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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Feb 4 1897, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - February 4, 1897, Marble Rock, Iowa22 no. 26. Marble Rock Floyd county. Iowa feb. 4, teems a yeah societies. A. K. A. Til. A a a. Store Lodge no. 251. Mil Moon. Trait lug in to attend. Hobbrt Hunget m. 6. A Sec. I. O. O. K. Srbu Hock Lodie co. _36j, Sye Ninf of Eark week. Suitors cordially invited. Emory Daw of g. H. Roei Mikano a Lodge to. 219, meet tue Dar Over Iii f etch week. I uting Brethren United. W b. Yoi Hes c. C a. Posen Kykass k. Of . I. L. Of h. Jittu the 3rd tit Tsosy in each Mouth in add Fellows Hall. L. W. Prev. R. J. Anklet rec. Sec. St. W. Of a Rock Camp no a Ltd. Tel Uler Lieut Neco Iid fourth saturday of each Luo Utu it Odd Hall. I using Iii Good Are cordially inv Tui to attend. A. H. Y. C. W. K. C. Tho Home or mrs. Stewart the tit sad i thursday of Etc i month at 3 o clock p. My. K. A. At Viet. , Bee u. A. It. Hurtle Kock i Ost to. 308, meets first sat Idaj of each month. C. T. com. To. B. Clia thee adj. W c t v meets thursday tile or went. Mrs a. Me Kibur Secretary. I judge Volinee of Polk county has i tendered a decision in the District court to the Effe it that the 1 Mill county ? j2r, he the Boal of super visors is inoperative in ail cities and incorporated towns. The ease will prob ably go to the supreme court. Farmers Institute. The Floyd county Farmers inst i tute for 1897 will be held in the armory in Charles cite on february 9th and 10th, commencing at a. M., first Day program. Forenoon session. And management of Poul try. Dolph Wilb n and afternoon sese iou. Silo and baby separator As Dairy aids ii. C. Merrick h. S. Waid 11. Follensbee l. B. High. Rotation and its benefits churches. Methodist at 11 a m. Nud a m. Epworth league meeting at Prajer meeting thursday pastor. Christs Chubb preaching sni iday at 11 a m m. Christian end eater meets p m. Meet nor wednesday Ains. V j. Will Fri Louis. Pastor. Abbe at . In. Yousik Peoples meeting at Priver meet till tuesday evening ii webs pastor. Baptist preaching every 1ft sunday in Ench month at ii s. of cunday school every at 10 n. Union school House. Services held in the i. Grant i m Tor. Cluj officers. Joseph Wiloth recorder ii b Kose Krana treasurer. J w Martin Street commit Mioner c. F. , Willard Stroud c Dii Luil win i Letcher h Bone Ukins a 11 Meier Chas r Huggett Union ton a shop school secret Soj h b Mien John Gates pick Suun Packman e p Wulster Ember bavi a 8 Blue 7 John rates s James Parcher y be voc in Sam Shaffer 11 1 Hill matk. Scott town lip o ulcers. Schur morhorn s. Sours constables George need Ellis Blone town Crow Ell a Virber w Witter Miles Marsh ind Eichmeier. Scott town shop school com Rel. President John bebop Secretary. George x Baldwin treasurer Chines d Merrick directors John Bishop Bruce Ward. B dec Spaulding t j Cunningham s j w Jeffrey e to Garter chats Uker Johl 9 John Loice. Judicial. C. Suerin. J. F. Cir do. Termi of court -4th monday in january 1st monday in by 2nd in september. And monday in s of line chairman Charlei City a fillip Shultz Jurble Rock Timothy pippin Rockford r. S. Chichester Judd 3. C. Merrill Niles beg Las meeting 1st monday in january. April. June and september and ind monday in so temblor. A panty auditor the umber clerk of the Courti recorder comity attorney it. I Lindaman Ciuha of. Carr Willand Perr m c. H. Johnson Vii. Aids f. A. Roziene rank lug Enfeld c. W. Knickerbocker township Justice of the k p Walter. S 71 Dav Lianas i , u Yim Coleii c Darling to Jons Teeter defendant you Are hereby notified that there in now of file in the office of the clerk of i the District court of Floyd county state i of Iowa the petition of Joseph claiming of you and asking that a cer Ain real estate mortgage made and delivered to you by Wesley series dated 18th. 1863, and recorded in the office of the recorder of deeds of Floyd county i Iwa in Book Ujj of mortgages on Page 02, be cancelled of record claiming that the debt secured thereby has been paid for other equitable Relief. You Are also notified that unless you appear thereto and defend before noon of the second Day of the nest Mav term of the said District court of flood county Iowa to be commenced and held at the court House in Charles City on the third Day of my a. D., 1897, default will be entered against you and decree rendered thereon As prayed. Joseph b. A Kufeld plaintiff. Oij lord s. S Waterbury g. F. Nash. Husbandry should we encourage it s. French de. Flint Art Hunter we. Hugh Kelly. Of officers adjournment. Evening session of Welcome Hon. P. W Burr Charles City. Music. Response Addis Sclier erhorn of Cedar. Balance of the evening Given up to literary entertainment conducted by profs alts and Dick with Geo s. Hanford so musical director As per following program. Of Rural schools w. H Allis. 1 Louise Roberts. 2 Minnie Allis. 6 planting a Penny Earl u Iley 4 strawberries Eva Clarke. C Mother fool Edith Minier music. 