Marble Rock Weekly in Marble-Rock, Iowa
17 Feb 1898

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Marble Rock Weekly in Marble-Rock, Iowa
17 Feb 1898

Read an issue on 17 Feb 1898 in Marble-Rock, Iowa and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Marble Rock Weekly.

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - February 17, 1898, Marble Rock, IowaAre you to live in Alaska that will Frimd the Universal article of diet in that depended upon and indispensable is bread or biscuit. And to make the bread and biscuit either in the Camp or upon the Trail yeast cannot be must be baking powder and the pow Der manufactured by the processes of the Royal baking powder company miners and have Learned is the Only one which will stand in that Peculiar climate of cold Aad dampness tend raise the bread and biscuit satisfactorily. I i of Lueise ure our every one proposing to go to Alaska Ancl the Yukon country to know for should lie be persuaded by some outfitter to take one of the cheap brands of baking powder it will Cost As Ciuch to transport it and then Vixen he opens it for use after All his labor in packing it Over the Long and difficult route he will find a solid caked mass or a lot of spoiled powder with no strength and useless. Such a mistake might Lead to the most serious results. Alaska is to place in to Experiment in food or try to economize with your stomach. For use in such a climate and under the trying ind fatiguing conditions of life and labor in that country everything must be the Best and most useful and All it is imperative that All food supplies shall have perfect keeping qualities. It is absurd to convey Over such difficult and expensive routes an article that deteriorate in transit or that will be found when required for use to have lost a Jerreat part of its value. There is no better guide to follow in these those have gone through similar experience. Or. Mcquesten who father of after an experience of years upon the Trail in the Camp and in the use of every kind of Supply says we find in Alaska that the importance of a proper kind of baking powder can not be overestimated. A Miner with a can of bad baking powder is almost helpless in Alaska. We have tried All sorts and have been Obligee to Settle Down to use nothing but Royal. It is stronger and carries further but above All things it is the Only powder that will endure the severe climatic changes of the Arctic Region it is for the same reasons that the u. S. Government in its Relief expeditions and Peary the famous Arctic traveler have carried the Hoyal baking powder exclusively. The Royal baking powder will not cake nor lose its strength either of Board ship or in Damp climates and is the most highly concentrated and efficient of Leavening agents. Hence it is indispensable to every alaskan outfit. It can be had of any of the trading companies in Alaska but should the Miner procure his supplies before leaving he should resist every attempt of the out fitter to Palm off upon him any of the other brands of baking powder for they spoil and prove the cause of great disappointment and trouble. Pilgrims at the Jordan. Baal fat of Clr Strong Faith. The russian peasantry have a Stroug belief in the sacred properties of the Waters of the Jordan. Nothing but Nordau must used for baptism. And to be buried in shrouds which Hare been made from lieu which Hae been dipped in the Jordan or. Still bet Ter. A which the water has bathed in Jordan is extremely desirable. So Strong is this feeling that an an Nual exodus of i arms sets out for Pale t pc. Have Beer bin t i throughout Russia and at Jerusalem where the pilgrims have free a com How she managed him. 12 months. Walk from All parts of i Wtissia of them in ii As far As the White sea to Odessa where they take Steamer for Jaffa thence on to Jeru Salein. Where wait the Saur before up pacy. On to at Taj both Atul women walk in thousands Down the 20 Miles of continually descending to Jericho where they encamp for the night. On the the troop headed their go on to the Jordan and after the Bishop has blessed the Waters they fill bottles tin kettles and. In Foft. Any available vessel with Jorda a. User most of Stiem. Men and women alike taking no notice whatever of the thou Sarls of arabs jews . A dec even English american tourists with who Are to see a Cive St themselves of clothing. And. Putting on their shrouds and crossing themselves three times stumble n the Muddy River Banks into the cold Waters of the Jordan. There is a Strong contrast Between Cut Ltd Lei i Penances of the russian and the keen and faces of the wily arabs by whom they Are surrounded. There is Surprise and a pleasure in hearing for the first time the Sweet and tuneful voices with which the pilgrims reverently chant their service each taking his or her pm n part and producing a weird and Beautiful