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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Feb 13 1896, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - February 13, 1896, Marble Rock, IowaNo. 27. Marble Kock Floyd county. Iowa. Fedili Ulaky terms a year compound liquid Sulphur Cotera cure ii saving thousands of dollars for Iowa Farmers. Thoroughly tested in the worst cholera infected districts of eleven states and proven beyond doubt to be the greatest discovery of the age and the Only Juara Steed remedy Ever placed on the Market for the pre Tention and cure of hog cholera. With the enormous Corn crop and present prices Farmer can afford a l. Hawks read our free Booklet of Mic Robic Dis eases. The Cerro Gordo county grand jury which adjourned last saturday indicted every drus Raisin Mason City for Viola Tion of the prohibitory Law. . Miti Odist presic Lizul us Silajs at 1 2, m. And 7 30 . Up world league meeting at i.30. Purer me Tii g the Gnu ecu sunday at 1 m. In. Abri iian meets at Al so p. M. Prater Cne a Iii. J. Waltus. Past. 1 at 11 . In. Youril 1 Coplea Mei tins it tue by . Zamist. Preaching lit sunday in enc month 11 n. In. Ami 7.80 p m. Pupil try Send no at 10 a. W sen ices lie Lily i the t Nion school House. Ii. Us it Factor. Societies. A to a. Coroner Stone Lodge no. 251. wednesday pm or before full Moon. Al Kiili e Brothers i i Cord ally to at Tull. I Robburt hug Jet. I. M. A. Ii Fec. I. O of f. Marble Bock to Lse so. Sol meets Tami Day Etui Piug of Esau invited. If a h.meiei-. X. U. Is. Sep. i i 319. Meets tues ii Etui Piug of week. Nisi aug Brethren invited. c. 0 Walt k. Of e. Pc. I l. Of it. Meets the 3rd tuesday nil lit in each Mouth in Odd Fellows Hall. To. W. Res. J. , Sec. K. C. Vereti at the Home of mrs. Siounit the 1ft mid so if month 11 o plonk p. M. .mnt.ji.-a. St Waitt pres. Bks. Christina act ii free. An Eastern Exchange says Allison s cautiousness in politics was illustrated by a Well known party Leader the other Day who declared that the Towa Sena Tor could from new York to Omaha on piano keys and never strike a Virginia in Armenia. The killing of a child by its Parent is always a dreadful thing. Most dread Ful of All is it whey the lather is the Slayer and the daughter is the victim such deeds Are not unknown in the encoder of and a few notable examples Aie conspicuously recorded a both sacred and one it least has for More than a score of centuries commanded the sympathetic reference of the world As an act of Pur est love and noblest Horo Stu a tin ill ing Ballad and an impressive drama have made the Story in our Day As As a household tale. A Botnan Soldier with his own hand stabbed his Only child to the Only possible resort to save her Iroku Dishonour. And what wits the result All Rome Rose As one Nan to punish not the lather but the tyrant whose lust had compelled the sacrifice the All but omnipotent be Cebu virile was overthrown and the Power Ful head of the proudest patrician House died by his own hand in a Felon s cell we turn from such Horro Isof the age of Force to the Milder manners and More benevolent institutions of the pre sent Day Only to not one but innumerable Virginias in this of Grace 1s06, and in a Christen land made despair at by the sight of count Leas Maidens Iti enticed to the is vase passions of their officially directed oppressors. The fathers of Armenia have to emulate the Esaa pie of Vir do not let any for a busing College a medical College or a Law school persuade you that you Are peculiarly listed to enter Somo our of schools and that they can put you you through in a few months and fit to go to the City and grow Rich in professions. The cities an full today of Good Bright Fellows who Are starving to death and Are too to go Back to the capital Mah Velous us rus from a letter written by Kev. J. Gunderman of i Uniondale Mich we Are permitted to make this extract i have no hesitation a recoup mending or. King s new disco very As a Tii Ost marvelous in the results were the ease of toy wife while i was pastor of the Baptist Chuich at hives Junction wa.-. Brought Down with pneumonia succeed ing the la Grippe. Terrible proxy sri s of would last hours v. Ith Little interruption and it seemed us if she could not survive theol a Friend recoup mended or. King s new discovers it was a juice in its Huik Ami his Bly Pasis Luetory in trial bottles free at a. J. Asper go s drug store. Regular size 50o and i. It. Marble Rode Post to. 30s, meets first saturday c. T. com of each month. W. 15. Chat Mai. Ailt. Judicial. Burr John c of Menvin of Coit -4tli mond j in a Unar 1st monday in 2nd Monde m acpt Ember. Id 3riondaj in . Lucius Lane cd Simrau Charlcie City Rill in Shultz. Marble Rock Timot Liy pippin Hock fwd k. S. Cui Chesier . Merrill Iles Keg Las 1st monday in Aud Holiday ill Ember. Auditor. Treasurer clerk of the courts. Recorder. Superintendent Surveyor. County attorney. Coroner county officers. George s him Ford Cash a. U. Terri main Quackenbush t. A. Eos ice Linze relder c. W. Knicker bolter offie Oti. Titi tips of the Pei co e p n Lister s h Davis Conj Bles Charles t Bex e e win Cileli c Darla my. M me run 0 w Trowman and j ii Merfeld. City of cers. Joseph Wiloth be Cortier ii b Rosenkraus treasurer a w Martin Street commit Wincer o w Wallace Mill my a. V Kei c Harlaud vim Fletcher. 