7 importance of Kuril schools s. U. Hoel Rudd. Discussion by Prin r. G. Ander son. Paper needs of Public schools pres. J. F. Hirschi. College. Discussion. Prin. L. B. Rockford Prin. 11. A. Esrelle Nora Springs Seminary. A usic. Address Survey of the Field supt. Geo. Chandler morning session. Making in h. D White and w. R. State Dairy commissioner. Of excellence in our beef prof. C f. Curtis. Ames. Breeding and manage Thos. Shaw Minn. Experiment station. Adjournment. Afternoon session. Of i Cylence in our Dairy Prol. C f. Curtis Ames of membership fees. Cross Beds and prof. Thos Iribas Minn. Experiment station. Entertain agent committee p. P. Cole h. W. Woodworth w. Haus Berio r. A. Foster l line h. V. Tus still w. E. Waller win. Clark. Program committee. Walter Booth Zina Roberts Addis Sherai Eroin. Should any of our foreign be present the first Day the association reserves the right to them and continue subjects of first Day to the second Day. The spirit of retrenchment has struck both houses of the legislature like a cold wave a Resolution has Savages of he Manhattan or. Hart Ian nude no remarks on his amendment. None were needed. Staff officers of the geological Survey and to consolidate the pharmacy Dairy and state Board of health departments also the labor commissioner and the mine inspector s department. Hon. John me Hugh died at his Home at Cresco saturday january ooh from paralysis. In 1sss he was a candidate Lor Congress in this District and Only lacked one sixteenth of a vote of the Novini nation. Lie represented his county in the lower Home of the Legi mature was a candidate Lor Nul Road commissioner in it05, and was state Bank examiner under presided Harrison he was one of the most noted Short Horn breeders in the state president elect has shown his Good sense by requesting the com la Hueu in of Lliter Bill a Washington to distribute tie 000, Winch they in end to expend on the Bull among the destitute and differ poor. Major Mckinley suggests that the which ims been sub scribed for the purpose be devoted As follows for the poor of America for the starving in India and for tie persecuted in Armenia. To this Way he says the funds can be applied with the most ratifying results to our impulses As a Christian Washington letter. Washing Tow Jan. 29, 1897. Senator Sherman has been noted throughout his Long Public career for a disinclination to Al or Hia self to to placed in a false position. Be showed this when he stated in open Senate that there was no truth in the numerous rumours about his having made an agreement with Secretary Olney concerning the cuban policy to be maintained during the remainder of this and president Mckinley s administration. He showed it again by this Flat footed announcement concerning the stories of his having accepted the Secretary ship of state 33 part of a bargain my acceptance of the portfolio of Secretary of state was without any reservation or con Duons. Gov. Bushnell has about six weeks yet before it will be Neces sary to appoint my successor in the Senate. There seems to be a general desire that or. Hanni should be selected for the seat and while i have no Assurance on that Point i believe that gov Bushnell will appoint him the Ohio republicans in the House Are a unit in saying that there is no truth the amendment had its work be-1 fore it was ruled out on a Point of order. Senator Lodge is posed the source of most of the opposition to the immigration Bill by leading a copy of a Tele j Gram sent broadcast through the West by the Chicago agents of the North German Lloyd steamship co. Requet ing those who received it to wire their congressman at the Chicago agents espouse to vote against the it Migra Tion Bili. Or. Lodge allowed the Tele Grams to do their own talking Content ing himself with saying i am very glad to hav this Opportunity of prov ing the truth what i said a the Senate Taat tie opposition to the re Striction emanates entirely from the steamship companies that bring them i the read in he Senate i by or. Lodge were read in tie House i by representative Stone opa the House showed its Uppit chitin Liis method of lighting legislation by agree ing to the report of the conference com Mittee on the immigration Bill. The Bill would probably have been passed anyhow but the German Lloyd steam ship co., probably gained it votes. Representatives Grosvenor Bro i Well and Vanvoorhis were appointed a committee by the Ohio republicans in the House at a meeting held this week to make arrangements for a dinner to be Given senator Sherman on the first Day of March by his colleagues in con Gress. The election of John c. Spooner to succeed senator Vilas of wis., whose term expires Marsh 3, brought a great Deal of pleasure to Washington both in and out of Congress and it must have Given equal pleasure in . John of Oshkosh who was u. S. Minister to Peru under the Harrison administration and who is now in Washington said it is remarkable what a unanimity of opinion there was in the party for Spooner o return to the Senaie. When it was known that the republicans had control of the legis lature scarcely another Nama was mentioned and in the caucus 118 our of 119 men Beis voted for him. He made a most satisfactory senator before and the party is Annous to keep him in tie Senate. To bulb of Why buy poor Oil when can it Ood Oil Lor the same Price do not buy Oil from the Charles City tank we buy Only Pennsylvania pro duct shipped in vol or o Usa j barrels. Throw Vith poor Oil and away Oil new and will