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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Feb 19 1891, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - February 19, 1891, Marble Rock, IowaVol. 16 no. 29 Marble sock Floyd count feb. 19. 1s91. Teems 81.50 Yeak to this machine is Flash 96 cents wheat 00 to 75 cents Gates 3s 10 40 Corn to to 87 hogs to with i past week f. Willie the else Tina March 2nd, 1s9i. Aha Long Waie town last Vrcek. De. Cark and wife Aro visiting in tews. Kev. Devo preached at Joreane Lait sunday. It was quite Sloppy last saturday under foot. Or. Crofford of Rockwell sunday de in tout. H. Lose returned monday from in Teota trip. Willie Abino of Rockford was in i town saturday. O , was 1 Goin to compel us to Rel Stivros 2nd friends the dirty a Magnant. Oil Tintel she returned to Elma water during to e it orld c fair if so it bad belter order Owr coffins and i it for the Frauen feet Buforo Tea set Sid i Rise -.3 Bitch their Tei Taj sit aboard a for reit i urday of of there being such h i crowd a town. Of Jerry advocate j we wish i say to tha Public that j the cd stun Church is entirely out of debt and we wish to thank those that i in this work. T3y Coin. Teachers association at Nora Springs j. F. Nora Springs Tott of Mirble Rock Ejaine up tues Day to visit her ass Gater in. . Devol now Nhat it is to act there doable Quick for we know he tried it san re dedication j another lot of crackers 7 Day on or 21st, a Good program prepared i he end 0? co., supt. He Outch Icson Al stairs by Rucj and son and wife and mr-., of Greene attended s. Walster son hardware tinware stoves harness a whips Robes horse blankets Etc. I the re dedication of the m. J. Lydic and lady of Greene were j at this place sunday. In town sunday. See change in Davis read locals. B. J. Oikam Wai a Church my r i to i lie Lioio Winier irom Liow etl a i Rint cars Lak is about right. When you of the Marble Rock Church. The Methodi to people of our Ritj held a very enthusiastic Oise Long last Sujay. Beia. The re opening of j their cur cd which has been under re a 1111 11 pairs since about the 15th of december. J ust Rocc Lvcy and will by sold at pm pcs 1 l Kitto Ringhof the Bell. Purchaser. People began pouring in by 11 o clock Tbs spacious auditorium Tatry and were completely packed at j which Iuie Tho services opened by Ibe of that i come be Loro in Templet acid let your jays be Mishich j was to y by choir 11 e at Stock of Staple t we fancy groceries j want to know about any business House of Midi of Tho Largo cities write to the phone local newspaper if the firm u of any and congregation followed by i by Kev Taylor of Greene. Scripture icon was then read by Portor h j Loi Lowed by a very Fine div Tini butter Ami Davis Bro s. He of any course by Trev. J. H. Hayward of vertigo Watt Sheffield from Habakkuk 3rd chapter elder Fleming ii to i a week. Win. Crabtree has been building a barn for r repairing neatly and promptly done. J Stretti last saturday. My a. Rockford was in town monday. Say Newton j. How do Tou. Like primary Pun ulment Sam Rex will save you Money by Freij a ti5itins a town heard a the John Sherman of Spencer aimed in town the past Lew Days. Miss Mirtle Clark liar gone to Clear Lake for an extended visit. Barry Bedell of Shipin Sun Dayed with Hii folks North of town. To see by the Rock will Bro s and an Digraph that town a troubled with account you will 6od had the Light get set in the Home paper. A Man to be popu j 10q 2nd verse -0 lord i have heard j Lar abroad Rusit be reset std at Hatif by b and a Man who does not advertise his re Tye Bort Buai Oess Auyong Iii neighbors not to receive much attention any Hora Springs the police Bro. Mcewen. Revival look Here on him. He Sells Good flour Buck wheat flour Graham Corn meal and flour also will insure you in the Phoenix of Hart Ford and state companies. City fint Cal net photo can tie my gallery for Verdece it began to look As if Sui doomed to go up in smoke. Mrs. Vanmyers and master Vic fairs Suud cd Al Roc Fortl. B inc tree of Minnesota groups a specs Bis been i siting it Liis Rimini to. Codie one Forest Rosca Krutis has gone to Sot what l. Freehand of Koreti Ord. I has to about picture in this it tue. I it my inv to Giro him a Call when in Nee j of anything in his Hae. The Baptist ladies will serve i Mic sociable at mrs. Judd be ninja feb. In. Come Oue come All did have a Good time. To Are we going to have for Minot that is inc que Caiiou that seems to Puzzle our citizens. Nve would the Nara of c. F. Greenwood milk cans cheap j Willotis. The ladies Aid society of Christian Church have 10 cent so Uible at the residence of mrs. E b Waynea next tuesday feb. 24. Come All. Joseph Willoth keeps a full Stock of Tim Vare. Give Lutu. A