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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - February 15, 1900, Marble Rock, IowaN love with two. I m in love with two Beautiful As As Maidens can be i cannot Tell hich is the fairer but both of them surely me. I m in love with two Beautiful a Deng the truth May As be and if 1 were choosing Between them i could not Tell which i Luve Best. These Maidens so gracious winsome. Who wholly Lead captive my heart twins and look so. Like each other i never can Tell them apart. Ardro when i Tel one i love her. That she is More precious than Gold and then see Boih Maidens together i know which i told. But love must be so divided ily Darling ones do cot Repine these Little twin daughters of mine. Mrs. Frank a. Breck in Washington Home copyright 1898, by j. P. Lippincott co xxii. An opportune arrival. There was a sound of High words in the Hall the door was throw n open and an old Man with hair and Beard As White As Snow ragged garments and faded Straw hat struggled past a sentry who was endeavouring to hold him Back and rushed into the room. We All looked astonished at an intruder who showed so Little deference for the co Miander in casting rapid glances from one to an other evidently in search then his eyes became fixed on Mellodew who from the first moment of the stranger s in trance had shrunk away endeavouring to conceal himself behind the others chattering and grinning like a fright ened ape. The old Man Tore off his hair and Beard revealing the features of Corporal plunk. You White slivered Corporal exclaimed Marga ret and i at a breath. Said Gen. Heath you Are in the presence of the plunk straightened up and brought his hand up to his forehead awkwardly by Way of Salute. You have come too late the Case is closed of posed general closed without my Story closed without my seem that animated Tombstone where he so nearly placed me dead men Tell no tales Enoch but i m not dead. Do you see that hand that Arm they re to pull the rope intended for me Only you la do the dangling come Corporal the general in chief to know of the military Situa Tion. Private Mellodew has charged Lieut. Hall and miss Beach with conspiring to state falsely that Gen. Long Street has gone northward while Pri vate Mellodew asserts that no such move has taken 1mt Tot it ills i saw it with my own eyes that is after the Young lady saw it for i deserve to be shot for being asleep. I knew that to up to some Devi try when i met him among confederates so i left the lieutenant and miss Leach at the Ford and Rode Back. I got these things on the pointing to his walked straight into col. Orchard s lines. 1 found Enoch there settin on a a Camp fire with maj. Gentleman there. I crouches behind a tree and hears the whole confab. Enoch tells the major that the lieutenant and miss Beach have gone on with the in formation of Gen. Longstreet s move. The major Calls a halt till he Kin report the fact to col. Gentle Man there. Maj. Berate gits Permis Sion to Send detachments on to Chase pm then goes to a House near by and Back with a paper. I Don t know what it was but i Tuk it thet he wrote it himself. Leas ways he tells Enoch thet if he will make up some yarn to throw distrust on Lieut. Hall s and miss Beach s Story and take the paper to Gen. Heath Makin up another yarn about How he stumbled on it Enoch might come Back and git big pay for the Job. Enoch said he would do anything git even with the lieutenant. They gits up from the bivouac and Enoch starts for the Plantation. I Fol lers him out onto the Road but i was so riled thet i could t wait fur him to git fur enough from the rebel Camp before i tackles him. Enoch hollers like a Loon Vedette comes Runnin from one direction and an officer of the picket from another and they pinned me Down and Tuk us both to maj. Berate. I a n to gain time i tells the major that i Hev important information i d like to Swap fur my life and he agrees to give me till Mornin to make it All that s what i was again to do. In the Mornin 1 tells him a cock and Bull Story about Gen. Grant St Din troops around by is Ashville and Louisville to Knoxville and lets him simmer. He opens them j Snake s eyes o his a takes in the information hut keeps me in limbo All the same. Well to shorten up i be been by Confederate guards lots of times in this War and they Haven t kept me Long at any one time. Last night i give one of the men watching me a postal Quarter to go to the Sutler for rum interrupted Gen. Heath Corporal plunk s testimony makes All Clear. The work on which you sent me has been accomplished but not by me. Lieut. Jalall and Corporal plunk have done their part but it is this Brave pointing to Margaret who hav ing assumed the Ignominy which right fully belonged to others in face of mis understanding on my part and its con sequent harshness i shall regret to my dying her two on the expedition were sleep