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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Feb 20 1896, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - February 20, 1896, Marble Rock, IowaY vol. 21 no. 28. Marble Rock Floyd county. Iowa feb Traky to 1s9g. Terms a year compound liquid Sulphur Ojera cure the Chicago later Ocean strikes the is saving thousands of dollars Lor Iowa j note in the following extract from Farmers. Thoroughly tested in the an editorial answering Louie of the free worst cholera infected dist its of Traje doctrines of the Chicago Tribune eleven mates and proven beyond doubt j rom j i Ine j Tribune minor Mckinley 10 to tiie Grea Iusi Uisu Xury Olllie age and it and the Only guaranteed remedy j he is a protectionist Ever placed on the Market Lor the pre warns the republicans that the country vestion and cure of hop cholera. With is in no humor to return to the old the enormous Corn crop and present 8iokinley schedules. The inter Ocean prices 1.0 Farmer can afford co he with j _ out compound liquid Sulphur Hole j a cure. Not Only the Best but cheap j if there is Oce thing that Republic just relied a on the Market cos ing less j cans Are in Earnest about it is the protect than one Quarter of a cent per Day for j Tion of american industries. Any Man who is not blinded by prejudice and has each hot head our lists. For Sale by a on l. Hawks Corii rejigs. Teen years. The people everywhere seem to want it. Eighteen years and it is strange that the legislature does no make it thus. If a Lilly. Has introduced a Resolution looking to the amending of the state Constitution and providing that each county shall have one representative in the House of the representation being based As it now is on population. In or. Temple s plan Polk county will be the Only county having two representatives each of the others will have at 1 m. Elvorth Lra Xue at 530. J in All Republican whether in Traver Revti Iii i pastor. City or country. Christi is Cubukcu prese bus Suflay at i it is Protection to Ain Elican Indus that is going to elect the nest lung. Will Kek sundays it 11 . And p. In. Voting Peoples input Init at 1 Raycra Vicc thug tuesday lieu Iuler. Cru in it sin Lay in each Mon thai 11 . Aud y. M. school every sunday at in a. M. Services in the j not his ears stopped with foreign Wool at there Are seventy live must know this. It is the talk every counties with one representative each where of the stump and on the Street nine with two each and fifteen counties in fact everywhere that men Are doubled or trebled and represented every Resolution passed thus by one to become a Law this Resolution must be approved by two successive Legislatures and then be submitted to a popular vote when if ap-1 j proved it will become a part of the Eon publican a resilient by a great expected j Stit ution. Or. Temple is a Host to majority for there ars a million or two himself and is supported by some of with much Jurnee that the encouragement so far has been granted to agriculture and one to manufacture. The want a building in which to exhibit the products of Iowa s manufactories and it should be Givan them. J Harble Rock As a factoring town. What makes the Han this desirable object can be polished by her citizens. While looking Over Harris Cole establishment Cedar Falls last week we were led of voters who in were led tis trav the strongest Nien in the House. This by the foolish idea that free Trade would j measure will make fur Fly when it is bring better times and voted for Gro Tuioi school Lious a. H. Grant pastor. Societies. A. It. A a. .11. A v. A a. Stone Lodge no. Communication w full ii you. Bothers in f on 6 _ Good cordially to attend. Robbert la upset w. M. S. It Davis. Sec. It o. O. F. Laible Lotae to. 3ik. Sirels thursday of Earh week. Cordially invited. A. Ii x u. Ii. Tosev kiss. Sec. Lodge to meet tuesday of each Brethren invited. K. Evv Ai c. C k. Of . 1. L. Or n. The old tuesday a Wirht in each month in Odd Fellows Hall. To. W. Prc-5. K. J. Ackley. Dec. Sec. It. K. C. At the Home of 31rs. So owner the and cd thursday of each month at -3 o clock . Mks. K. A. Site want Lurus. Mrs. Chei Stika ice u. A. Marble Stockpot to. To. 30s. Duet i of each in onto. Ver Cleveland. They a e seen tiie Lolly of it and Are now just As anxious to go Back to Protection As Are the old line republicans to stand by it. The Mckin Jcj Law has no terrors for theut. Under Itiat Law their families had r before to to eat and to Wear the furnaces stud Iii j roared and the spi Niiles Bunij and they want to hear that singing and again. The fact is that every Republican who is spoken of for the presidency is sound on the subject of Protection. If the editor of the Tribune an show that brought Forward. As to school legislation there is a Bill before the legislature providing for five additional Orinel schools the location of such schools to be determined by the Senate Aud House in joint convention the necessity of the passage a Bill is seen from the following Fli Jures taken from superintendent a bin s last report Are about 17 600 school rooms i d the state. In lsq4-y there were teachers with no experience in teaching and others having an experience of less than would be him a. Kurr Tohn . Terms of court-4th monday in january. 