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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Dec 31 1885, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - December 31, 1885, Marble Rock, IowaAl is weeks i he Wilt be nailed a Init wrapped to add Cai a the j i Mitt Lor i m unlit o j one dol1.ab 1 in Zoani Allu cd to i i turf Sample i t i to to at order to Richard k . Holiad and attorney Law i Ami o be Cist Ruu Iii of Moore Tuii Dii a v9a.il a present t of Rea or a v vol. 11. No. 21 Marble Hock Floyd county Iowa december 31, teems in and Wax n in i 11 r pitt1 incl it l ill i ims i l u mow nu-3 end fancy men Only f l. Long to b Good Tennis and my nets toot Oil Anil in. Lad Eta thing Lua Aily Fjone in Haw Law All Oil Mic mad. Lot Lih Iea and Tram Marble Rock Burlineton Cedar Northern railway 1m Lac to. 6uta Una lit a Iminta i Bitta pit it i m at Kurt pc. Went with Lehi place Chicago and St Louis St. 111 11 ii _ t it Tylik Vii Tai from to Kwa in nut. He Mph my Tom Tut Awe 7t Rye 40 to 4o a eats lax seed 00 to by a vent 50 to60 cents. La to 20 cents Timothy seed Corn 30 cents hogs. 00 to 25 eggs it cents pet clean 10 cents per Inch. Arnica Baler basis Iltem the world Lor Cut i5rui-.cs sores Tel can Salt Kocum fever store Leuer chapped Thilba corns and All Slit and Patti timely cures files or no pay required it is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or Joney refunded Price cents per Box for Sale by Kendall reduced prices. I Tva received a new lot of la Dies Anil neat reduced prices on ladies Gold pins for the purpose of reducing Etycl rings chains wat Obs Ete at de by Eam petition come and see h it. W overcoats at 15 k int of 1 will nil than. Beggs Cherry cough syrup. Is a. Perfect what we Star on All sides by those who hive used and Fini it a certain care Foi colds All bronchial troubles fur Sale by a t aspet 1 co of if and stoits apr Sale at Tow and feed store 33 that sallo.v03 Mph exiote eau Haj by a disordered liter and can be Lillier Iii b i Limo tin. Beat in tin. In u v e to sails Eton a Ait per t w time Sta a still of and will a the Market once Lor hogs a4 Wmk it wat b Stu. Fur Fanara to Gire Buo a. Eali Buforo Neuin their tack Tif w 0. Ehab m to shh or new need Elte tical Belk. Arts rvs 11 administrator s Amine is Lif Reby Giren. That 1 r Undem told by thu Day been opted we thu Moindi by the con of Floyd Chanly us state of Dawn Tmur of the Euttu of Hal Iii to wow once and and Alt Carsom banns against Sod Lureby u file mid. Coot stated us Hrotko Tov Wilby or t and owing Aid estate an Newsted to Zidik mid turks tue Tow Day of fico Tabor 1ss1 of h to both Bath it dlr and me a ski lotto Cut later in rare. Weekly a ik3 h Ujj sibs. Editor school commences next monday h e wish you All a Happy new year the senatorial couteau a still m pro Gress. Parker Walsler will is Home thu Aller Oon doctors Are being kept Busy these lid 3 1 he bad condition of the roads makes business Dull dont forget to it lis6 a Ter to Day tomorrow is the Day of Good resold hopi we need that Dollar of owe us on subscription or g l Washburn has our thanks for a one 5000 Creamery tickets were printed at this Offit monday the weather it. Past week has been ten in arable to Coal dealers Kod is Home of a visit to the i parental Board of Supern or. Will meet in regular next Man Jan mrs and have returned from their Itoe lord met t in wilted but Samuel Miller of Paw if Illinois is visiting with Bis brother Jake or Vickers of Issaa Uruah town been visiting friends and in our Cut the put week Charley Wesmore did not go to last week u stated in these eol urns Scott township the of in weather in the Way of Ellig some of her roads the Boyed Denorce Case is Ocee Juu the Itic Tiou of the District court u this week the Boyd divorce suit has b in de ended by judge Budjick lira bold get the divorce asked Lor and b ill the pro Cru Secretary a among has finally issued i a por the red Empson of foot 000 of interest bearing Bonds it is stated that tier Larrabee will re state auditor Brown As soon As he is inaugurated or Birditt Law mrs id our City and her Mother in Are malting Reut tits All notes and accounts now due must be settled immediately i m son r f Wilts believes 10 advertising it uses printers no in and Greene a. We rack the a Kucys and Baltimore descend ants had a Christmas tree of to licit own last Friday the school