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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Feb 16 1893, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - February 16, 1893, Marble Rock, IowaVol. 18 no. 27. Marble Bock. Towa. Few. I l notice do new and repair for your Dewing Mac line or Iii Nigel line Nevilles if at our store. Of by Lite on lie list. And loth of each Mouth. Yours for 1893, a. J. Asper the 3 3 menu Host Jiro f 7 30 i Eie Iii meetings Art in at t the methodic Church. J mayor hutches returned from Hie trip South sunday or Beach and wife of Hockford to cited friends in last monday. Win informs us that John Lait saturday. Alv Milu met Cal friends Charlee Cut last week. The town election will Uke place monday March Goth. Jutt think of it by Lel Haik it of we Are gum to sell i them -0 dozen Wail 1 until Ilc t Are All Pou. This u a i look Thi Lisi of Coffee aids re i Ninaber that we Are in on the ground we Are constantly adding new named fief on Tea a id Coffee. A lot. Dry n for l and at of a yom a Lvi a that a if a pm Ai tin Lowit to our subscription Lut. Banh a lost i talk Blu Mare Lait j Mem Zoe Fer Luton sunday to with sunday is rat. I her parents at liar Sci i Fly j of Wilder has gone to the sunny j my Charles Greenwood it crushed or broken Law ii very Eluce 25 a Pound Arbur Lles. mid i i us pack Galligo Hii to Maton where lash or in Law it Mother at she Frieu. 1 ind Belore him. John Merrill of Koeford Cli Hician of the Board of supervisors was n in town on official 1 pcs mrs. Lawrence and her two from Are with their relatives mrs John Mills family City i Rise to in Staple and fancy groceries Fri its in a or canned. Flan and , Crock Ety glassware cigars and tobacco City. Or Snyder of Charles town. Henry Tatis was Down to Greene i tuesday or m s Van returned tuesday. Winnie Clay his eco ill the of the week. One of Grant Mills horses broke a leg last week. Kead f. M. Manninj i add in an other column cube Tough minute a Jasper co. John Palmer of Charles City wan in town wednesday. Martin Gates sold a Jersey cow to on tins City last i Gene Winchell Lor sunday Mgill. Three bit the dust or of hitter and gift in the Patt Witk. Rank Nies spent the latter pare of Trianda at Teaberry in bulk in and a 30c a Pound no adva in Price yet Lav in a Supply it bound to no to 3 in a Pound Oen j Ini Ogi Ciftci i i air join Silver table in eur h Pickle 30 cents n Pound mocha and in u dest i cents Pound. For tree of Grosne have been tis Iuni with or. Crabtree s family the Paft week. Mrs. Of Minne Sota who has Baen the list week Frith or of Sicily. Resumed the her Horne ust monday. The Doi poisoned got in Lii ii deadly j the the the ars very we have bought a at d bad As Many broken Rachui Bear Testi j my sell them at to a found i the Ega Market u a posit the election for sub in tie decline since la Are Worth different school districts throughout the state Mil occur monday March 6tli. Neil shoe maker. I i t in u Ai Laptad fur i a ii rip in All Kiihnl Ain to Iii i la Tir. In Anil a Iii. Ott hand Ilion laces and Ami Frt a i him Law tin Kepr in a t ir.-t-Clri--. . I Nikii tins election will the old Law conducted under mistaken will happen Regnert cd printing one to a tract general Keme Jabur Traat Iho Cranberry Jei on is not Celia pc Plentl of Fine cranberries at 12.1 cents a quart. I cd s. On a11 cull store or imply attended orders be left at a j. A the test Why Dou t you eat on meal Foi the bus Avail. The elicit and attention is to cooked and the healt Iii St food in the the new one cent stamp where i a f7 nil soot As Junker Uati at b pounds for word is l if cell la. J. W. Mccray of infill in town or country Anil prompt attention Given to Eal office at it i a acc Marble pct Iowa Byron Greenwood was to Rither the now. During the night. I keep the Best. I especially invite banners to Joine in and cafe their go oils t defy Competition Quality and Price. Greene tuesday night. Our january caught a sudden j miss Lulu Harbor returned from her visit tuesday Wath Bower returned Home from Edir Awood Iowa. Luit tuesday j John get ii lir a newer and keep your Huir Lustrous and free from Dandruff. Good june color Dairy 1 butter in at cents per Pound. R. Liq Ert a Olwert Ramsey in a Glass front in the Marble Stock Bank d which adds considerable to the looks of their substantial Szuc Tirc the masquerade ust Friday Evoi Iii grand