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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Feb 21 1878, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly (Newspaper) - February 21, 1878, Marble Rock, IowaWitty. Cd Cut at Floyd in oco. U. Iowa Tow Kittle Bock a stir. Teh my. Pm on Ririe Uin Niht. . In Len this the Caw. What order by doubt every usher or thinks lie ban the Correct rely a cd Tita fivers with elegant n cloth ii Vars Alt Niv Public Alioth Arij Vick s us face so. I. O. C. I1. A tank u Maui ii Hill. Cumuli Lyt Ltd attend. C. C. Btu us. W. C. T. Int. Cure services. At Lau h. Ostrander. Grocer i the on cd Tom Widen Awlik Vikk it uhf out i we Irr _ Bradford Star. In sashes j made or repaired in Washington feb. 12, so a Teher will deny that to by the Spanish have a Tiki order is then Tif marriage of their the most Brilliant of any at the capital this and next in magnificence ail Madame week. Twee Ibe Schuol Nom an Eye is r.iisc.1 re vastly Interr Otilit in the i s a muscle moved not a i Piile is t. They an Isth very Small we hear tin old Cluck j Pri Duee wine of tin Fine innit. I Slifert and to us their faces look just with world. A great Many of Iliesiu Are j when she came to this Conn i in Apt pie order and if any one j the de Tell log in i Tolj Madame a Shidi wore the Japa unfortunate Aslo Siwic be receives s i obvious reasons. Ill a first Cost Uuie Kudolis 1 of i reprimand for disorderly conduct j u0 it r5 i Alj but she soon Laid aside her native i we must admit that this w an orderly i in. Church c a Jess j so Well that she j . But is it necessary Tyr the Banc i us washing either full or Foah kinds of cram do Corn Bat thai if in a fruit. Dues Rei Liti Ini Tine fruit Cam our Cadi in who May want to learn met Hitte about the far Are re then published at it capital of the re three dollars we will furnish and s Alt key Itter to Luis bar of i Addran pc Yosr. The Kris for this Eit Unerv that. S of Fri ill in Ibe a t l i i i Terr Storo. Bikes her Calls without an Iuar fit of the a Cuxil thai thin vol Peter. For country Ziy at the Vini profit. Dive Nie a fall am i also keep of her baby wait the first in that ill life the chit a the w. H. Johnson Murat Bock. S to Aad a tin butt foment it to of ill att land Agear till fact to to to Tiitma 1uo i 3 is in i. R. Frost 4 u 15 Mottl r. In All kinds of work done with i and Jis Piteh and warrant til to time w Ork done will j Oil Lite thu what i can ill at thu i w Akoh Marble Luck. Al 1 of i4c, r. A Baart Judd by the week or fun. Bra Ruck. To Vetr Wirtl a Iofi linifi1. Hut it in Hizy Wrt i Mudify Whu u e willing to work atom Fly the i we Fuji Sinh. Week 1 a tit nut w trunk a disc Timur Yua can ice your Botu Siut to the Ivr i tinn we Lave Etc Nln who r i Lxii Mikit non icy Fui. Al it Money Raftu Tirl k a Mac Vili us Rafi Viliy Nibur j to trek nod c5 Oudt Al Usu e ii. C i mute. Rihl to. A glance a their Hogue Here allows their Luve of i Oai Otry and their predominant their furn Hinga Iverc it Lirie. Lilt milk in to t we a Tinly. Call and i soon you join Marble Ruel. I a Way lilt if Ali cry n l been a Deal of j published. Ruin Here in but two Mun hit but j we have for i of and the mostly if Many teachers to at at the of which i Tach More Inick Irmanee their i . The air heavily perfumed Bitu to the Sianii Fatturini and Devil j a l not Ken 90 in edit Bartut the of j us and regulations that in be Mitt we the to her As do some of Guileth of real japanese Silt. Main in the game school Tot any length us i i univ rules be beige facial but 1.1 Iliin s now stand each term brings a in and Codea. Connect Russ As at Burlington Slih will sort Rawlw Toan Auvaa my Idimar to the bus _ _ _ Jqhn good1cller Anim tit with Cicat a Wei Rel Udall a Roku. And