Board concluded not to put in Bard Coal burners into the Marble Bock schools the present season. Frank Beemer has disposed of hts personal effects and will soon return with Bis Chi Lien to Hie former Home in Illinois the Silver Dollar in the poor mans. N u _ himself no Good by rating to suspend its coinage the Little folks lire enjoying them this Winter by getting in 5 in in e Par the latest was in Hono of Llella Horr Robison or Allen of Bassett was in town tuesday the warm weather lately has knocked the Bottom out of the poultry Market. Turkeys Are gelling at per Pound i Rof j r. Taggart hag organized a school at Mai tile Rock for the teaching of Pemma Muhip cd drawing be gives lessons there two nights week commit owing next monday evening Butler county rear def Maasho Oan move away fan a. New Papet account yet master Onie patting tint tic paper is not c for goes the new a 1 dress of the delinquent and one of the first be sees in his new Home is Bill in the Hantl of s lawyer this in t calculated to give a Good Send off in a new Community the following explains it Elf we Art and newly wedded Bode Jim and Bapp tends in to ctr new a Raj. Anna b Wood maned taraday duo Twenty fourth it Ibe residence of the in if t Mother isso att lomb after january Gist Midlaw Tryb Minn. The u Ronij the rounds h in Ballabh remedy Lor hop you Witto pea the hog s atom Ali Yon of the of below then on Ibe each Etc. Take a Sharp a Triatik a open these and Nike the Swallow it blood that Iowa from them then pc the Annaf i Mhz one to two of of atom Oil Anhthu Watn it wog Fiaai tin of the and the Aoi x de Ord Steperd ilk Wys i inc. Befit beet Brien i w let Nlle nag bpm titty ban dad a a wrong to of Haj of at , my told a 1 wih pc sir urn Jevat in to Hrej. Titi a Thutt h Llantin b the Raj n Sahto Ami air it adj ghz to Tutti an put Jim Murray la Iisman. Relatives la old Houie Ood a id i fuss Lor Jusei of Mason City has been i iting relatives in this c t the pit a vote mrs 1 Asive and family armed from Michigan last Mot Ujj or Foscoe will arrive in a few Duy the Chri Mas tree at the m Church lust thursday evening was hardly a presents were limited As were also tie exercises the Young people presented Al Der 1 Eire with a Gold watch on Chris this eve a number o others predated Linn with an was chair it Alp Potter a Ozug Man residing it Averly committed suicide 1 test Sunila lie West via the ff1rnl Jpn to he August heft ins sued voter Wleh of Scott township for 100 or Helt Elai neti that he healed Welch s band by me ins of charms and Faith cure and for this ervice i Ciu ands the above it in a cold Day 111 every Way Nheu trances Jobco of gets left he a wetly won a by sitting on a cake of Lee three quartets at an _ hour file Hia been sitting on i red to Tina aur Ood will soon in pc a Bot stove Ever in trims to out new and neat Post outfit Kobert Aud get firm but at last accounts of Joisa is the mister pint of the new Teeth had chattered themselves Bujsc and his Aud nose were is Blue to though he had just been pulled out of the water 1 to Only Way for the Nian who lost the bet even is to bet Ofelia e in i Duel Hajj i a lion As professional runic a and of election Day As pro of Isio Ixl Swearer Olf Aernaut too veil know the shameful manner in which in Ery cite in the 1 Ite these shame less professional Lui Niers Aud sneakers lurid the la is thy Are hired we in in but none of us can know in Liow Many close the i Piccol the people Baa been Suoth ered by fraud in the registration and to tue Polh to not which part most practices fraud in elections the Lanieu table fact 19 that 15 practice and the Law by its weakness connived at to. Thia u not a partisan ques ton be Misc the evil upon us is one which cannot much longer be ignored 1 he question raised involve the vital quest shall republicanism survive or be succeeded by plutocracy and the it by of Iowa hive Long been demanding a free Billot and in honest Couitt in the South Wesho ild hive first is cd that Here m Iowa w have u guarded and thorough resist ration and an honest ballot. What Lone of should done should certainly not longer rein in undone having recognized the evil let us Oast about for adequate it lob. Subject More kaput the Iowa legislature will on monday next we Thill publish a care fully prepared Ike Pickad Ings from week to Gertus Robison spend Christmas with his a Milr at Marble