1st monday in 2nd mini us ill is it Weber. Slid monday in november. of Lune chairman Charle City Phillip Stiltz. Marble Kock Timothy pippin Rockford chiche Fier Kidd Merrill silts Multi pigs Monty in april. June and september Aud Dud in november. County officers. Auditor. Treasurer. Clerk of the courts acc order. . Surveyor. County attorney Coroner Georges Hanford m. Carr a. 7t. Merr Iraan k.1i. f. A. Lion inc i rank Ling Eufe Der 1. Knickerbocker Tovi Islip of Lichts. Of the Peaco y. P Walster s h Doris constables Charles t hex i e Winchell c Barland. M Merrion. C w Bowman and j ii Merfert. City Foll can. Ziajor recorder. Treasurer. Street com Jet Hal Iloth h b to Erik Rani to Mai in 0 a a b lies c a tend. Win Fletcher ii Hoie Krans. Chus be Sucre a i Meier. Ii b me Union school Bihar a. President. Ii c Garland. . Ii k Mei. R. John one year. Thus Nearh one half our an one of them is not his mine would j teachers Are or be Ichabod. And immediate withdrawal work and who but Hule i hence. Many of them when they be j. J. Jott the chairman of the free work have never seen any Silver party issued a Long address j Nolller than that which at tended As pupils. How do we stand when compared with other states in which to Calls Iree Silver men to join hands and go with the free Silver party. We predict that no party i can elect a president upon a single is Bas four Sevan. Normal s Illinois four at to believe that Marble Rock had the nucleus of a nearly similar Plant in the present manufacturing establishment of Robert Ramsay. Only a few years ago the Cedar Falls term manufactured wooden pumps and was considered but a Small Industrial establishment while now a new bran Eli has been added in the House furnishing department which employs in tiie neighbourhood of 1uu men making it rank among the first class institutions of its kind in the state. This was accomplished by Iho citizens of Cedar Falls taking hold and raising a Bonas of us a Dona Tion to place the new Plant upon its feet. It has proved of great Benefit to Cedar Falls and no citizen regrets his share of the investment. Charles City owes her Forward March Jcj the investment in the German College while Nora Springs Lias been a. Hundred times repaid for the outlay made upon the Seminary or. Ramsay has worked up a Fine business in the water tank line and is shipping them to different parts of i he state with increased facilities he could extend this Branch of his Busi Ness a Hundred old and furnish steady and profitable employment to a Large nuo Iber of hands. It is our experience based upon years of close observation that manufacturing establishments must be built up by the people who afterwards enjoy their benefits and profit anti no Etnix Fassaei Susetts ten Washington three air. Wot is Loizea Poa Moty i irom their Prosperity every Farmer but Keu some of the other Groat issues were reached the party Zouki split As a ship driven upon the hidden locks in i Pennsylvania thirteen. New York eleven. Iowa one. To is Nofe intended 1 that these new schools shall at once rival the Cedar Falls Normal. They r of course. We be 9 i got them. You a want pri0e.s, so Low you can t find them. The Best Money can buy and a clean fresh Stock a to choose from. The one Price clothiers. The Ocean. A successful party must be 1 arc intended to be training schools for Able to Airree upon the principle issues necessary to carry on a successful government and these issues Are Many and fully As important As the coinage o i those teachers who Are working in the i Rural districts and in the smaller Vil Lages of the state. The coarse will be limited to two years and will be largely confined to the elementary branches. Silver. The great majority of the poo pie now Mote interested in Protic i the Ter a Besl can Tion than they Are in free Silver. With-1 p cured wil1 by placed in out work the poor Man will starve no i them Wilh a View of be of same s at our very doors and is Only limited by ilm capacity to manufacture them. In connection other articles of like nature. Be Trade in the same factory and to believe an investment of tin s kind would Brina big return to the people of Marble Kock. This is a proper lung for discussion in our Busi men s meetings and we Hope to see the subject thoroughly investigated in matter How much Silver is coined at the the Naar future. The old saying god helps them that help themselves is teaching in those schools in which a i True of this matter. To Lindren Blain the shorten jail sentence Ever be education. The intention is to bring stowed upon any person was recently the Means of preparation to the doors of j adjudged upon Jacob mounts a 31 or Gay torn w. Man who was in see the wheels turn round and the chimneys belong Forth their smoke and until the free Itha tmchei3 who need a Silver party might As Well go out of j Are working away on for stealing a dog Bat As dogs business. We predict that Silver will be treated in the near future than it is Dow. But the change will be made by the old parties and of the code and expect to be Able to pre sent some of the results of their labors to the houses nest week. The committees find the to k heavier than they Ter some of