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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Feb 15 1900, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - February 15, 1900, Marble Rock, IowaVol.25. No. 128. Marble Rock Floyd county. Iowa feb. 15, 1900, terms 4 year at speedling speedling. Of York costs its residents very Nea a year. Think of it pm to two millions and it would be Dir at any Price. 04 i eur cent or Tii k in Ciplic you meet have . Tell pm about or. Caldwell s setup pepsin at a. J Asper co. Senator pets Crew is probably to e first senator to deliberately Call the president a liar on the floor of t n Senate. In View of this his Dedun Eia Tion by senators Sewall and Hauv does not seem by any Means too is not we do not Sel or. Caldwell s syrup pepsin for Ever disease it is Only Cood or constipation. Inti question sick headache am Filoni Aih troubles and we guarantee j to cure. A. J. Asper co. The women suffragists of the states have objected to the inclusion of the word Unaie in the plans o1 government for the new islands. 1 i Empress of Uhi Ini makes no objection but when she wants a change of Rule 0" of Tuleta she Geir it a frightful Blunder will ofter her Nile Burn. Scald rut j Bruise. Butlen a Wil. Kill the pain and promptly heal it cures1 fevers sores boils ill skin eruptions by St pile cure it Earth Only of Box cure sold Aster Rueus bar. Minoui. Dum at threw out four dollars per year. Us Nav Only the vote of Louisville on the ground of i 1vo dollars per Yeai. Weekly issued Cockly sections one the Jailer edition is a to correspondents who Tell us so much about inc so called Alliance wild great Britain have discovered Bat the Sun daily casts fhe Shadow of Queen Vic Toria on the columns in front of the White House. They will soon have the Joud old i Idy on the inside. And general news our own paper ind make the Price fun he rive for Oue is 00. Never before was so Runch Superior Reid Init matter Oil Rel for so Small in amount of Money. The four papers named which we club Ith our own lire Well known thro Ighut the Ami commend themselves to the Road r s favourable attention upon Merf ment on 1 be Homestead is the great Ugric Ltd ral Aud live Stock paper of the Avest the poultry Farmer is the most Prau Ica poultry Piper for Farmer Public fed in the country the Farmers Mutual insurance in of Farmers co operative associations Huc the special i Ai mers lust tute editions Are the most practical publications for the promotion of Yood running Ever Public slip. Taste Ucol Vantage of this great offer. The Kentucky b Sia i intimidation m order to count a major. I i per year ii y for of Trochel Yei the democrats i elected to to at body from Louisville at j the same Idon tidal election Hill hold i Timir seals by whar. Rule was the vote Lor Rover Nair thrown out and that j for members of to legislature cast at the very same tin and place counted mention the Puper. Almost 6 Yuul the divil Al the Price of Bhe ave etly. It not Only gives .11.1. The but also a great variety of to Teresini and instructive leading mat Ter for every member of the family. Rite for free Hiim Plo copies to the Globe printing co., St. Louis to. It is Worth Whilo to that every icle of anti Trust on the Hooks n due to the Iris the republicans Pai it in Thi s l Vruian anti Trust Law i Ami a ingress and presi-1 Dent enacted the Law in the Industrial j commission after a democratic presi Dent had allowed it to fail through pocket Veio at a previous session. In Ciccol these fact it is hardly acc Rala Lor the it mock is to claim that they Are the sol.1 people stat of . Flood county of to f. E. Cates Assignee of june Van Alsi to John to Vernum Frances Wallace and to Xiii Lecta at Law of Flun Nuli i. Wijiict1, deceased vim ure hereby notified that on the Tali Das of a. D., id the Fillou Iii described Rea Stutto in Floyd county Iowa to wit Juji t number three Sui division of lot number one Ine Guiar Survey of clock number in Murble Rouk sold by the treasurer of Floyd county Iowa to John Gates Foi the Delini Juenst Tases then due upon said real est nth and that the right to redeem a state will a land made unless red. From Piil h Salo to within ninety Days from the Date of of this notice the in Tilich to Purchase of said estate Boins now lawfully held by the undersigned. Rates. Dated february 1st, 1000. 27f to Benjamin Ritter Ellen Ritter Aaron in. Filler. k. Miller. Or Norm Miller u. Ii. Kit a David Lii Ter. F. Bitter Lorida bulls buc Litel Aune hitter Raymond p. Kitter. Airs. John ii Somis Jacob it. Kilter Parry i titter in ii mrs. Arthur it Ilumin Mabel Kuruc Ilii huf h. Larrison Higue Pearl r. Uii gup ear Gordon Hague Joe Boone Hague mrs. Louisa hitter Andrew Ritter Georue Ritter mis. Sandi j. Boll John p. Kitter Phoebe la bide Adeline flyers i Larriet Are Hart pm Irtha Jodwin Ellis wors Field. Belle Jones Johnj Riton j Jones Jacob 11. Of Truman Iichi u. H ird nmn Enron 51. Uard u. i. Lard Man Joseph b. Sid Man Alary j. A a noels Lillie b. Uese a Luanda Cowdrey Barbara e Fer Uius Mary b Bradford w. Fisk William f. Fiske Danio l w. Lenry w. Fiske you Are hereby notified Tiit there is now on rile in Theoli Iceon the clerk of the District court of county. Iowa the petition of Sarah Baltimore claim ing that she is the absolute and unqualified owner of the South East Quarter of the