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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Feb 15 1883, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly (Newspaper) - February 15, 1883, Marble Rock, IowaFriend Indiana. My my circulation to Tim. Few Kew Rife a w a. M . Tiv t w Ort . Act. I Liuti in u4 wet Fri 50 a tit of of Wear l huf eking South ind. Cheapest Honey v. A. Roziene loan real estate broker seqot1ates Loans on improved fahd is at lowest rates. Prompt paving nieu with Choice Security. 1 offer adv Unta pious a Itu. I am always to set the Day for of video Ike to Security it perfect and such Ngn cements pm at All limes be re lid Upell. F. A. V4ni4rl butter worker Pron Ripe. Of mkt and pres sure certain easy Quick. Strong cheap. Tro Itra Bianc Kaups sons mi8hawaka St. Joseph mfg co. Mishawaka o in i . Hies. With 3lilice toward lab tit Durity for a time Terr i a hit at Arr jes Ting warm in bed. I a at Tea Jant. I Vernal and item _ _ _ inn Yium at Obi in _ i or. Air twill items per m Advance ukr be Tei. Actor bin Rill in Hart of til wit in be l l Hack i a present. Flit Leney . Of a like volume 8. Marble Rock Floyd county. Iowa. February 151883. Number 28 i this beyond any reasonable that the Chicago North Western railway la by Best Road for you to take tin Tiv Fuad in either dire Tiew Between air at and All of tie Fri Tifal paint to a tit Wei for tit Ami if aril wat carefully examine this Nap. Pat principal titles of the vast us North West Are stations on this Road. Its through trains make Clow with the trains of All railroads itt Junction the Chicago it North Kritek Kalway Over All tit principal Lino runs each daily from two to lung or More fact exp Rew Tursini. It the Only Road weal North or Northwest of Chicago hat uses inn in Crial Pawnee com. It ii the Itu nil Pillman eur Clae Cinn Cruz Kontic. Of Kcf curb. It pm ii ror tur. Nougat Trent Colun dil nil urn Unaa. It Shooni pm Tel sort Krislen year Ned a Elgin 4 Krepton it Dabu at Ife Ett mat i last tllt.11 Jim hover . Dot Frood tick cd 0rer a Ned fold ill Tospon tic Kafet in the Rel Hal hut my Cush. Us neuter Tuuk for ticket Tama Mara they of id Utor it. boat other. W. Geu l a Ciao tools k f. Marble Rock que y. Is now prepared to furnish a Superior Quality of bridge.8uild1ng, flagging and cutting tones of All kind. Of rates Addren Marble Roeck Iowa. 3tooks of Adyn 11 re. Pioneer heroes daring deeds pad m Over our whole Cim try from tha to the vet it motto 1u of to. Civic Kytt Bowie. Houston Catob of a ii fwd. Wild Bill bit Ruth Bill. And Crook in Luis Moa m a Virtu. A Rulh 175 fun to the life. A lots priced Beau thing Art set Lum. To. Ludwi5 a s. Dentist. Of ocl is Post Orttel Block tooth Eilers retd without pain by the of n it Roos ii it Caj. Roi Kford Iowa. Sort Houn from d to a. Is. And from 1 to 5 p. N. Subscribe for the weekly Filo be Democrat in urged to 10 i arcs ouly p35r year. Or Ziair. Tri a curly ver. Will 3 w 5 m Retei e your i s it Mil if i 9 j. F. Shoemaker will he Ai. Inc Beliar fhe of catch Wooth Une week. Aug it Tui a jays. Find will do work than Bijj. Ever Hern done in Marble Rock. A Cut and need by Russia n to overment. It relates the personal i riches of the author during he trav Els. It tells All that one could wish to know about uus Sti and Siberia. It ii the thrilling record of travel and adventure Ever written tit retold Sto Ries but pacts witnessed by the an thur in re non and sanctioned by it . Foo Large Over 200 Fine Ricc no Book like it on Curth out Stu All other a Soke. Al gun i s wan Ted. Write at Anea for pict ill Cir Cular and full particulars cents in Money or Stamps cuu Splete canvassing outfit. Act and secure first Choice of territory. Address . Usa co., i ave., , jul. Agents wanted for our ind Selling pub lication.