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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Feb 1 1883, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly (Newspaper) - February 1, 1883, Marble Rock, Iowa. I Maxa. Wasj circulation in Arrin Ltan or to Tun few to via it Pilini s Erato yer. In wow tier. Fen it i mini a id in in ii not Twain. Ecu due i i Row t a. Of whim Ham cwt of a talk. In fun Iuchi Fri Wal m tic. Uca tr4. "urcihuf., to in Kra us Aad Alt la do bpm a yoga to Teller. Tow a afr it Loc world pm awl Lite but Aio Ory Attr i my Crafa Tot thu ill attn Anmis Hind in South Bend. Ind. Cheapest f. A. Roziene Low real City Iowa. Negotiates Loans on improved at obtainable hates. Pro Sujit Mel purity. I offer Tymu. I no m the Day Cor to dts i he i it to Saccu Riter a perfect lid Nuuuli cud Al tick a civil upon. F. A. Kq7iknk. Free 3h3eif-Sohe do. Wait 4 co. A Ciao for mature decay of memory. Henry e fies. With Zalke towed vote and Charity for All terms per annul in Advance volume Marble Rock Floyd county Iowa february 1 ib83. Number this new map beyond any reasonable question that the ii Oslo of Torch Western railway i by All Ohk Tbs Best Road for you to take when travelling in either direction to tintype of Tripal 1 Lintt in lit Werf. Ortli and a fort wait carefully exist inc Tibia map. 71io principal cities of the West and cat stations in this its through trains Mike close connections with the trains of All railroads at Junction Points. The a Nul Tell we Stilt railway ver All it priv pal lines runs each tray daily from two Lour or More fart trains. It i. Road West Ortli or Noral West of Chicago Bat the Imperial pal cd cars. I ii the Only Ron rum 1 ill i Man North w non Iwvin or it he aver Noil Julles i for no by a a. The following trunk i ii line flu him. Min Camtu a in i Tjo j a ii Tonso is. Pm it to Milu wee. Hrenn u r you Lucy. 1 in Rev it Wari Kwh. A Horth Fiti Var in i l by nil to Cut i a Trot in a Siwl ibid swirl or to tick Ftp via thu n tire Cher r Over it. And w.h.4. To sett Guti l pm. P , Arctic r. y. Is fid the wkly Airong Auto Dumot the Iowa has Beta annulled by us Conn of the state which has jut con Fin aved the judgment of Ike lower Coin. The reason a thai the Bills adopted re spew Steij. By the Penale and a were not exactly the same and that the act was not engrossed according to Law. We do not we that the cuorts could have done otherwise. Legista lion abort All things should be care fully about and require ment of the Law fulfilled. There May be Intuit Ioil errors or Omita Iora borne times made by bribed clerks in engross bag Bills or Amenn Joihn but then is no Alli Mii a of of hat kind in Ca i. It if therefore necessary for to try Lime with double vigor and vigilance to free the traffic. Liquor commit Cluj to it y conceived was born branded with wan Nur tured by Itano cratic nit Unity. And now Dies by a decree of the us prune nun a pauper ill tic Cradle of . What nil he the effect on the prob Lem of prohibition what is Likely to be the Cit step in the contest Over it we have but Tittle doubt of the first la Estiven. The history of prohibition is the of Laluc from to end he failure of the Piggy to Cope Sucre Lully the Ollie fiant and this chapter i.4 to per fact keeping with the rest of the took. Fax Utt Init that i outfit of by us pub v.-. To Tje in r Tut or. Harte. Of Digite co. I i. Unn. St. Joseph 1t6 co., to. Winona Wagon co our stands on its direct and pow jul pressure certain easy Quick Strong cheap. ,-.t to Blajic Liabis socks Pioneer heroes i one a Maine i Zisler. Prohibition is Dur ated in thin Sodden Reault. It wan not Wen in question so far an Tho court concerned. Us enemies ent Mantl do fated by it in the open n id of four Jens of conflict in the , in. , Able id stand i fore the Force of in Over mastering Power in the m it Taa our it. Is Nullo loll n. Source of i Ting a Victory Over it in the Coutu n the last a Tow of a to Eeleni cat this Appeal Thuy Noii. And on such a Paul by Grace of a Ucli tical court Thoj hate won. Ioko Republican. Let now have an Active Campaign on the part of All Good citric it to Nee that the prent Law in enforced the liquor Raeo have said All along we Are willing to Pav a Liu Ciao and obey the Law As it us hold them to this. This is what we urged among other things in opposing the amendment in the late Campaign this what the leaders of the Hijii r cd pleased a Trish for Whai All lovers of Invar. Saloons that Are a Listra a my injury to town and u6t go. Found hard in old i Friuk ubah to Anka Baen trip pious by Law and it a Kard 10-Day to mate Aien ten trate by Law but it Hasbun found new to Wattke people religious by moral perhaps the tame would work in regard to temper Aoee. Arkansas which lagged a Little in the raw for Diar Aenious ors now easily beats the record with the Story of a baby with Throe tongues born to or. And my w. I act. Well of Helena and the worm of it is that the Prodigy is a frill. The new York t says of Darin Pavia