Melody which Long dwell in the memory of those who hear it. The pilgrims Cross the Brook Cherith. Memorable As the spot where Elijah was fed by the Ravens. Arabs with a View to the main Chance preside a Plank for the use of a toll demanded. One Ean readily realize with what a look of disgust he sees Many of the pilgrims Wade Raiher than pay his foil. Pilgrims May be seen Crown Lingo the River Bank the Blessing of the water to collect Venter for baptisms clip Ping new life. Which will afterwards be made into shrouds into the Jordan and bathing in the shrouds that have been prepared. London graphic. Bearded women numerous. The feat took mince Ido from Dun Noil and Cost Jack Collins started for Dawson City with a baud of sheep last summer Lias been heard from. He sold part of his Hock for the other and to guest half of the Hock fed the Birds of the Arctic zone. This is How it happened he drove the sheep in Over the Dai ton Trail. Some time before reached cold weather came on and Collins decided to kill his sheep. Lie killed and sold 300, and receded nearly for them. Then he concluded to hold the remainder for a better Market. He killed the remaining 400 in a sort of secluded place Oft the line of travel and suspended the carcasses on poles far enough above the ground to be out of the reach of bears wolves or other wild animals. He left two Young men to watch the Mutton and proceeded to look for a mining Section. Having found one he located a claim and proceeded to test it. After he had dug out a few thou dollars Worth of Gold he thought he would As the French say return to his his stay had been so prolonged that the Young men had become w eary of holding a vake Over the sheep and imagining Dawson to be Only a few Miles away had started for that City to enjoy some of the pleasures a metropolitan City can afford. It proved to of about 100 Miles to Dawson so their absence was More extended than they had Ine decl Atid when Collins reached the place where he had left the car casses of 400 sleep he found Only 400 bleaching skeletons. Eagles Hawks and other Birds of prey which inhabit that Region had been feasting on Mutton. Where the carcass is there will the eagles be is a proverb which applies to other Birds of prey. Collins had left so Many car casses that invitations had been sent out and a general round up of All the vultures and things in that Region from Behring sea to the Mackenzie River had taken place. Whether the claim col Lins secured will make Good the loss of the Mutton or not remains to be seen but when he drives in his next band of Theep the Birds of prey will not get so Large a percentage of land Orci Jonian. A too a lilo in Toji ele Rotor. Probably the Only elevator in the that is used to connect two parts of a town is the one in Heligoland the lit be Island of the coast of and be longing to Germany. One portion of the town is on a Cliff Over 200 feet High. The other is at the base of the Cliff on a Flat stretch of land. Are no paths up the Cliff and All communications Between the two portions of Mique Tittle place must be held by Means of the elevator that lifts an entire Community to and from the scene of 1u daily t. Joor Oai there Are it is snid thousands of to Licaisi in Louden. The free advertising Given by eng Lish newspapers to the bearded to Road who is prominent among the freaks 1 i now being exhibited in London by a i Ciuc Hemd Cirrus has Braun it to j Light the fact that the menagerie lady j enjoys a. Monopoly in her Hue onh j through the Courtesy of Many British 1 women who a wild rival her though prs not to the same degree. Cases of superfluous on the female face i run into the thousands according to the most prominent of London specialists engaged in remedying this form of affliction. I i the course of my experience stretching cur the Laif seven j said he i met Putli some i cases. During the past year i gave no fewer than 2.300 sittings for electrolysis removing at each sitting from 40 to 50 hairs and during the year 1s90 4soo sittings so t am convinced the i trouble is distinctly increasing. I have i had cases in i removed As Many As hairs from one lady s face but of course bearded ladies except when they Maki Money out of their Cli Fig uie ment take every possible Means to conceal the nature of their trouble. Lady i have cured and who has now gone abroad to enjoy herself had not for five years previously seen even any member of her own family she could never go into the Street without being jeered "1 have had two cases of suicidal mania brought to me by their keepers. In each Case the family considered that the mind of the patient had become in Liin ged by the terrible i distress of the disfigurement of superfluous hair i one believed that her trouble was the i punishment of an imaginary crime j but she entirely recovered As soon is i the growth