the More important ques. Expected but some think thai it can Lions have been disposed of. Give the cd do Uhls republicans a working majority in j As the Laie wears the lends Are not property in that state the charge was changed to stealing a dog Chain. He was accordingly convicted and received a sentence of 100 seconds in . The nest Congress and Allison or me Kinley in the White and the Silver question will a settled to the i of a building and loan measure Are growing restless because something has not been done. A sub committee of satisfaction of a Large majority of the la acc however 1vom be on this Cifes. I Larrv Packman h to Barland Jokn Ciao Esbert urn is 11 b Ilene a John Gates s per Char. 9 ceo w 10 Sam shatter american people. Building and loan Las been appointed to draft a Bill and will doubtless be Scott township Olli curs March g x Baldwin. Beers Coy Bailey. Town w a Chrobon. Kinney. W it r and a Carer. Scott township school Board. Pride it. E Secretary. George x jiul Duin treasurer d Derrick 1 Jolius Bishop 3 Bruce 2 k w Barber n e j Chas l Kir. T born Arr .mc.cook, 4 loin Ahart. S j v Jeff Rev i e j. and convey Ancer. And collection agent. Tii sur Alicc and estate Money o loan on Short or Long Init in sums to suit Costi Unoras sock Tut discovery saved his life j heard from in a few Days. G. J 111., to or discovery 1 owe my life was taken with la Grippe and tried All the Phi j their meeting was of much interest simians Tor Miles about Bat of in they visited the legislature and were the Pioneer Law i session Here on the makers were in Luth and 14th. The House of representatives last saturday Defeated the Senate free Coin ale Bill by a vote of 215 to 00. The Republican plan is to keep Protection to the front and no other Issue will be Able to Side track this Cardinal Princi ple of republicanism. After Protection is reinstated the Money question will receive due consideration at the hands of the t.3 and Vril b to the satisfaction of the people. General Cyier has adopted a policy sail and was Civen up and told that i j received with marked Courtesy. Among j of inhumanity towards the cuban in s them was aunders of could not live. Lla Viag or. Kin new discovery in my store i sent for a who was a Delegate in a bottle and began its use and from the the i Tho cowers will Civ leu Power win Spanish Oon Cral to Oon opa Nisu general co Oon arc rare but Here Are some 8ure. It have several lines of ladies Fine shoes and we propose to close them out As a bargain this is the Price on a special offering of la Dies Fine shoes Worth and in nearly All sizes. Every pair is a great bargain ind deserves attention. We want to sell you your shoes and we Are going to make prices to do it. Geo. W. Gates. First dose began to get Belt Rand after convention that formed the Constitution w3r without Quarter to his foes using three Bot Les was to and about under which Iowa was admitted to the j any of time Cuba again. It is Worth us weight in old j Union. He. A party of 0 shake off he Yoke we won t keep store or House without it. Get a free trial bottle it a. 0 Asper go s drug stors Des Moines letter. Men from Nebraska is Here in the in arc Weller s policy May be the Teresi of a great trans Mississippi is of Brinne this about much sooner position to be held in Omaha in 1s08 than the humane treatment of general these gentleman All seem to think that Campos the exposition will prove a great Boon the legislature As usual is Beins to the trans Mississippi states. Cure Bob a Renc j _. By for All forms of sleet no bombarded by petitions. J he is Nat j the governor has signed first Bill j of incurs has prov Coj of by Lac very bust let the people make their wants known i in is a Siuw the i t a permanent cure and and insist upon bems served by their near Manchester to the general govern j dreaded a habitual sic1 headache yields Ferbank the government will construct a to its influence we urge All who Are c k 1 i .1 r n i afflicted to procure n bottle and give the of consent Lias been the creat fish Liat Ncry thereon. T b i a j la Ermeav a fair Tea in cases of Bone of Contention in the Senate the legislature i As sed to make past week. The committee to whom appropriation for a till was reported a i j two clauses ago Horn i to fourteen and i can. A t Tiabi Tuimil electric bitters cures by the needed tone to the l i on the air around to this bowls. No Lew cases Long resists the thir come not from the fair we it once i i As i it but from bodies old fifty at a j. Asper Horny report of stators sixteen and vials 1 the manufacturers of Iowa. They say do r of feel sick disease commonly comes on with slight symptoms which when neglected increase in extent and gradually grow dangerous. If you suffer from headache dyspepsia of indigestion louvre bilious. Constipated or have liver complaint Taki Ripans tables Ripans tables Ripans tables for Offei Isle breath and All d1sor tj5c i Daub Amdi mitc of the stomach t15e Elrand to bulb Kip ans Tabares regulate the system and preserve the health. To take. Quick to act one gives sold by drug lists or by mall def Terr tie Price 50 cents i Boi is sent Stu it. Lent company. 10 Spruce st., a Airita rial 10 cents

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