-, i c in stand Ard Wirks Kekry Day cyclopedia of awful facts for pc pie. A perfect dictionary of wants. Pages 500 illustration. Or life and l by Cati vhf it july ii history of polygamy from its Rise to the or cent Omphie of the Mountain which 130 Muff women and Diu Orvn were butchered. s Ufa. Or secrets of Llie Steij and saw oust Artex Keva Ilik in of the variety Shaw a nicest of Kavc Rivici Home private of autos and 16l Beani Ifal and Tarani use i Lut Kial family by Pluf rations on Sicil and it Ohi. 6 to tool to rfcs in live agents on Llie arc works. Per do Alk is Ami Camii men in Hirr. Oil. Ami in or Chiup in a Harden All Wolt we Mefi. Marble Rock Iowa. Sex to co. Ouirt Fruci therow Eirtis. The Contention font my Vanaut to tall to b. F Fri Jet Anu Auu woe of hot Jan Wilma was Perma Chinua. The chief interest of Ibe entered id the report of the Coon nitty m Rawl Dirou. Tbs railed to us two reports were Plant to the sent i gtd by la at Jane a nullified the of the people and thumb Necmi renewal of the Campaign for t t Ilion there fur a Alcyd slut we deman i Llie car practical Aumi Ilion to i m pc Plu if the que Atton of amending the con Stit Twu of Date so Ai t forever prohibit the Diana feature and liquors As a beverage. Including ale wine and Beer Wil in this tale. Rallied. Attiat we believe tint the Reg ular Nerion of the getter u to be com id in january. 1ss4, is Ali. Earliest Safe and practical that we can again Kropok did rat we Are in Fatur of i our entire and most and e forts to the proposition Afon Atid before the at the not Genera Issom Bly t hot we arc deter tinned to exch Tae k8t to place the porno Ipin of prohibition in the Constitution of Iowa and will Nerer rent Utts fied until this re Beh Evitia it to be Beil and right. Whilst not that political part Ahall the principle of prohibit too in the plat form of Laid party we a demand at the bands All parties in this Ntxo the Rit it and or Irelene of amending our com tuntion Wei Fer the Sovereign people demand it and nil regard Lew of to nid us in the attainment of this Grant end. That we Eini Tolj request Alt Temperance organization a in this state to renew their Maui pain in mayor of constitutional prohibition and Aury it Forward until Hibi Tion in look is a filed fact. Xiror1tt Bip Oit. Mok Eib of Joanet of astr. Presented the minority report which a follow we the Anders goed a Watten of the on two Julioo beg Kare to submit following preamble and a Miu Ritj report and Reco Oil and to Cir adoption Whir is majority of Toten of this Hare twice declared thai k is their will that the traffic in intoxicating liquors be Nide a crime in a Only us that such traffic shall be prohibited Lui Tible and , the of Jovitf of a Preat court of the state the. Cup Reno will of people i faired we Tow it our unswerving allegiance m the of Legal prohibition and that Legal prohibition a the Usalj practicable of Cunti Olling ind evil. Hrs ii cil that we Suin Tain thit All political Power is in hint in the people. Idol thit will of a no Junta thereof should be thu anal Kiriat tin the Emwrit so Iutin Sisr in to air putt to Nim effectual quod Ruo licit that it i the Deloli Erato of thin Contention tint tie Sec Tirc and asset Btu. Should ukr to put in lurch and effect us will of toe As will of of Corrie the Keota to Ike Mutt of Cam to inc to Nett. Cwt ii enforced by Oceala an by the people who be their we Fedge our support at. Tha polls Only to two. M Are unreservedly pledged to awry out i Faith the sex passed will of the people on of Wal after some Bucuss on the minority report wan adopted. Rev. Ijo Iier offer.