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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Feb 17 1887, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - February 17, 1887, Marble Rock, IowaMarble Hock Floyd county Iowa. February 17. 1.87. Terms Staple and fancy groceries. Moore i Riwk i i koeklor4 last week. Psi Sklut Cleveland Bai vetoed the baits us we Kye. 40 to 00 enu. Rax seed. 75u. Wheat. To 60eenu. Oats 20 to 00 to in cents. Hop. Kegs 13 cents per Down Creuza it oels per George Carbiener Brothers an sick. And one his j or. Awl mrs Sara Ijo Esbe of Greene were in town monday. To Andera Taid that will Findig will go to Kansas Tae Spring. V. Mil Littias kit he was called there the Aeri ova illness of his lather. St Yale Stiim m observed a portion of callers this week Tieron Mancib mtr for a couple us mrs. Height Greet Over s Alice pict of Stone we District c Urt our we from our i Fri Macmu hat we bait t Tisi tej Are right in the main but i Don t go far enough. We bait a keep. By they or school id the will Retour Croc on 0. H. Jon of Rock Ford ii Hwn Montjar. Thousand Miles of new Railroad were built m die uni Iii Stetcu during organs at a. J Asper v i o to it i g u i o every Organ warranted perfect in every re. Spect pc 4j 1 o u 0 4 i 0 d. D. Cutler town tuesday. Town Bat Friday. Of Koc lord we to 11. Do header has rent ii a runner place of tit camping Mawn. I he p Ettry a tical stuff if we can Alfurd to sell n others our they Lite to baited thai when we to buy goods and the jobber or manufacturer us he like if i Ilij it . The n is the Way wry it tit Vita lets. Far tic Honcut of those Caun it see How pc Cati so cheap we a lieu the secret openly we Are work if it pro per with such in i Ducc ments that our store is crowded stes chs has pure Bijj Tome j they come our baits. A site of we Fletcher. A will j no Tive ,1jsnt ,i1lll net to Ovll if you will take the trouble to cull and our you trill that our com in. T. I mrs. J. B. Shep Trodson. Be Bruvry 4th. I Tinct Witsil i thursday. Quite a our next us masonic Brethren i trom this the Greene in Knapp. Of Jioras Spingi was in own monday of this week. I Welton has sold to h. Rates Quarter Section of land in Dakota. Alvin Rock Rama Haa taken of the old Burg place. Horace Rowan is putting up Bis Supply of Iee for summer in. Diek Blunert has into or Wallace s residence on Maine i Street. August Meier our new Blac Juith has artied us taken pc Assion of Bis property. Tie next teachers meeting will held at Nora Springs saturday february 36, 1s8v. Or. Family arrived last manday and Hare taken up quarters in put of h. Bow Krus House. Chet and wife of Rockford were visiting fiends and relatives a this Vicinity the first of Flo week. The ground hog to been top this time. Pro Lemor Foster meat Knock under. Toners to whom Honen Are due. The Baptist social which was advertised Lait thursday evening was postponed on account of bad fair attendance was bad. Willard Butlen or. Net with a severe Doc mint last Sandaj. Whip Riding a born the Ziaul slipped and fell real tag in a to care of Willard of. Chr tet Rte broken Iamb. The Marble Kock Milu will flour the unit 30 Days cheaper than other Mill dare sell straight flour. Every sack is warranted. We Are nuking two of straight flour and no Patent flour. Modt Iselt Lino s. At the president s dinner to the diplomatic corps last week there were glasses for seven wines at Eich plate except that of mrs Cleveland where Only water glasses appeared. This was the most Cohs Picunas Opportunity yet afforded the president s wife of indicating her posit Icin in regard to the use of wine at state dinners and it is remarked that she took advantage of it a the most and yet Ouander possible. The adjoined open House meeting last saturday evening was called to order the president. The Comto fee appointed at k previous re ported and asked u Extension of time. Their request was granted and their extended one week. The next meeting will held in waiter s hardware store saturday evening. February let tit Inton ated take notice erect i John eternity from ibis place attended Lodge at Kock lord but saturday evening. A. J. Co. Are Selling the expect w find wort Chicago cottage they War not every Organ bought of them. The cottage Organ among beat cu.1.c ii cup i Lull log. H c Call Brooks t. Barber Joe in sell Ebarp incense we sell Large Stroud lib Vida. Manisay started Tor quantities. All our customers will j Kansas lat monday afternoon. They j Rue knife this truth which u a tract every artful that goes out of our store we gum Nice to what we represent it we gladly rectify any the weather the past week Baj been very one Uay it would Horace Havka child died Iasi tuesday afternoon after a weeks ill net. The sympathy of Zauf Frimodt is extended. Take that May occur and d Don t rain and the Day it would