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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Feb 8 1900, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - February 8, 1900, Marble Rock, Iowa25. No. 27. Marble Hock Floyd county. Iowa feb. 8, Liwo s i vaunt it has been asked Why the Banks did not Deposit Bonds and take out circulation. The explanation is that it Jav 77 to c17cu i lation when it is no longer needed on j by about a year will be redeem Icid by the Treasury depart me it and redemption is at that rate senator Mclaurin of South Carolina declared unequivocally for expansion before a new Tor s audience the other pm. _. .1 Ujj j it the South is where her True interests lie. A Strong movement if on foot the ii Puble ins in to refuse j Chicago women intend to Eland up j free Hole ,0 Porto kilo. Santine it i or their i hts. The school teachers of Hurge of Durics. Speedling speedling. Druggists. The december Treasury surplus was even with a War in the Republican administration alls into the old habit of declines of course or. Byrn was Well it Cei cd in new York. But it was Plain slut Only men of tammany s Peculiar social character took part in greeting him. The rest kept 9-i per cent of the people meet have indigestion. Tell pm about or. Caldwell s pepsin at a j Asper cd. J i silence Golden this May Esi Ilariu i Why or. Us a cts to it so Stronin j not do not sell or. Caldwell s syrup pepsin Lor every disease it is Only Good Lor constipation. Indigestion sick headache and stomach troubles and we guarantee it to cure. A. J Asper co. No matter whats luring remarks Are made about she police in this country it is notorious that in South the British find the kops hard to handle. A frightful Blunder will often cause a horrible Burn scald Cut Bruise. Bucklen s Arnica Salte will kill the pain and promptly heal cures fevers sores ulcers boils corns All skin eruptions. Best pile cure on 25t n bos cure guaranteed sold by Asper co. Diag its. L the United states takes As Little when col Bryan is lading out lib of fighting in the Philippines Oil he will have to keep a Sharp look As thu to do of the prose. Out to prevent some other Illow from cution of the Little wars which they in or. Littlefield of Maine the Elouse of representatives has a worthy successor to Nelson Dingley. I speech on the Roberts Case a mass of erudition delivered in a most con Uri eing Way. It is a great pity that senators Caa not be directly elected by the people. But it is hard enough to Amend the Constitution with the Aid of tre Mem Bers of that body which will never con sent to any such modification. Were continually waging in All quarters a colonel Watterson expresses it dropping a Light into his barrel to Ukish night and busiest and a mightiest Little thing that Ever was made is or. King s new life mis. Inest pins Saki Iessi into strength listlessness Man Energy Prosperity and so the democratic brain fag into Metal Power. They re captains Are traversing the land in the wonderful in building up the health. Endeavor of trying to find a Only 25c per Box. Sold by a. J. Asper place Whereon to stand count Castellane has been real rude to the editor of the Figaro. Now it is in order for the Laiter to smile darkly or frown bitterly when the count. Honest meets could not fix pm hard work love the nose Bichele lace War craze swell head delirium to Bernens unhappy since or. Bryan s last expansion hedge the Indianapolis journal says that one cannot fail to notice that a number of including or Rayan Are getting As dear the Republican policy with reference to the Philip Pines As they can and still be against it the Virginia legislature has refused marriages insanity and punctured tires to Nass it Resolution have never been cared by or. Caldwell s syrup Pepsi to our knowledge but for a Jure and pleasant remedy Lor indigo a. Tion constipation and All stomach troubles or Caldwell s syrup pepsin is the surest safest and nost pleasant remedy it is sold in Loc Tel size 50o and bottles by a j. Asper co to Start the new year s work South Carolina proceeds to organize four new Cotton Mill companies. This in very discouraging news for political waiters. On the round that we Are too closely bound up with England commercially socially to take sides against her at this crisis if there is no intention of Ultina Ely erecting the new Island possessions into Why should they to Given Dole in Congress the Delegate is supposed to Clear the path for the representative and if there is to be