-1 the following we Dily a Lur us and we Linee rely Ihil Hin n the gov error Miglin find it con Rith hot Peroga is Well As his Itu Ture Jig Moor to such Allda Fetcher is engaged in the work of a new order Lor the Young people to be railed the Juniur Urand army of tin Republic. From the Galinton if treasurer Vimont or Aubara passed safely through Texas into lev it should be remembered by Olio would charge tens off Cali with Lerr fiction of Pmj that just at present the majority of Frontier detectives we arc in the habit of arresting absconding state treasurers an to Tennesse trying to secure the Reward offered Tor i Manning of m Iasi Stuppi is nursing the Hope that he will be Al Lowed to act p beat in the must Hare a poor Case indeed it he ii not Able to do that. His opponent has no party to Aid him Ait night Light Hia Battle alone while has the solid at his Buck. The can View the contest with a great Deal of complacency and Cheur the dog in thu Fig lit with a Clear the of Giottini John on the jury Neitli Iii Jan. Join pins when she card that her had been drawn they might As will order a new trial off. 71iey won t Pel John to agree to a verdict. He is the Iii ulan i Ever naw. I never knew Kim to Ayree with his of Fife in atty and it in t at at All Likely he s 10 with people he Dun t cure anything a omit. A pretty jury Man he kit Slowi Truia Kripl. Senator win doing Delft u doute cd to be deplored but the Bluite prob Lily lies at Liin own door. The is. 1 aul which Hai been by to him ascribes the result chic3y to Bis fully in engaging in a feud with congressman a Dunnell. It limit paper if or. Window lion been Large enough to Hare let Dunnell alone in Stead of ostentatiously marking bin for Slaughter because he feared in Bita a possible rival Lor the Senate he would have walked Over the course my Dirl Mculty. This the Intini n the result Prond the fatal Blunder of or. Wisdom s senatorial Campaign. The mule though it leads a life of toil and privation Biu so Viany opportunities to illustrate its treacherous and Ual Wigint spirit and so admirably silted by nature to improve them that on the a whole it pro duly is nut unhappy beast. But ibis Peridot Tia comp co u Tian does not apply to moles employed in Coal the Philadelphia and heading Coal and Irun company employs no fewer than of these blighted Ere Tiren Noder ground and Many of them do not Sec the tight of Day from one Yea to being at bit drawn up from their subterranean prisons they Are Tolly blinded by the Traci tied Trombi darkness to Light and this affliction is often permanent. More Over lug Usu in Kijja it a Iliavi be Corot a expert and Nily cml at intervals does a mute Huc Cevel in kicking a victim into the great . To hade a Little in Amro Calcutt of. That he located the Peb Rury Mon. A americas a Stead of Australia there it really Omund. Thu will stand aint Ralia Beard fam but to perfectly Safe be had better Neit pc action at the South 1 i a. He nude a skis Lake before and that the March Spertor Dianee will ii Lime with on postponement on account of thai Ohio legislature is with Itie to i lit 3-Nate had known As the a Vinecy joint Rey Lution Toam Cirii ii t Onali Iutva. In u u of Jlius tin Jjo Are it the Cun Cral to concerning the Ira Lilc a and wan not be i witty any in Sec Iun in of a Tilc t or in 1 Olvi it this this in adored will give hit wholly within the Power it the Laturco and in Eucly in Accord with the Hep Mican Piht Brovot iss1 non which Lio Vernor h urn we re Eide Ted. The House Wim Ltd. Thursday. January if in Ryan mis. Burin Tea sit years. The deceased Mother of fellow citizen or. F. V. Bissell. We copy tha following obituary notice Bryan Ohio de. Wmki.t-. She was born at Granny conn., february 1soo. At the age of 17 she came from her native state walk ing much of the Way into the wilds of Western Itra Ervi and settled at Aurora i Murtage county Kwh her Grandfather or. Forward father Waller Forward at one time United minister to . She win a sister to Darwin of died in ib80, an Tait nent lawyer of that place Berot i he 41d and 43d Coop Ream and a Delegate to the Chicjo convention that nominated Lincola. A pare Sweet life has faded out tender faithful Mother kind Friend Aad neighbor has As the marching years and failing health wanted her she soon should Para away Ahe longed for the great event that Oomen to All which came