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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Feb 21 1878, Page 2

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Marble Rock Weekly (Newspaper) - February 21, 1878, Marble Rock, IowaMy Snake within a Bat us boor several private him Mauu Bocc iow4. Will men a Presto to. To Cor the a new York of the expiration of the looming hour be born in the or Ted Somode Nimni we returned of the so the of the feel Kun Bill or. Morjan submitted u amendment to few jew. In the Bilic were Intro diced to give times executive Jan indication in any War Vowk. . Aimin. Than the tary of the i nor More than w vet or. Booth submitted an him Nonit it to allow the owner to j them with the i Reamer univ i ase sunt treasurer of i m United state. I and receive Certik ate of not f 10 each the Vertitia Baiei to u evil Money and to . In j 1 Tine to the bankrupt Law. Both met in joint convention and declared w. B. Anton elected United states senator. F. M. Mills was elected state Printer when the joint convention adjourned wednesday Jan. The House the Bill author Zinc incorporated towns to extend their Boundary limits was pct in its and the Giuin Pittee on Federal relations re ported a substitute for All resolutions relative to the National 1. That All obligations of the United states be paid in Gold and Silver Coin. 2. That the Silver Dollar of 412 Grams be without limitation As a uni of value and made tender for a debts Public and private. Then re uni ,1 my Liat there be no contraction of be frown a Gal tender currency notes Ibe Inui than five until 4 that the u n Emu. 11 1 called. Spent the whole in rom the were made the i the whole tier order for a Cal Acac my in. Bills introduced to and j bar m the Law i hour l eem. Jei 1-Alitl attitude unexpectedly by Austria ii now Knorn to another correspondent Savi the Realius no but terrible if nit Aib Iff nut Siuk Klov taken Day. In the Drivick aortic of now and a xxi i came if Ging for Relief. Rare food a Wvuu-11 Jird in Bart u Taiin. I nerd with did All i Muld for them but at souk Side hands Art tied. The of Titi. It Ico _ Chi i in be certion of mini. J 11 of and hic in input ele 11eemisy Una our Iii Timis Arr i air the Orliw Lunn Aetna i ii Vita mama. Ifju ii Long dark line line on ill h i Dana to Plum terms of All one m Cater pour Dikki broke die Pri miners Ikirt Pond Najul n the Ali it nub d. Nil stud Lull ing Fri tin in Jilin i is a new Orlean in i aim Oun a pro Anneni or Italy Ami Ikami. T v Fth. of ,11 by Kul Llull Lii fatal of a Ami Rivi health Ili Lind Ottav and Nafei i ii l Feu a in their to it 3i and t la ii. Rill i the Lariff Bill. The Suo Kini Atid foul to i them if ind nil hold two More the Ivule of Monu Ign. His came the troops who "tkt.il. I t ii i it link. N. ,1. Vi., to. ._1 a if i.-. Pi.1 a loll. To i. M . I ii i i h to to Llu Trutlin indent ruler j regards i Eidth of Donna Oil will remain a Wei tint Nimori Baja Xet in Birl Tiel did Vii Uhink it will i "pwi1 so. All damned food but if they ban tint Bill they arc. If turn a Cine a weft in Pard n time of War line of of Tiff it May do Bat Bow at we to tale is roof of Road and Border Wertti a reduced Anui Fine what do you Shiuk of the plan to Isth ers to Wear their ii occasions in Lur room i ill Minoog co Aero Inen the should Wear Riluth Drew. But in girl to and am Reg gentlemen. Munry a Ltd Toh l ind nil hold i More meetings 1 Oil the us pct and hereafter Friend of ii Bill Ilii 1 i it will in Ocoine a bowl in Iii Tho Lull Nill in d of did Reid sorted to the Lii ninth or i the Ivine of Munu h is at came the Tro ii 1 i. And or Deil a pcs Fame of on Natii of of pie round and Ella a in front and rear Sway follow ing Thi grim procession like Lurk round a Balf a wac glm ii. of uti Iii in n. .1 Lauli of i have Peceu Mattie in the Canzet 1 nud it h i i in it. Loin i tin Ali -.11 Nair Tiu Rii with of i House Ivr Wir Ihm in tin it i Kosih u Hou win Eli the Turkeli i in n u i i i filed met. The Unie of it under Solyom fun ind on Ehm 11., in tin hate enl u in mind that by lion to they anti old Wear uni forms of Anil gentlemen. I under Are or the should not their among Eutuk Resmen and in bar but i Wear their i Iiron of another dead Turk and the Vilii i in x for the Little lain thir forty no All Hick air tar in Abuja. Whu a t lib to Tutti like by huh the people of our