sure off to its managers and All be Rcd to be enjoying the Oceisa on. The receipt i want to sell ten acres of there u no made for Ayer s Butte. H a a _ which cannot be pm lord i Tain at lower prices Only. By score of this fuel Phily proves that the lond is the or and or cd runs hand the Supply of Home in Ide is running Low people must Pio us sauce Lin Tut is Jiuing our Hsi below mid note prices we have a and Complete Stock. "21 b. Ciu i Hicl Frith 1 f c .1 Cauli la cuts a Cunt cit3t, isl. Rude r Aser Lus sold interest . Of mile and Hickory in drilling to Lus per tier n0 11 cd will sell in or half acre lots at j i per Arthur Hawks. Jiroch pm Iii of acre i the firm of Cimics i is by Mutual 0 f. J Greenwood has purchased to Weir Stock to Budi Ngann Leanis j Uro. Ingalla. Of fir Irene. Was one i the for the p i Lut today Cven no Ike Lucas Well known in toil j goods and will heres tar Vicinity died suddenly at Bis Home in run Jill connection with the store. Last t . A Mabet our Harry Inion has traded his firm Are to the Sundarji of John 1 Southwest of town Lor William Clay s for states senator. H House end lot in Marble of buses once decides to enter 11. . And nil and j n i me Liuni Loi keep i he will the Williaa of Greene nailed Widi filler a tall or. Charles w l us i it d. N t t me. Money lit Alti. I i oct Aud that Ayer s Sarri Parilla is the Bestol blood purity cars. Try it Thig month the firm of Jgreenwood dissolved by Niu Tref consent a Book ice its of Saukin Are Lert with me -2 la cans i me Apple a can Lor collect ii. 1 Persona knowing them i b. Aus i Hicks curits Loc a can. Selves in fabled to said Ryt will 2 ii Crim Kaip Therrien 15u i pm. Cull and Settle by the lath Day j 2 la strawberries a can. Larth 1s93 n the will be left la. Cans Kud cherries i can n m alter Toni 3 la. Cans apricots 25c a can u i a it c d o a o .1 it _. 41 Joseph Wiloth in Stacy and shelf hardware Earnest late. Bro. Sloan was de need in his Lait of the a item on account of the blockade. Bro. Sloane ii do do ivors a can a do do c Harries to a can 3 do do Vellow peaches-5c a can 3 do do mums j5c i can. 3 do do Green a pc a can to i f lit honorable Competition. Bunlort Natly located in time of Railroad i a Liberal reduction on oboe Pii Cei Vii l blockades As both branches running in be made on lots of one or dozen cans i City areal Wyt mocked for our when the gentle Zyph Cri of Timbol eur 2 la. Cans ked listed at ise the Prairies Blong that j j can ice ill sell tins seek Only 11 Loc plus Bro s and get connection with j j Ca i of Nitim id Iti to nor Tell new i or i i m Pitcl Triploi to Iii Clerc with its Paison i it Char Mustard and will run h Farmers Headquarters for w r c a Al mrs. Reins. pfening. Is advertised in papers. Sif a had Vrea her. Of to n in t a r i i i p ii Orkini inc Aii Maui users of the 1. L. Of ii Are requested to be at thir Lodge room a tuning february -1st, there is work of Imper Tancic let each Mei uber be present. Or Scinco Charley Irce Wood s jealousy was i shipped five car Load of to Chicago last Arcet or hardware tinware harnesses saddles. Whip Fly nets sweat mar risk Ward and Ashbury acc Jar. Winchell to Chicago in by the Iii Etc talc Illis Hutc we end but when he Bend thai a rim it Al Paft ple or tic up Ami be Suecof. Cure. No ,0 their Milo sugar of the by he com control in Usu of longer and ordered a Box of the latest and of pent Huiai by upon the of pc wetness mrs. La Renwood picked her rip and accompanied a an Oid time Friend nut travelling Man 01 the past week the past i 31any thanks Lor patronage oils a air Mats Tjho i gloves and mittens Oiler i he Oyster supper at the m k Church list thur Day evening added in Tiu neighbourhood of set to ten Ladief Treasury. The spell Down in he Crinini furnished considerable amuse fax Olesi Ugoline stoves Garland Sotet Wanees oils of All builders hardware . The celebrated Eli Barb wire the celebrated nor Mcginn stirring plows walking and Riding Corn flow Graphite Aile Greese. Iii Din tone a specially rices lower than the lowest Osborne har Feston and mowers Eljin Centennial intent to All present mrs. Spelled Down the k Gates Farah part Liere Tolore under the firm Nan this Day Dua Fili the 5aine a mess in Chi to by p Intili gift ii trom tie Home of her Content of. To y p 1c lir bus Oren Jirm Are a i acts. All be paid by j where Wlliet have been taking the sights 3n t yrs. Al. A a