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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Feb 11 1897, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - February 11, 1897, Marble Rock, IowaVol. 22 no. 27. Marble Rock Floyd county Iowa feb. A terms a year societies. A f. A. V to m. Corner store Lodge so. 231. Wort incl inn a lira Are ill Moon. Ski Tui Brothers la for some time it has been thought that Oil existed in the Vicinity of Yin ton and those interested Piug i. M. S. H. W la put Yuwu a Well i o. Of v. I Ock Lods of Erik Voreh. I invited. Avg. On the farm of a. Bliss near the Fatu Ous Bliss Hock Quarry a couple of j Miles Corfu of that town. An expert from the Oil Region of Pennsylvania i has been secured to and reports that i he never the prospects for Oil i Ter bet j it has been conclusively proven that the interview with or. Page loft c to meet t e f Nick visiting Brethren invited. A. k. Of k. S. I president Mcklev s Secretary of the uir3ratue5cbruisln in each Ino nth in pm Fel Luwi vote i jre3suit. A Lake. Interview j purporting to come rom t he York m j should be by All be my blk to. 44b-, Imit in second Ami fourth i Turulj of Cadi in with at up Able journals until it a Bren Clear Olid iu11. Neil Liber m Yum Itu Diu Art Cordi Iilah invited to Iii my. 11. Ii. Ciolk. V. It. C. Meets at the limn of in court clip 1-t acid thai May of each Momiji k. A. Stewart prep. Vikt. Aspek Sec. A ii Mirble Kock Post. To. 30s, meets first us Tadaj each Vou h. C. T. He com. W. B. Cd Lainuee allot. W c t u a act every Ulier slav. Mito. Res Siudut. Ora. M. , Sucre tar. In Eniti tra de that the Itier viewed hid a Fioldo the other end of i the Smriti j. 11. Henderson of Indianola has petition in the 1 Oik county filed a Corr grand iodide committee ii Home be restrained from stops until the Sovereign i orphans Mikius further Irand Ludue comr chios. J shall pass upon an Appeal a e it was supposed the late session of the grand the former located the Home at Indianola but the grand Lodge methodist--preachinjisubto3 at 11 a r-30 p m. Epworth league meeting at fritter meeting thursday likening. J w. Hob Issos. Pastor. Curch preaching sunday at 11 m. Christianen p. M. Ning. T j. Will a eve alters. Tastor. Lodge settled this matter grand Lodge committee discharged that committee elected another one and located the Home at Jefferson. Prieb to Simiu Fly at 11 pm p. M. Vona Peoples meeting at prayer meeting tue Day by coins Baptist. Every is to sunday in each month a. U a. In. M. Sunday school every sunday at 10 a. M. Services held m the Union schoo lilo us. Ii. Gina it pastor. City officers. Recorder trea Narer Street Uomini us Ioder Mare bal. H 15 Rosenkrans j w Martin a f. Lesmore will nil Strond h c Fletcher. Ii Bose trans a 11 Meier Chato Weber it Huggitt Union school Board of it treasurer. John Gates Dike toys Nick Stai Idt. I 5indison Blue Harry 1 a Kirin Jolinn Aib. F. 1 Walster 8 .tunic1 Lew Inman ceo Kart la Egbert Davis. 10 my Chaser 11 Phi Shulti. Scott township Olti cers. Need Kali a like town Crowell w Witter mils Marsu and Eich Niemier. Scott Toiv ship school Hoard. Ties ident Toun Bilipp. Secretary. George , treasurer Charles d Meisiek Dike toys i John hiphop Bruce Ward. 3 k w Garter Liec Spaulding t chasm Ker 7 .1 Cunningham 4 Jol Mahart s my Jeffrey v John Josee. John c. Shenvi. J. F. Clyde. Terms of court -4th monday in january 1st monday in my ind monday in ses tember. Id Holaday in Ember. Board of supervisors. Lucius Lane. Chairman chalice City Phillip Marble Kock Timothy pippin. Lockford s. S. Chichester . Merrill egg Las meet incs 1st monday in january. April june and september and 2nd monday in so Temoff. Auditor treasurer clerk of the courts recorder superintendent Surveyor county attorney Coroner county officers. W. D Lindaman m. Larr Perrin c. H. Johnson a a. Rimiene Frank i Nuci fielder c. W. Knickerbocker township of Lifors. Justice of the 1 each e p Walstr s it Davis Chi Sta Lei Charles t Liet. K e v c Dar Lauu to Jons Teeter defendant you Are hereby notified Liat there is now on file in the office of the clerk of the District court of Floyd of Iowa the petition of Joseph claiming of you and Wking that a cer real estate Mort not made and delivered to you by Wesley series dated May 18th. 18g3, and recorded m the office of the recorder of deeds of Floyd county in both Junt on Page 92, be cancelled of record claiming that the debt secured thereby has been paid and for other equitable Relief. You Are also notified but unless you appear thereto of fend before noon of the second Day of next May term j of the said District omit of flow county Iowa to be commenced held it the court House in City on the third Day of , a. Default will be entered against you and decree rendered thereon As prayed. 