new territory a cloth Ivy now us it do their fun a. May i a of the Ihm to. State tax. House bilk were read and referred. The joint convention resumed Dis Russion at 10-30 on the special order and proceeded to the election of the stale Binder. Matt Parrot of Black Hawk county received 100 rotes and h. Sindrik of Linn county 29. For Warden of fort Madison Penitentiary k. C. Willien of Marshall 101, s. Sherman of Iowa the nominations for Warden of the Alamota Penitentiary were called when Worden of Wright offered a Resolution that whereas charges of a serious nature made against the manage ment of Thiol institution the election of a Warden be deferred until for return of the visiting the Reso Lution a ii l on the info to Evlion Prochet Iilva a a a Anamosa. Received votes a. D. Blackman of Dubuque 23. The state were ordered to per month or As much More As can coined to the Mink of the i filed Slite the i United states to the Lien Fil of the gain or the provided whenever the Pete of Bullion h such it be purchased at than Par in Legal he shall give notice of the fast and any citizen of the tinted owning Bullion May do Post the at the mint and have it coined amendment further provide1 that the sub Treasury Counge Conns Trio same relative Fivi Alky of pure and Standard Ilver .11 Tho Silver Dollar the feb. 4. Introduced and referred Here during the morning hour Nti thorring the mint of in tender issued tie he pay Able. Principi and interest Ingolf Silver or tender tintes to reduce country ? -aj1. Our author. About the it Tel swung broadside to the turf i c made a Complete Over her ind it washed Mam of the pop c he by the 1 Owers. Could into the a .1 la he con Corii fiction i.-. . Full ind edition of the of . Indicates a certainty of the in wage by Vliem i n b Anker and ther in Irton Terril Orv Here the settlement of peace i s 1 r1 v r to t my i n i for the end motion of n Joni lotion of the protocol Road from tend dirt Ilie nth Ign 1. The erection of Bulgaria Iii Soin in Index Ivy in in top ii is re Ufa. New i fore i Ula lieu to 1 . Acid tie Moreno to Render the cigars u ii Nih which at the present made of Coio Rej tobacco scalable at 10 Sec i a higher Price and Ala o to it old and faded Noin have of late been or pared and largely sold under the Nant of Havana Brown sap a Comlen sed All these prep Atio Nuj Are now openly advertised Ai directions Given for using Thiv of these contain anything _ tic Liru injurious of Plieni con sisting of Brown vegetable a German paper states that if a p White blotting Paucar. Saturated diluted Sal ammo inc is passed _ _ times Lighth Over uie Cigar the Storuik matter if any has been used will come Century has u 1 off on it whereas the natural in two Nittell . 1luu i Wagon track Atid Udud Mark out the , and being Deeph-1 foil used the of trial in j Road for Miles. On hard Rock a Ali Orcil in a heavy Wobu h depend Letice in provincial governors foot will love the Lut Iii cd her to open seam id i Iun a i i. A i he had been gone from the i Fler tie rwf1 in Annie in the naked together by perspiration so Auk i did All judg a cure and Suli-1 Bloom of summer Kwh a smile in a 01 i .1 measure his Truw Ami a pick axe in ins Liandro report the expenses of salaries and Era has been of the Indian Bureau Hijii the penalty of such marriage on the marrying by any per son or Iani ing a License for such mar Riago being a Fine of to and in the Ifni tertiary one to ten Yean atop. Of rear Phinize the Road Laws to limit Homestead to to punish officers of insolvent Banks to provide manner of listing and assessing property for taxation to define the lawful Fence along railways to authorize organizations for Mutual insurance of own property to protect passengers on railways to regulate the bight of hedge fences along the highways to resume the Mcgregor and Sioux City land Grant and Grant the same to the Bur Lington Cedar rapids and Northern Railroad company to nuke the limits of Independent school districts in cities co extensive with the City. The House refined to concur in the Senate Amend ment to the joint Resolution relative to the repeal of the bankrupt Law. Fri iwo feb. The Senate Bills introduced to provide Lor keeping insane the fish Law apply to Tike 1 Iri Ruvi re labor on erects in cities to authorize Cutie to and town to build sidewalks to require Mutual insurance ask citations to report