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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Feb 22 1877, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - February 22, 1877, Marble Rock, IowaMil i Fri ill ii Ali t k r if Gnu if it Tetil the end of year. Ifni i Lave Marble Back for the in Jiotti at 6-85 a. Leaves mar East and West at r. M. A.f.1a-jl regal to meting of Comer Stone Lodge no. 251, on or Heton the full a you of each Monk a Brothers in Good stand Imp i rated to attend. I 9. Horr w. M. A. Judd see. Church. Services. M. K. Church every warn is at half list ten at o clue. Fujiu Lutui if acts Holland and Kirce. Sabbath school at half every Sabbath. With Atli to Tai Charity a tens per Annm in att Tynee. One Inch spree mail my lure. Volume 2. Marble Bock Llotd Otway Iowa feb number 2di whee Abra Todter. S passbook trams b Kach wat daily except sunday of i die. Bit Futa imm a us a to jus 97 4h l m a. K. Ten nil my Kimek 11 it we in Rutm 411 Werbo cab Rialti i36 a. To 4 so 1 if physicians and Snoj Rotts. Office Over the jewelry store. Residence on Bradford Street. E. 15. Haynes Aud surgeon. Office at his Al residence one door North of the harness Tore pm maw Tenet Marble Rock Iowa. H. Johnson i to Twenty at Law Marble Kock Iowa. Given to the col and if claim the settlement of the estates of decedents tax paying and air nay by snows Atid Grill practice in this Ami adjoining a tilt. Frost i . All promptly attend to l to. Nora Spring p. Clark Board Aii l by the Cru Etc or Day. Corner of main Ami Licitar its. Mule Rock Iowa. My inc division a. Nee y f4s 18 h ii hip. Sci let it Pkt Pink. Vul Una it met Tea n. In r. H. In 14d b 1ft Watt Loolu fill pox Villa m. W t. H. U r. X. Of a. An 11 we 9 411 8 is Loo a. 1c a. K r. A r. H. Or 4 to a to a. 1c owned us Opp United by line. Tiu. Connections Akbas at dlr Ltd Tim. With for Ali k for . And cab Dunn la Elul 1 Wui Becj k. R. Fit Ken Ink . Us is. Owl wept to Mil ill po4itv in Fannu Alid bunka. Uhl a Suquo Pleni r i by a Iii my at Xvi Stiim wit ii a South wet atm Kal Lemd for Ljubi Uptou wid won. At he Bolti. With Usiri Tikiun. I. H. I a. So vat in. At we la berth. Will i til urn. Ruck file kill nil. Lowi c Ity. And at Sulur rap Witt Milia pm i Viii of k u r m f or Chau Lerf Belah. J Day or wet j Furd Street West of main. The travel-1 ing Public will timid the Halir House i Timtai. Zoum Primious Quinly to the . Marble Kock. Or with Chicago a . For Pomiba coir Tell he Leo and Cuoci. Lull with in tie and 9, Western r y for at Vinton Wilh Palfe inv menu of b. C. S. For Trier. At Witk i1umu Omni rid Huml for Imp Nance fan Dudt cite. At Junction walk it St. Film railway fwd mum City us Ritj. At put Movsh. With i at. 1ui1 at St. Pin to nil a Northern our Tock boots. Shoes hats Caps. And Opall kinds. Crockery of a Superior Quality and Tusi pattern cutlery. Yankee notions Etc., a of which we offer to the Public at tit lout living Proxita. I or w. D. Blacksmith. Shop a cob jobs Anent. All work part thug to to 1 of Ger Kat he tag Sofee and Wade rosenkea5s keep and of the Best manufacture. The great Amsky calf pianos. Pianos. The great at to Atmire Rock. J. K. 40 of new Wagon and Blacksmith shop. Pie Rota Vatu sea Kopki Stoks All kinds of work in Wood or Iron re pairs or horse shoeing done promptly at our shop on Bradford Street near the lumber Yard. Marble Rock. 41 fire insurance company Watek Towi Bew Chrtt Uilys for not farm property Only. Assets Over Quarter million Lowil we Ai bbb Wmk vol at Leto l. C. Crawford agent Iowa or w. A. Show Tel District City Iowa. H to Slu local agent Marble hot r 1 52jl North us non Bow. Unur i Oft. These contain All the latest j that can possibly increase their Merit something i either in regard to their musical Quah tour external appearance. They have j a Fhi u0c Tiltti Iuliu never i failed to give satisfaction. I Send it cent stamp fur circular be i j Furt Cli Educ to. J did that the Owr Taw it was go in thai it View to tedium the i Hoot Shoemaker. A Joe thing for the Hue you got of rim a my Bini fur teb of entered loft car. If this Ine weather Winter will be Huha Aji far Iowa. They talk Abom what Hare they u do with the what Fer. I. To with fever Fie has not been we pay Gaylord. 