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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Feb 16 1882, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly (Newspaper) - February 16, 1882, Marble Rock, IowaShapes Money a. Roziene. Real estate broker Charles City Iowa not atm Loans on improved farms it Ijo West obtainable rates. Notice prompt men Choice i offer Neomai to Frau. 1 always Able to it Folie Darr for of video tic title to Security is perfect j lint Nch on it All times tie relied t. A. Published by Henry b. Hies. With. Malice toward none and Charity for a terms per annul in Advance the most popular v e 18 sewing famines 13 alway3 i lifetime see others hic ago i la. 9 change mass. Volume 7. Marble Rook Floyd county Iowa february 10, 1ss2. The Stone store Marble Rock Iowa i will sell All incl of goods Sulci As Tea Coffee sugar. Spices extracts tobacco x of Babii Bohr m in cml nor Muf . D. C., Laeo inti told Bock he the it c Judy to to Tell map u it Ywuc Lobl a tar twin Budar to. to. Rtt Ltd aut dub. By Wottie h in h Mil if qrocxb1, i Erl Lui i but Melni by i wifi i Alto Ira to Polk off Kock ind vol Jin Wildi Lith. The Itlo Fca Bult by their mob. Bat t on bottle fat in la . Price Chicano . Seid by sauce Cist and Cek Jceal Iron bitters whom or risks an Abr ave Oon Potile tonic rape t rerun. Want of Jobb . Luck Eto. Cab Mma Weir my to pm. Act. He am tit Aad 1 kinds of Xona store at cheap any that pays for his boots and Shors of fac in Ariely still be found it the Stoat Stori. Ready Adt i Olling co us Tai Kljun Laud in quantities to Supply cur urn All Roods warranted is represented or Money refunded. I m. Ull the sew Aji Erica sewing mach1nk, one of the Best manufactured Allen Moore this new Hap proves beyond reos Nasle in Cystian test to Chicago North Western railway la bar nil oils the beak Road Fer Yoa to take tra cling a either direction Between mini All of the print Ontl Phi ii i i n and carefully examine this map. ?1ie principal cities of tin West ind Kortyk croat Are that vat on this Tacl. Its through Anttn close with the Triine of All Mil roads at Points. If Home is cod of my a wort one to ten Uio pity were of heart of mine tar in the City Tinnie Tveith its to flt for Awn Ivull its of w Stu urls Aii l with its mtr rolling and my heart stud Sof me my it Tho Brearte Sipics gently throw eth the Siuyu purr where life and boat to Are Ever and music is Bora on the Balmy the Sonja of the Lay of the the bleat of the Nimbs on the ver Tim la thy to Here the Little atm Flowers k us tiny heart Biol "18 thy Home in land of Ino Irr pc put where tha Northern in rate flute Aud Glimmer Brig fat a lure Ocean lies a Rokon waste Aad Trees by the ice by Tat Irett interlaced a Fere vow land and own of Tilmes the icy but heart Xor is it o is fort Inonia Tho palmy proves where the terrible lion in Freedom roves. Were tropical plants in their be my where Rolls thy a dec Tho Sou off Nile where Frt Olle and urdu Mic breathe thro the Fri Fitins Wood Aud id icy Bomp where blow t a heart my heart i have i rut wed Tho truth them Idun i lore find j to me no other see try half to fair to me Shu is few Root Lic Tonii compare 01 heart of mini taint thou Fuji nil Tiv rest in the heart that Buti s in her virtuous by Cit of us of 3uh my he Ort Saij not then. Of my heart it must surely to in that land from sorrow and f red where victors Receil e their Palm and join in the victorious Poilu is it there. 0 heart thou hat to Fotiu by in the land whore changes or the realm of eternal and Tuy Heartt Iid Glasgow set and. The Chicago pc Yukta wig Jabr. Wax was Fer All us principal lines etch Way duly two to Lour 6r Mart fast twins. It the Road West North or Northwest of Chimo hot Vas Imperial dining cars. T is the Only Road Ift trans Pullman Orth or North acct of it he Over of it Force amongst Othow tha Follot no tit talc Council i Lair a. Ordo before tie door still locked and exhibiting no Trace of tampering in these statements lie is borne out by the affidavits of the conductor the Engineer and the fireman. The Story which the two last named Tell is so Renu risible that it is appended below in full. The incident has occasioned Stirli excitement and our Rorres pendent did he utmost to get at the truth of the matter. He was unable to interview the Engineer who was absent on his wedding trip having1, since his fortunate escape resigned his position for i safer occupation and married the women of his Choice. The fireman however was found and was induced to make a statement which we print in nearly his own words As follows if it was t that people been Garnet Gross injustice in their reports of his action in this should refuse to utter a Rord. I am a Plain part to and Don t care to be thought fool or r liar. But t am not the one i hear a Friend slandered without inn a word in his Tief enic. On the night of the it was storm ing hard when we pulled out of the de