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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Feb 1 1900, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - February 1, 1900, Marble Rock, IowaVol. 25. No. 20. Marble Rock Floyd county Iowa feb. I. It s the i Correct thing to or taxation not exempt by Law j Bat it is to the interest of Floyd Ami to there to do your correspondence on Whiting paper. The latest in styles and tints at lowest prices. 5peedling speedling. Druggists. 94 i Ell cent of the Hedl Levof meet have indigestion. Toll pm or. Syrup pepsin a a. -1 Asper cd. The senator Iri Uii Tui Iii Dak i has been Pettigrew my Nunin. Tis not do not Sill or. Cal dwells syrup pepsin Lor every disease it is Only proceedings Board of supervisors Tan cession 1900. Board Siut in supervisors in House at Charles City. Jinnu ii a 23rd, at o clock 1. M. In Ursulan to adjournment on january Eood for Constip-i-1i. Members present Tion. Imi Kestion sick stomach troubles and to cure. A. J. Asper co. Or. Bryan does not present Auy new but he manages to shift his issues positions on the old ones with startling rapidity. A frightful Blunder will often cause a horrible Burn scald Cut or Bruise. Bucklen s Arnica Salve will kill the pain and promptly heal cures fevers sores ulcers boils corns All skin eruptions. Best pile cure on Earth ouly a bos cure guaranteed sold by Asper co. Druggists. Is now nearly in Ono month. Hep Iblis Are not always ungrateful towards the real hero. Nui it and the busiest and Tilisi Hiieste Little thing that Ever was made u or. King s new life pills. These pills change weakness into strength listlessness i Energy Power. They re the Lawton fund , collected brain fag into mental wonderful in building u the Only 25c per bos. Sold by a. J. Asper poor Jay Gould it would make him what Hirid writhe in his grave Castellane is doing earned wealth. To know with his Fie Adache and clip Chester super Varrs Merrill guarantee it of huh anal Welti and w d county auditor. Us motion the auditor was aut ionized to redeem from tax Sale lots 1, so and 10, clock to Railroad addition to Nora Springs Sale Oiso j Pio Petty of a a. Chambers on account of poverty. In the matter of the employment of Arleen or Carnahan Bilderback to make a search Lor moneys due on a of out of errors and omissions. Employ an experienced and competent person or persons to make diligent and careful search in this country and to search in other counties and states or omitted and concealed and j taxable prot Ray. Which prone Rev ims been us Ely. It j venue i my otherwise Inui the to Ixo upon which to Are Law Ulk duo which property is assessable and also fur moneys due from the and rom other sources by reason of errors or omissions aforesaid cml it to the j Board that Fleenor. Carnahan and Bilderback. Are in pierced persons in searching for and limping said i an i omitted a assessed taxable prep forty and moneys due from the state and other sources As aforesaid it is fore resolved that Board a repts he said proposition and it is order id by the said Board if supervisors of i said Floyd county Iowa. That Ihen said a Leenor. Carnahan and Bilder Beck be and Are hereby employed authorised and directed to make diligent and careful search in this j county and to search in other to undies and states for such omitted concealed and a assessed taxable property the taxes upon which Are due or which property is assessable and upon discovery thereof to faithfully honestly and impartially report the same to All our Fanner Leno Iago of tie r shuts Shi elude with this Tho Home 1 Stead its in Linte editions the a ii try poor i he banners Tuexi four publications a c n their l i. 1 Rei diag in of Iii of i la n meet ivc Iii kno in thro to Eom manii Favori Ilila ii Tention a i he is like ii Uil Livo Stock paper of poultry Farmer is thy poultry a Sper for Iby Iii the country 1 Izmir irix e on Jav if i c special a him to in my in ii Ifil tin of cultural the great Oller. Proposition was sub not Aux Emall. Bald hard work love warts on the nose Bic Yelo Ace War craze swell had. Delirium Trei Netis unhappy marriages insanity and punctured tires have never Bene ired by or. Caldwell s syrup pepsin to our knowledge but for a sure and pleasant remedy Lor indices Tion constipation sick headache and All stomach troubles or. Caldwell s syrup pepsin is the surest latest and most pleasant re Tody. U is sold in Loc trial size 50c and Asper co. Bottles by a. J. The House has taken Steps to curb pension abuses by giving the corp to missioner of pensions Power to wish hold attorneys fees in certain cases. Jeneral Burn Ian of when the doctors said a night of anxiety was fell for the widow of the Brave Maclis me., be would die from pneumonia before mrs. S. H. A Lincoln who Atti Neil her that fearful night Bat she begged for or. Kings new discovery which had More than Onie saved her cured her of consumption. After taking she slept All night. Further use entirely cured her. This