drop to j with hot ptreilt8 or mr8 15 below Tero. As a consequence considerable sickness . Weilun t Dills have purchased the hardware Stock forr Acly owned ii. A c. Gates and will continue the Busi Ness at the old stand. Their advertise ment will appear next week. Provo to just what to represent we mrs. Jackson who hat been visiting i consider it a favor if they ate returned. H. Shall keep on ba1tlno people with Low prices just As Long As we Artia business h. C. Robison. Stott for several weeks past returned to her Home this week. A Large parly of friends swooped Down on Frank Crocker and Wile last on of their time 1 a raping and of spacious residence for the the eruptions on the face tin sunken Eye. The pallid complexion indicate that there Wuelling wrong going on within. Eipel the to health using Ayer s a general red time was participated in All present. Bros. All to of till Confer a favor calling and settling their i oct. We must Hare Money. J Bro s. 26 Ouei of the building where the fire Breaks out is taken to a Public Plueck and sect of beaten Lor carelessness in letting it happen. Another custom is that All the other mrs. Keo Ecca Hawks two funny customs in China Are Eon with fires. On. That the serious and painful Accident while in the act of getting us a Satut Cutter afternoon she slipped and i Ell to the ground finking heavily on her right Arm resulting in sons near the Fin Are obliged for Days to Rell cheap out of gratitude that they i a fracture of tic Arm 1 tie wrist. Odd Rock Fellows da5ce.-m.rlle so. 3c2, i. 0. O. F Minkler a Blind Udy will at the methodist no Orch on time hereby Oolite to All concerned test i have this Tuy Given my son. Ilard Clark his time and will not claim Money due him nor become responsible Lor debts contracted him. Marblo Rock Lewa february 4. 1ss7 d. I. Olask. As an article for the toilet Ayr s Lair vigor stands a Tuvalu d. Ii cleanses the and preserves it from Scurf and Dandruff cures itching and hut Nurs restores the Hiir when Laded or Gray to its original dark color and its growth. Pan Siple rup it you Icell or letter buying at Home lit Ihrig your to some Twain thai Affef Tojima your expenses it f in Benefit of goods bought for l nah and Liberal Ili Acott n to for can t pay Railroad fare or sell at coat As x n in e advertise. Good goods at reasonable prices Cju a goods at cheap cheap prices. Baits or jockey Pri Ces. I monday evening february 21st Misi _ v m in Kier u n Craft cute Al Iowa College 1w7. The Tinl j will held their room and Len cams a the dance the 0 adv Bill for j my Mhz Iid dance and supper . Supper j file lecture free but at proceed to applied in liquidation of a indebtedness on Lodzie building every body is cordially invited to attend. On feb. 14, 15, in it and is the b., c k n k y will sell round i trip excursion tickets Fruin All principal stations to new Orleans and return at j very Low r Tea. Tickets limited to March j to those desiring to attend the interstate dairymen s and fruit j growers convention it Jackson misa., j san Miover priv Plezes will he granted on 1 Rou Ruhme for Public hireling of w c. T. A to held at the m. K Church. Sunday evening february 1ss7. Singing Chavir. Reading c. K. H. Clay. C. T. Julia Goine portion of tickets. For further ill or Jinn is r Al particular Call ticket Agen or address j. E. Jasn Fugas Gambler s Jennie 0. T. P. A. I Merriau. Cedar Iowa i t la new Kinniey. Belle Ackley the Stock turd Clipper up Calkins of hog cholera disease has been something for this portion of the state souse Tine last summer it broke out at the Creamery Stock Yards at Nora Springs and killed the entire Herd of about two Hundred. It then slowly spread Down the Shell Koek the Cutler place being its Brit breaking out Point the Herd Toon succumbed and t. Button s Herd of Over orc Hundred and fifty followed in Ribeir footsteps. S select mrs. I. K. Uncle. Saloon keepers fraud Nina. Intemperance mrs u. B at the front. Minot Dakota is fur the present Tiu Winter t rim Pius of the 1. M. V. Or a Dupuis United Sirato marshal is on the train and As we Bush intend to go we Pocil issues and Dett Miina to keep company. Arrive at Minot late the Lawn in crowded and we Are glad to find Beds in an unfinished hotel which certainly did not Lack for Venti Utich. And Gunney doing duty or doors and windows Belpre Sunrise we Are off Lor the front our outfit con Siatini of a Buu aboard and a pair of Deer and nut much larger. Our Way is though the mouse Kiver Valley three fourths to one mile wide and heavily timbered in the bends. It anchors of copy every Bend with log and have tack for Winter Marble Rock Iowa. We Are prepared. To Cicha nire so to 35 ibs., of flour per Bushel of wheat in lots of ten or Over. Bring on your wheat and give us a trial. 