As a senator a proved that whatever oily be brought to past in a political in a senator without a party i an anomaly a curiosity within in twist try attention May be called to tha fact hut Ien. Lia tin the who Lias charge of our National predicted a couple of months thit january would be free Froid severe in we should have a a wild and Winter. A Youni Man who wanted to in Nib who Olin Kansas Cottle not Tell horizontal from Perpetu Diciur. But the committee overlooked that As Tho members had Brea that Way thai selves. I Osl. In one of the rooms of the of horrors at Janton the devils arc grinding a Man in a Mill. Here a Man in being beaten terribly with bamboos and there a Man is sawn asunder Lenglin pc in one Roon a Man id pounded in a mortar in another one is sitting under a great Reil Bol Bell. The poor a roadies could hardly by Wurst if they were running a Fiir 1 . Ked Cluver Olej be Eizig to have be come very Scari a. Or else the demand Lua been increased. U been coining up in the Chi Cay liar t until it is Row per or the usual figure. Ali. Imit Lias evidently not Cyl reach Itic who sow Clover i ave to pay very High a Wontai ii a trial at Franklin. 1 a., who while lying in child bed killed her husband upon hit attempting to murder her baby. Has shown that the by abrasion in the inn Blini of Gold Coin in the proc a of a hip Piui it carom the Ocean 10 about 621w. So or. C. B. I at ten. A Boston authority on banking. The new Turk Tribune . Tie following lecture to its the other Day a traveler in the tropics drank the sip of a Plant acid soon alter was tuts enough to Titke a trip at Bis Brandy flak. It appears however that alcohol Eier Cid a coagulating to Feci this sap and the of or Tumiate immediately into India rubber. It has been suggested that this Tan should be collected and imported and administered to inebriated with the warning that their first drink would cause their instant lion into an India rubber Corpse. Thus there would be a motive decidedly stronger Ilia moral suasion for abiding in the paths of and front the Bow shoes nmfy1kuod heart co Rektor the same legislative or clerical Blun Der which i caused the Iowa supreme ourt to overthrow the prohibitory amendment in this Sintic has caused a Backset of two yearn in the pro Greta of a similar amendment in Indiana. The Constitution of Indiana prescribes the course for the submission of an amendment to the fundamental Law that the Constitution 01" and there was the same in the carrying through the Oriu of. The prohibitory amendment in the first legislature that inti d up in it As there was in the eighteenth asset ably of Iowa. When the in Attar came up in the Indiana Senate last week. Senator Van Vorhis used the same arguments that or. Hills did in his argument before the supreme court in Wii and it con i Aiila from to end the the Senate and using Many of its illustrations As Tutti effect of the violation of in the rtt Iti Ion he press the Creamer must go. It was an . Liat its very nature in i in Louie parts of tit country still answers i most in Efu ii purj.um.-. It is the slaving by help of whih Rhi building was constructed. It Nir Veti . The future Cla Trystin will mate his or Cali into unsalted butter about the Pike of which a Lucre be Tio dispute. The Cheri of buyer will work Salt it the Best and the result will be the tiniest Gutter prices All around and general Satis . Zirul still where Dairying is new. Here they in i not pay an they Shottle. Will to pay Al and they Grill ills do Coon r64 Tew j n. Mass sewing machines Marble Rock la. Sate the following Well known new Davis new Home keeps Foi machines Singer and the Royal St. Johns at prices which defy Competition. Machines can be seen at Baynes Bro s store. Marble Rock j. B. Shepardson we receive deposits buy approved paper buy and sell sex i Nyrl general Tion of in Nfn Zuien quient. The result is Tiu the Senate Lias refused to ratify the action of the previous legislature because the provision of Litu Constitution Lor the submission of in inc and it Lias not been strictly Ibi owed so and sell foreign Exchange j is oui pulled to do thu sell passage tickets 10 and from All me thins Over a join or let it alone i York the Iowa called a state convention of tic friends of Temperance for the Tib of meeting will be for consultation at to the Best Vonree to be punned in the present situation of the proxy join cause n the if the pc Jih bide their time patiently and a Impi nothing rash they will doubtless succeed in getting the amendment resubmitted to the people and in carrying it again by a lame majority an it received Las june. But any in considered movement Sach As an attempt to Force the governor to Call an extra session of legis Liture May prove fatal to the cause. Karla City the dec of the supreme court on the amendment Case was a genuine Surprise to those Olio thought that body would regard Senlin ent rather than Law. The opinion of the court set my in us to be unanswerable. 