South East Quarter of Section no. 19, township 91, Teauge 17. West p. M., and asking that her estate therein be and that be barred and forever stopped from having or claim Dot Uny interest therein Adverse to her said estate. On Arp Alco in intr ii plier thereto and defend be Forfi soon of the second Duj of the Tern of said i ourt. O be held at the court House in diaries City Iowa commencing Oti the lion Day of i pal a. D., if Hoo de fault be entered against you judg ment and decree rendered us Prii Jed p. W. Bukk. For plaintiff. Original notice. Did you Ever try to Dodge -3 j o As useless to try to escape ire the rights and wrongs of the Ken is i Ilion depend on the question Vrh Fiher or riot or. Gobble was legally d cleared governor by i nearly every prominent lawyer in Thoj country has been interviewed on the subject and the overwhelming opinion is that the legislature Lias to meet be is germs of do i. They Are about on every and pc its Tiv taking into tier. By i Hirning a hawked secretly is no legislation. Then Nii l c.11 this disease simply these germs cannot gain a for t i hold in a Throst tangs. It s when these Ere mat Tho a arms master tiie body Musi. Be Wei supp ii a sat. The danger is poor and is thin. If your cough Drics names of pupils neither absent nor i because he there arc always mean spirited per sons who attack 5 ublies men without j vol and a Cir Throat .31 rav. And sore you delay another Dey. Tardy Harry a Foley is incr i try Gullli Iii. Koy oiiur.-. Finry Brunner Daisy Crabtree Ella fleas Myrtle Clara l lisey. J. lox. The least excuse one of these recently Tler lure i War on president Mckinley he saw Champagne bottles in his it has been shown that the supposed a Mineral water but what if it was not Are we really so bigoted As to Chicot to oar l Rei ident drinking a lass j i Rio wine when he wants Iti a of terror stood death Munday of Cir. With hypo hos a hits it Cnoc. It heal the Ltd membranes and Reaty icy was Felt for the widow of the Brave a lawyer of Henrietta. Tex once Onieh As the general Burnham of Malachias me., j a grave Digger lie says y brother i becomes stronger disc when the doctors said she would die was very Low with malarial fever Atid belter and the j Iron nne Mininta before i jaundice. I persuaded him to try govenor Taylor undoubtedly his Justice on his Ide whether he has 1 w or not. The Nehei liw was i nine i to enable that India dual to meal Tho sue no it is Binu to do toil by Hing methods of it May be revolutionary but pc -.-. E to link it is about time Lor a i involution in Kentucky the right i to attempt thin Elway a Fri s if. Lincoln who Atti need her Klc conc b-.ner.-, and he was soon much creases. The whole body be that fearful Nisi it. But she better Bat the Riise until he or. New discovery -.va? cur Cal. Am sore electric i More than her cuff a i aved his life this remedy her of after kill and j j. Slept All night. Further j purifies the blood aids digestion Recu j Urcil her. This Loa Velious me ii inc the liver Kilness and Safr Steed to cure All Throat. Clit i constipation. Ner Jiu aids lnn2 idea is Only 50c and j Volney troubles female com Tinl Botill Iree at Asper go s or utry per foot. Health. Only 50c j u store at Osiier go s store. Con-.e3 fortified and Iha i cannot foothold. No a sustain in the District court of the slate of Iowa in find for Fijoj d county. S. J. Ramsay. Plaintiff is. Win. J. Smith me Lau Glim Marietta a. J. Smith. Ida i. in Liyon. Jhn ii. Smith u a flab Smith Jan u Homp f i Ajo Sod Beauly Murphy. Bertha j Duel la Faunie Jim Farlund Elsi whip die Mills and a Smith Delta wants j to. Of tied defend qts Yon Are hereby notified Ilia there is now on Lile in the of Ico of tie Cleill of the District court of Floyd county town the petition or Trie plaintiff Afore said be kids Anil Pray stir that Thiol Law described real estate owned by defendants above named be partitioned a no divided Arnott the everal owners thereof according of to i heir respective rights and interests to wit Slih West j of the South West o the f. Of Section o. 0, Ih-1 Woith nest la of the South v.est-4 of the of i Section no. And lot to. 10 of hip Ith Nast of Section to. 1c, and Tho _ j of Trio of no and 1 lie 1-i aurs cd Cortij of the a orb 1f of North of Section so. I Alln now Nalup to. To. Har of to. 10. Or the old m., Floyd county lows. Also lots to Al and 10, Block to. 2, Fla Nije a a d Sill of b fico to. 3. Knole 0, in of Floid. Connie and Staie afire Siirid and asking Honfi Funtig the shares of the above named parties in and to said real Esti Ite this partition thereof be and if hip y not to Tui Fay divided that a Sale of said be on prod in 1 a division of the proceeds Iii do la tween them ii Nordiof to their Respo Clive and Liat such o Het orders shall made is to deemed just in the on Are also notified Tiit unless you appear thereto and defend i before noon of the Day of term of said District court of said Flo jul Courty. To ii Coni minced at the court in re Irlis the to Atli Day fut a. Foj. Lief Hilt he entered von Rind Jui of mint decree rendered thereon As priced in be Joo. S. Attorney f0 i ii stiff. 1-Acdp. Cracked lips of the skin cd by value . Honest Mim or Ravel for horse ii Jfe f65 dont Iii and Aith Xvi motion iia Mann incl if so 3p.o Castor. We Chicago. .7nn 1

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