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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Dec 30 1897, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - December 30, 1897, Marble Rock, IowaVol. 23 no. Marble Rock Floyd county. Iowa dec. 30, is97. Terms a Yea imitation limitation a. K. A. A v. Corner a Ocise no. 251. ii no or Tiel uru Ulli Noou. Visius Brothers in Gootie i idling Uttend. Joubert la upset. M. S. A Kec. The Republican members of con arc Ai last up to like met that the civil service Law enacted by hem several years ago is not in accordance with the Large majority of the voters of this country. The voters As a Rule do not believe in building up an office holding aristocracy to lord it Over them. The party in Power should be responsible for the acts of its subordinates and the Only Way to hold i responsible is to give it the full Power to place its friends in Char re of the machinery of the government. The hundreds of thousands of work Jogmen who have had their wages in creased Sinai the new Tariff Law went into effect Are somewhat puzzled by the announcement from new England that the wages of the employees in Cotton Mills Are to be reduced on january 1 the Chicago railway ase in its last it., it turns out however that this is due Washington letter. What does ii it Aii. Ohio. I Sec now. They Are try Nir to Siet a stove to Intuit ate our Gek Mam Hea l eks but they cannot do it for that stove is not that will do the Luik of the German Hester. Go so where i ho7 in use and sit. With your Teet under the stove and ask the user How Ilif a manage to heat the floor so hot and to d the 2re so with so Little fuel they will Tell you the stove does it All. You do not need in Enni reer to slain j and watch h. First to open the drafts to keep the fire from to my out and then to close them to keep from setting tour roof on we will save you All this trouble and at Leas one third of your Lurl by sell Kiiji you a genuine downward dra t divine flue German heat a. W. L. Nelson. Of them. The flour flour. We wish to Call attention to our Brand of Clear quil flour which we Are Selling at a very close margin. We guarantee that no is m mat the at-1 Superior flour was Ever placed in this mar Lich is Beins quietly made by j Vav dec. 24, 1897. Can St is brings no Lor presi Dent Mck Tiley whose callers have been As numerous this week As at any time shies his so numer Ous in fact that he has been compelled Tor Lack of time to decline seeing Many of these filler were after office either for themselves or others there is tempt which the representatives of several Eastern countries to get this country to inter Fere with the partition of China by Germany and other european nations Ket. I. O. O. F. Marble Kock Lotic meet Ives aug of Earh week. Visitors cordially invited. Emory g. D. Hose skins Sec. r. Zeolar a Folse. Meets times Fiat evening to Sliwi Islic of rail Way construction in tin United states As Miles of track Laid which is but in excess of the construction iof 1890 f each week a. T Brethren invited. I milks. C. C. r. H. I. L. Of it. Meet the 3rd tuesday Nurm in each j month in add Fellows Hull. 1i. Pc. Hose Kriss tree. 7t. J. Ackley itch. Sec. 51. In. At a. Jul role Stock Camp. -1-lfts. Pc Fislar meet cd second fed fourth saturday of each Mouth it Odd Fellows Hull. Neighbors Good standing cordially invited to attend. A. 11. V. C. 11. , clerk. K. C. mrs. Stewart the test and 3i thursday of Cuch month at 2 o clock m. Ibis. A a. Steu Yilit mrs. Christina Asper Fec. G. A. K. Rock poet Ico. 308, meets first in Tumidaj each c. T. com. W. B. Adj. In c t u a Lett every Thor Dav. . A. 11. Me Tyler president. Secretary. At in 7-30 a m. Epworth 1-Engne meeting it fishy it Weting Tua Raduy evening. W. W. Koui Fox pastor. Cubist is Cut Man preach wins sunday at 11 a. Nad . Christian Endeavor meets m. Prayer nicotine wednesday eve j. Will Walteris. Pastor. Tree sunday at . P. M. Prayer meeting evening c. K. Calkins pastor. every 1st sunday in each month m. And p. A. Sunday school t Ery sunday at 10 a. In. Services held in the Union school House. N. Ghast pastor. Pension Evans avers that the Hest clerks in his office were appointed under the system of Reward ing men for party service. The men to the act that the Competition among the Southern Cotton Mills has been so Sharp and the prices of their products so Low to at the new England manufactures Are compelled to reduce wages if they would continue in the 6eld. With cheap labor cheap fuel Long hours no trans portion from Cotton Geld to Cotton Mill the Southern Manu Fao Tain to be Bright and efficient. Appointed in that Way Are pretty cer tuners Are Able to turn out their goods with probe at a very Low Gate. It is i the rapid growth in these and other manufacturing industries in the South which has caused the increase of the protective Tariff sentiment in that Sec Tion during the past few years and i responsible Lor the fact that the present Congress hag i larger Southern sup port than any Congress which has preceded it. President Mckinley. Through score tary Sherman is appealing to Ameri cans for Aid for the starving cuban in the first placed the administration uses the american Navy to prevent the cuban insurgents from