saw the of Longstreet s he continued turnip witnessed her vindication it Only re Mains to defend myself against the venom of that Serpent. Maj. Berate you were about to read a certain let Ter from me to the mayor of when you were interrupted by Corporal plunk s Entrance. I beg you to pro circumstantial he said i have always considered worthless and this Man s testimony convinces me that. I Lune been right. Were it Worth Rny while and had i time and Opportunity i could easily refute All that has been brought against me. Instead i will give you something that is in ill Tel. Vii iffy a Rutan Prtrt Jpn pal by that Man pointing to Gen. Whose treachery has Long been suspected but now for the first time is to be conclusively then he read fort Texas March 1w1. To the mayor of. The consideration you offer is ample but it will require several Days to disarm the men As i dare Only order the withdrawal of a few muskets at a time making excuses to Send arms ammunition to neighbouring posts on pretended requests. A. berate having finished stepped to the presiding judge and handed pm the letter. The stillness of death fell upon us All. Margaret notwithstanding its damning character received it with a defiant glance at the Reader. The general in chief beneath his Sphinx like exterior gave evidence in the restless turning of his eyes from accuser to accused that he was deeply impressed. Col. Archard stood thunderstruck at the sudden turn events had taken regarding with Surprise and anger his subordinate who had with held his intentions from him. Gen. Heath stood facing his accuser but gave no Token his expression As to his guilt or innocence. Did Jou write that letter asked the chief. I exclaimed Margaret addressing the chief the Man who bears that letter induced nay brother a Mere boy to put his neck in a Halter and when suspected threw Tho proof of his treachery on his Comrade. I known both these men and i Tell you that maj. Berate is capable of any iniquity while Gen the faces of the group fastened on her in Surprise made Margaret suddenly conscious of what she was saying for a Crimson flush unfurled itself in her Cheek and she shrank Back. The commander judge touched by this out burst of Confidence asked kindly Why do 3 of place such Trust in one who has not trusted because the evidence against me was so Strong that Gen. Heath would have been a fool to Trust the evidence against you was circumstantial that against him is writ ten. Written evidence is i believe the strongest known in were he to write himself a traitor on a Hundred sheets i would not believe him he waited to hear her reason but. No reason came Only a tear that glistened in her Eye. Said the commander Fin Ishing for her you area raising his eyes Gen. Heath gave Margaret a look of penitence of gratitude. But Margaret doubtless far More for suddenly her face lighted with a triumphant dim flashing of a divine sensation and 1 knew that she had received the one great message of her life. Said the commander you remember our interview on the morning of your departure on your i and the order of the Secretary of i i have done for you All in my Power. Your Effort to vindicate yourself by a signal service has resulted in furnish ing such Strong proof of your guilt that i do not consider myself warranted in further postponing the Secretary s or Der. You will go to your quarters under Gen. Heath had made his replies As one whose mind was on other matters. At the order to consider himself under arrest he started. Ono he said addressing the general in chief. I have a bit of evidence to submit in my behalf. But first let me speak a word with refer enc to my past relations with maj. rant. We were classmates at West Point and afterwards stationed at the same fort on. The Atlantic coast. ing of Spanish extraction he inherited a sunni Ned s passion for Ami thereby got into trouble. As command ant of the Post it became my duty to confine him in one of the casimates and since then he cherished for me do great Friendship. The Spring of 1sg1 found us again together at a Post in in command berate second. Secessionists in a neighbouring town were preparing to surround and Cap Ture our Little Force. Fortunately the 7iiayor was at heart a Union Man and secretly aided me to thwart the de signs of the conspirators. I had been informed from Washington that a transport would be sent to the coast of Texas to remove my command and i relied upon the maj or to slave off an attack by diplomacy till the arrival of the ship and to inform me of its com ing information that could Only be furnished me clandestinely. One morning i receded from the mayor a letter containing a demand for the surrender of the Post coupled with an offer to me personally of a tract of land and a commission in the con federate army if i would do As he required. Aware that he was dissembling to his associates i Felt confident that his note was to be