at last and led her Onward. How truly could aay i have ought a Good i have finished toy Conree i have Faith. Her last Eon tedious new of a brighter beyond with no dark tvs. The Cleveland Leader says of the deceased in the death of in. Forint a pm flee Biall which recently occurred in i run Ohio Puad away irom Cetih out of the Bucl known of Early settlers of this of Liok of the Neci Cut on february 8, Liuo and accordingly almost eighty Tufts years id. Slit arrived with her parents in Aurora in Tali having made the disc Irum Connecticut much of the Way on fool by the Side of the of Magoa of her Grandfather. Truoi Genera Nelson Iclef one of the Early Setton of Aurora its following interesting were Icahn to about her life in her Twenty third year was married to or. Kaoe pc Issell of Jit Rorm a Cousin to rtt. Samuel ii sell of or. Bowell had prepared a Pioneer his log Cabin in the in East Ern part of the township and u the Bride s parents were somewhat opposed to Union conducted bit Bride to lither for the a marriage. It was Enid but the Huu a waa Comfort Able As it could be made and that night was awry by lunging the Young of the Iown Thip having taken advantage of the occasion for a a Bilet. The next Day or. Bis Acyl a Large Clearing Lor when. And Proen Dei Dili Genus to by the ii Adaliza of a urge Fortune. My Bissel int to join the Irish Mph Church u us until the Day us bet death a devoted and consistent Christi. Mrs. Cam of the Best mock general says that Ber grand lather s family was one of the most remarkable that lived in the West in Bow Days. Walter Forward her Uncle went to Pitts big St did Law id ind the first Piper Ever published in that pity he ensured polities and was Trie to vans in to scr in 1641. Oliver Forward a Primi nent lawyer and banker of Buffalo. Chauncey another brother studied Law Mil of Trijillo became a Pru Crft n to by his wonderful a great sea tint there were Kuo tiler Diu vol and Saib Nel Forward All Zwyers and Ucli known in their localities. Dii Wui 1 Liels a brother of i i Snell wa.4 a Proi Hiuet pol Viivian. Having win a tit brr o the slate i to Kalat Are and inure itching 1 a a Imit care where All run Wiwi i have failed a my. A til Drain on the system pfc Dis Bilky but try .1 in Irmis ask few it and Jbv i you no. It Hitu will acted in 1.11 re Ceiba of Medicine co ohis old by Asper co. M. Hubbard. Barter hair special attention Piid la Denv the Post once. Martic Krak Dresser ladies sir4 n. Mass i sewing machines Marbe Rock a. Keeps for the following Well known machines new Davis new Home Singer and the Knyal St. Johns at prices which defy . Mae Hiilei can be seen at Ilay Nei Bro s store. Marble Rock j. B. Too we receive deposits buy approved paper buy and sell Exchange and do a general s. Buy and sell foreign Exchange and sell passage to and from All principal Punu in Europe. Joseph Merrill. Livery. Feel stable. Tekl Chicago Inonu Western ova snit the it w drool cod to Chicago and Mil palate in Lulli Mii. Tin. Be had and Vico not. North am Ludden. Minott uan Tooa. Centiu and wrote Mutt id new. My Kun. Wac Butow Irrl Tatj. A. Job to. Us Oil la me i a Lett ova u us taxes North Ana Piort town it Nannou win. Imi Alt to. Great things of the world the in Iusi in inc world i the tails of the Larf Sot Eafron the Niam woth Cave of thu it rpm River Rise in Talent mass solid t invt Knob Olmis j it offers to tm1.________ mans that can vhf tall by in strata tit any Rood Coar Art Anc debits Witri of a Weott am Ana Over to own Turt Weir sowed to me Tren u a Naun Vatu Rcv radar of Civ i a mkt in a tuna w a s o5 i d p a a for 1 q g o pumps., if All for at rain Nablo prices. Also Iii old All work h a fitly mall Trie it . Main Turt Agio sat Cut it comic aim it Oon All other t City it or Krivo Turku fat Teslaa. Cak Liik cab tar it. Pron Cronau is Kkt. End on in 1tt.i it in Irmma. J Kwh finl Tom m
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