0 tub a Tuoi Ulia wok. We that my. A to Gire is on Spring Luther dote of her it Tail 11 in diff Dpi but think a place. The editor rth ia4 gone to whith Aee outta Fot the written thin by in Board of Trust. I Hart kindly to Grant the bawl boys the privilege of the he Orch for their enter will it the boys feel grateful and tember the Board in kindness. F a maa to work lot it Nike Board hit Elf that we of these advertising agn Kaluga i extract a agree k and la their Stead sub to the to if you want a Enow m and i will give it pm i am at stand Ngan on Uio a mat Aid i Puli aund or awl in the latest at hard coat a Ace a. Jjj.la.tia., or. To Glt and of the but pikes. Come i a. Firin and moved on h will in Drewry for the Spring s w the weather is warm to Ifni ice Vatt nce which w. H. Ostrander. Oots and repairs. I uni prepared to in All kinds of and bugis work from the vickt5 illustrated prices catalogue fill with if Titi a Wail pea Ivow Klimi Iff thru my jul he Way to them for two Fiji part it printed id her Ryan my tiie great american piano Marble Book if Yon want a item fall hat Iron Good f r kooks we. Don t wait until before i shone the warn weather you tint. Yon Ron knee Kwh King Arad for Yon a of a the we see by oar exchanges that j Mats Pei owl a Bevely v Mam Chat been imposed non by hut monday so pc Tran. Tan t you keep those i the Teim that it reminded w of a night there t a nod is Good a Wink to a Holud either Aig. To the paper for year. If you pay in Nova Nee we give you free ticket to it Tanc Tua and i a Ammil to the peat Faaee. The Wood invt Linkem the Devil Inta their usage and nude hint pow site to w a Hoy Aid net drink anything stranger than water. He will keep his pledge to bet. Shepardson s Inhar in again been Niue the popular Renert for build ers and from far and people Are hauling the Pine into the pm the for a at Falls. Any one vex aking Between the hours of eight and nine Are subject to a for Feit. We eel Lor the Hus Butl of the lady who that sociable. Co., Lockbox in ton Jav j. Wash ground up. Also drags plows made or repaired on Short not Ira. All kinds of work done with neatness dispatch and warranted to give a uting work done will fall toe see what i can do at the shop surb Lervick. Al it Lek Al Kloweit and far dam. .1 n to in . Wild no. Jahyr Vick. . S. T. W., Law 629 f Street we Shinguchi d. U Ilow Titi my Traci Ned to in mirth. Pvt or it oui us Wonit pm for Sam visa Tow few. Ooala i pm Waits Dif Sun Mitt a in Tratton t m1 Ait a m of court of Ronert of car of aloft. Soap Tim cuing War Eutimi at the and nuking of mrs. C. E. Hightshoe. Who has jilt received a Supply of hats. Tics bustles and fancy wings bridal wreaths . Han kerchiefs. She also keeps a Supply of l patterns 2 i to Sale. K. J. Vivia Mem plying the in on Taa Blea through an Olathe other Horning we Learned of a restaurant that hat lately been started at that place. We see no reason Why a restaurant night not pay there if kept Well stocked with candies apples and cigars. Feo it like in that Burg the u at Marble Boek. A half Oki of the Brethren front Elm Spring. I. O. O. F., Caw up to Marble feet than font through some of the Ciftci Latiea of their inexperience in deciding of Law Auoora Diimig to the order of the Craft. A Timu was enjoyed Aud Init tons exchanged to visit each other at a future Tine. Utton of will hire 15 u it in the Mason Good Enre and a noun of the Incerty War utter. C. 0. It Flint we Are aug owl awaiting the of of school Bro. Principal what ii the Teri Ata teb that served can be had at the new poor hence county. Have you in Cut a ticket Bro. Farrar can Biden Havi opera Tion at Shell and pipe be h doubt the of Rentou of the wicked Saloon keepers. We go to press we lean that u. O. Pratt positively mrw to mix in Iowa. That i is not the atau. City people eat their f oar new a awl Happy on Arco Antof it. They have got their new Mill at work. A limb of the Law in attempting to make the train at the depot the other Day landed in the Middle Eft he track Between the