rend Between the lines. I subjected it to a number of tests without results when it occurred to me to uie the Compla method of applying heat. To my satisfaction let ters of a Brown color came out transport arrived. The Way is Clear that night i marched my men to the where 1 found transportation awaiting me and in a few Days landed them safely at Annapolis. The letter produced by maj. Berate was intended for inspection of these cession its who assuming that i had been successfully bribed relaxed their watchfulness thus enabling me More readily to reach the coast. I entrusted the letter to maj. Berate for delivery who put it in his pocket to be kept for future use against me and entered the Confederate sen ice. If you will in i Trust me for a few minutes with its j keeping 1 will show you my real re j pm my indication written with the juice of Lemon on the document maj. Berate has been preserving for 1113 taking the incriminating letter from the commanding judge Gen. Heath stepped to the fireplace. A thrill through those present thinking that he was about to Burn it. But no he held it before the flame carefully keep ing it far enough to its igniting. Xot a word was spoken All eyes being fixed intently on the paper Curling in the heat. Presently the Gen eral Drew it from before the flame glanced at it then raised it aloft so that it could be seen by everyone in the room. Across its face Brown letters had come out Clear and distinct Tours received. The ants. We Marrh to night. slowly the general in chief Rose from his chair and advancing to Ilie m cd catch Man grasped his hand Margaret laughed and wept by turns while the rest of us threw up our hats and shouted. When quiet was restored Gen. Heath concluded you Are aware general that during the period of my service in the West re mors have been current that i have been secretly and treacherously aiding the enemy. It is now Plain whence this secret malignant influence came. Rante was made prisoner at Shiloh and had the ear of Union officers. Having been sex changed before Chick Finauga he was present at that Battle had an Opportunity to Converse with the Union officers captured there. I leave you to infer whence came the reports that the Confederate successes were largely due to a Friend in the Union army that Friend being myself. At last i am confronted with the author of my misfortunes. I am unable to punish him for he has come into our lines pledged to Protection but i thank the she boxed me on the ear. Great Jehovah the god of Battles and of peace that from this time Forward he will be powerless to injure when Gen. Heath had finished col. Archard who had been standing the very impersonation of indignation waiting for him to finish stepped to the commanding judge and said permit me to apologize in the name of the Confederate army for this action of one of its members who i assure you will be brought to face a court martial As soon As he returns to con federate said the general in chief having accomplished the object for which you came nothing More re Mains to be done. Accept Ray thanks for enabling me to do Justice to this Young girl. You will be escorted to your the officer who had charge e of the Flag of truce was summoned and the two confederates passed our. Notwithstanding War s horrors it has its pleasurable episodes. Most delightful remembrance of that period of strife and suffering is the few min utes following the exit of col. Archard and maj. Berate. There was a sudden wringing of hands eyes looking into eyes that danced triumphant a Babel of congratulations. As for me forgetting myself completely i threw my arms around a everybody in the room except the general in chief. I embraced successively the general Margaret plunk and Georgia whose enthusiasm great As it was did not prevent her giving me a Box on the ear which she afterwards admitted was not for the Caress but be cause of its publicity. Our expressions of Joy were interrupted by the general in chief taking Heath aside and speaking v. Ii him in a tone which though too Low to be heard by the others brought Light into his Eye that i had not seen there for months. Then the commander of the armies of the West offered. Margaret Especial thanks for the great service she had rendered and hurried away. What he was going to do i did not know then but the next Day the Thunder of his guns me that he was taking id Van Tage of the absence of Long Street s corps from the army of the ten , fighting and winning the Battle of missionary Battle which marked the beginning of the end of the confederacy. As a Lave Story this narrative must necessarily be a fragment. What and passed Between Gen. Then capt Heath and Margaret Beach before lie met her Between Chattanooga and mor pan town Cross bods i wave Tor both Weis. Naturally rtt Lawt especially so with regard to the sacred of All conditions. After but the that followed in the Wake of the