a sure and pleasant remedy Lor indices too constipation sick he Dacle and a stomach troubles. Or. Cal Ducu s in Ashington iban the stories curated largely by a paid lobbyist to the contrary. The stories of the states also it must not he forgotten that the Groat majority of the insurgents one official report says 95 per Cunt cannot read or write most of them Are Savages without the varnish of education which Only makes persons like Ai Guinaldo and big associates even worse Dun others of malay blood in bad Faith and cruelty. The majority have been making War just As redskins hunted Down the Puritan ancestors of Many constituents Al senator Hoar. Behind them mutilated bodies office of 0 k. Liberty outraged women murdered children pepsin is the surest safest and pleasant remedy it is sold in Loc to size 50c and bottles by a. J. Asper co. This is a two by Ilion Dollar country the value of the foreign last year emcee did two billion dollars and now it is announced officially that the in circulation in the country sic eeds two billions. A 1 the future or whether it prefers to refuse to play unless it is allowed to line the canal with fortresses and look ask of ,11 f Linnue no. I West of the 5th la. Loe Tecl in plot to con nov nil my id Thor the title thereto be quit led in Hui and thai no be barred null for Ever stopped from Havi Nir or claiming any right or title tin ret ii to tie plaintiff vow Tinl pos you appear the re to and defend before noon of the Sec Mil of ton april of Enid court which will commence on tie and d in of april. I Loo at the court House in Charles i y. Iowa default will be entered big inst you Ami a decree Rendt ret thereon us prayed. Enjo . Plaintiff. To Benj Mio Putter Ellen hitter. Aaron a. Kilter Amanda r Miller Emma a. Ii. Dud m. Hitter. B. P. Hitter a Rinju dulls Olun Nua Buchtel Anne kit a Kay oct r Kitter Iris. John l Loans Jacob Siiter 1 Arry of titter Iii ii mrs. Arthur Johnson Mabel Hague i Liyue ii. I Ironson Ivearl in. A rogue. Karl Jurdon Hague Joe booze Lugue. Mrs. Louisa Kitter Andrew Flitter be Orue Kilter mrs. Salmi j. Bold Johnp. Kitter Phoebe la Adeline -m.icrs, an Bart Imi Irton Godwin Blu wors lit Al. The Jones Johnj Jones har non c. Jones Jacob k. A Landman it Xvi b. Flor Mao Aaron m. Unrod Iii in to. ii. Hard Iod Joseph b. Hui Draco Mottry j. Lillie b. Fesa l Tarinda Cowdrey e per Kins Mary b Bradford i. F. I Imp Daniel w. Fisk Henry Pis lie. You Are hereby notified that there is now on rile in the office of tin. Lerl of the District court it county Iowa the petition of Sorali Baltimore Chain ing that Safe is the absolute and unqualified owner of the South East Quarter of the Snulli East Quarter of faction no. 19, township of. Paoge it West 1j. Al., tied asking that her estate therein be established and Nat be on real and forever estoppel from in Vigo or claiming any Intel Cost herein Adverse to her said estate. You Are also notified unless you a ii oi.ju1i Llou of the Keooud any of the Teru. Of said court of be held at the court Hui Iee in Clarles Iowa on the 2nrl Day of april a. D., us Shult will be entered he inst you nod judg ment find decree rendered is p. W. Blk. Att y for pain life. The Brave a iou of representative have no bettor foundation than those alleging that president Mckinley contemplated withdrawing the trealy s by of Penns Hania in having his life Long allies who elected him to office i and coming Over to the republicans is i from the Senate and the last had absolutely no foundation. President will Mcki Olej believes the treaty is a Good significant of the change in party issues. Ail else is into insignificance compared with the mighty questions involved in expansion and the extent to which the Constitution applies to the new territory. The preliminary one and that it will be ratified. Representative Grosvenor. O o1 to chairman of the House committee on merchant Marine fisheries which charge of the shipping Bill t filth Civ s a you the Hod. Out a statement concerning the Oumer sperm Ian on this question is to be fought out fakes published about this Bill in Congress during the coming week which he said it proposes to put to flu us us a Al Al Rucj v v v w to c if of j3 ind Jan 10 soc. Pepsi co j and burned hoses prisoners american vessels in the foreign Trade j Law once fooled Monticello. J Jle of the better i on an Equality with the foreign vessels i Amy brother in Julija t Giitl i Nunn a Nair Narr Virr Flint to or for Irvain Irilli of Ophir constipation indigestion. And Stoa Aeh and Bowel trouble. 