no representative the Delegate is unnecessary. A Nischt of ans piety was Elt for the widow of the Brave j general Burnhart of me. When the doctors said she would die from pneumonia before in. S. H. Lincoln who Alt. Need her that fearful night but she bust red Cleveland writes that _ can 2nd to the or. Kings new discovery which had More than once saved her cured her of cooed tiption. After taking she slept All Yghi. Further use entirely cored her. This marvellous Medicine is guaranteed to cure All Throat Chest and lung diseases. Only 50c and trial bottles free at Asper go s drug store. Before Oom consents to fight the British again it might be Well Lor him to adopt prize fighting Serbia be and Tell them to go an get a reputation on some easier dub first office of c k. Slonneger. Liberty Lod Jan. 10 pepsin syrup co., Monticello til. About 10 years t was att cited constipation indigestion and stomach and Bowel trouble. 1 tried or Cald Well s syrup pepsin and soon found Relief. After using one Fidy cent i am Aow Well and can cat anything that jacksonian democracy i i actions the degradation of the people s and so or. Cleveland i if Era from or. Bryan who that both Jackson and Jefferson were in reality populists the republicans to co Greis have quite generally taken the stand that the new islands Are Only craps try and not territory of the United states in the meaning of the Constitution and that that City have had their salaries Cut Down onre too often Lor tic Ben fit of other people and they hafe formed an Asso listion and employed counsel to watch the tax dodging corporations and Rich men and see that they Are forced to pay up the idea ought be Well adopted elsewhere. The is coining when we shall build Iron und steel vessels As cheaply As any other country in the world but even then ships by foreign governments will be Blu to freights cheaper than those not sub i Diz cd and american vessels will be shut out unless the shipping Bill or Home similar measure shall become a he. Manufacturers Anil employees must have been extremely Busy during the year Iso. They increased their importations of raw material Lor use in senator Platt of Connecticut favors a m of 20 per cent on goods going n each direction the president it is understood is opposed to this and it is probable that he will carry his Point. Sports of Iron and sice manufactures amounted to in 1899, and the imports to Only in 188u, Twenty years ago the exp its amounted to Only 000, and the imports to . With this practical evidence of the Benefit of Protection there Are very few workingmen or manufacturers who will listen with any patience to free Trade arguments in the coming Campaign. The Public can have Little respect for the presidential candidate who spent an entire Campaign on the stump urging people to vote for himself and they must have less Lor one who scent an manufacturing s percent Over the ensure four years following that failure Busy year of 159p and 05 per cent Over the last year under the Wilson Law while sports of manufactures increased 28 per cent Over last year and 50 per cent Over the last year of the Wilson Law an inspection of the democratic Campaign material convinces most peo Pic that the republicans will have a Wak Over this fall. The party has Only three guns. Expansion Silver at least Hall of the Pirty members Are disloyal . Bryan on Silver at least arc disloyal on expansion. While the Republican party can be trusted to muzzle the trusts quite As Well As the democrats in asking Lobo Given a. Second trial there is a feeling that in a position o this dignity the office should seek the Man or at least that tha Man is hardly justified in making a five year s personal Campaign in his own behalf. The British losses in Atria in the list lays Are officially reported at Over men killed wounded and captured. This is Many times As great As the entire losses of the United states in the eighteen months since the with Spain began and was followed by that in the Philippines. Yet there is still found occasionally a Man with the icon nerve to continue to entire the conduct of our War. People who have exhibited an anxiety to Exchange our protective Tariff for great Britain s free Trade policy will perhaps be interested to know that the United Stales shows a favourable balance of Trade amounting to in our 1s99 foreign Commerce account while the United kingdom shows an Adverse balance of Trade Aureng the same period amount ing to in other words. A protective country sold in 1s90 More