to the state auditor to pro of county or. Mcmahon moved to rules and adopt resolutions reciting that in the present condition of Public distress it is important that the wealth of the country shall lie evenly fairly and proportionately taxed and instruct ing the committee on ways and Means to report a Bill at the earliest moment imposing n graduated on the excess of incomes Alk rtt a reasonable minimum. To be fixed by Law. Defeated yens. Btij less than two thirds in the affirmative. By military authorities to in hot the against the hostile. Sioux. Tic Are Oil enemies of the Sio tit tribe and have Lieen for a ions Senea of years Friendly to this govern ment. The Indian office has decided to request from the score Tarj of if there any danger of silting Bull Eros me into tie United states Terri tory that recruiting the Crotts will Coni Nice immediately. And Erze Roum. Tue i a London dated on the a i w uns Vul a ump i line m the Bright Side. It plus july provided for by the charitable pen the it ilk in i and Urr Ned at Adria Mulc. Right Widt. Trip time lie hard pc aiming our Hie that the Portr would it know it due the r to ,.ountenance. It is a says the Basw of peace and armis 1 Towt will lie s t North Baltimore m the c lode line As elect. Lin Leih Tieni t1 of Treece three after the treat Caplain a Ken. Of the to ii Cople namely in l if Adria lie Gan the peril the affirm mauve came Chien i from the Dei Arviat i nil Llu from the . Or Ellsworth presented .11 from the doorkeeper denying As utterly without foundation the charge against his official integrity made on and nits. And earnestly requesting the investigation on the put of the House. Referred to the committee on civil service re form. Adjourned. Try univ feb. The Senate the finance committee reported with amendment the Bill introduced by him pome time Aco to authorize a Long Bond for an ment for savings placed on the Calen Dar. He gave notice that he would Call it up for consideration at an Early Dav. Or. Submitted a i f i in Toh february 2d states that the House committee on patents u hearing discussions upon the proposed Ision of the Patent Laws. Or. Coffin of Boston to maj spoke against the proposed revision giving the results of Elliree experience in the West in collecting fac a showing the Benefit which the inventors have done the and Western inter Conin was detailed by the Eastern inventors for the purpose of accumulating materials which would be useful facts for presentation at this time. Were agreed to thursday and perhaps ins is Well that none should liable by the direct inter the i of when tone to life Forti among Tyrna rankle i discovered by coffin was that of a knit Ling machine at Rockford patented by named which is unlike any think in the Oast i to give As excise to England to her Fleet up to constantinople unless the armistice i. Known to be signed by the time the supplement vote of credit for a it i expected the Fleet will be ordered to to England and Austria have taken f aptly the same course with regard to though acting entire 1 by Independent of each we nor Tomn throw 9kxut county to duplicate f Taxon instructing the committee on ap-1 Sia has therefore i to . F.-tios.-, happen eff and enjoyment he can Woumn i land without him and above All he should look on the Bright fide. What though things do look a Little dark the Lane will turn and the night will end in Broad Day. In the Long run Llu great balance rights itself. What appears ill becomes which Aii pears wrong right. Men Are not made or Only show that Thoj Are from tile paths of the. True i sense and right. There j More virtue in one Undean than in a j tin treaties of and 1sj1. To the j received nlll3t referred the a Offut of of Fitch from of the integrity of Turkey Asa the signal service station at the wreck International pol i 1-0 i on the part of the of the pfc Ngwa it that names of Siose we already re i _. Vints adoption the. O tse re area re 1 Eli vol. It is Prible the num. 1 crimean Wai l by other not vet a in talc of Rusi. Rehab Elution of the Izower. It has been Dis fill ill pro a. Liar of land Russia s re wion of the treaty of and the r r certain pm Propri Tion to make provision for the whole hemisphere of Rio kids and i therefore we repeat look on Huntzinger tie reputed million it k mra live i edit urine and a Wilf the Hong Awn dment to the recess employment of