11 cabs pc Sucre a 1 Meier. Ii b lies township school Board. President. H c Harlaud. . Ii b met Titi Lenrer. Join Bates directors 1 to 11 a Cofeld g Heury , i j cafe mad 7 John ii g 4 John Cist. 9 ceo m Kun Sull. I Ether Adaui. W ?.-Iffl Shaffer 11 i Hiis Hulu. R Colt town Oil officers. G n . Of Lnch Beers Leoy town w Icholson. And Are killing the Crown Daugh-1 state. To ill Cut 11uiu d Laid Des Moines letter. The code Rex Ision is having its ups and Downs resolutions have been introduced in Bolh Blouse and Senate. Looking to its discontinuance and the adoption of a new code commission or the codification of the Laws by the As Sembly itself. A Lieut Deal of fault is being found with the code they Are accused of having exceeded their authority of having made too changes made new Laws. Do. It has been stated by some of the Ablest men in both House and Senate that the code commission did just what they were appointed to do and took the proper course under to circumstances concerning their appointment. The commission was selected from among the and Topis. No reason in the of orly Why Ive Iid to drinking Adul j tera cd Tea aug Toltec eating adult or Luu a Lupe tue Iamb Csc Aliu us so woefully of Piid of Oleo Marverine and adulterated a Cese a Bill by Kulp. Of Sac provides that who i Rae known to sell liquor in violation of the mulch Law Iho regular License shall be impose Aud Oil noted and another that a i the leading lawyers and jurists of they worked faithfully majority of to e electors in towns of or less instead of go per cent of the present Law Small entitle Saloon keepers Aud liquor dealers to establish places for the tale of liquor. The anti distr Etc Bill is strongly urged but there is a heavy lobby against it and its passage is very Doul Ltd i Hon it Carie up in the it was re erred to the committee on Public health the Cigar and to people plenty of Money. This Nalion ins been working its jaws for to lieu since its inception Why should t Thev have a Bill has been introduced by mar tin of Adair county providing for the in specion of private Banks this Bill will be fought us perhaps none other but will very Likely pass nevertheless. The Monument flight is still on up on the taking up of senator m ale Tan s revelation the medallions. Ii our. . Sli Loi Jarst offered As substitute a concurrent Resolution which previews for ten the and Niue ii Roni the Senate to consider the matter and report by Bill or other Wise. Garsi s i solution was adopted. The House appropriation committee Decicc on he 7th to appropriate 000 for poit of governors Geir Sherman . Boies and Jackson for the executive departments a commission of three is to be appointed to Arr or a Semi Centen Nial Celebration and the erection of a memorial his Oncal and Art building for Towa the building it is thought is it Worth your v while to try us examine and Price our goods and your will be convinced that both Are get the hands of the turkish told Tery. That is the drama enacted daily in the most ancient Christian Community in the world. And Christian looks on unmoved. And the i rime minister of Christian England that o so sternly avenged Caw pore and sent an tiny half Way around the world and up the ruin Icid mountains of amhara to release three Etc Hishme i from prison the Englan l that is the Especial sponsor of the Turk and the sworn guardian of prime min ister of Christian England Dedans that none of the Power even to intervene and it is the r dui and care deliberation and skill it would it ii be the worst of Loly to Throin that work overboard. Leading mean bars of both houses insist that no extra session is necessary and tint ail that is needed is for the houses to got Down to business. There Are a number however who fell that what Ever is done the Republican Pany will be blamed far it. And if an extra ses Ionia it Ces Ary. Or extra expense incurred the blame will All i do upon the party the people of Iowa ire not As much interested in parties As in the welfare of the stitch and this is the View taken by the Best men in i win coat about Auu uie a pronation is to be divided into four parts of per year. It is hinted that the Celebration trill no to Njurling ton the building to Des Koines. Land s duty to give the turkish butchers both houses time to 6nish the awful work in their own Choen fashion ii retributive Justice be not an Eta ply name the blood of Vernini is and of ail the Ramied tortured Butchli e cd Anil Itti Leol armenian along tha line of school Lesis Iasci Iii a Bill has been reported to pass by the Senate Eom Muriee Lor