was removed and is now. Four years later a Happy Tife and Mother. The . Soon after i completed her treatment wrote to me to say that she was engaged to be married and As 1 Lave heard nothing further of the Case i presume she went on satisfactorily. Both of these were exceptionally handsome does the operation leave when properly performed the opera i Tion of electrolysis leaves scar Viphat i Ever. There Are a number of Perrons i who have non or had any proper tend enl training who undertake the operation. I but do it so in skilfully that scars sometimes quite like smallpox Marks Are chronicle. J a Micro. Incl cd the kind Young Man who had Tohir. Teared to repair miss Tommy s punctured tire looked through her tool kit. Net what he sought asked i beg your Pardon miss but Why do you not carry j our repair outfit in your Tooi Thon where Wii d i carry inv replied in a tone which forbade further y. Journal. Comes l under Tiina Henrt. I read something about hard and a or to Cluny. in is i sup nose that not Vernl water might come tinder that head. replied j y. Journal. Let her Xvi bad he comm he gave her. They were two women discussing their husbands Over shopping lunch. One asked the other if her husband was Ever Cross. He is never anything was the Cool reply. How do you manage Ait a the 6rst speaker. I Don t try to manage him. I just let him but How do you make we Don t make up. I of see. He is Al ways As Cross As two Sticks at breakfast and nays a whole lot of Sai Castie things about women attending to their households and club women and any other old tiling he can think of and then he goes away ind Anc slams the front you poor think. And people Sav Vou Are to and so to each so we Are. When Harold conies Home at night he hands me a Little package and says he Hopes it will please me and i Tell him he is too Good and i wish All women had As Good a husband As mine. Then i see what he s giving me and sometimes it s a Lovely Belt or a new chatelaine or a fancy Scarf and 1 give him a kiss pad ask him to forgive Hie for being Cross in the the other woman looked and went on sipping her chocolate in profound silence As Long As she could stand it. Then she flashed out and yet you deliberately told me Vou did not manage times her Ald. _ an old War horse of journal us the virtue of a sew medicinal variety. There Are Only a few of them left. Since Chas. A. Dana s death Joseph is Dill the War horse of the Chicago Tribune is the chief surviving representative of the old school of virile aggressive editorial giants. To have ind thrown at them was part of the profession at All times but to find health a mud is rather a modern innovation. That is what Joseph Medill has been doing of late. Or. Medill is an investigator and when the stories of the miraculous Magno mud at Indiana Meiai Spiggs Organ la big eau the country the great editor became interested and eventually decided to try this mysterious substance on his own rheumatic limbs and weigh its value. He was accompanied by his private physician a Young armenian scientist of High attainments. The great editor was mud mummified daily for several weeks and gained visibly in weight strength and vitality. The 6nal result of the Experiment was an unqualified Success. Or. Medill went Back to Chicago in september and wrote an editorial about magus mud with his own hand. Next he sent his son in Law for a Little of the mud treatment. In he went Down again and since the new Bath House is completed he expects to be a regular visitor four times a year. This mud treatment in which or. Medill found so much virtue is Peculiar yet logical. After All every form of life Springs from the Earth which is the great destroyer and Assim i later of dead and effete matter. At the Indiana Mineral Springs is a Beautiful Little natural amphitheatre the slopes being grown with magnificent Oaks. At the foot of Tho converging Hills a big Lithia Spring gushes Forth at the rate of 3.000 barrels a Day and floods the soil which consists of a Rich Black porous Loam fed by the deciduous foliage of the Oak Trees. This Peculiar soil saturated with Mineral salts for Ages is As soluble As sugar and being devoid of Clay is not Sticky in the least. It is not therefore in any sense related to the conventional mud of the Road Way of the Chicago Street or to the variety which clings to your heels. The mud is applied to the patient on a cot the subject being entirely encased m the substance steamed to a proper temperature. It then acts As a poultice stimulates the skin superficial blood vessels and nerves opens the pores and it hates the blood Dis solving All uric acid deposits. Nothing can be simpler or More rational. She took the hint. Ana then proceeded to display her immense Inse Nulty. At Home stations the private soldiers washing is usually done by the married sol Diers wives who arc expected