than she bought. While free Trade England bought 000.000 More of merchandise than she sold yet there Are people who will i Almly Tell you that Protection injures us to the foreign markets and reduces our opportunities fur Selling the has come said sex minister Barrett in an address on the philippine situation before the Union league club of Chicago when the country must or. Bryan cheerfully announces wherever he goes that the Silver ques Tion is just As important As aver and is not to be abandoned. This will be interesting news to that Miae workers association whose National convention at indu Polis the other Day tabled a free coinage Resolution amid cries owe want no 1u to and will also strike the average Labouring Man As a sural in of the jts to statements and the Prosperity which has Lollo cd the rejection of the Silver Panacea offered at that . Or. Bryan has been visiting Washington and is reported to have had an important conference with senator Jones chairman of the democratic National committee the idea that the candidate and Jones have to set together every now and then to ask each other if they still adhere to free Silver and the Chicago platform is stated to be an erroneous one. The leaders Are now doing is concocting the Best schemes for playing the differ ent voting elements this Way and that to the c advantage of the demo pop candidate. Democratic newspapers and states men who Are scolding about Secretary Gage s course in depositing Public Money in binks Are omitting to say a word about the fact that this course was followed under democratic administration and that they had no decision to it then. Of course their attack is Mei Elya political one and for Polit goal purposes if the Secretary were to carry out their Pic he would to compelled to pile up in the Treasury the which the or men who have watched j Tioy absolutely the disposition of events fro a 8 distance of 10.000 Miles Congress without regard to the pro of that document. Numerous of the it. S. Supreme Coart have been found sustain this vt6w. To Ere Ore a Good Many democrats would by Ala i to get rid of lir. Ryan but it can Only be done by Pat. Some one else in his place ind lies have do one o put the absolute death of leaders in an old party like the democratic a one of the most re when it Are we to he asked the opinions of colonel Bryan of Nebraska or those of colonel 8totsenburg. Nebraska who fell leading his men on it is Folly to War against in accomplish the Battle Field colonel Bryan . I am a Loyal he j that we provoked conflict. Arc j but an american and i solely responsible for it colonel j standby the Fiat and the Soldier who is Stotsenburg in con stud of a Nebras-1 fighting Tor it expansion is a demo k i regiment flattened St that Point of cratic doctrine and we cannot honorable the line around Manila where Tho first of Ibe insurrection went that comes on the role without do and in my and i Lehfer fall recommend it to anyone to Bambi. Any Bowel or Stow in j Sizer in u Droit All trouble. If Yon Are afflicted try u now Haa Ion will be com nerd. Yen trily ult beside whom of c. K j. J with i fort Aco. A stood death k i. Lawyer f tace a Gravo Digger lie says v Bro i i was very Low with malarial Ever u a Yumlu a. 1 persuaded him to f. Electric bitter and he was -.0011 mid better but continued Unur 1 was wholly curd i am Are e v. T bitters saved life ten i i a m expels malaria kill Deasi Ceilius ii purifies the blood aids huh lates the liver kidneys and i s r to Xin i de _ i in 7tu of i Uii Ite i u at e. U eras he lion. Tile constipation do Spelma eases kidney troubles plaints gives scr feel health at Asper co s drug store. Nervous ill female com Only Otic is 1 in of readers should unprecedented club i in i lend county , i number lot numb Ernne -1, of Block number eleven 111, Luck Soki by the i re Mij Rof flood county Iowa to John Gaies. Foi the Deli Oquest taxes then duo Uii m said real estate and Tho to Lestein Giitl real estate will n d of All our Farmer of the unprecedented Emu Lanc by ,.c.a9mptiou Bing offer we this which in from such Sain to ninety c Miles with tuis paper. The Hume the Isle of Mylott in s Stead its special Farmers Institute Lulf Certilia a to j m n n i or. I or real Esti Ite Lein no v Luvaul editions the fou Liry Farmer Ami Tuo i held by Ulo Farmers Mutual insurance Journia j Joiiya gatj2s. These four publications their class and slice old be in Over. T in Home. To them top i do for , co1 i and general news our own wiper it i i r 1 1 r r Lulu two 11 l jv1 us o never before Mutl Supe i rending matter offered or so amount of the four Park named which we club with our o Vii or Well known throughout the ill commend to the favourable attention upon Mere ment of i he Homestead is the great and live Stock paper of the the poultry Farmer is the most practical poultry Piper Cor the Fanner publishfi1 in the country the Farmers insurance Lour Tel u1 of Farmers co operative Iii the special of timers Institute edition. Ara the most Pru Utica publications f the promotion of Good i inning eve published. Take advantage of this great Oller. February a i. To Lii Ter. Filer. 