Heck or Robison u travelling sales Jiin for Floyd of cd ii hapij5 my editor. Of the kind needs of Marble Rock and Vicinity do not understand methodist Economy very Well i would like thro Uji the medium of your paper to the state diet whoa we Etu flow a mum tar we Promise to Hun so i null. For a Ami try to do ill m out Poter to pay it but when we male him a present tint is a presort it la that us very Mas c. Eri him a House and lot that he get warm inside of two weeks. Judge store min s time was consumed yes Pray afternoon in listening to. A m which Ados was trying to get sonic ?100 Lue Hua. Roro. Liar icy a coins builders it appeals that uce Tuie inn. Operated a. Pipe Denver for the firm and expected in full i cd a Day and Copen jes Hen tli9 tune a Iuie to Settle up i Liu Puie Boim i a a Jenae Art of the contract and Harvey a if conc. 10 to Cir employee 5 to j70 rapids lie t11 a Halican t e him studs at the o i House was utely attended i he tree was Beautiful Aud loaded w. The the of the open j with a Tew appropriate remarks Furui or a Inman followed1 by Recua Luns and singing by the scholars the chorus of Stone school Bonse presented their teacher. Miss we Job with an. Album and writing desk. The Sci oars of the Mills school pre seated their leather miss hubbub with an album. Those present port a a Kazant time a couple of tramps at Charles City Conchy tried to steal a Tan of oysters in front of a store. One of the clerks seeing them stepped o the door at this Uler Fioke or tramp fell to Indig Nant that he threw the can at the of fending clerk s head fortunately the aim Wai not Good and or clerk came off unharmed about 30 o clock tin same evening 40 of the clerks and Young race of l l he i j t Ulcej he t up to their place and were de or mined to hang them for the insult offered to one of their number and u waa Only through he persuasion of the shone food a Nihil that they failed to carry their in Tais into Fecit it whereas it i though Mystic not Providence to gain enter on Soho in and Call to one who for her quiet and unassuming manner ind a shit kind ind lady like Eon Tate we a treated and respected in All Karl ctr that we pay o the Mem Ory of or Kawaeri a vol naw the i aul Token of Hyrc and Ekwal wader us relative at my Bertha oar Ataekeh and heart full sym Pathy m. Their great bereavement that her a Tofu be Asp Refinati traded in mourn no for Twenty Days that a copy to these Moui Ioas be Baa Edthe Kock Witult of bvblicatioa., Aid copy tank the de Matavai by Tri school. The amt Dino very h that which he a aet greatest tar jog into bum Ery itt m Aad ads will Vetne Twa ism pfc. And Aan life and u a. The Ali Tai Nat it pm naively am Boon Ciui r Taka Tom on Friday aft Noou Bat we made 11 trip to Wiverly on oar arrival we met the Geum Al Dit Noti super intent not Ottlie Telephone like Chirles who in turn introduced local to his most estimable wife whose cordial hospitality we enjoyed during our stir Waverly ins a population of about 3000 and since the change in the 11 Innis Central nil rond the City has had into it new life and vigor the old Brick depot and the hotel just across the Way still stand As land Marks to remind one of the old Days when Waverly was the end of the world a Lar As Northwestern was concerned the West Side of the nver also signs of older times but the East Side or the new town is full of handsome and substantial buildings in one of which is located the City Tele phone office presided Over by the accomplished operator miss Ida rushes who is kept Busy Stickroe for about 40 private instruments and live Long lines or Barrows with whom Many of our people arc acquaint Al has i Nice comfortable Home and one of the Best ladies in Waverly to preside Over it a better election Law a Paramount necessity. Forsyte in Yem there ban a de Mand for a better a Cion Law in i Law Tuat Liall Cut off the a Ouie of or Estiu of Trau Uii As Well As the abuses which mar uni a the poll flu Uson no i it Dinuno his not As yet been Mot b the general ass tingly a the Abizur becomes apparent but t year the or i test however loud and in May be is on the a the i Gish Tore weeks and my met later Ali com lost sight of among Tot Mia de which press Moa continuously upon Tutt att Nuon change she old not longer be delayed in our last cues the end of our a went of Jana of so Mew Beccia jump peat with every rec Annj election. On