Call. About i l couple of via nor people gave a Lutle social Dunca at the opera. Jast to tidy etching. These dances probably to kept us daring 1 the Winter. S. W. And k. W. Soesbe ii arc Pur chased of j. B. Be Pardon an in Terest the Hoot Bank and hereafter tiie boys will Hava tic Lucive management of the business a or. leaves this week for an extended visit in Cal. Where lie has Large interests to look after. The bust Ness in future will be known under tha firm name of Shepardson Yocabe co. We have wih a our Lotrn Hajeo to believe that they will nuke the Husi Nen flu Cem in our neighbor Cit Ai they in this Hud All and see for yourselves. If h Bell Plaine for an visit Tea ladies of the Chritian Church will have a fair in the near future. The collector was in Loire j last Friday Joo tin. Up the of j lid prohibitory Law. We understand j he ii Oil up Outi to one Tillow i from the country. A. Koscin Konns of Marble Rock by gone South for a stay of Rcv Cal reeks. He a in poor health and Hopes to re invigorate Liim in the Tropic airs of Tho Gulf. We Trust to will succeed in his quest ii. Waller has old Bia farm in Scot township to David Rieker of Butte mon., and we understand will make this City hire future Home. Or briefer has been in Trio mining Busi Ness for Nikanj Jenna an 1 Zilfo has i Peru in de Muth Iii Stock raising to a Luck hid ass Purchase to de voted in Large in fact i country Lawn Ami wife arc City work and getting Over a Boj at tech Lowe. Kovit Ord Nii Olio us Ludl Liq i Mth at this was never in a Ziora j prosperous Coati a that h a i Pitnor t unon fusible to Supply the a j of his Cuil Iii is. J of opener. J Ohari ring Inion Ami Viiu Miner or cars a town lust sat r. C. Of isoclcford., keeps one of the Best As As one of the cheapest grocery stores to be found in Northern Iowa. He will sell you i4lbs.of granulated sugar for vinegar the choicest at 25 cents per gallon. Kerosene at 12 and is cts Pere Al cheese 10 cents per Pound. And All other goods in proportion me a Call. R. C. Mathews Rockford Iowa. R. Ramsey of my dealer in Sash doors window and door doors window screens Brack ets balusters and Newell posts. Of All kinds. Thart teas a crowd in Atun Danee at dedication exercises Sun Day. Or. And mrs. Jay. Smith of Garnar arc Tho Happy parents of a ten Poland boy. Oar reporter failed to report i of mu3 Edith As per last week. Gottlieb chief Fly of Garner been visiting in Toff a the past two wests. Rev. Hayward of Baffield delivered Thi dedication address at this place sunday. Her. Taylor of Greene helped in the re dedication Ere cues at this Clarc last sunday. T u Bowman and Adam Yerrick have been visiting in i Ost Vilie j the past week. Some of our citizens rushed the 30n a Little bit list Zatur Darr by Vare intr Straw Gurciu waa Fedaj. Frau Munro turns tuesday. Eve i was absent Friday. Mary Miller the Chicken pox. Lena claim is ars it from school. Casrie Smith is Able to at school. Alaiti Earl d1u Smith Trio absent pupils of miss Edith Asper s to esd j room will give a sub web sociable j f Lorr a in feb. Is the time for our p t of be Fisk i nday with in Furmer , d Tel Ford and Maui ill. City Ile publican there will be preaching at the hns Tiaa Church next Sandar at 11 a. People who Quavc never Ute cob to tabs to and get a Tush. Or. Alvah Lonj and miss Virgle were United in marriage wednesday feb. 11, at 1-2 to., her. A. B Shrader being the Osci attn clergy med they will make their future Home in where they go at Republican sew supper the Aid society of the Church will Serre a hot Tupper at 51133 Keith Asper is again Able to be in her place Menza Hubbard Able to attend school again Sadie Forbes Wai absent monday and tue Duy speaker a the i Ranry room Fri Day afternoon. Charlie is Abndt from school on account of sickness. Frank Porter a visitor of the grammar department Friday. Midst of the Jears in the in Dot of the years Mako known in Wrath Retna Bep after which a proceeded to raise the Ballane of which amounted to boat thing Orar after Raia 102 a portion of the amount the Congre Traa Didium Saied until i o clock at i that hour the House was again Well filled and ret. Hay Ward proceeded and raised the full amount to liquidate the debt. The choir then Sang a Lovely dec and chorus Laiso me Jesus to thy after which to sacrament the lords supper Wae Adasii estered to a urge number of communicants liar Zuj which time such a perfect still Mesa that none could hejp1 feeling the to Crunity of the occasion and the words of the blessed Savior when be said j As Oft As to do this do it in re men i Braticic of immediately after in a very befitting Mamie Kev Hiya rate i dedicated the Church to almighty j free from All Iod Jbf Ednas which Wai a Alatise of rejoicing As was Tojiu feat de by the