1 Ilter. Flu or Al. R. Sui a m. Lla Mucu Loiuis. K i loan i Arry successful Revenue Law is now bringing in thus reducing the amount of Money in circulation for All of which of course a would again subject himself Tun 5t. Louis is unquestionably one of the greatest. O american newspapers. It has Corres Pendents everywhere und covers every Field of news foreign and dome ii i is strictly Republican in Petit is but above All a news Ipser and ought to b in Evev Home during the Imp a presidential Campaign of 1000. The p in by Ranil dully including sunday is dollars per year. Daily Nithong Faur dollars per year. Sunday i to dollars per year. U eau in Issue u in srm air yet tons Oue Dollar Perjesi. The hitter edition is i i la paper almost i dual to the average daily at the Price of the average ave Ekly. It not Only gives All tar. , but Ulso a great variety of interesting and instructive Rendok Ter for every member of the a rite for free Sample copies to the Globe printing co., St. Louis to. Jacob Pearl k. , Kue t 3. U be in of so there must to . Trouble with its food. Babies Are plump Only the v i Vicli Are Ai c you i the food is right 1 Chii a j Drin can t help but grow 5 they must grow if their food 5 i nourishes them. Perhaps a f mistake made in the f past As a result the _ Jirdon Huiguo Jue Buyao plague mrs. Hitter Virter geor Iro kit Tor mis. J. Say bold John p. Pitt or. I i the la bide. Adeline elvers car riot Are Hart w in Tiu Tiu twin e yield belie junes. John blur Rison c Jones Iacob k. Hurt Iaan Levi h. A i n i. Lined Iii in udrur.1, of Palm i. Jus Irilina or tech Ujj Nira in j a in i. J Leann do c uproar ii u Uius Alary b lira font Fisk William f. I sep. Daric a Fisk Henry a. Fisko you Are hereby notified urn Tubero is now on file in theol Neof Ali Cotik cite District court be Iown petition o Hora i Uralli Ilce Chrim lug that be is the absolute an j Umi Ual Irvid owner of the ii inter of trip Enst Siuai or Section is c. ,01, Kuick it. P. Jm., Lei astute to Borgia i b Isreil and Orvet to or claim Ink Iny Inte est Thi to her Siirid estate. You Aie also until Neil Tiit Unic s1? you ii Peter thereto Anci i Feuu u for noon Elf ,1 1 r of be held at tap Cuduri House in Charles City Iowa on the 2nd Day of a. D., Jwj will if ment and decree a n p. 2 f Alt for . Original notic2. N the i strict d lie s Iti of Iowa in und for fical 3. J. In nifty 1 ill is. J u in. J. Bmith my i Lauglin Marietta Manning a. J. Smith. Idu i. Yert. In f. John ii. Youth Douglas Smith Jane to Limp san Beaula Murphey berth a Donelly Fannie , j Elaie Avite i die Mills Ami Louth a Smith defendant a. To Faid . I of Are hereby Noti Riecl Tipiere is now on i e in the r.fiii-6 of the clerk he District joint Flova Ivi Ilion 01 i i i Iii Ore us dfscrtbw1, no. ,n. by Plain or Fiffi f. Fils 13 in nr1 to for f if Slitti of to their respective interests to the of tin 4 of the South East of Section to. the of the West 34 of the of Section no. 30, us and lot no. 10 of thac St if Ion to. 1c, a North of a Justion b i is so. Dnn t the baby a i f a i in a too in. L i 3 3 0t of t Ilion Uso m a of ii. And y. Of i your a very Oay com Nori take either the opinions of observers 5uch As Dewey ii Haroian occupation it is Tonj Ault the Denby and the late gen., admin titration. J to the criticism of people whose sole i Senss and ii Little and the to c o it is of add half a Teaspoon Ful of f a nature a Coua a also Lois to y and 10, to. Ranges and ail cd Ilock to. 9, in the Village of Luul to Ozimy and stale aforesaid judgment confirm Iii Iho is Viires f Ilove named parties in Aud o a l be As that partition thereof be Ninde if the same Civ Jed us governor Churchill of Arkansas i j re Cutty declared himself emphatically i s for it pension and warned the demo j cratic party to which he belongs that three or t vol. Very firs a Day

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