the Day of election and the after Eka Tion the Arne of Kris Tatien the Hofack Art Theida my bears on Ezcry band. U 15 Ball the Lor Ramona at the will to soil evils m two Are 1 Fata t. A Kef teral of the in. He Way Iowa and they met limit bit Oakes son d e a l e k s is 3115sinq mks. Eui Nolti tit Thiu Suil to eat tilt it s i to u c irl Schurz is it i Wrout eng aged on. His life of blurt i i or p Mislou nil to study Ger m in 1 1 i Lelm Lui four i o is i ii in just try half in number Ikuo thirds in Point of Cir ii Ilion of the be wept pts Llic i the of Huss it is sin walks Tea Miles i Dav aau. Limits bib self to one Oil to Chet a a thu Mcacy to out site within the thirty Scira of its Sutt Eimont ins acquired 2oo 000 arts of Sof Utts , god 000 000 Treta have Burn jul Mutl stot Cli Shepherd Iro now pm plo3 to it the c pc of Good Hope in hard aug Osti iltis n work Tobej pc fwu with Sij City the Schoul tit Hora of the United states draw Wircs to the mount of 000 000 an of ?400 Juch Art. Worth the to aex Oscar Bis a poem. About Bain Bogi Camj Nat. Obeso o Riby Bor l to Lilac cd i like mine own Afi b us u t Ujco Vitric of Latouc Hyrc. All the Platt. It Vav ii Sui. Lizul Ulois 000 000 13 rown property and que a Ciccona by of gtd to to Placo Trio Ery much fight Edwid when the sign going Struuck Bis Boum a phed no do lord win t Geml to Hurt me it to As daddy he was after v or of St. Petersburg Fias eau plated the meteoric Doit ill on the Earth every hour a bib amounts to More than Tona a year this is Cuil to about two ouse leg to each a tire mile of tic Earth surface Thi average of tube of eggs Maui by an Ordin Irv nuck of hens u 8 dozen to the fowl yet arc n cot dul hire a lieu has Lute Ixo eggs in Odd year from i Teea to seventeen dozen is considered i yield by poultry raisers. I Boyau of great pie j besides Millor i ones and from these ire Lur cd out 20 000 pics daily lilo Cost of material required for the making of these a Tonnu to about 800 for bour.190 Lac shortening 300 for run and 1273 foe sugar to Sav nothing of and bar Onn an elegant line of castors butter dishes v nor us of Invin a other articles too drum Irons to mention. Re pairing a specially administrator s notice. Public notice is hereby that the undersigned has thu Daj but pointed and Corn Simiona the Cir Cuit court of Floyd Loii Hij m the state to Loira Adana Alquit of the estate of Nora Wiloth deceased and All persons Haring claims against said estate Are hereby noticed to flu them with the clerk of Laid court clearly slated and duly sworn to and within Legal time preparatory to leg allowed or Provod and own. Said a site Are requested to make Liu mediate payment to the undersigned and avoid Cosu fitted at Charles in Iowa Thi Vittli Day of december ibs5 Jos tvs Adimir Triton the latest patterns of flannel dress 0 to Kab Lewt. We have made Illinois Coal at do per ton Sooil duality 1 Ai hutches i Roii Oates son Hart the finest Stoik o Bohnda goods Ever to the a c i i All and examine Thim bore up iches no elsewhere b apples id we Hare a car Load of put Wood on hand and Are to it i m hutches Bon chive prompt attention if left at to inn Tim office in Rock. I m in need of a Ckuj Nui sent please Call at on and get a bottle of j a tropical Oil Doc of the. Noou pc Ever produced and warranted to cure scalds Burns Bruniau Etc and son deleted Metw notice. This the in the year i want Yoa All year Book accounts and now a6-x staed Adonay a last org Fra Graat perfume. Price Aad so onto Shiloh s c hours will Manila Lily n Cugh tin for Oft Fatm in live Navy a Tai Ami oat awry it the Vii Kitty k atm Faik a Saal Lavadar out Arr relieve pain of kids a j Piper co. For Sale by cheapest Money f. A. Rozine Beeai elate broker ci1aulks ult Iowa Scotia tvs Loans on improved Farmis i. M. Hutches son. L 10 All Unda of Grain seed Market Price Piid Lor no also keep Pond Tanto of hand flour and Corn mean at wholesale and retail. Also Illinois and Iowa soft Coal. Several grades of hard Coal constantly kept on hand we have the exclusive Sale of the la Salle third vein Coal Abr Marble Rock left at the inn us once will receive prompt Atu Nisun or jew 11 City limit delivered free of charge Bates. A veg no a wot Peconty i offer Geom torn. I aaa always me to set Ike War of vim ice tide to scanty u adj pm at Geo. . A Aitla bait Al
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