information we had gained and the Gen eral s vindication i mini Nio cd one morning to attend him. He Rode straight to the Plantation where he found Margaret and i Ain quite sure that it was of this occasion that a treaty of peace was formally drawn be tween the two and their future relations officially settled. As to their courtship except that courtship which was going on under my eyes while the general held Margaret As a prisoner 1 know nothing but 1 can vouch for the fact of their wedding for i witnessed it Aud they were afterwards u Loving couple for i have often visited them. As to my affair with Georgia account of what followed our few Brief meetings described in the last pages of this Story would involve another volume of confessions not More credit Able to me than the foregoing. 1 made a very unsatisfactory Lover forgetting during an exciting Campaign to communicate with my inamorato for Mouths at a time. But when the absorbing events of that most eventful period in the Fiat Ion s history were ended i took As much interest in love As i had taken in War. But i made slow Progress As a husband. For years i could never hear the rattle of a drum nor the Bullet of some careless Marks Man singing Over my head without showing a restlessness that troubled my wife and unsettled me to no Pur pose. But As the years went by t gradually quieted Down to the arts of peace and the time came when i conceived As much horror of War As i had at one time Felt admiration. T1 to. 1 of 1 no Jillo l 1uu for his instrumentality in bringing the news of Longstreet s move but resolutely declined it. On the Atlanta Campaign he did such effective service As a cavalry flanker that he was again offered and accepted the double Star. A generation later when the Blue and the Gray stood shoulder to shoulder against the spaniard he Becane com Mander in. The blended columns. The end. Window gardening. Charm Luff Home mat Ali i eur club fur of Plant in a be mrs. Let1tia Semple. Rings always the same. Women aver some Kuna ornaments Taliej did in Jib Licul djs. Although Many jewellers advertise something new in the fact re Mains that they Are but slight variations of the styles in Osrue at the time Moses piloted the children of Israel out of the bondage of Egypt. Eringi Are alluded to in the Bible in the books of genesis and exodus. They have been found among the relics of prehistoric races the Stone age the Bronze age and the age of the Mound builders. Herodotus mentions that the babylonians wore them and from Asia they prob ably were introduced into Greece. The rings worn in Early times were not purely ornamental but had their a j messenger delivering a message and exhibiting the King s Signet As authority was obeyed implicitly. The romans had a marriage ring of Iron with a jewel of Adamant signifying eternity and constancy. History mentions a magic ring possessed by King Solomon of which the jews and Mohammedans have abundant traditions. It was by Means of this ring As a Talisman of wis Dom and Power that Solomon was enabled to perform those wonderful nets and accomplish those vast enterprises that have made his name so celebrated As the Wisest Monarch of the Earth. The later romans wore a profusion of rings and the More effeminate had rings for summer and chronicle. Four courtship sundays. In Llo Lennil Uliey arc called decision porch Csc and tics Slon the four sundays of november Are observed As fete Days in Holland. They Are known by the curious names re View decision Purchase and 1 Osses All refer to matrimonial affairs november in Holland being the month Par excellence devoted in court ship and marriage probably because the agricultural of the year Are Over and possibly 1-r.cause the lords of creation from rat he remo a recognized the pleasant Ness of having wives to Rook and Cater for them during the Long Winter. On review sunday everybody goes to Church and after service there is the youths and Maidens or Tze upon each other but forbear to on decision sunday rach Bachelor who is seeking a wife approaches the Maiden of his Choice with a ceremonious Bow and from 1-cr manner of responding judges thesher his advances arc acceptable. Purchase sunday the consent of the parents is sought if the suit has prospered d using the week. Not till Possession Sun Jay however do the Twain appear be ire the world As actual or Prospect he brides and grooms Globe. A rom Ion. I Don t sea Why a. Woman it always holding up her skirt with one i grow if d Bickett. I replied mrs. B., it s be aus fhe Hru no pocket Tocar re her hand around daily 3 Uduc litre of Parsi Cunt to ice who once Miil Ress to Ltd while House still living in the big Brick building known us the in Iii i in Seton is a Wiite haired woman who was the mistress of the White House More than half a. Century ago. the world at Large her existence has been forgotten nor would the men Tion of Lief Nasik mrs. scruple any memory to