26f Joseph b. , plaintiff. Or Field president of Hie state agricultural society addressed a letter to the Board of St inroad commissioners of this state asking in View of the Dis Cussion Sennit on Joti relation to a maximum rate of two Cenis per mile for passenger , what rate would the commis at considerable be Lair for both sides Aio aers have replied length and although they do not express themselves flatly on the matter they Are of the opinion that a two cent rate at the present time will be very unjust to the roads they go deeply into the statistics of recent years and . The f preservative Funk of Ilanon yet Only certain of having -13 senator county has Iii produced the after March 4th, thare is no longer any preambles and resolutions in the lower doubt about the Senate to i Bouse of the Iowa legislature. The should be thorough and the Public made familiar with ail the facts the state de report of auditor that there is a licit in the finances of the state which it is charged by the Public press has been caused largely by unnecessary und illegal expenditure of Public junes to the several departments of the state government and whereas it is the duty of this House As the direct representatives of the of the state to require the Utti Iosi Economy in the expenditure of Public Money continent with the proper and efficient of Republican Tariff Bill at the extra session of to grew. Indeed Slit votes to pass it Are already assured. The ways and Means committee is Niak Iii in the Ion of the new Tariff Bill and chair Man i Ogle has no doubts about its being ready to be reported As soon the new House is ready to receive it j the republicans of the com Tuit Tec have been unusually harmonious in opinions on the schedules of the Bill that have up to Date been completed and there is no reason to suppose that they will be otherwise any jmr-1 lion u1 the Bill i there i More or less discussion i among republicans in t on Gross on Nib kerosene Why buy poor Oil when you can get Good Oil for the same Price we do not buy Oil from the Charles City tank o duct buy Only Pennsylvania pro _ Oil wit old h a in l i used new ick and Vou barrels. Throw away poor Oil and try our the affairs of the site therefore be it views of or Gage the Secretary Oftie resolved that a committee of live Treasury select based largely upon a members of this House be appointed by j letter lie wrote to the chairman of any More wit 1 you will other with your lamps. Aye the speaker whose duty it shall be to inquire into the receipts and expenditures of the various departments of the state government will Power to Send for and examine persons and papers to ascertain the number of employees in each department re this time and for the biennial the amount of cases paid the same and to take such further Steps As in their judg ment be necessary to arrive at a full understanding of the expenditures of the state service said committee to report its findings and conclusions and recommendations to the House at earliest practical a gentleman says the Iowa capital who is prominent in Public Lite to Iowa and has been for ten years and who bears us High reputation As any Man in the state said that he was pleased to see in the capital some remarks con cer Tnp the bad policy of exciting suspicion of the acts of Public men and the extent that it is being done. Tie said he bad a great Deal of sympathy with the Man who found himself a satisfies indicate that at i the undeserving victim or such sushi present time the average fare charged in Iowa is less than the actual Cost of transporting the passenger and that within the last three or four years passenger earnings have decreased without a corresponding decrease in Cost of doing the Board states that its answer to or. Field is of an unofficial nature but it is none the less of the opinion that in simple Justice to the railroads of the state passenger fares could not at the present time be reduced. Coos but that he Felt More concerned about the effect upon the people. If the preaching of this Doctone is to go he said do not know where we Are going to. Ii the people get to believe that As soon As a Man is elected to a Public office he at once begins to steal it will not be Long before that will be True. The officers can stand it for awhile but it will be bad for our Onn of government. A Public officer House committee on banking and cur Rency in 1s94. And a recent interview purporting to quote 31 r la View of this the opinion express of or. Gage by several Republican members of the present House commit tee on banking and currency is both timely and interesting. Chair Ian Wal Ker said "1 think or. Gage a very Able and practical a an and a business Taan Belore he is a banker. J think when he what the Public senti ment is that he will accomplish wha he Lias suggested in his letter in a Way that will be acceptable to the people. Certainly alter a Sluda of thu situation he will act us circumstances will compel him to do when he takes the manage ment of the representative Brosius said i do not think the views As expressed by or. Gage two years ago Are such As he would deem Wise at the present tiny. I have great Faith in his intelligence and experience As a banker and believe that he has a c Sci envious purpose to do his Best to relieve the monetary situation irom its in Guiyu my to a suitable sae and conservative policy in relation to our ii presen Chtive Ile Ciery said regarding the increase of Bank circulation and the reduction of the tax thereon i pres tue there will be much difference of opinion what the process for the retiring of the greenbacks should be without unduly contracting the currency i am not willing to say offhand. I think while or Gage has Given his views in perfect Good Faith the fact that he now is o ill s our Mutual Benefit. Gates. Invincible unsurpassable without a n regular subscriber who Lias read it for Many years of the twice a Siveck Issue of the is just is a Coati As the average Man in to assume As any other kind of bust Ess. You know they want Hany changes. The county supervisors of the state held their annual convention at pcs Moines the past week. The session was quite Well attended and was fall of interest. They Lavor a number of changes in the state Laws the changes being embodied in the following resolutions that All Public officers should be compelled to cover into the county Treasury All fees earned