with a i soil for nil ii i tiny k. J. W. Oakum oar Stock consists of dr7 goods Charles City. J. S. Win m i Trigg r Jacob Baier. Khz Vloyd Foamy real cite. Painters in Ewy pc tin the states and provinces to answer thin u d Vert is ii int. F. 3 we Hogton j. For a. For at Wilt i i no inc fire Vitt. In. 1 a Milwit Titt univ inti of it 0 k it n Tut it us Iii till mint with i Rii fur ii Ilia. T in Lloil Iti Lii Una i Mut with bib omit s. Xvi a thru k j Ini Mil of. A Vitten with pm into it. N. K y Kir truer a Iii Virtu Tel Ciufi a. At Efti Erlicht Fri adv fall with j for it. To hip Sinas at Shell kick with Al Nihti Jun Tiwi Ullh Tsi. Uail Tir for a writ Ritj 4 at Al Muni. Witk Makau it is. I a Kail allow re for in a Junction. Wit v of i shoes hats Caps. And Croc Bjes boots shoes and everything pertaining to dry goods. L a. Imi him til in Are of daily hat Inu Uli time is wasted , and nightly ones shall we the order that u so Esse ii ital. That n great it Ftp upon what our ideas of order Sre based but Urs Aust in brought to see and to fee ski every Une will do his and her Ery in Tiv Way and and Trum now till Day an abrupt 9tup to social i Tiv cities. Siili Dikiy Sharno Iii and Tim i of Inch Rumore the tar can acco Meluh a in nothing to attract their Day evening Are now Given up to the White in i a on sat urday called mrs Lalica Aud in the evening or. Haves in tvs. U the Otens Tuure than four not the of buildings i to been very much but to i Otto taken u them in a von Dilion. Directly after fire the president a Poilu All tour Public Tii Dinu s. Which this item land article is being made reunited in the , with the greatest care. I of he t he a Flats Are As wonderful Ami w k i bunding in City satisfactory As Ever. It a stoics Gray or Fajolo hair o its l Onitt Voitl Ifill Cuylor. 1 Are extremely to heat but the subject in band . Mint be recur Vej i we Lrtil the Best and when lie Tea Char is really Inteia. In a i Only in their intellect Ual. A and social welfare there will u Lew in i hike of wilful Dis order. , i he contrary there will la a Levi i a Jii Earie. Fellow teach er.-. My. Succeed in the Noble Prolo i Jii have chosen Siake Yungr of a Klmk-5. U removes nil Iti big and the a coot is liable to i ram Lnier. It rivet me can a Cool fir ill. Holt Lions of i Lieut com i fort Anil the use i which if ignited would i trn Witti 6cicnt heat to Uiselt the like retd. St. I us i Nua j Miri Colu while Anil clean. By its Tonio properties it a Stow Gunels to their norms u has been the i vigor Jirec venting Liall Ness. And Mak ing the grow thick and Strong. As a dressing nothing lifts been Mounil so effectual or Pilosi Ralic. A. A. Haves . State and latest pattern. Of says. Ton Are pure and carefully selected for excellent Quality Ami f Dir .11 Imhuf Cut i. Tuff f Wilch. N. W. Railway Peter Tim. Of along. And Cut cry Yankee notions Etc., All of which we offer to the Public m Alifi Lei West living profits. I i of ii 1" and at of Wjt City Tinc tied. With a f of Llulu St f for ill. St 1 Kiili it Sif try a beak no Tri tickets i Ibe United us k. Of Wissi out. J. Ives. 1 b. F. M1lu-. Ave. Ticket Al Darf Marble Rock consider it the bust Pera Katuck its i som Dwter. boo s. For the whiskers. This elegant preparation May be re lied on to change the color of the heart from Gray or any other to Brown of lick at discretion. It is easily not Plavil. Being in of Ami quickly and ally products a Wrt Nancut color which Iii ii Illier our Oft. Or r. P. Imu 4 lilt 17 ill but mob. I. M. Hutches a co., Grain dealers we receive deposits buy approved paper j us sell ex-1 ail do u i general Hig Liest Market Price for All kinds of paid of. Heater roots shoes shoves. , trunks Saatchi Lender whap leather if hair Oil whip Curr Combs and brushes. Rheal