rails he it now in a quandary to know which to for damages the Rai Hrand the sul Niu keeper. Mrs. Kline Wile of die dem agent is Laid to be expert the Iii Pulati of the Etc graph win. From the Short apprentice ship which she Are vol we in enl judge App spa Kaj Tobb i Luatt wheel special Cwi Type a tar int Iua Twa Ali for each Inki Tion. Phon that the country it and won id Utt Tutwil Ink Ard and Hayea were Demy no. Whether the a maniac or working few the Liere of cred by kneading Dolitia we Are unable to say but the fact that of any High in our government olivers their lives in jeopardy in becoming More apparent every Day. And if Al Lowed to Drift on will Lead to corruption in wont character. Rule or ruin Surmi to he the crowning Gutry of Aorta in Elm of who will stoop to of a meet dmm no character to designs. The of life or the ruin of a country Are rained nothing when Ita Ihling them and Power we do not wonder then that deep of an indignant people Are in Law its of the plow Bof not Tom i Fot Ern ment ruling i and overwhelming join with the 11. In Atyim m it to response n flin Meitin at onry Friday and saturday itch 17th net. The order by in. Or Canty . Ira. It fun by Dweh tint were Well received state now Intro m the and tar u hew and a Quarter we were idiot Aid of gtd Secretary. Ions were the order of that by Ratimor ire upon the ski Tow of the a Aukee. A. Stud in the school waa Well Ihnn Atad nesting h. To this in o in t orm Ait Nighti cart led us Little i avers with Fol Lowed by a score or Awe Alfing sri Etiny to Richtm who in making Lieut of on Chi icons believe the hid been at tacked by sitting Bull and All of his the Hub that half a Block Awny i raves. Pawk those t nil Anunda in the East part Little urchins and put them to bed. Xoumy. Valentine Day Bat come and gone ind be got nary one. 0 How Blind has the world grown to True Offtor. Hio Kuran Dur Irp any helped the wolves to Fruaja Funty la fifty a Naula of wheat. They were tray inf to this place and the we Tam before Day Hight with a ind of wheat agent n mile and a Harf Hea the a new of t n of i state. We thief we never heard a i Terett verdict woh a Lorre Colv aft Miu and. We Tui Evrit i he Elwirt will he w lie very week hot it Fasihi Taw the now after we ii Dyke t Type Riemee perhaps air Abil Ity to lie will be at largely developed As Bis that is if oar soil is As Good and As Well tilled. Trim the orca of wrest la county we Leam of the oath of Onu a. Merit and slumbering Genius. We Brooling by getting intoxicated and have the dirty lying Down of the Railroad track where Auger Bowlby pc go s parlor Orgar m wid powr pc in m of Btry. Ii by Romp Todt Uki Reesal . Foitl full -h1 at Titi uk4 butty. It Lull of wat. Or to twin to thru m Cherry pectoral mfg Janiw a h f by or in. Of a Flohm out h myth us 1 we my Jator Noti we drive m ure Tea Wii atm Tel Ai i in Ihl f of Toft a Kniely Cummi a Mim Hywari h tiimt1.ak Ltd ill lath its Etc iim3uy Louus anti he. I Sivins. A ill Cark a Ltd f a win Mech Misti m4 i. I afr mull no Troia 1 nor of Emkow Are known la 11 to i ii Lar Thlork. If kit by Man pow a the a med we actually had the brass the in 5, the Copper the Aud desperate enter the Sanctum of the in Tui last saturday morning and As Noel youngster come out of Uncle be was run Over by the ears. When re gazed heavenward until our optics sans of fun with a a Loop and a yell j found be was dead and one of Ett non the Good natural face of while he held aloft the Token of cupids his body and face bruised. We wondered no wore and have turned away deceased was a Nui deut of Mona adj hence the Power behind the j he Uiliata l and sorrowful As we mat a Man of cowhide rank now before Al Cohol be Cawte his master. If in Rifae he f. . Late of Sycamore being per the Mason City save it j of mias Nora Ackley the going lad vat opposed to the i the Happy Dadi of a healthy Giri. Hell Nan Imp learning to set Type at is it backing Down from its position would have defeat to the Republican party Good generalship placed the j Sinuc but Oil yet. Takes the conceit out of a Man so much . The above Piunt be True and if tis has the Earnest