your lamps. Never have and More bother j ours for Mutual Benefit Geo. Gates. In the printed stories of disagreements j free Jour address i to h. E. Fiu Kleu co Chicago and get a free Sample Box of or King s sew life pills a trial will convince you of their Mertty. These pills Are easy in action and Are particularly effective in the cure of constipation and sick of headache. For malaria and liver troubles they have proved invaluable they Are guaranteed to be the beet in the world for perfectly free from every deleterious t5s and All skin eruptions and positively i Limiex to not weaken their action but cure Pritee or no pay required. It is j by Sci is tone to stomach and bowels to rive perfect satisfaction or greatly invigorate the system. Regular Money funded. Price 25 Cente per size 25 cents per Box. Sold by a. J a jew pc co., among the Tepus Cass of that state Over who shall succeed senator Sher Man. They say that the Ohio republicans were never More harmonious than they Are now 1 he Senate Coni Mittee on foreign relations has not yet arrived at a decision As to the nature of the report tint will be made on the arbitration treaty. Amendments have been pro posed which will make it Clear neither the Monroe doctrine nor our right to control the Nicaragua canal when it is constructed shall Ever to to a so tic of Tikins out that clause of tie treaty which authorizes the King of Sweeden to choose the Umpire when tue English and american representatives cannot Airree one. Although Nene of these amendments have been formally accepted by the committees it is prob Able that some if not allo them will be. The House by a vote of 107 to d invincible unsurpassable without a writer i regular subscriber who Luis read it i or Many years of the twice a week Issue of the there is a big fight on Between the committees on appropriations and state auditor Mccarthy. The auditor shows that the shortage is now and has made figures showing that by another year it will be about the auditor says that the committees authorized expenditures for much larger sums than the capacity of the Treasury would warrant. The commit tees declare that the auditor made blunders in his estimates and counted As available much that was by no moans available. The fact is that auditor Mccarthy did not look for Ward to As Bard a year As we have just passed he looked for better prices better times and More taxes from the that Levy. The themselves acknowledge that their appropriations were in excess of the auditor s outside estimates and now they Are seeking to Lay the blame of the deficit upon Somr i one else Titan . The out the funds of the state with a Gigli band and now they find themselves like any other spendthrift broke. Auditor Mccarthy did his Best he showed them upon what he was Basing his calculations. Why did not Sot not these gentlemen who e Hindsight is of excellent exercise a Little More fore sight for themselves in this matter. Senator Watterman submitted a Long i statement relative to the stale finances in Winch he claimed that the Audi dior mid this is the unanimous verdict of its More than half a million is beyond All com Parison tie biggest Best and Clit pest National news and family journal published in America. It is strictly Republican in politics but it is above All a i talc icim s Groin poly accurately and is indispensable of the Kormier merchant or professional who d sires to keep thoroughly posted but not Timo to read a Large daily paper while its Variot of Well selected Reah itis matter it m invaluable Home and family paper. Two papers every week. Eight paces each tuesday and Friday. One Dollar for one year. S a n. Al copies free. Of Globe pbint19w co St. Louis to. Josep Wiloth dealer in heavy and shelf hardware harness repair eng a specially. We meet All honorable Competition r. F Wilke dealer passed a private pension Hill for the j did not advise them to keep the approx Relief of Jonathin Scott who served in privations Down at but the the hath cavalry and who now Lues at Kan Mer the 1 Iasi Dent s veto the Senate now has fever Al Bilta to and upon which have beenpis5ed Over the president s veto by lie House representative Hartman. Of Mon Tana gave the new York papers which Are constantly sneering at the West n Sharp rap which was fully appreciated by the House Vurben he offered an amendment to the regular Indian appropriation an a Audi or fired Back at him and had rather the Best of the bargain. C. Weber All free. Those who have or. Kind s j new discovery know ins value and those we have no. Have now the Opportunity to try it free Call on the advertised drug Joist and get a trial bottle free. Send your name and address to h e. Bucklen co., Chicago and act a Sample of or King s new life pills tree As Well As a copy of guide i to health and household instructor Frea. Allol which is guaranteed to of farm Etc. One City not Market. All Kivuls of meat in its season. Sat Aslacton guaranteed. Highest Price paid for hides an tallow. I a. H. Meier professional horse Slider and general on All kinds of re pair prior nation of 000 Lor the do you Good and coat you nothing a t Pim in Obi u of Towon we Riti woo of Tbs j j. it Crog add. Beelar 3ul bloc Rock la lock a Orch of a

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