pot. The rain froze fast to everything it touched. Old Etc is like Dave and 1 know what that at every Start and up every hard Gradi 3 our wheels Are going to slide Aioli i of the tracks and the engine is Tofing to rack All to a if you Don t Sand her will. Sand you Aoe gives the Drivers a grip on the rails and after the old girl gets Star cd she pm n Ircne ral by take care of herself. I filled the Sand Box before we started and put in extra Bug in the cab in Case of emergency. It Tvrz Jim after the Holiday and the so teen cars behind us were packed full. The in .1 bad state such a storm i Hope never to Sce again. The wind roared around us so that we could sea reel v burp our the Jiin Poui Ert Down in ii Aud became n Sheet of ice As it fell. Of happiness oni to be is babe to be hurled into eternity by its a i said. You have been too Happ and edited Tomk ingot Jon wed Dhir id All tint ill now Puhst with the cold and the rain you Are looking at tie Darker of tie matter 1 May he said then he uttered a Louden. Great look1 he pointing out of the with a trembling linger his face a bite ,15 it huh i Fulloni Eliho direction in which he pointed Hull i describe what i was Wen acquainted with Mary Warren Touar re in two she and i were old friends and if it had not been for Dave s better cd cation and Fine figure we that is nothing to the Point. A surely at i see of before me now i saw Mary Warren lieu. The steam was pouring in a thick White Cloud out of Ihu stack of oni Cumiea shutting out of thetic ahead. The had Harht made a of Reile Tiou upon it Biko Ine my jul Anil Lulu right in the Center of the misty gym i saw the figure of Marv Warren. We were going at top Speed but the shape glided along like a Aba Dow Al hanging in the of the steam. The strangest part of it that while she looked like a real woman suspended in. The steam i could plainly see the glow of the headlight through her figure. She appeared to be looking fixedly it due. Vain a wild expression of Ter ror and kept wringing her bands and waving them towards us As if she wanted us to atop. For the space of half a minute to both us Ircul at the shape dumb and breathless then the steam dispersed and the a Faure was gone. The whole thing was like the stereo Ticomi views of men and animals which they show 3011 reflected on Inoke audic disappeared exactly the Samp. When it was gone Dave slowly turned and looked at me with a terrible expression m his Mary at All she came to warn you of danger ahead. She Jou Well enough to be Able to come out of her Bod to save you. Cheer up old boy and keep a Bright whether Duve took my View of the or jittery or not he kept very quiet with his hand upon the bar and his Eyo on the track ahead. Nothing happened for the next hour to alarm in for did the spectral appear again. Just before reaching Elkhorn Bridge there is a Nasty curve in. The Road and you Are almost on tie Bridge before you can see it. It was Here expected trouble if any were to come. Evidently Dave was of my mind for 113 we turned the curve and 1 leaned out to catch sight of the Bridge Light he Mvi Uit is it said l even us i said the words we both uttered a in. Davinic right before like n Cloud of we Lio figure of Wiirret. This time a hts seemed to move rapidly ahead of us and disappear near the Bridge to tent which Sudu Iilva turned red. Are like the engine they manure pull certain ban mud they tart shut certain valves and they Stop. Alien we saw that danger signal terrified arid Unn ened As we we did our As naturally As if wholly at our ease. When we first saw the Rod Light we were two of tie Bridge if the Road had been dry we Coulett have stopped in that distance. Hut though we blew brakes and reversed the Drivers the Tantin seemed to Iofe on almost As rapidly Ai before. Dave and i exchanged looks. It s All said he. Well by her of said f. I take this much credit to a Jael. I could Home jumped Natl Felt pretty sure of saving itself but i did not once think of it did Dave. He reached Over with one hand on the Tvr nud grasped mine Ruth the outlier. Good by old Good by Dave god bless the seconds that followed seemed like hours. We could feel the jump and shake As the reversed wheels revolved furiously under her. Still we slide on though wore slowly flow. I could see where the badge lad been the broken beams and the dark water rolling Between. Nearer to that Horn which seemed to Yawn for us and living freight i could see the Bridge Light glaring Down at us with its bloody by e and not a soul near it. Wheels turned faster the Jar was heavier. We staggered like Drunken men with the Shock. Every now and then the Drivers seemed to catch hold of the Ruck and tie engine would bound like spurred horse. We were going so slowly now that we could almost have stepped off yet we Slid on and now there was not fifty feet Between us and death slower and slower we moved and j then As our Forward trucks touched Hani