getting supplies which would enable them to win their Independence and then appeals to american Charity to feed the victims of Spanish Minneapolis Tribune. Will science Ever pause in its iconoclastic Progress asks the Minneapolis Tribune. For centuries the human race the pocohontas record voices our sentiments on the changes in the new election Law. This is what it said few of the Iowa papers have not the legislature to change the ballot Law Anil the changes advocated has supposed that the stomach was an .1. I. Indefensible adjunct of the system and True the Iowa Are has alternately abused and cuddled it i and tired with having changes now conies a Well authenticated j made Nho Laws. It has got Story from Switzerland of a marvelous j to slut pass that an Ordinary me chg it operating by which the entire stomach i Doea Jare to vote unto he Haj. J of an afflicted woman was removed her intestines attached by a suture to her alimentary canal and her health Lully restored although the old fashioned digestive process forms no part of her City recorder Tryb Blirer. Street f. Be. I ates ii b Roaen Straus j Msrtin Currire Smith Willard Kii Iny c Wailand a. . H. Weber h Nugget b. J. Ackley. Union Kichool president e. P. Walati. Secret a a. H b Kies r. John Gates Dike Tolis 1 pick Standt 2 Harry i Ackman e p Walster 5 Lew in Nan 4 11 Andrew Gates. B Madison Bine 7 John Gates 8 James 1 Archer 0 Miles cd Kebab. 10 j. T. Masson the Relief of chairman Bingley and the officials of the Treasury department that the new Revenue Law is going to be sufficient to meet the expenditures of consulted the code to see what new changes Irive been rung on him. The Wisest thiner or the legislature to do is to learn the Ball t Law alone and per haps a majority of the people will Pel to understand it and the rest can then he instructed How to vote without any difficulty. The old Law All Nyht. Is of i1 we can let enough alone us yahoos in Hie Back Woods May be tit re is Toini to be no necessity for fences so that the average election Board can to h who and what we Are trying to vote for i Able to express our political prefer the government is reinforced by similar i _ expressions on the part of t1 e Senate finance committee whose members helped Ira Ruu the Law the vigorous efforts of the Kepu bucans to reduce expenditures Al along the line coupled with the rapid increase in revenues under the new make it apparent that Ricott. John scheme Rhom s. Songs Kees Tilis Plsko town de Crowell Jake gather w w to tier Miles and Zinb Treier. Scott township ii Aru. Presid Etu k. To. Garter. Secretary. George 3 Baldwin Chanes d Ile Mck direct oils 1 John Bishop mat Staadt further on tha subject in this session of Oong rss and probably not for Many years to come. Senator ilm Stotish of is Dakota is one of the Western men who while opposed to the single Gold j Burrell the philosopher of the Washington Iowa press puts his innermost thoughts is print As few men have Ever done. 0 birth and death he ssi 5 both Are Mydens. Where were you Vou were Bon the d. Are not ready to vote for free in nor atoms that Tuske up Var id entry and individuality Are vagrant swimmers in tie Stream of All we Kwiw about it. Nor do we know what or whore we Are a year a Tor death. No one has Over come Back with in my 5 f. F. Witter. To f c Sinai Eldius 7 j . S jew Jeffrey Al John . Jcj Ciai. C. Sherwin. J. F. Cluj do. Of court 4rh monday in Kannarr. 1st in juy 2nd monday in september min Day in november. He Aid there is no danger of the passage of and 16 to 1 legislation by i the Senate. I am quite sure there is not a 1g to 1 majority in that body. With the present Bright prospects for International bimetal ism the majority of tie american people Are opposed to Independent action on the 16 to 1 or client in Story of the place condition circumstance of the released soul All i til president i Ley and his advisors Are too shrewd to allow this country to be embroiled in a i matter which concerns us so Little j american interns in him will i protected and that is As far As the administration will it is perfectly satisfied to leave England Germany France and to Settle their acquisition of chinese territory stun themselves. Won. J. Ii Brigham assistant Secretary of agriculture has just re turned Iron Ohio where lie was about ten Days. In reply to questions As to the sentiment of the party towards the election of senator Inanna which he says is an absolute certainty he said in conversation with leading republicans throughout the state i found but one expression and Ilia was that there is of question about the senator s election. There Are undoubtedly a Low men prominent in the politics of the state who oui in like to see or. Telanna Defeated but i do not believe that a single member elect As a Republican will commit political suicide by refusing to be governed by the expressed wish of tha state convention. No Man can Hope for political preferment who be trays his party in an Einner Nancv like senator h Anna vent to ohio1 this week and expects to remain there until the is settled. He is Honfi Lieut of win Secretary Wilcox this week noticed senators and representatives that the seeds for free distribution had arrived and would be sent out As fast As the addressed Franks Are received at agriculture. 