1. Ill. Ill Ochej a Hulk. Working classes h Flie whole r for their pure i Mincoff he. Or win of to or i Iii nil heir Liwe to Mun d Titre to Flint kill who it tit their new Iid Ivel Enki to life Ottto i end Chic r to pay fur the Troutte writ inf. Full Impi aim ii Ortr free. And Liioi i 9tisi Good salaried or to Verll and women lot cow or travelling no need Rel. Sil air in rec Iauch k. Cum Romu. He Camtu. . Cut Luis thl general agents wanted. Or rui.l.1bcit e to flail Iii min irl bar t Voliny kit i Lin try ill Mast i How the to Iii try imhenct1. I Rinshi i soil is Rich Ond though Loose i Oor Moore. Rant Ken the hum Sellers min Liattia miss boys i Sumine. Free to All. Mrs. C. K. The railroads arc at Lam awaking Ira. Their Therpe and Are giving Herd then contracted the their attention to the of cats k cd porkers tool other Mam than Coal stoves. Departed for the Happy Trail Tontai ing see Cowes. To j Gromada. John Merrill s in adm the Ami Chicago j occupied a quires were the on Twe Chicago. Mil Wynlee and a. J next victim us and All but two or three Pawl Lui Wiy been with j Kate died. The Johnson Bros Herd a j k0y Ami Snow hating the j Hoppock plan i Ida Koi. Biea is it on some Eastern disease a Debraber us up to i Joe do for boating can Herawi frown the j Date Over eighty Bave died report of Marble fuck Vunic schools month ending february 11. 1 Mary Duparl tent. To. Y neither absent nor Lardy k neither nor Urdy Arthur More. Mary Wanner it a not known when the Trail win begin running hut it is believed it Wilt is on some Lite week. Truly Beauty work Fin nature Rivea m to Aad in Sawis Al of a Tow Whei in pro Bat we often do the an Peowie m kit Phi it it Watt Van i Ivy in wok win ill it purely tag As the lint Aptowi Lawally a cough several tin Ahab Ratke Johnson place were disc text and tin lungs were and a riveted the Iwase has George m Julia Bucklin Willie Plattie Moore to earlier. Intermediate department. Enrolled Xci Ivera a font North Cdr of those neither absent feed. Slock raising a carried on almost Lively every Farmer keeping Wicnty five 10 one Hundred head the liitle land under cultivation plainly choirs the decided Adap ability of the country Lor tile Railroad is to our left. And soon begins to ascend out of tit Valley to the level Fijoj a Iii. I our Ruiu a Quot is Oass Iuan s Here it fished the treat Railroad trestle. Let Long and the Bluffs arc St Ftp. But once on their Punia it. The und hero Rcd level almost . We now Pas Fri entirely Unncltle-1 Region my we Ioctl that there i overwrought or highly coloured in our statement when we nay that henceforth Tor Twenty tight Miles is tic farming to have Ever can. A Black humus very deep without n Iryce or atone in its composition the Sut Siil yellow coif with a red dish cast on the higher in Kiln am Mich and sufficiently undulating for not a of Alkali is seen of surface or . Twelve Miles Ortli the i seeds. My my pcs. Sloo Kab Mikut for flu onem. I Lymm i in. H. . In la. X orb. New meat Market of Rosen kiwis Angell we would respectfully inform Law Public of Marble Stock and Vicinity that we h ivc opened a new meat Market on Bradford Street. Our aim will Pleam our patrons and keep on hand full and Complete s ill of Freak and meats Jyh their season to licit a share of your Patro ago. Abri of Bil Salt in the Irold for Surra ulcers Khe Uwi. Of Tver Tetter chapped hands Oft late corns and All Curt of 1 its or no pay i d. Ii Ginny ent to pro Pilert nor Money . Is per Boi. For Kendall Wiloth harness collars indies and Jen Lemero Citlai Keis Raff aide Anim. Hair Iti Nurr Hill . M Oil. And a nuts tool nil. And in Del everything As Billj found in a fist Hir trs Ernp. All work cob fur and lilo a Marble Rock Iowa the Star William Dom Kmak a throb. _ it tue my tit wow. The weekly stat an solid trains fairy he i j t i to my a Mhz a auth the of Arastu of this return than Musof dollars awl we Hope that it will my Waller oar it Frank Nies. Atm Macc sin us. M of Cwaig Ute. Wear it full oat or Ebe Kim j that will Camp lowly it Fred Kotin. Be fee Dilt Alico Tett. I Willie Kock 1 nut All those and Moore Ori jadiw., in it to All and Fjelle their dec nine Al cow give Tow k. W. Buceba. Nellie Judd Mettis clerk. Add Curk Helen Kilter. Hubbard. Vorhe. Viattie , Crabtree. Newer. Thoel depart intent. Ranum 4wtwt the ninth tit Lar of cwt tardy. Rott to. Will am Riaf to ii 4 f. I r in gel their very heavy Upland a tips. Blue Stem Buffalo and a Broad leaved Slaet of which very lond. Vatrt All the county. This is All iof Avail land subject to add Towt the Railroad i. Can to cud i through its Eemer every the two to and tace i sixteen fit and in the i Tollof Tow i Guniy with Wlinich or Rva Rii vol Vlasi m stewed at i rom Rah. Sate. Harkal we h Here he Yew. Win to and fid Start us it oni Foit Omi Taluk tin Wyvick no cd Nav in Chae the daily Star Ike Towt c. He Hushi i i
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