marvellous Medicine is guaranteed to cure All Throat Chest lung Only Doc and 31 trial bottles free at Asper go s drug store. The following aut Tedt to the Board of supervisors of Floyd county Iowa propose to make a thorough and Complete investigation of the records of this county and an investigation of other counties in this and other states for personal property Auu Jatoi 10 taxation in this to unto that Lias escaped taxation and to report the if any there be to the proper officers for assessment and taxation. Also propose to make a thorough find Complete investigation of the re cords of this county and to investigate the records of the state officers for monies due the county from the state and other sources on account of errors hid omissions and in the event we find non is due the county we will report the same to the proper officers for collection and assist in the co lotion thereof and for our services we charge a sum of Motiey equal to one half of All sums reported by us and collected by the county officials. Said sums to be in full services rendered and expenses incurred in making said investigation and in the collection any moneys due the county As reported by us and nothing shall be deemed due or owing us to Vercru until the same shall the proper county officers who Are hereby directed to proceed As the statutes of the state provide to assess such omitted property and to enter the same on the tax books then in the hands of the county treasurer for collection Carnahan and and the Sara Bilderbeck Fleenor. Are also hereby employed authorized and directed to make a diligent and careful search for moneys due said county from the state and other sources and it is further ordered that the said Fleenor Van Runahan and Bilderbeck in consideration for their said services and Espe oses incurred herein shall be paid a sum of Money equal to one half 1 of All moneys Poliuc cd As a result of said investigation and it is further ordered slut said Fleenor Carnahan and Bilderbeck be allowed Access to the Public records of the county in making said investigation Resolution. Leo. H. Markley supervisor of census for fourth District of Iowa. Or. Mar toy is a resident of Lansing Iowa and has full charge of the work in this District. Among his duties is the appointment of enumerators win must be physically found perfect in sight und hearing and must have Good educational training. I want to let Primio i iini.1 g i Ain Linha r. After t number of had i ii cd. Is the Bisi 1 i Haw Ever j. A. Iju Mccun i Alp Retla in. Thousands have been cured of rheumatism by Biro i Pfay. One application relieves the my. A e by spot link a out a me n a a for it in t necessary for speakers to defend the nowadays. All they be to do is to keep Quile i and let general Prosperity do the it is rather risky to establish i Tui St. Louis is unquestionably Oue of greatest of american newspapers to has Corres Pond eats everywhere ind covers every Field of. News foreign and Domestic. It is strictly Republican in politics but a the above All a newspaper and ought to be precedent that a congressman elect Jaq every Home during the important can be excluded from the House when presidential Ciup Nifon Del Joo. Tho Price he has been duly elected and fulfils Ai daily Incont line is Sis the constitutional require Fuents. Better if general Methuen has really lost seat Roberts and then Uspel him and i four dollars per year. Sunday Only his mind May it not be that the Boers so avoid future dangers have captured it. Hiey to taken a Good Many missing things recently. Two dollars per year. Avrekh in decl j in Seir ave Ekly of a Dollar i per year. The latter Eli tic St Bir i Skaj paper almost equal to in Chicago a Wolf has been killed j i i Fol 1 blood death Wun Jpn lawyer of once fooled the new Fork Kiep her end up by killing an octopus in the Hudson River. Or perhaps St. Louis might catch a microbe in her water from clip Congo. I. A Lux Khz jaundice. I persuaded him to try i on the foregoing in voting to accept the above and foregoing proposition for employment to per orm All the terms and conditions although senator Hoar attempts to up Clef idols disease inter bins tend for every member of the electric bitter.-, and he incl u note of fr8e co trios to the better but continued their use until to i co., was wholly cured. Am sure Kieu trip i Unn Pecl Liandi. Tips and bitters saved his this rom cd Mug Ness of the Sld cured by carry the thing Oft jauntily the Sec is no doubt that he is very sore Over minis Ter Barrett s charge that his speech was the direct exciting cause of the philippine revolt. As a Foresaid Shultz Heitz and Krupp voted Aye and Merrill voted a and the Maryland legislature decided not 10 invite or. Bryan to speak be fore it. Naturally it is democratic and members noticed the effect of or. Nay and j 5peeciies a Ohio and Ken the chairman declared the motion carried Tussy during the last Campaign and Ilacad them. And the Resolution adopted. The con tract As per the