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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Feb 18 1897, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - February 18, 1897, Marble Rock, IowaVolt. 22 no. 28. Marble Rock Floyd county. Iowa. Feb. 18, teems a year i the us Reuie court has decided that the mulch Law docs not apply to cities 4. F. V. M i a . Stone Locke no. S31. I pc Cial charter four cities i affected Liv the decision Are the state of cordially Mvi Ted in a us. Kobbert Hiil it. Ii. A h. Davis Sec. O. O. F. Marble Rock Lodiwic o. Wjk. Meet Ives Init of Earh neck. Ii. Imi Teil. , x j Dubuque the cities of Davanport Tilar of rapids and Burlington. The legislature should abolish the special thursday a haters and Rinir All cities under one Law. 1. Bee Lair tuesday e f each week. Yin jul Bre Liren invited. W ii. Volt uhf a. K. , i. L. Of ii. Meets the 3rd tues so a Wirht in each la out add fellow Hail. L. W. , 1 res. K. J. Ackley Sec. M. A. Of a. Marble Filoi a ii ii. No. Ink Liec ill Iii re Lac fourth of j Odd Hiing in sued j standi Nir Are Cordialia in. To Ait end. A. H. C. 11. k. C meets it the Home of or. Us Virt and id thursday of each Mouth at o Diouk p. In. K. A. Feu Uit Christina Bee. I. A. K. Marble Horn i , o. Ads meets Livirt of each month. C. I. com. B. Or Artuer Ulit. I c t u fleets every thursday. My. , i rum Leut. Mrs a. M. Sure tar. I the career of la Luau j. Gage should he an inspiration to every american youth. In 1850 or. Gage was a Meleik i in a Littig country Post office re Eivins j the munificent salary of 82 per week i in in 1s55 he was a common labourer in a lumber Ard close attention to his duties and his conspicuous honesty secured him a As Book keeper in Isis Iron which portion he made his Way up until in it91 he was i elected president of one of the National Banks in Chicago. March 4th or Gaspe will enter upon the duties of Secretary of the Treasury in president m. T. .1 to i i .1 ul1.l1 country Tut our own glorious America Cou d Mich be made what or. Has Jaccoi Ipili bed lies within the possibilities of every honest and industrious Young Man. Mend that he spent this year and next year. The question of the manufacture of beet in Iowa is attracting a necessary expense. Tors even some of the Sena that the Candida c of attention. A was Heid Here last week under the auspices of or. J. S. Emery to consider the sub themselves occasionally notice Twenty one their t Iti carried by a vote of Twenty. It was also decided that when j a Cross Mark was placed in the Circle at t Jeet of the of beets in Iowa and i the head of the ballot indicating a Vot the manufacture of sugar therefrom lion Lames Wilson Tarna spoke of experiments which had been Lor a straight ticket Itiat a in i any of the squares other Thau i would not As heretofore Render the la o Hail can get Oil for the same Price you we carried on at the agricultural College at ticket void. Ames for the last six years lie urges i another important amendment churches. Jik Thorist Freak divil Sui Kluts at 11 a in. Ami a m. Up North Calagno meeting it Frayer Meetin w. Koussos pastor. X sunday at 11 a. In. M. Christian endeavour meets m. Meuti Iii wednesday j. Pastor. Tree sundays at 11 a. In. And p. M. Yogini a Peoples meeting at prayer meeting Tui Duy j. P. Llewes pastor. Bai every sunday in each month sell a. M. In. Saudi in school services held in the ii. Quant pastor. Farmers All Over the state to grow beets the coining ear seed May be procured at the College and Lull instructions to pre Parat in of ground Etc. The Latte will urged to offer a Bounty on All sugar manufactured within the state. There seems to be no doubt re Yarding the of the production o Heet sugar in Iowa. The subject should and will receive the Hearty and Oise ment of banners who alone can Ettle he waiter As to the adoption of soil and climate tical Way. Farmers should the Senate prevents the Natue of by any i person appearing upon two i is one of the most into taut Amend i mints. It practically prevents fusion of political parties in the Tate. do not Wau on Caesar will our pop Fem your do if this amendment through and i becomes Law. Ono Canoot us imagine the feelings of general As he contemplates the awful result this proposed legislation. Buy Oil from the Charles City tank we buy Only Pennsylvania pro sed in barrels. Throw away old Wicks used with poor Oil and try our and you will a More bother with your lamps. Every sunday at id a. Tuiofu school House. City officers. Mayor Joseph Wiloth recorder ii b treasurer. J w Martin Street c. F. Jesmore marshal Ellurd Stroud c uarlsui1. We Fleisner ii Rosenkrans a 11 Meier Chas k la Fugett Donlou town lip school Conrd president Geo w Lin Ssell. To n to treasurer. John , Divite Clofis Hon James Wilson will come to the head of the a ional department of agriculture in twice to greatly Aid in solving the Heet and hog cholera problems for the Farmers of the United states if he is Given the Power to use the revenues of the department in a manner that will be helpful to the Agri cultural Labouring and business interests of the nation that department has hitherto been All theory and millions of dollars have been wasted on theories to one Dollar that has benefited the Farmers the department will now be made practical if it is possible for the new Secretary to gain the right to oper ate it in the interests of the Farmers state Register. J to the Iowa state at Ames there is a plan on foot to hold an extra session in the fall thus giving the editor of the code time to annotate it while the old Law Mcmains in Force. According to our Constitution the in a prac yet Heen settled write for College 1 sick Standt 2 Harry Packman 3 Alster. 4 Lew 5 Eghert Divis. G Madison Bine t John , i Jui it a Pur cider ceo w Itu Esell 10 5-am Shaffer. 11 1 Hil Shulti. Scott township officers. Schurm erhorn s. Sour heed Ellis Liike town Crowell w Witter Milet Marsh and Eichmeier. Scott Toiv Phlp school Hoard. President John Bishop Secretary. George n Baldwin treasurer caries d Merrick Dike Tous 1 John Bishop n Bruce Avard. X e w Gurber e c Spaulding 1 Uker i j Cunningham t John Ahart s w Jeffrey 9 John Losee. Judicial. C. Shevnin. To. F. Clyde. Terms of court monday in january 1st monday in May 2nd monday in september. 