oink h this is Ras a where we have the week. In second and third Best. Of sym attn to express for the Don t fail to hear the Audreie of All other roads in a Ivinity husband. Hii is jut Tama Jim Wilson before the Farmer now blockaded the it c h j retribution for the torture he ii is tried t Lac this j. I Iii auts bit wee s or Wii Sun n of. R u. Has been Able to keep i to inflict upon be editor Lor the past j r Udalll a Flient Beaker and Ackon pm pm Ciao weeks Jhc Mills of gods j wind Mills wagons buggies Road and supplies of Al kinds authority upon the topics he will pet am although somewhat grind Eto. 1 off from Soheyl Ile Ticino. Hive keen run. J i of Ali i Jhent commenced yesterday and j nine daily w Star Tuia company the 1 i ii u 11 is he will sell you at hard pan prices also Headquarters for everything in the grocery line. Irrer and Bacon. Salt by the i Are 2-5 cent a dozen in local Market be pot Orer until the common has just purse Iascu one o those be rotary whose presence a till aug a tue a. I plllll3 a tin shop in connection. Job work Ana nne Cut onion. Repairing a specially. Ctn the most Gigantic Snow Drift Digap pairs in in i of on the part of Joe Price of us Ingres tent. U 11 n t v 1 i in fat makes the n k v sew a look hip tvs prints 139 popular with the people along it j i get in her work and the reduce the he Etc it 15 this and him to the second do tact line. All warranted of Iowa and Marci him alter 1 j 1. This Boitt err. I no. Enrolled. Monthly report Roum to. 3. . F. Wilke Mycka 7 our City authorities should a i financial state Cunt of the condition o r the finance of our City for the put year. Considerable nonet a been let improve minis and the daily att Silance i 2 i n o it ii of tardiness 1 to neither absent nor tardy. 9 i lir. , the Sclier i so. 2. J no enrolled. 4u dealer in i people want to see where the average daily attendance i c l i off Hiil the i n n of Rand is reasons blk and Abou d nil Jer i be complied with. I special meetings began the m k., no Church monday evening Rood average daily attendance. Inter it. The pastor exp tits help j 1 to Rara of the Lloyd i Ounla Farmers Institute to lie held at the opera Honse Marble Hock feb. 12 ind 22, lion. The Olav. P. M Meent called to Arder by j the i the Jairy con Turuc a c unwell ii. Jehu ten. Ii i i he for i n fit p s i All t in Kab county u i Itlen. Liar Ord j w. To terns. Of 0. Ruih Richmer Lorri Janice Wilso agricultural College. Teacher. A.1.1 a Smith teacher 1 gab a. I. Doore we. By shop to tallies. A. Does your head it will hot i you tak1 Krause s iof for it i i wifi of once i1 Morhan Lichty to. Co Hciks a. J. From materal of the neighbor. Minu ten ret f. .1 no ton of Rockford. U next week. You Are All cot daily invited to come out and hear the Grepel. W. U although we already this in of to the fir Miers Init tote to be held it Plain next tuesday and wednesday we feel it inca Abent on us 19 Call the room o 4. No. Enrolled. A Mje daily attendance tin Curt of i no neither tardy t j. , principal. A Little girl s experience in a Lighthouse. Or. And irs. In Iron Trescott Are of the uni at find i Mich and arc by fined with a Tion of Reader. Mole to d Lolly of. April this meet in. Make your trait be f he ukat Down ii measles i to be both it will i turn be a wet Well in tinted end can doctors that will he Well for trtnih4e h tint at of finita tend Laft trim i Trout. Kinf e new in watery and j Pwu to Tea will to of that if alter the of two and a Milf 10-00 on the fax i. ,1. K Waller s f. Kur Juson ii Kelly. Hon John Giles l i 11 lift the i Fotr 1 Tep Antion of Wool i . Klec tinn of Oscer. Now ran we lest improve our h. Powers Addis Sachet nor Horn a Inonu m. Ii Nicker k j Pauli log. I i to Kaising. And for inc to Fortu he w. Booth u d. .v.rrick. H. H running. Leo. Dank Clurg. S. S w. C. I Waid T Lii Kim. We. Titi Kebra miss i Mitizia Gates j . I e our go us will Liy a ill i ilk a Nair m Toni la of a Man pays for i Fri la will i ilk by la micral is inc i it of tire Jum in tile Anil Many Jill if Nirali ii i Tui Ali r 111 it ral or. Lilli Fly Lar Fitt hit Lull i t in null if of . And Tulfo cell Ltd Lac Jill Illel Illel till Jtj b a i ii in cd Liyim Titi ii it or we t i Ymir nil lit for i suit n Jim fit or no Sale. A hulck.2 s. Dealers in notice All arc join Drain hard and note. Lal St Noncy. Jo.-1 ii
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