Jowh Price paid for Ilia and i clan. To file Nway in Widen cases in the attics Lii. Rioh3 departments. In the i . .1 Lions there ire enough of thaw if piled til feel Hijji and placed in to reach three Miles. A project i v or . Mil. The Benefit of our renders i will Endeavor to i a few items of interest can never Tell when it will j celebrated that will be it will we had a week i a rent bar join. Rvs r pretty weather com j it this of just Chris maj. The j ground was Froien three or four deep and the Mercury fell to fifteen decrees Alcove Micro but the frit has i All left the around now and the farm j Era have and now j Ini Airai Anil ill Kiv that the cold i weather is Over for this Winter. I take it All in All. Shia is a very pull country and when once fully developed will be one of the finest in the world. It has a healthful i-1 Uwate air soil plenty of a Ood water Good markets an Inicha tunable wealth of lumber and minerals and traversed by numerous navigable streams in nearly All direct j Lions. Be sides a failure in crops a in hair vigor for restoring Cray Var to its of Turfitt Mality color. Which is agreeable healthy Anil effectual for pc scr via a the hair. Fluted at Gray Kiti Rii torn to its tirely unknown when a wan tows he i Lii it known just what he shall reap. Yet j a necked and Etta t would not advise my friends who have Home to out Here vol tsp the Orek ii Ini Nii i and Fly its jut such Aid i remain can be for useful new drive Yon away. Now As Niv letter is rather lung. 1 conclude by subscribing myself 1 ourt ik., j c . Kalanii a our application Lostell of foul occasional use will prevent the hair from turning Gray or falling Ort and pro but Barb est. Free i from Thwe Ilett Truus. England would Hue in ally i n i Fiok up the Aoril a Sinh . The avid constantly Ais Etc 1 that Austria ol1 England in such a War she had More to Lew Mereat Eon gre5, of Power that Dye in aloes not 1 inv tin country. As t was bound by every Wal Lone of u. Just Iii any Power i in Marki Ite in bated upon in ,1. fax aide. U now on foot to constr not a thoroughly fire proof building m be used1 prettily for Safe keeping of All pub Lic records not a current where they an be arranged for examination and convenient reference when needed. The models of patents de Troyea or involved Fay the fire last fall. Was 000, and before the re Frau was fairly cooled on of restoration we Markd in in part based upon in Iorii nation from the Rea Identa and will apply to the country on both of the Oinui Tibia River West of the t is in general covered with non Eros Fertile . With the cd Scep Tii Willamette Valley and i Thiu in Washington county country in Ostly covered wit i very Large fir Timber which in Lirtie in to Clear As there is much resin in the that the it wipe am Rootkit will not can Only by taken out by burning or grubbing. There Are. However some Niall patches of Prairie sometimes containing several rained and considered. A Force of Lviv All Over this part of billed mechanics helpers and labourers the these All taken t _ _ m r i was appropriated tar i Flatt Ken. My Mara Era Fott Ilabe. N. Mutl to Alai Milf a win aim Ami ii Niit Tea Tel Lor an Linn l of and dealer in and a less than my weeks time models were restored. Over then the work on and there Are now Over Elaia sight that an lie put into Zihni and Gael us condition. It is wonderful How much can lit made from Lite a of and bars All out of shape and welted together which i a Novice u much like seeing Chine an Luy rack through the Rindfl Sii l Bright Beautiful acid shapely. Another a will he necessary Liet Ore n this Branch of the work is compleat in 1, if not tin far from quite valuable. What we Here mean by near mar is near some navigable Agreatt for when the people