additional Leriel Ritsol Rutm we concurred i. The Bill Protis Sunj the removal of the families of soldiers to county poor was passed yeas none. Both houses took a ref Fri to Gebru Brce the and surgeon of tick u promptly examine and Dis Fec of All for pensions. He asked for the present Connie Ratum of the Resolution but objection was a wac by or. Of a. Ice Chi lab fac .11 Nikii i an in existence and the Mentor i i european Lens to u. Tie a Altiva All that warm and in prison jest Nlay since tie car sent appeared in Europe. _ afternoon when in first dinner two centimes remain to be compleat no worked twelve Vears upon them. The whether these a twelve machines Are now operated by Lawf Jark and and Ren naive. The Ull Uduc Imiru a a week Ami or through in pirate Nugo entirely in one Piere with each Cabinet hat not been boy who knits stockings w ii ont for Fiew. Co., Chi ago at an actual Cost for the knit tins of sixty entire stockings of one cent. Turn sooner than his most sanguine expectations had allowed him to dream of doing Home he pauses Ott Taide the town until Nightfall and sends to his waiting expectant parents the following suggestive message Bringue Faiber Blanket and a pair of old a a commercial traveler called upon two Young ladies at Cut Koel. Wis the other and told them a Friend in formed him he Rould spend pleasantly with then he was to two 4 coldly and after beating himself was invited to retire. He did to and one of the girls picked up a Box of liquid thoe blacking and threw it in Bis f surveyed himself for a hurried having res Oshkosh ladies were not what they my kid in to be. Ven six cards As to make a Modeal. Greenv lucked he four for at he fury feb. Bilk Weie Ditrih Ftp of to for inf of Hiva Uon of county Tiiu on petition of Truw fort Lebof the Holt of the county Bibb Bow Arnu be located by the to Ftp Fott for a mud of Tariff Law of stray Amablo the a Huia of met Eben of am War and a Occeno of the und and of state to and town to Remaria my tax to to few Cooee for us of Imp to fix the tip of the report of two my to Wwite Forte ele Elim f sat Vontrot Towie r a test Virginia and it was Laid out i in coffin collected a Large amount of set til to Morrow. Or. Tiller informal in from the Granger in cd through tin narrow inv narc in if tin turks Are to exhibit a tenacity the Iron door of his Rell. Tie Ogeil equal Uthai Shin by she moslem banker said this As he gated upon anal conquerors in whatever May nervously winked and linked at the tin terms of the present peace it h assemble in Vienna or Ber Jamestown journal relates the dish of soup Ami meat and certain Fiat the Suilun will retain in following at As mlle on the Lola i Thal Fomie the common dinner Bimbo a far defensible position ii unt. There was a wedding i every to Ontic in the prison. Ami More substantial resources than by the other night at Oshkosh we. Three Fellows Laid asian to clean out a fourth at poker. The was dealt four aces to induce him to bet. But was Given nit was Worthi and won and Ina opponent charged him with having another card secreted shout Hia Peron. A search re Velard null Ling and he depart no with he winnings. It was afterwards found out trial he had slipped the extra card1 into a Sandwich he was rating while the play was going on and had actually rat in up the past Boa it determined but it is okeh that s Eon tin. Two Tbs pm. A brazilian plan has Latel milled the following that hold i communities which he will present to with the treasurer or assistant of the United Slit a sin ver Budion in amounts not than ounces of a line and re univ e therefor certificates not ass than one there As yet Horn hut Little Mew Banff. Tie Way. 412j grim a Nihon no received i Means committee has again decide com Moom was or John w. Of lot hair tily for la loused to the rip Anish moors in the Many of Fth Best j a Radville. I a. And his name is no i heart was heavy ind his mind depressed fourth path cell nov re Lagard to the i Canthon Perrin it Western men arc making in favor of i he of the Armi Tice conies too turned it h entire Law Litimo of tie Patent Offit a. L produced into the son them Stoks and. Spreading with great rapidity threatens to a mixer Abr Nui Sinee. It. It in i cold White Walls of his cell were poor too. That the a Rev emperors which cling to Rvrrytfcink-1 yet to Black hair. Or. Whitehead had to with Hie without allies