to sew on missing buttons and do repairs for which a Small sum is deducted from the private s Par. Pat Mcginnis had a Good Deal of trouble with his laundress sunday after sunday had his shirt come Back with the neck but ton off or else hanging by a thread. He had spoken to her on the subject and she had promised to see to it but still the but ton was not on properly. He got out of patience one sunday when the missing Button had made him late for Parade and exclaimed the woman i la see if i can t give her a hint this time he then took the lid of a tin blacking Box about three inches in diameter drilled two holes in it with a Fork and sewed it on to tire neck of the shirt that wag next to be washed. When his washing came Back he found that she had taken the hint she had made a Button Hole to fit free press. _ to Denver la to Btu 28 Only one might in Colorado beginning feb. 8th, a new train was placed in service Between Chicago and Den ver via the Chicago Union Pacific North Western line which will make the fastest i Sedule Eier maintained Between Chicago and Colorado s capital City. This train will be known As the Colorado special and will leave Chicago via the Chi Cago i North Western r y at a. M. Every Day and reach Denver at the Fol lowing afternoon. Eastbound this train leave Denver daily at p. M. Aad reach Chicago the next evening. Connections will be made in the Union depot at Denver to and from trains of All the Colo Rado lines. Train will be Vestibule a throughout lighted with Pintsch Gas and will consist of drawing room sleeping cars free reclining chair cars Buffet smoking and Library cars coach lips car ail meals in route. A feature in connection the service of this train which will be appreciated by tourists is that it will afford in Opportunity for a Daylight ride through the progressive and thickly settled portions of Illinois and Iowa which has been impossible heretofore As All trains for Denver have left Chicago in the evening. Daily service to Denver via the Nacise limited leaving Chicago p. A will be per Janis ton in pc heard of a railway so Stem running Between Chi Cago Milwaukee. St. Paul Minneapolis Ashland and Duluth known As the wis Consin Central lines. Before making a journey to any of these Northwestern Points Squire relative to the fast and elegantly equipped trains which leave Chicjo daily via the Wisconsin Central. Your nearest ticket agent can give you Complete information. Jas. C. Pond g. P. A. Milwaukee. Wis. Map Puzzle duct Tor. Sent out by the Chicago great Western railway n map of he states printed on heavy cardboard am the nuzzle a onsets in putting the pieces together so to form the Complete map. It we he found interesting and instructive to old and Young. Send ten cents to Puzzle dept., Chicago great Western ry., Quincy build ing Chicago 111. Lund and a lit lbs in secured lit. Talk Cost. Joan and t h e p Dore s t r Miovski f o r m e r by residents of m i c Higan but now Liv ing in Meda West Ern Canada before taking up their Home there visited the country As delegates. They reported to the government of the Dominion of Canada the result of their observations and from this report extracts have been taken which Are published below we have visited a number of most Desir Able locations Aud Are highly pleased with the country As a whole it Bemer beyond our highest expectations. E nud Here a prosperous aug Well contented lot of people. They have comfortable Homes and their vast Fields of wheat Aud other crops in Addi Tion to their herds of Choice cattle indicate Prosperity in the full sense of the in conversation with the banners throughout our trip we Learned that the of Thorn came Heie with very limited Means and some with no More than enough to Brin them Here Aud they Are now Well to do. They All claim that this is the Only coun try for a poor Man or one with Little Means to get a Start and make a Home for himself and family. As you Are aware we were a Little shaky Aad tide used before leaving Detroit but have determined since that we with our friends will make this country our future Home. It is far from being the Wilder Ness had pictured it to be it is. Instead a land Hakim All the facilities required by modern civilization such As railroads markets stores churches schools etc., in fact an Ideal Home for those having the future welfare of themselves and families at the messes. Trio ski selected the Ala Nedu District but what they say of it appeals in a general Way to most other districts m that vast country. They speak of the fuel which is to be had in great quantities of the water that can be had by digging from 10 to 20 feet and of the Good grazing land to be had almost everywhere. There is plenty of Wood for building Timber and for fuel while Coal is convenient and Sells at Low prices at they passed Many Fine patches of wild rasp berries