1 any of these seeds la a should jog the memory of congressman by foie he has disposed of his share. Hon 0. 11. Burton of Kansas who knows the politics of that state like a Book said figuratively Kansas 13 now wearing its sunday clothes every Day. Our people have been paying of debts with a rapidity that has no parallel. This year alter discharging a total of obligations they have been Able to save Usu and live Well . There has been improvement All alone the line . Commercial and political the Republican party alter battling hard since 1890. And with constantly incr Asiner vote. A use a see supremacy in sir it. It. A i been a hard the Fores but i re Jird it a certain that the party will Tri Timph at cur and in we also sell Graham Corn meal buckwheat flour. Call and so i c Geo. W. Gates. Of the congressmen the department of your readers want Best and most economical heating stove o on Earth is the Roui ice Oak. Thor by j Joe Wiloth. Mates of Sec Cestary Bliss for sufficient j additional help to bring he work of j fhe Patent office now from two to Sis months behind up to Date. The Pat ent office annually tarns in to the l. S. Treasury a Suro aggregating much Large than the total Cost of running As Musior Wili soon be a to i Injo of the will populism. A deep my Story. And this if no a run in Kansas than one could die it be the ii Ullest j anywhere Tut it is dying out Cal Ainita that Coubis happen in this tit where world Llorin lie a Nie for others. The House commit the on by tier or Cahier. In ire Bucanti us getter will hold eve Rel m a Ion than the past or present ones holidays. Ind the other Revol Honary . 1 do Board of . City Phil lib Sunlly j Aible Kock to Rethy pippin Hockford b. G. Chichester. Kidd j. C. Merrill Silas 1ft in Lanson. April 60 Kii div Iii fire us of Beauty h not know anything that would j j hairs weakness and the Stitis country into a financial revolution j and in the unless it would be the narrow j Wear and o Ziachin and pig headed policy of the Standard advocates Ery tie i i its Torch. I Akens Hajje Quei Chc. We Are ready to go i Many Pray to go and arc glad to a june september and Loudsy in i ill of. Be Sherif and Tor Uty ,1. W. Parker loll ancient ii feed that he senates Fri re to Way be to Hugo is when attended to the Wel Arel Worth some Hine to know that the very and Pior purity of the family they j Medicine or restoring the tired u the that pin Haply not differ a ii Aliy Iron i he Lorl will he a Vonzil soon after that body re sum. Uii siness. Serf Terv Sill , a can the office and has in the Treasury to t credit accrued profits exceeding and it does seem that it would be right and proper to allow it Pend enough i to have its work promptly handled. Bach member of the Cabinet will Send a separate answer to he St Tia c Resolution asking the no the sex j Ccu Tive Dei Attu tits to opinion of the working of the civil service Law and rules and their advice is to what might be done to conditions. It is known Tuiai Secretary Jaae fill recommend the Tiki in of a number of places in i department rom to her the civil or Vico rules and that Secretary ill tin Aslo Lii it Nir i in Widi Resperi Tjce As a h m a Hira in the Worth two in u Icin Yiuzi be i Brood Lii sir it i push the is t lie in a Irvin on Rimml to Catt i 1 Mary Bird. My do wild in with Mii Listis to nov i would lost Riff by group i i Denn a Pun a i not in a and of oar consular ervice. Minute i ii Ali to Tito. Cot Isris co is Ami a threat an i 1 inti 1 a. J. A it in and the result of will be pm Trade Marks designs copyrights a. Arron tire n. Slip Fth and pcs Clintion May on opinion free rho Thor an it fitly Tannd Booton in Lents t Riff fire for Sorn no patents Ihry Tsirli mucin co. Receive the rec in. Tic in Tiftic american. Iii l we Kiy. Terse St f Iny or in Ntilis Joanini. Terms. S3 s so t oink j in some act k will be submitted to that one Cert of the courts. He crier attorney. T worship cd As household gods in. I oof Tif Rovou to a healthy will he that Wilbrd Karin even a Hunte the of today j is Kii Ciric bitters. This Medicine is american citizens be plice.5 in Aniis s or King s new acts by tone to consumption com is. Colds and for ail the to serve in the in t liver kidneys. I t c. W. affections o i Throat. Ami i i it Tneia or in of those Hild a Iii Ami by be fire a quor or of a Century and is a Tiara purity. S in the blod. Electric bitters ,0 or my Rig returned. A o j the appetite aids digestion. Cd Rland. J household should be without this Brood j and i pronounced by Jhoss who Siam yen an of 1s to take Ann a Lien i the very Blond Wali i to i Anil mire a if do Lor Mounir old and no try if Tor Sago Reward. The association n. Ninni payers arc a Lun i try popular fun Cri tinn. From which v to take Ann a we Fien r f at . Asper is or i per store. Regular size Doc f 1 00. T o s Diug store. Oiler a Reward of s-00 for the nrrc.-. V of any incendiary a i of the noun Pittee a approx pan j in by 0, Money it earns by ignoring the Esti a Jock Des mud cd i .j-1 new York Asci Bsiso p. C. Peji n Best route High Grade for agents of . Pack two per to sent postage paid. A. P. In t. A., fat pms

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