fret underpaid is Givins lie Board of Crl Calion the to incr to maintain one or a instr scan urls in or in wards will one Day weigh More heavily i dependent District containing than Lead and Burn More Iii sly than fire upon the heart and soul of that in human government. In the Day of England s sore distress the most bitter reproach of her enemies and the Wor St torment of her own conscience if con i science still she have will be Mcmeni j her the Virginias of York. Trio Una. Fifteen children Over four and under Sii years of age a Bill his been introduced requiring Candida los or county superintendents to Pas. A examination equal to one Lor state in Fco Uny Zoolo Siy physic Book and drawing. Clit Lei Cates will be Sood for file years. Tue a Onidi school boar it has concluded to not a a for the 000 Cli pc tins year but to ask in ail Stearn Kinney w w Uter and or Scott township school e Secretary. Gcorge a treasurer is arc i Merrick. 5 Bruce Ward. I John e on bar Chast Lucr k dec a Paulonia Bernard Mccook j w Jeffrey a a gentleman who was raised on a Larm forty years ago remarked to us the other Day that the poetry had All for for other 1 been taken out of farming and Only the the has de practical was Iclet he was cited to kj11 be Bill to it a National at Harvest Nemh-1 i on every nuke birthday a a Gal holi Day. Uig successes the needed Merit to More than make Good All the advertising claimed Lor them the following our remedies have reached a Phenomena ale or. King s new discovery Lor and cold a coils bitters the treat remedy or liver stomach and kidneys. Bucklin s Arnica Salve the Best in the or King s new life fills which Are a perfect Pill. Vii these Remedias Are Iriti Teri to do just Ivy it is claimed Lor them and the dealer whose name is attached herewith will be glad to Tell you More of them1 bold at Jasper i cd the is the report of Mir lilo for Tauili. Isic. Pri pupils enrolled average daily tto dance Casos of tardiness knee of pupils neither tardy nor sect Tlane v curl Rex the the 22 a the one Price clothiers. A rent Here Are some Birney i Larned Glnn Crabtree Arthur heaves Henry Stephens Evert Glinsey cos la Crabtree Smith teacher. We have several lines of ladies Fine shoes and we propose to close them out As a this is the Price Orr a special offering of la Dies Fine shoes Worth and f 3.50 in nearly All sizes. Every pair is a great bargain ind deserves attention. We want to sell you j t your shoes and we Are going to make prices to do it. Geo. W. Gates. Young Man Bors All exchanged work and while the harvesting was coins on had a Cood notary up Blic and convey Ancer. And collect ii sent. Iii Mir social time. Hen a piece of was to be Cut. The number of acres to be harvested determined the numb r o1 Gallons of whisky Thot Ladt Obero Viden. The last Straw of Urain and the last drop of Down to Pether it was sind whisky Loo in those Days. Good old democratic the free text Book Bill known As heed s Fiill. Is Likely to be Assembly is not in a Lunior Moye direct taxes upon the the present time. The Bill is thought to be .1 Cood one. St Hool children from ill Over the Are in Cicur ions to not to impose j people i enrolled 40 Averige daily a to Nance 31 Cipos of tardiness 10 x Unis of Bose neither tardy nor Petts a Lima is Lara ant i Fleuren Annav ii of m. to ii rues thuem in Roy Thorno Valster Vern Maxson clip Isa teacher. Get mar department. Whisky. Now with improved Nachin the Capitol to Sec the elephant As it is to Guhr a crowd j it. Week too child run from storm Lake Tisi cd the Cigis c ses of i Diness a Ines of p neither tardy nor at to. A Nianzer Ethan Eirl Robinson Fred Koss Vorhes Earl Tiline Viker a lick teacher. High school Fuji s enrolled i Apprich cd 191 to a Hir vast. He says it it is no trouble to show Rich farming now future upon the 5th i e Goth the provide Jou Harpp Lynly of water and j school at sent a Ance and real estate. Alone t your 0 1 i i f plow Harrow tout Ein v o loan on is. Ore or intr time i a member of Bill have be r self Binder lie minks the wan with a 9-Lnlter sen itt 9ums to Stilt Cost Limos farm who is out of Dent should or j Menzi Bulf Ibethy mint Conten Ltd Man on each. Atlon of ani3 of various George Vorhes John Osier sick incr Afee Intro neither tardy nor Marble Aock. Ii. O Iowa stick the mrm. Tie lest of Billj ought w. E. Long. Disease commonly comes on wit symptoms which Wrhen neglected in extent and gradually grow dangerous. If you suffer from headache Dys Persia or out a bilious constipated lives complaint Tad Iii pc tabule5 a Niobie a a Nett re take Ripans tabule5 of Tofpi is pc j _. Or. N j n a Ai c o suffer distress after a two it Lempio for All disc Dipasq Befts of the stomach dlr Halo Ripans Tabu fes regulate the system and preserve the health. 1 East to take. I to act Ripans Tab los arc Rolcik by by if acc the Price 50 cents a ecu it. T Leal company o. I 10 cents. Too oct

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