and say they can speak highly of their flavor As they could not resist the temptation to Stop and eat. Having already transgressed on your Valu Able space i shall defer further reference to Western Canada for another Issue. An illustrated pamphlet recently issued by the department of the Interior Ottawa can Ada going a Complete description of the Countis will be forwarded free to All who for it. Yours. Western Canada. Mutual. Bank clerk scrutinizing we can t pay this unless you bring some one to identify you. Old lady should like to know Why because we Don t know now Don t be silly i Don t know you chronic rheumatism. From the Industrial news Jackson Mich. The subject of this sketch is fifty six years of age and actively engaged in farming. When seventeen years old he Hurt his shoulder and a Tew years after commenced to have rheumatic pains in it. On taking a slight cold or the least Strain sometimes without any apparent cause whatever the trouble would Start and he would suffer the most excruciating pains. He suffered for Over thirty years and the last decade has suffered so much that he was unable to do any work. To this the fre quent occurrences of Fey spells were added making him almost a helpless invalid. In All sorts of weather. He tried the Best physicians but without being benefited and has used several specific rheumatic cures but was not helped. About one 3-ear and six months ago he read in this paper of a ease somewhat similar to his which was cured by or. Williams Pink pills and concluded to try this remedy. After taking the first Box he Felt some what better and after using three boxes the pains entirely disappeared the dizziness left him and he has now for Over a year been entirely free from All his former trouble Aud enjoys better health than he has had since his boyhood. He is loud in his Praise of or. Williams Pink pills for Pale people and will gladly corroborate the above statements. His Post office address is Lorenzo Neeley Horton Jackson county Michigan. All the elements to give new life and Richness to the blood Ana restore shattered nerves Are contained in a condensed form in or. Williams Pink pills for Pale people. All druggists sell them. No Man was Ever blared for being a Gen Lenan but Many have been falsely of daily Newi. We notice that an optician 13 Dot afraid 1 to take his own Medicine lie always wears Democrat. Is not so bad a Chap after All. At least there s nothing mean about get our mean it. He told me lie had a supreme con tempt for the whole crowd. Mow in t that generous when he really ought to keep it for transcript. A Bridge it Oss the Charon the former boat i quite would you 1 do if some one should leave you a Hundred thousand suppose i d i Bec n to realize How Little a Hundred thou tand really the commissioner of the general land of hat submitted his report to the Secre tary of the Interior. Compared with last year it a decrease of Homestead entries aggregating acres. Quitt proportionate to this is the Falli Goff Iungen health when no Effort is made to Reform irregularity of the bowels. This can easily accomplished with the Aid of Hostetter t stomach bitters a so a remedy for malaria dyspepsia rheumatism and liver trouble. You can t Tell anything about the amount of work a Man Doos by the time he puts in talking Democrat. Nobody uses Over about Sis Washington Democrat. She we a Young girl an ardent admirer of Mam Melba at a reception Given for the it us was so completely overcome it her turn to have a word with the Donna that blushing Crimson and looking up with a Sweet smile she murmur idl you sing 1 Philadelphia lie Ledger. Family moves the bowels each Day. In order to be healthy this is necessary. The liver and kidneys. Cures tick hot Daife Price 25 and Doc. Rome was t founded by Romeo it Juliet who was found dead by Chica go daily news. Who lived. He should have been dead. But he want because there s nothing succeeds like there is no withstanding the living argument of the mail who should be Dewid. Who in t dead but who would be dead but for a preserving Medicine. That s about the Way it seemed to strike editor Lawrence of the Ohio Farmer Cleveland Ohio. Lie was afflicted with Oue of those colds that have thousands of times Over culminated in consumption when not promptly cured. In this condition he met a Friend a consumptive whom he had not expected to see alive. The consumptive Friend recommended j. C. Aver s Cherry pectoral for the editor s cold of the ground that it had helped him it helped the editor just its wonderfully giving almost in Taat but read Liia letter about two months ago. I was afflicted with a bad cold and meeting a Friend he a vibe the use of Aye s Cherry 1 a Coral which he claimed had helped him wonderfully. As he was a consumptive whom i had not expected to

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