by the office that sheriffs recorders and clerks Aronld pay their help out of the fees earned by to Weir offices. That decision by the supreme court to Yaying mulch tax to school fund or township Road fund should not oper ate to payments prior to the Day on whisk the decision is made. That vagrancy Laws hould be so changed As to prevent wholesale arrests of tramps for the purpose of drawing fees oat of the county. That the Board of supervisors should Bol Iven Power to sat Amon taxpayers for examination As to their property and to Levy penalties for false returns to assessors. That the mulch Law should be so amended As to ave boards of supervisors More Power Over assessors. The Law relative to the care of incurable insane by Conn tries should be adopted in Iowa. Very Well that that is True the More one learns of Public Rren and Public life the less he believes in the wild talk of the dishonesty of Public officers. I have a great Ca better opinion of Public h e and Public icon than i had when 1 entered it because i know More about it and i know How groundless and mean Are nearly All or the sushi Ciona Aga Tisl Public men Washington letter. Washington. Feb. 5, 1897. Nations like individuals must be i used by their records rather than their assertions. England has a Long diplomatic record and it is practically All one of turning every thing possible to her own advantage. One studies that record and brings a Little everyday common sense to Bear upon that arbitration treaty he with every right minded Man will serve to intensify his thoughts. Tli3 passing of thought through thut hot Crucible will refine it in so ii ways Bat he him self is not now conscious of there is a general disposition among republicans to express Confidence in the sue Cess Lul administration of the Treasury by Jar. Gage. Representative Curtis of Kansas says of the free Homestead Bill which is now on the House Calendar " 1 he Bill was intended when introduced by or. Flynn the Delegate from okla homa to be Only a local measure but it was amended in the Senate so that it became a general Bill and my under handing of it now is that it covers All Public Landa where the title has not per Eccl. The Bill cot Jet become a Law and it is by no Means certain that it the Senate has Given up a consider is very Apt to arrive at the conclusion acc ppn5on of a hug Wick to the Nica. That the amendments reported to the Anil tins is the. Unanimous verdict of its More than half a million is beyond All com the biggest Best and Cheape-4 National news and family journal published in America. It is in i i i Jav Juuso an it new simper and gives All flae ii ivs promptly accurately and impartially. It is indispensable to to Farmer. Merchant or Man who d sires keep thoroughly posted but has not time to a daily paper while its .h variety of Well selected matter mikes it in Inwald a 15lh Home and family paper. Two papers every week. Eight pages each tuesday and Friday. One Dollar for one year. Sample ccp1es free. Gloise booting St. Louis to. Joseph Wiloth Dea Lekin Earnest heavy and shelf hardware repairing a specially. Jfe meet Alt honorable Competition r. F Wilke dealer in Tagus canal Bill Ilia several Reso-1 Lutious dealing with the com Senate by the committee on foreign relations Are Wise and necessary pre a heated relations of the government to cautions to prevent England taking a la Pacific railroads while the House future advantage of the United states in addition to the appropriation Bills by claiming the right to submit mat j hag to Vcra contested cases. Important amendments 1 ters to arbitration which should not be so submitted. And no one who will take the trouble to ascertain the obligations of King , of Sweeden to England to doubt the Wisdom of striking j out. That clause of the treaty Raki or King Oscar the Umpire. No matter have been offered to the Nicaragua Bill one by senator Teller pro thai a Survey shall precede the Covern mint guarantee of Bonds and that if the estimated shall exceed nothing shall be done county per Dav and the i a r men Ami p. The Best Salve in the world for j bruises sores ulcers Rheum Ferer sores Tetter chapped hands chilblains and All skin eruptions positively tween am per year. Is Sec the v6 Money refunded. Price 25 cents 1 Siten charge of and Boi. For by a. J. Asper go. Of h Ghat i that corporations wholesale Mer How honest a Man be he Cinnoti without further by Congress 1 being biased in favor of those s and another by senator Vilas striking whom he is obligated. In addition to qut the whole providing for a these arguments in favor of the Amend corny Mission to investigate the subject. Chants Stock and personal property should be assessed equal with other assessable property. That the members of the Emen Idera or the ment8 to the , the criticism of education should receive i i thereof be be them by the Koulish Prew indicates thousands of people Are looking Call Fornix Worl they want to know where very plainly that the original treaty to co and raise fret and How to travel ably. For full in there address California Bureau of information Weber City if eat and Kii Uia of meat in its season. Satis Acton guaranteed. Highest Price i Aid or hide an tallow. Was considered More favourable to eng cheaply and comfortably. T. Formation read log the 1 _ 1 .1. Than to the United states. Although the Republic Ioa ire not As bos 573, Oeder rapids la. Dec 31 ail s4cscb Lioi a and i Ecksmith on All of repair of farm machinery Etc. Shop located one Bacelar House. Main la Rock la. Block North of t

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