2nd monday in the appropriations committee s have been trying to figure out How they can Cut off Sttne of the ease up on the state Treasury during the present biennial period. A sub committee appointed for this purpose has looked Over tha appropriations of last year and has figured out that it can defer until 189s the following appropriations state Normal school sewer water Supply Clarinda Hospital water Supply it. Pleasant Hospital agricultural College sewer agricultural College workshop trans Mississippi exposition new Orleans exposition claims the last two appropriations May be repealed entire Boardl of supervisors. Lucius Lane Chni Rinan Charles City Phillip Shultz Timothy pippin k. S. Chiche Eier j. C. Merrill Mies Regulas meetings 1st Mou Zuj in january april june and sept Raher and ind fonday in Ifo Temoer. Amendments passed become Laws with in three it impossible to edit the code and publish it in that time for this reason the present ses Sion will probably adjourn to meet again at the end of three or four months this would leave the body in session practically and enable the state to proceed under the old Law until the new Law is completed which in that Case would go into effect january 1, 1s9s. The plan is looked upon with favor. The Revenue Laws still continue to agitate the legislature. The Senate is engaged in a struggle to increase the amount of the taxes without increasing the levies it will accomplish this if it Cun succeed in uie ecu mini As Jurble Hock Judd by. They were passed during the last j Days of the regular session Ana there is not Sulci enthusiasm about them nov As there was then. Some of the Mem Bers say that Iowa has had the icy hands from Nebraska since that time they should be taxed. A special com Mittee composed of senators Funk Berty and Fusey were appointed 10 draw a Section is a subs Tttus for the Section now in the revision Eon Ceraio this work. It was decided let the substitute Over until nest week before action was taken upon it. The object is to prevent an increase in general taxation whatever valuation is set. Concerning the mulch Law. Or. A Chelan of Emmet asked to have an amendment preventing any person hold ing any Public office county or Munici Olf Cerr. Auditor treasurer. Clerk of tue courts recorder superintendent Surveyor county attorney Coroner d Liu Damji Cash m. Larr Willard i Crris c h Johnson w. 3 1. A. Frank Lin c. W. Knickerbocker township k i Wal Ter. S ii Davis Titi Staber Charles t hex r k a . To John Teeter defendant you Are hereby notified Tomt there is now on file in the office of the clerk of the District court of Floyd t of Iowa the petition of Joseph claiming of you and asking that a cer Tain real estate mortgage made and delivered to you by Wesley series dated May Isth 1sg3, and recorded in the office of the Recouper of deeds of Floyd county in Book Ujj of mortgages on Page 92, he cancelled of record and claiming that the debt secured thereby has been paid and for other equitable Relief. You Are also notified that unless you appear thereto and defend before noon j of the second Day of the next May term i of the said District court of flood Rockford and that there is no particular Obliga Tion on our part to help Nebraska to get up a show when we Are so hard up for Money. A few of the members would like to abolish the geological Survey but it is not at All Likely that this will be done because the Survey is doing excellent work and its appropriation is Only a year. The deferring of on the memorial building appropriation will affect a Little saving. Perhaps one or two other things May be temporarily postponed. Tia committee is looking into the Cherokee appropriation but As the contracts have been let there does not Pil. Being granted a permit to run a Saloon. Or. Early of wants the seem to be much Prospect of cutting Down the appropriations for that hos Pital. It May be that some of the other appropriations referred to will have to stand because the work Al ready commenced or has been contracted t Appal. Des Moines letter. Law changed so As to dispense with the petition of consent and to substitute a vote in its Stead under the australian ballot Law. The question to be determined by a majority vote instead of a 65 per cent petition. The House Lias passed a Bill relating to evidence the important features of which Are that a witness will be required to give evidence no matter How it May implicate himself and that he the witness will be held inno cent from the result of any evidence he May give. Or. I3ell, the gentleman offered the amendment in reply Down the Law of existed for three testimony that Hundred has and particularly Good. In fact it not be surprising if he should abandon the Effort and let the go Over to the extra session Senate which will Convene on but comparatively few things have i it i i believed i Ever that there will he close mity Between the iwo of the j legislature and i will not be difficult for the House and sen to to come to Gether on All Points. Washington letter Washington feb. 12, 1897. Senator Sherman has worked hard to get the Senate to dispose of the arbitration treaty this week but is Many now amendments have been offered and so much opposition has been manifested that he does t consider the Outlook for disposing of the treaty at this session would quietly treaty of the March there is much that cat be said in favor of such action on his part. If the treaty were temporarily dropped it would the Senate More time to devote to a number of important measures that ought to be disposed of m uie present session Ine extra ses Sion of the Senate would have More time to give to the treaty As it will have nothing else to do except to act upon the nominations of president Mckinley. The attempt to keep the proceedings of the Senate in executive ses Sions secret has resulted As the publication of the substance of the proceedings daily. The last formality but one needed to make Hon. William Mckinley president and Hon. Garrett a. Hobart vice president was gone through when the Senate

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