the Ordinary Reader. It was As Letitia Tyler that Ehi first became known to washing toil society in the Uheiji the Cap Itol City was scarce More than a country tillage containing a few Fine Public separated by Long stretches of bottomless mud. She was the second daughter of John and she was a Virginia Belle in tiie Days when that was the clearest title to Beauty could be bestowed in this country. Tuer s administration seems a Long Way Back to most of us. It seems strange to think that this Serene faced old woman who is still Active and vigorous knew and talked with Webster and Clay and c Al Honn and the other leaders of that period which was so prolific of great men. Webster she saw often and de to jul i la Lilly v l each which its Power i Elt in any Assembly. At the time of our coming to Wash said mrs. Snip la in recall ing her White House experiences of so years ago my Mother s health was too poor to admit of her taking Active charge of the duties naturally devolving upon the wife of the president. 51y elder sister and i had our newly made Homes in Virginia to supervise and 1113 youngest sister was Only a child. Therefore by common consent the wife of our brother Robert became the mistress of the White House so for As the Public Side of the life there was concerned. However my other sister and myself were there a Good part of the time. This arrangement continued until after my Mother s death which occurred in the White hous1.-. Then my brother established himself Winter flowering plants May grown better in boxes than in pots. Window boxes used outside in i Nimer May be brought in the House in Winter if the precaution is taken to make hem water tight with Zinc or United Iron. A Hole in the Bottom of the lining to draw Oft the surplus water. The boxes May be on brackets or Hung with wires 1 screwed into the window Frame or j placed of the j of Ilif Inu Iua in the House can be planted in the Box. Geraniums of any sort Heliotrope j fuchsias and begonias make a Good a i Rii to while a Fern or two gives a Dainty j effect different from other plants. Or the Box May be tilled with i annuals grown from seed. Petunias Phlox Sheet ii sum nasturtiums and a sprig of Mignonette will give a variety of Bloom All Winter. At the ends May be planted Nikorn ing glories and trained up each Letitia Serif la. Daughter to or and once of the White House in Law practice in Philadelphia and his wife wished to make her Home there. Meanwhile my husband had been appointed a paymaster in the and is that led to irs being away from Home a great part of the time i came Here to take charge of my father s household and remained until is 14. There were no great social enter in the White House during my father s term. My Mother s ill health and later her death forbade that. For the most part we lived openly hospitably and a pretentiously in fact just As we had been accustomed to do at Home ii Virginia. 1 remora bar that it was customary during the a visions of Congress to entertain guests at dinner in the White House twice a week. The first dinner wa-5 usually attended by about 20 prone rent Public men. The personal and political friends of my father. The Sec Ond was on a somewhat larger scale. It usually included members of the diplomatic corps and the number of guests was generally about 40. But these dinners were always very simple affairs and they ended at what would be considered now a ridiculously Eai a hour. Then on other evenings it was customary for the president s family to be informally at is to receive Calls from friends and actions the visitors always departed be fore ten o clock. At that hour White House was closed and the family Retiree although mrs. Semple is nearly so years old the takes an Active interest in All current she receives Many invitations from people in pub Lic life in v. Sun. Attractive Garden. Of the window. English Ivy is also a Good Vine to use but it is without flow ers. In a Cool room carnations violets and May be grown while Rosea. Could be handled successfully in a Kitchen where there wore heat and moisture. Trail est Antia or Lyande Riiff jew can be planted along the Edge to hang Over the sides or the Box May be covered with pretty co Lorenl paper or drapery. Shelves fill up a window so muck that the men do not like plants in. House. In Brick or Stone houses with the deep window easing an arrange. Ment As shown in the illustration Najr be adopted. If there is not room in the fastened along the Side and the receive nearly the full of sun1 without obstructing the Light. Farm and Home. Exercise for women. It Amiin Rex to tic Oujini of the lire Graceful cuu Toita mid Llen Uty to the 1 acc. Fair Tarn Lair. Good by. Said tha youth he left the Home nest to make his for tune in the great City i go in search of the Golden that s All right replied the Wise old Man but Bew of Golden mock Pute

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