irk nov. Pc Hub Mio Earnest the hands of a pub f. ,1 anvers of All he sub Ribero. That god in Latifeh it Bat r j Utens. And though it May i will be very Good to hit and that he lures president yet it has no Lens the i _ v. L i will suffer Little i hits to come onto . Will Sutler Little Dykes to come unto him and forbid them this has Uhi thed her labors with us and will attend the High school i during the balance of the term. Ackley is on of the we Quick to Kam so Seldom met with Quick to work and goes from this Odic fully cum pc to preside at the Type Flint in any once. A late letter from Blue Karth co., minn., informs us that Good plump j mire the Beautiful wineries Marble Book. In Olio a of informing Public that be is prepared to Duall of or. Iio Fenter a German Farni 1er Kvitni a Short i numb from town has Swu his Farni tawk and goods Etc Kantar or. H. one of Thon i ground brinks on a hog Aback who Are a bks inc to a j and that the Hopper question u of tar ii Rity and we regret very much More importance no Fotij the natives Little his taken depart Are. We so hop a arc i the Best of Fortune in far of mined of a wheat crop in that Section i of country. Crown of Nur Eit Tenn to the paint room of the artist daily to and the stage will be out Complete in All ill and we pre dict a grand for the band. Pipe Organ Quality ditto Miti to ii them plans the latest improve meets specifications Carpenter and Joiner r a Bill gook the own Roun pm of the a ,.vthey certainly the put Ponape of the Public for their efforts have been unceasing. Our col mix. Sto n All with Turtlf to it Milf r a j _ it will in the butter. Flour. Wood the satisfy Trion gunman a Baa Tinl Piew of Rhom feed t22-3 tb1 puici3s thin port Revi Aej every and Iway w some of the Pili if is of our Village were startled from their annual quiet Wilf and a we Cit nov Csc nine by Strain of music blown from the to not permit of on publishing it i. A the every Community. Kwan my that of the Irac towns of Iowa were mainly built up by their kindly complimented on the Worth and ability of this win Papen. Tiepe Opthof the debt they never repay. Vow can pick out the by i while in sow their music the bind to be bet Owhi Fumu a Katina him Gore Norof h. Hutjer will do papers just u easily you Tell in the line of Tai Orinic. At j be Terr a Farmer has Good by of we ired. Condition of his rattle Lowi be awry was Nile Aniced a Token of the High appreciation with whih on and and the As teen through the or. The i Wicena of and one a distance were allowed to think they were among As were provided for All. The meeting adjourn he t at4-u of. M. All that time had Well and profitably Floyd 19th, 1677 me. At this place wed wheat teems to m the cry some having paid As As Tor it. There has , staffed at this place since the Lodge of Pond templars died out. Hot we Hope it will soon die. We Hope there Are not men enough thin Vicinity who will bring a Grace non Juv Lvii neighbors aa4 Iii he. A us spurting this Dri Kina meat keep it alive. Vim. Croop died on the with taut air the we elder Bush of of preached the funeral serum. D. Itu Sukrau. Ocsid Curc of , or to a 1 instant. Deceased had been Marri i Afi out two Yean was taken with Pho id fever late the fall. Which Abe part adj Remote red Init v to the Strain a Pitt Ber system during her Couin natio and the dark bade her spirit depart from ii Tabernacle. The funeral Errit ducted by Rev. Or. At the Church i be left with John bar Ltd k. A. Papers Condit Rord with and the Ami Untim or got k. Cen which will a bitty. Emir irate much to the pro. N but eve Are of the j pfc Aufu in r Milf it to work purity of a town. Of Mun try deplorable Wynn our or main time to non do to make fat cattle. And in fat tit Touhl in Stew of. J the eight to help and my Mirage he to the j p. Jwal Ijiri in every it mtg death . I Aivar a on trim Iri Iiri my Toofic stats of a Watt so kit Setke is Here Fly in. Undem gtd a duly and Krevi Itric it i in to of r. Juri Liti. i 1 if Iii . All d Nuki ism ii in j to Tow Tiv Iii. Anal we Pitt Prewit a ictus. A i to tar for a v
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