s mistake. It is not that Patti should he k d loth America to it left nor in Caruer Jenius Lind m this count n Sli Ould seem to her the career which Prim-1 Donna knew that tue excited York Foru Aijo us Hii Clu d from Ekl loin and Drew her Homenu Triumph from the old Park theater. She knew knowing hi4 kinship to the Clent a Muarer 01 Jenny Lintl s the ii paid of Lollar for tie of scots at Ziminy Linds not concert she knew that the philharmonic con certs at the it time were a Merit orious aspiration of a select Tirol a but were not the of the Public Yhu knew def Niue tit great rhe county which Watts not inc Iidle to the the in r. Tins the America that i i Kim a. And to which i Uigum j tired the ii our. Wlm to a 1 ill nit Europe the that the i Dur had i Nair. Why in America la jul not her not pig in my charge a or a and will a the Western world with her vocalization and turn the Haik of the sons and of Jenny Lind s votaries and embroider her pocket with Gold Why not indeed3 h Only the Sun stood still once More and the River of time w Kulil Stop could Patti have to the America of Jenny Lind she might have renewed Jenny Lind s american career. List ecu then she insist have haul Jules Benet hot and Bill Cutti and every artist must have been of the debt. Jenny Lind did not presume to conquer even the wild hordes of new York without adequate weapons. She did not enter upon her victorious Campaign with a questionable Tenor and a worthy but not surpassing violinist. Even the rude and primitive people to whom she Baaij did not feel that they were condemned if not de api aed Anil although the they paid for their pleasure were Large they were paid a and with a feeling that the barter was fair. But it another America to which Patti came. It was an America which had half of grown the italian opera and which listened with Delight to the music of the future. It was m Decd the cult rated intelligent musically eloped America accustomed to Bear uie works of the masters performed in a manner which would not discredit the academic in Berlin the Gewand in Leipsic tie Atoru in Paris. It was an America glad to wet come once More the charming Singer whom it had heard at her girlish debut and who returned a Portma Donna Asso . Yet she had been Enchant in not known the Mir Tut Lanu amt sue eau left. Jenny Jenny had become n tuneful tradition heard by the Rcw Cost aia enea not without head so sikhs Aud murmurs of incredulity and w Hen in this cur of Greco it. Was offered something Tolian Jenny lind13 con certs for Lour or five times the Price the Aumi de incredulity became 50 excessive that the Hall was. Left half empty. There is much Money in 2sew York but there is ibo Laorae taste some sense of proportion Siuw knowledge of the fitness of things it is not altogether a Miner s Camp upon Tiu Frontier. It w ill pay generously for the Good things Thul it of Tinct. The Queen of Tho itch in 1 Ric stage warbling u Ballad at the piano to Day not to 1mve expected to take the place of Jenny Lind in the concert Rosiu of thirty years ago. It of Ned not Koci Tho front win the broken beams of the Bri Rijiro we was a error it inns presently repaired. It will not be repeated. But for u. Moment it seemed us if the charming diva were disposed to and to insist that she would be heard upon her own to Cru or not at All. But divas he Mere human beings learn that the world listens Only upon Ita own Katy chair in Harper s Magazine for february of the shut Lor a moment l the ire hindu a dense curtain Over we had to let it rain and blow in upon Osas lit would for we Hud to keep a a right Eye non the signal lights. Of which looked like Pale blots on the went the first Twenty Miles with out speaking to each other. An Engi Neer May rim an engine his lifetime nud yet he never opens his valves without a feeling of Itti ctr. What with the storm and the train neither of us rarer to think of Uhic brides our n duties. Solemn even for a i in old face in the Light of the steam gauge lamp. It Pale and As j Nevar it before. Tjo rant try. La Ped. 1 looked up Ana signal Light was White saw Tuat tue but i was so gravel no venous and altogether so shaken that i thought nothing of it. We could gather nothing from tary Warren herself except that she had Aii indistinct recollection of a dream in which Dave seemed to be in great Dan Ger. Fruich f pc was in ing to Avert. This is the Story sir. I offer no explanation of it. It May be that our songs can leave on bodies to in arb Orr Kosp we love. I believe it. And i that 1 owe my life to Alary Teve for Dave Frank that science of of coating beef. writer in Mark line Kex pc says the Zaror of i stir Jwj and looked at me like a jus to inc and if Man in n dream j the so be allotted to the beef oms it i a fearful it sort. He ans Perl. J Mph Jas Hunu. M Pra bring con ii Storr do uni Thlik. Joh mtg for i do Fere Chi i Winter life in Holland. In. Holland the fun of Winter