audience a abort Conseola j Uoti Una then hold in which inc j them Salvia j anew to Gol and to his service. Thu choir then a Beautiful Anthem Veall be which closed Tho Days work. We would not forget just hero to make Specula men Tion of Tho choir who ret. Dared such i Abruce Sunug the mrs. B. Oaks regular organist mrs. Or. Birney of or j. Giles Aad mias u indie Marfin Mii a Emma boons Alto or. J. Sherman of Spencer and or. Ii Bass or. B. J. Tenor. While All the Ding ing was excl Cut and attractive to the car Etwo Luul special mention should be made of the Beautiful duet and chorus Liaise is Jesus to thy Sung by met i racy miss not info j. Her lao find b. J. Oaks though Tho Sigyr we will not forces Tho song who att Mohd. Tech next week Moori s to oat store building saturday Tho intermediate has their room feb. List. Supper ready at 5 o clock. Chicken pie. Baked Brown bread Etc for 25 cents. Yuang people spec Miry invited or. And mrs. Olivcr the ajar ars perhaps the oldest married Woupio in j tins iia Viag been turned in proved by Loire new curtains. The primary room will give a in the near future further will be Given. On Acciani of the fixing up of the primary room there were by school in Ila room last Mon Jay. Administrator s notice. notice is ii remit of Ives. That the undersigned Kis Thia been appointed and con Nils i any ii the District court of county in the state of Iowa administrator of the Kitte of Lucy inmate deceased and All persons Hanny claims Laid Eunite Are hereby no Lifis to file Ali eos with the clerk of said court clearly stated and duly Jiff to to within Lesal t Laie. Preparatory to their being allowed or Alt Persona owing said estate Are requested to in my Diane pm Vincnt to the undersigned and avoid costs. Ii timid at in Rule j t oct Iowa thit 13th Daj of february. A. D. 1s01. L. J. , . We Rise to in Staple and fancy groceries or panned flour Ander Ovlious truck err glassware cigars and tobacco we keep the Best. We especially invite banners to come in and sex their butter and eggs we defy Competition in and Price. I. G. F. Bro Ami Ingalla tend father of the Greene recorder Wai in town Lait Friday on Busio Esi. Jests ago the 14th. Day of this to onto j Anna Mai will is Able to attend the born in York and came Clio it she has Becco absent Ijar to a purity 111., when Chicago Souie Timaio on Acu umut of sic Tiesi. Kob cd 1 ass. In planes at the contend of i for tbsp was not a Verj Large town. The cause Here about three yours am Are i living in a Bouic by them Devi on u. J m t p it. Are 7o year old Dlos or a. M. Of the m of in m Niesto Mcdonnell a i a. It i i c received s at i office. Who can beat it it Waban t j Inch of a Dij for photos either. J Gold ring with j. K fing Atefi on it. Finder please save j at this Osce and raw isl. I Ila Xii Ramsay h5 is going to i Thorton to Day to superintend the erection of 3 Small Abed mansion. Election notice the dance to Haye been Given at the i opera House on of Raj night has been until Jouce. Mrs. K. C Tift of Marble Rock i her sister it h. The first of via 1 and j olt Moas of Rockford Are the Gosstas or and mrs s. H. This week. Annual election of the of Marble Hock will to held at Marble i Rook Homie. , Larch ii Wil open at 9 o clock a. 11. St i o clock 1 m. The i following corporation of scars an to be elected major. Recorder. Trei Sarer to fill Aad Loizous. Her Carcara for March i Iii prote that it do Serici the Litls the new Faalii Jet plate it an immense improvement on the old j Stylet one and will he a to All tin the opening article i in 13 Adini Rabl de and written by one who had of the Infurna to in Hill flu or. _ t a shoe it. Lac Kanrn i dealers is a oods ii us Ali a r a Davis Bru J Hart u an tin ensely Lale i a t Nadian mini Ali a o., Luh Burman s Crial thu vaster a of at Davis Bro s. Bulce by in. V Quian of 6 Trown Jwj h he Ops. A ache to the evening of the 2 ally in Lvov. Efio Tivo the Short 8ach Man in. Uro d a Ahue i Knell s Taie of an 0 j we have tie is to in fall Crucs the we keep Limi l a full Supply of Quill of furnish ing goods of the latest St Lex Ami newest be i ii Vita Lim Puri ii tvs our goods find prices. It in Ostrice at of Tiff re Iron the and at Foj Cene the Iid to us the of Audi i de flour Aii-1 u i. To by to As aur. A is Loi Gates. Recorder. Morses. Hoal for Sale. Of All -2 and s i f id a faze o French is try slut of out old gov Jii instructive the Len unit Java Coli a ouch fax Hinojs could not be i i More two Dolors a Davis. Urn s. i i -1 Zine 3c g Citra Nus Cor i fees in look any j farther Theiu. I Davi. Bro s. I you 111 for the Tot intents and children. Pm Wax family a. Jul. To. As from or a Mcd Kaneii 1 Good x outs i a and t of trunks j at c Norz to a
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