living Hen litre any thing to sell tic a haul it the near a y in to. Lutier Only Benefit hat nut Barm it. If wanted merely sir a hair dressing nothing the ran be chant to Lerir y neither Oil nor soil White Cambric on us hair giving Lustre Aud grate Fri that had the Pluck to inverse the line of russian . England. M we j expected. Is that Power. Now King land and Austria Are a unit in a Poos lion to Russia with Imi Neim resources j in men and material. Al the same i time geographical position of f All about to soil climate i a u such taken in connect inn with and its 1 Are the naval Weer of England that rib j Kievan Kansas farm Kkt a Sia is placed be own two fires. Ans weekly in its 15th. Y r. 1 Oit. Truta can Cut Rumril s line of Cun Yinru 010- prepared by or. J. C. Ayer i i Vowell. Kas8. Kansas. Of. I the River it the w River arc a teething like a on a Railroad Allt. Do i to on the when certain of the Steak is handkerchief and they will Lac ration in Knipe in a very abort time j and thus imperil her Amie Miuji in both Roku Hawk and Bulgaria. Eng land can hold both the and i army in Ibre Tenini that in Alia. No wonder in this Pic Tan Ibert St. Peterburg fall Spott Germany to draw the sword in favor of but upon what pretext can la Sov the has i Bat Remote interest in the War. While to Austria it it a pruning Kunia seeks to shut jut Austria i a Paw dirt to the Tuci sea Tillro the Oahu be which River u her natural i j. K. In ii son. He pm Luckjr Tajti a Biga Ani wot the Lac Farmer Jauw few inti Lii m emr Wurr met us lint Worth or he tur Tow is i in tin her Lului Marie of the Oak turned stat of. Witryk of . Al of s. Murray fresh for costom re at All have at a expend a meat re Fri Crater where Wiy Melf Are kept and schoolteacher sex our drug store pm Ynar Achaj Leitne i i far a i twi we it tact _ confectionery. We time Jay. to that fms w. F. Hat.t., Ute of Sycamore Iii., being Pir located it i Korble Bock method of Lac Pablic that he w prepay re to an All kinds of Joi s my trim will Eupr of vat of thu Back Alt a nil but when it it will be far perfect ail splendid than Ever out of evil. Whitney. The Waterloo in r i the Siuw Railroad Bill Are several Hills land Tiia Tiri i lain in county Oregon is said to be about thirty Miles there a wry i Here text Tel in the in extent in either direction. It Highway. She at the so ratio. Either directly or through i Turkey. In either or both the very integrity of the austrian Empire no a Guider that we find to the i Well m n Ontl in Itric. If i a threw i i in Tea animus Tittl am Kail dim inc try to a Tab Ramos Carriage length Hysna Fondu Hen Wolf fact i Law with id very Proi i ktok8 fur Eban Gra or in our present Law Aad the and j and Beautiful Prairie with Prophet. Prof. Tire of Jwj there Rove or i National Small Bell of and Mhall fir j Ixta. In. Which j h is. Like the Willamette Valley finc of weather Lor in j the oldest and Best in prowl itch a Marly before the i or the St a. The rest of the in we Kwh Hll my am Al styles of country All a new appearance for Diw Rion by which the the original Makrs hate wot Lieen Able 4 Slimme Phi Stolfs there to be a among very improvement but j the Itie people awl the pros am the meet j to Bare a fail j of part at Pray till value i Ben of Arake hmm Almont Cert now and if lowly kor All Twe Bill incl Mie Tow Enki Shonto the Connulty Juh m develop i my of to the of King in the Nevber w the of Towk or. Wils fun s and if will product Twenty what of of ffmtct1 f. 7 a boat per Atte. J the Lam More labor to per Tor a Fry and Lai m Mats to n. Tick co. A. few All h. B. Hershc a of a Natiw. Iran it fur a crop the j ill Aff Mim of the j a Emp of Winbur wheat us j store a 1 Alwana w m twice to
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