and almost without re before lamed the Joys of wedded life i ump Nous Parlours dining rooms and ont id the Walls of their Capi air Iron. J but Hud been a widower for Manv yearn of in palatial us. Main Ineil them Sches for some a constantinople dispatch Datil fcb the mushing Bride. Keb Erca Gale wooden stools and Kwis were saw year at constantinople. Very coined by the government of to hear no Oral but will the United states or returned in the Treasury for payment of such certificate on by mutation at the ire urn where if bunion to deposited shall he Goinn lbs . Such Seitam certificates shall be paid in bul every other Day next week and every Day the week after to read writ ten statements. Some of the sew York in Chanto already filed protests 2nd says Terai in Hao telegraphed the ten years younger than her promising to an rim Tice. And has refused All of enforcer server Pauba fore fun minister and one of the yesterday that the russian grand dnke5ichoh waa ready to not the sort of service he we accuse different an Tow Means at the command and and an one ottoman ruler. His Enro Neui Mimi Imp not pm i ---------1------- brine True to the Lover of Market on an Iron Frame was not will still canal in area those i what at thit lame Mage of us Cooch that tie aged banker controlled by Baja zet. And fall but Little hand Yotti. Came came tit net Over forty years Aco and undoubtedly protocol of peace preliminaries Inver when in the to dirt of Jove s Nob when Bis in Potter Short of possessed by Mohammed Rifle had a Deposit of his ii. He undertook to e Conquest of Hung upon a and ill Start kill. In Asia he pc run the whole Candle was Ghun her we hid cmdr m or of the Nln Nunry shich Selim w the tint ottoman Caliph made Over in d a gait the tax percent. It Hrmz Rve of Prace negotiations. Upon italian cloths dress goods j the Gand Viner in reply to server i which she then dec ired Sham never 0, of ate fineness and they claim that the new tax will Dave Roba s dispatch. Anthorn cd him to be Fieh tid until to beam married. Champs my and in 1-fs to Solyman. And which for the or in coined Dorar or in part in them front Blu we. I aft the peace prelim was provided by a Friend with a hit Ory of tie Dynamo in at the of Titi the Rittuc met in aria. A Mintari movement and and without Elti Deil Ashy a. Syria Falu Kimanh. The Bolton i my ration of have Beni inc Dyba Wei instant i a Tarim Supply of butter. I and Art in the Balkon to Indian Mot he included in the Mont of air tar to be coined each j Onder the provi Ioni of the ant act. Such certificates be tender for of off 4ebb wimp err. Ord rent printed i i boat the miming boor con in inc in Jwo in be tone Tot Korthen duration of have Ben the fail to Wei instant i Supply of Bottei when unique Hymen s Torch the bams or rets. A dispatch from 8l Peters Al Sav eve we go awl tool int at Ike Board and and Oftay Namiji and i the in Mih Monarch Texas related by to s ill Candia Koscs Cypret the com Mam. Or. When and his islands of the Egean. The Siren my of which Urey come in Contact. Insure their rapid an old poet an excellent thing a i Xvi an old Low soft voice we an exc woman 7 vow. It probate inv but of i what account is it when Noddene 1 to Cal Ber top of Tot shout after the parting milk Man Rhon cow out Pirdun. Shriek Down into the a Ruhr thai the baht had fallen into the cc4tra. Howl fire for her barn All at the mine the wac be Ike is pretty fond of Bitteti 9bnford it week witty pinned on hit coat a you wife were returning to the Jtj in a two Tripoli and Tunn. Together with pc Bone puget from a Tnp into the Conn in the Sinh. And Armenia in the North _. Or. About ladies Iron town on Unhwa. Indeed the latter Coon try shall i to Becl Simid by As Security or that lying on the wac of the fwd the payment of the War . Great of which atm red their in a word notwithstanding the reported to . Ahem the reptile. Of two pm tone. It wow frt1 trim if n if fair Wrt of Mlodik be of Tram the Pace which a Kow fowl of Nick Arborid drove Back to atom Kow fun grand m offer it Dake Nannt to at Arian opt _. R _ m the Bono no emf of tic to the report of pc win Mill morn or acc War to Tuoti film to com a Bleb to Thorn web me la take drink tatter str pm. Aiu gut that eked font in Brief Unwe m Brief Mamm to May to ibid by fun of Imp we w uni. A who rom
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