life takes Many forms and Winter facilitates locomotion As the highways of summer available for track schuits become tin Best thoroughfares for those who skate in this Way directly the ice bears Are Myrto and distances travelled Shiuli cannot be done in Bummer and instead of going round and round As we do lion a Small con lined space the dutch a Akrup a party and pay a visit to Sorenti neighbouring town or Village. A Bright morning is always exp Iiams nig especially to those red particles arc doing their work satisfaction by How ranch More alien cheerful com Pony free Vantti of character and constant change of All tone to Mark Tho Day As a red letter am to Crown All comes the pleasant Sensa Tion of fee Ling deservedly tired with t Nigl t i Well turn cd. The Frost be Jie utly severe a is most into Eming being on a Large scale nil of a fair a Lucri is tier ask. Lor instance of the in Rotterdam. This i Ien in some of the Oil dutch one particularly gives in admirable idea of the whole thing show ing 5. Stall and Booth the of the mans is most Uncertain a Hilr of lick Waters Are Irinel. The till remain Iii a bound. To comas Lynnd difficulty h for the first Coal ing of ice to form. When a severe Frost Tho still water during the night then once begun a thou and Len Crews who Lurn Thor iwo this at night. morning to find them Tel pcs Frozen in. Trip a Jinns it Tel Trrk-srhm1 b Al i. Prtt Nith it for h Tai or the Iuar Kamp. Ii Tomeye to Ilung in int of p. Not the be Ion Fiir . Or. To Johnny not is is Pic All apprentice him in d Tzvi it h. oru. R -Rcu-.-1 for Oil stove Miat swi a leads the would. 5o.ooo in use to tics Ordinary kerosene. Eliet Tad Wii Juil to Iny Cook St svs Send for new circular. Sieks Osborn co., Bibb 41 use stee1t, Iii Olallo. Call on our local agent. Diebold safes round Corner. Solid welded Angle Iron Frame. We and burglar extra secure j no. I Norris. Vie Preim ind con i waiter agent 57 state St. Chicago Iii. it b it dec Gucci 6 5q o o cd o i w for q o j. F. Shoemaker dentist kill be at the Bacelar Alouso the 1st of each month one week. At Greene Tho Styli remaining one week also the 2sj and of each month. Slyt Marri f Quay. Is non Prepira to Burnist suit prior Quality of Bridge building and cutting kinds. Of x. Vav. Bozoff. Maru. Rock. 1883. Is Vennor s weather Allianic the Cincinnati Dollar weekly com in or Cial an eight Page fifty six Halumn family newspaper. Printed from Large Clear bore the Money than any other newspaper in the country the of each went containing Oscr Twenty two Square feet of printed matter and is not surpassed for business and select Reading. Each person sending Dollar including Thoie Ren Corinis to Weir Tion i will receive the Dollar weekly commercial oneyear and the any pick out Iron the remarkable paid and tree of All rhe being unabridged and handsomely printed in paper covers almanac for written expressly t to United pintos by professor Henry t. Vennor. The noted Wenthur with forecaster the for i Stu. The work Collains not on Proli for the ninth but the audit Zaions showing the fur Epieh week. This Al Nanao of most Inie Rentin matter prepared professor Vennor and contains nearly one Hundred pages with Aid illuminated cover. This it tie latest production of Tho Earl of Wrork with which he consoled i Milf thrown out of Power by reals cd by or Gladstone. It is the most famous novel of the d it. Life of c Hist 1 by Frederick w. Farrard. F. K. S., of ii of Trinity collage master of Rolle Jie. And chaplain in Ifni nary to the Queen. Canon Farrar bases his history upon an my in of the four Gostis Tido by Side in addition he Baa consulted . tit. Cru. N writings of tie Learned jewish rabbis Ami tic beat and richest information his Book is a succession of by anti Ulai a thoughts clothed in perfect language. A Ide Sluus Anu Uli u or. D. J Al Book of Nearl one Hundred kith Nui trons i an discuss of ills horse and gives the in acc. Treatment of each a table with an engraving o the horse s Cut Ages with rules or telling the age and m Joh other valuable is one of the simplest and at the same Tine a thorough and oui work Valur Filc to every horse owner. Ivan in this i the Peiu and the is lord of the Tva Verlcy claw in All should store above Praise Betuod repro social Atiqi Ktuk and Home a Hool. Of value to to pit in ibo country who a citric inform themselves of the Aid to Pio Mje for improvement of the opportunities til s home1 Artuno. The hours. Ail Thi in Zurof Jirl inn or Zitilli of i of Hutki lbt Sesla. Ici e not or re. A forc offered it t by foil u in Evfim or. Cliftn. I its 5f. Or o Tili Untim c of pr.7 i Kizia to a we Sre Tom dog beef ten Eold water is pour incr , .ot.k.n.vrit, w7krb-i.iirw to have to mite Forf pm 0q chopped beef and heat i on thet nil the ctr or to be a Hob with in i Lave thin Kios of of to on to Nutriment o the in the the Van in it Over i Var
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