forgoing Resolution was signed by Chichester supervisors Shully heir and Knapp senator mule is too Hasty when he objects to Ihu president not receiving a attested by w. D. The have been collected by the proper county officials. We further agree to the i l in mileage of the members at this and Lindaman i Transvaal representative. So far Gen county auditor. J ral o Beirne was been the Only one to auditor was resent himself As Sach and he is on motion the authorized to draw warrants prepaid East of books showing Complete result of said investigation said books to be furnished by us and to be the absolute property of the said county when the said work is completed we have one year or sufficient time Horn this Date to Complete the rejected because he was an journey scat Ion As follows j. C Merrill 1 Day s Miles so r. S. Chio Hosier 1 Day 16 Miles i go j America. Ira Knapp. 1 Day is Miles american citizen and therefore ineligible Accord ing to All precedent so far As the administration no other re Way to Phil i Day 110 Miles organization wins More Battles than other one Force. Organization costs Money. So walk of and contribute to the Campaign fund to keep the splendid Republican organization in Aoud condition. Ind Jan 10 Monticello of c. K. Sion Neser. Liberty 111. Co., work and to be paid for our services j a As fast As collections Are All moneys to be paid us to be auditor by the Board of supervisors. It is further agreed that the first one thousand dollars collect with the county treasurer As an evidence of de belonging to Fleenor and Bilder Bank shall be left a Jului Day read f of i go and on purifies the blood aids digestion regu Lutes tue and constipation dyspepsia nervous Dis eases kidney troubles female com plaints gives perfect health. Only one at Asper co s drug store. Uni Ner most he Hui ointment in the world. A. J. Asper a co. Travel for Large hous n and Jii Xton Bui or woman o is-3 salary with Kiich so Euve Lopo. Chicago. Jaa 1 he Ciu Bino season is a hand Good Readin a minutes of this motion approved. On to Ion the Board adjourned sine die k. jhe.stei5. Clim. Attest w. D. Co. Auditor. Even general Wheeler the old Good Faith that the said Fleenor Cana 1 of the Southern democracy exports of the United Statis in the rpm Artur of a Century ending with 1 mi9 j have exceeded the imports by tie neat sum of every year with a single exception having shown a i balance of Trade in on favor. During i the same period the foreign Commerce of he United kingdom has shown in j every year an unfavourable balance of i Trade her total excess of imports Over j exports during the a i is As i necessary to the welfare of the family As any other Arti Cie of Lious Ehold Comfort. 2 we can Supply your wants in this line at astonishingly Low prices. We will i furnish you clubbing rates on j Rodical j published on this con it. G. Tinnent jul our special Oiler i this season is the Marble i Rock weekly and any one i of the following Nar ers for o 1 i a Nan and Bilder Becic shall perform their part of this contract As to paying All expenses in said investigation and collection and when All expenses of every nature Are of paid the said one thousand dollars to be i who is now about to return from the j Philippines states that the mainstay of j there will be no difficulty in granting our trouble in the islands has been the i a pain Rade privileges in the speeches of rur fussy old fogies Here Philippines for ten As required to at Hime. I 10 years t was affected with to the carnelian and constipation indigestion and stomach Bilder Bacic on the order of the Board of supervisors and Bowel trouble. 1 tried or Cald syrup pepsin and soon found Relief. After using one fifty cent bottle i am Aow Well and can eat anything that comes on the table without suffer ing pain and. Distress to in Stonich and l pm cheerfully recommend it to anyone that has any howl or stomach trouble if you Are afflicted try it _ you Rill be convinced. Very truly j Ali Cienky dated Charles City Iowa this j by treaty even if it should be found j hat the United states Tariff necessarily Tho Attu Icisie a Ticino is moving rapid i applies to those islands. Exact in by for the Relief of puerto Rico. Bills j similar privileges were granted to France have been introduced in both houses j when Louisiana was acquired and to extending the United states customs i Spain when Florida was purchased i -3rd. Day of Janavry d. Iof. J and internal Revenue Laws Over the and were upheld by the supreme j respect fully submitted Island and very soon the people there court As a condition of Purchase 7 it Fleenor Carnahan and Bilderbeck i will enjoy free Trade with this cot Intro. I is litre inc la improbable. I _ the Board after examining the above now in individuals will cooperate with j that the Tariff of navigation Laws of the administration in asking for and j the United states will Ever be extended years being 7ile weekly and later Ocean

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