0 course the thing will hive to be of open Over and the Reffalt is Vity much. In doubt. If the prohibition we hav. Had hic in City for the a. Ii is a fair a Nolc of Tho Art Ole. We ate very for c i l that w live had enough of it. It has Heape i in lairs and it has not the Bita the Orau of a Public in y degree. Nura Springs Ai Ous i Admire Temperance in i. It no will the m put Toter the Ftp Sci Joae we Olivve it men con i of pro Petty that n voted to pad Nhok ill pro Chinn of in be .1 of inf nil life a new Ann More than in company. Year past Dan of St. I oui mo., with an Enterprise almost a Jual to Ben Nett a of the new , has had the Well known author or. J. W. Buel travelling through Russia and the Frozen regions of Siberia to study i i e upon the institutions of countries Tho result of the a pfc i Tion Bare just been published in rus Sian nihilism and exile life in Siberia a volume of goo urge pages Ovici illustrations forming one of the thrilling and valuable records o travel and adventure the world a Ever known this work resembles accounts of the adventures an 1 discoveries of Jivin Irston and Stanley in t entry in Over Agni Register. Africa Bat it surpasses even respects. These in proverbial a liaises Are proverbially Fey ult to truce to their origin. In event y it has been discovered that Billy Atterson whose unknown ene Tuy is the mysteries of modern times was an old Maryland Farmer. Now onies the Somerville me. Wilh .111 acc unto the beginning of the phrase accounts for the Cuil in the Una night a Lii for dealer made a Wager with the town marshal that he could bring a urge of into the City and sell it ill Small Whit Leesalu kits without the latter being Able it catch him. The Nett Day the liquor dealer disappeared Only to reappear As suddenly a couple of Days later. The marshal s Myron icons soon deluded a very Strong odor whiskey in the Public breath but alter Vail in burning tile source of Supply for a week the marshal suddenly thought of his Wager and made a descent on Bis Friend but found nothing illegal on the premises. Aiter dismissing the marshal look Here a i this town just Chuck full of whiskey. And i believe you Are at Tho Bottom of i the barrel now give us the Racket and i you have won your Wager i la pay up i say nothing about it a Vii a Broad j Joseph Merrill. Livery feed an Sale stable Liff. In by Tir i of firn Iceni to sur. To Lisa i t the or of in ars to Jaeh a Niue Tirc. Lik r Iod Terv itching. Particularly at night alter kit Ting warm is jute Ubiol. I a Tului i Loci uni -4wu ing i Vail it trim the Pfyl a Ion of i la. Tho of . Tit Thurit. Allavina interim e Vii id i a Anent euro where litre iils l. To nol Ilcus Enlil train on the 1 us Bilitz. But by it it rid 1 Ricu Tio Innis your for i. Anil Vou pm. Not it of to will ii on receipt co Viper t c o. Ohio sold by m. Hubbard fashionable Barber hair Dresser ladies Ati hic it i Ost office. Carliie Rock. 3 8 5qq 0 of o o p o q pumps of Mil Kindi for at prices. Also will old . All Turk w Stroud. Orange. The other replied. he selected i hat Torf w a Vic or. Went to Hua under the unction of our of turn j file Ornul from him tactful in the Corner hero take that borne und Sample it j five Tihoi mind of Liciu under if j commendation from the state depart ment and influential Lutfi ii lat which Meu cd him to the diplomatic Cirr is in Kusbit. Aft l hint Access to the Suie by which ieans he obtained a t amount of in rom a writ a a purr Pamic. aft a Ulton tires in it Ira thrill in i . He thu Iota shy Savesti wifi Ilcisin and furnishes a com plete re Toril of amour thing of that terrible which Hon shirt h the of is a Audi Ion co a later inn Witcra inure adj we in thai Ufi Prece jct or urge. It i tit not blk in fraid the Etnier u is by Sionil to Cejp in Ihn a incr. The a Iraq tort a Iccy the Pope your very nose last week. An4 the last of the marshal get t Witti Sample self evident fact. Vote sin with tvs the filet. The Strong Unce of j is tic Anu it in a s Man at Ami and employed to now in the adv Curtiss be Truppi Nijs the no dwindle a credulous Publia. One trial the a Jireh Levinos of the article. Calls Titi nation 10 his onto auth or itching relying unit rely Ita Merit for in chips Ivr getting warm owl is now 3. Tiling of the North Western i j old line i umi1eb it mail route Itil to Tufa ecu 10 Chicago and All in Northern j . , Jef Taiton Contr i and i Northern Yoro Utah. Maho. First Iii Cillina. In pin ult in Cipal a fonts in Northwest West. With it North Orn will Nur lit Iti Kort Horn car no . In. To Mccoin Roch tent on offend by a Tilro id. Equal to fifth trip str tafts Price Ever for Oisund of Seracy re to been even a by or. T. Lot or 0. I my pm or. Or Ftp few f.1 to. Rail Dada of Toee l4.ftt Comfort Ano safety j at it Ramon Daw City in Ken a. Or. You will Imit v win. Take the r. Fir for Riata w round Tnp of turf for Tell la nil of attn Wewt not it u c it m. All ou3t by urn. A d. La i i e i Esa t Isis i is ii Hoertt
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