1 tried or Cald Well s syrup pepsin and soon found Relief. After using one fifth cent to tsar i am now Well and can eat anything that comes on the table without suffer ing pain and in my stomach and i can cheerfully recommend it to anyone that has any Bowel or a Tomsyn trouble if you Are afflicted try u Ami iou will be convinced. Very truly yours. C k. J. It to. Educated leaders have been held As valuable property for Ransom or Exchange but those leaders themselves now doing our carrying that is done we expect to Sec american ship Yards Turnini out the shipping that is have been settling their own disputes needed t do our foreign carrying. There by assassination or treachery while the Are some peple who Are so afraid tha. Cruelty or extortion of their agents in Bill will Ive a Chance to american v do this everything i class Ianis. There is no it. It nourishes very Low with lever j 1 builds to and j body Stasna and i jaundice. I persuaded him to try electric bitters and he was soon much i better but continued therase until he was wholly cured. I am sure electric bitters avid his life this remedy expels malaria kills Lije we a corns sni the Sove Anicent of or districts ships to secure a share of our j Penfie the aids digestion Resur _ per kit y. Not Only to throw of his Herd cough but to he c5ainsi f stacks. Has been intolerable to All testimony by fun Sitifer. By priests or by carry Iii that they can t sleep nights and these Are the ones who Hatch the and constipation dyspepsia nervous Iii. I Lucy troubles female com if you Are or hrs or emaciated you r of certainly take this Medicine j and has Tate even the Man i ing up the rumours. Partially Pirinis gives perfect health. Only Doc i nov i of their own revolt to most them. False with which the people arc being at Asper co a Iru store. Original notice. In the District court of the sluts of Loua in and Lor Flo d county. S. J. Ramsay plaint ill is. J win. J. Smith Jiana me lung bin Marietta Manning a. J. By ii Icia f. in k Lyou j in h. Smith i Vuglas Sinith Jane Jho Iii to. L900 sue Beaula Mur pacy Bertha j Donelly Fannie Zickar Uridil i Elsie White Emu be die Mills and rut i a Smili defendants. To filid defendants you Are hereby notified that there is now on rile in the Vilice of the clerk of the District court of Floyd county Iowa petition of the f lain tilt Al Ore Snail asking and porn Ritj that the follow ing described it Al owned by . Mari defend in s named be partitioned divided the several owners thereof according to their respective i Ignis mud interests to wit the Avest of the Smith West 4 of the South East o hellion und Xoi the West of hip South West of the , of a action no. 15, and lot no. 10 of the so it Easl a of Betti in no. 3c, and the a crib Wes of the North West a of Section Tso. 21. And Trio 14 acids of Hie Tor h of the a orb _ of no Yuem f i _ -.1 r i j ii Harare n7o. Of the old p. M., j Floyd county also lots no 0 and 10, no. 2, j s. All of Block to. Paoge in flirt Voll Noje of fluid. County and i state aforesaid and asking Juil Gadient Kontir Minjo the shares finn above i named parties in and to real Tiff to partition thereof be made ind if Sain rennet be livid etl thut a Gale of Uncle red Ami a division of tin Nadu lie tween them to to Weir respective shares and trial such other orders shall be us be deemed in premises. I on Aro also notified Flint Unur is you appear thereto arid it Ferd before noon of the Day of the term of said i District court of Savici Floyd Cou Riff. To be commenced at the court in the tent i any of septra . A 0. Lii Iii be entered against von arid arid decree rendered thereon As Prajedo in scid petition. ,1 h. Arto Ruey for a nipped Lian if. Orar ked lips and of the skin cured Qun Kly by Sah a lip most or Blini j in the world. A. A. Asper a co. J Man or o travel for lure in up salary monthly and h position irclisc1 wind stamped on Peloro. Of i child ii in ii Lii a i Ilmo

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