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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Dec 29 1881, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly (Newspaper) - December 29, 1881, Marble Rock, IowaV y v1 ii cheapest Honey p. A. Roziene loan eel estate City lows i negotiates Loans on Faklis at lowest obtainable bntc8. J prompt paving i wit b Choice Security i Oser i i am always Able to the for cons Mia Iii via a title to is and Suli eng Tsimonis pm at All j w Reiyei Tupou. I a. R02tikxk with Kalice toward hone and Charity for Marble Rock Floyd county Iowa december 29, 18s1. Tri most popular j or rewind machine a 18 Stone stored Marble Rock Iowa Fie Marka on the Atiq Dettt of that the Oyster season 1ms Fri Raj a Fow re Neurta to non desirous of j m Unity id id o Conni Friy with their i of 2.124 in s wore burned Over 17.450 Imam his i Acra destroyed Ivero i rendered losing to lifer thu total of Burn i de property of nil kinds Wero priced it la pm always Tell the Willt in giving your order that roil will take half raw for yourself and three dozen Friml trib that slate than it was in 18go. Yet the i a pro the Ornt Lycaon of Cotton is nearly twice As i value of tiie building destroyed in of this sew Ani Colsher t map i Rares inv que alien that the a i by Sll Odds Tai bc3 for you to Uke Beu Tri Telia. C Liiva Iyo principal i ainu in ill. Varla Onia Curth wait i carefully exam Iii Liis Imp. J in Prii Cipal i tins Anil North arc Itati oni on i Iii Roi l. La Dirous trains Uuk close connect Lens with Tho trains ulal rail Road at Junction Points. In either dire Lioa it taut Quai a jlppet1zeb tonic Sci chs coid8, . An Oise Stit Aid less. Impo Lalit won Pitinii of Aboto Izer an Louis tilt my if Haj crkc7i i c., Jay fills 3sso, Tolett Kock a j Emu ubic tuner. Tar Teimer keyed run pectoral i l. Marvin gee i. Mitra 6. St mid statutes Ana Tett Jim by druggists grocers of Trout with of pc dial or Licefi a Elvisl it t to pal3i and i Stork and is the Only we dictated a Trot zelary Timp on each Botnic. Fui up ii priv sl.the Chicago us alway. J Orr All its Principa lines runs each Way Biily from two to our or score fast express trains. It is Ilis Only Road Fresi of Chicago Twitt uses the Pullman hotel dining cars. It is the Only Road that runs 1 Tiiman sleeping North or North West of Chicago. It has nearly Miles of Road. It forms the following trunk liars Council Blavo. Denver a California Winona. Minnesota and Central Panta Sioux i a , and Yankton line Chicago. St. And Northern Illinois Freeport and Duboque Ili track Long s. I a army paymaster is a military pay j Are estimated at More our f tiie lost ones i largely Wood that replace ilium Are of Brick Stone or the popu of of 1871 was it in now tli3 if omes of the Siatuu. New Hamps Liiv k1-" its mama from i i urow new we its mama from a you 01 Iota was Tkv now n. Hampshire. Massachusetts is de i computed at 550.000 there is to Kukk i from an Indian name riven to Check yet to the wonderful growth tie Bay the Preat eur Turriso Furt City on the con j Lii an obscure tray. Business w Pix spoons people i Rhode Flaud a obscure the Island of Rhodes the Island of the Ami a dutch origin Ryl were mentioned the first sueming to Haro Tho Best hi5 Tori civil support. Connecticut is in in Dian signifying land on a Long to la sew York new Jersey. Inn Sylvania Delavan. And Maryland wore parsed Ever. Virgin in the Caro lines and Georgia have a Royal origin. Maine was a Hueil t oin Lite fact that it was suppose to contain the Nyno portion of new England. Vermont has do Especial question except that it it claimed to have first been an new Cornice Cut. Yurui ont. Ken Tucky popularly signifies either it dark and bloody or a bloody bul tight Flea tie tray business is prosperous people j n clock in More rapid in than Ever my it j is anticipated Itiat in next ten years j the increase will be Vuu than j in the ten that Are just the Cincinnati. 0. Especially if the lop of Tho Box Conns j head of a or the lung an a sort of Side remark May Tennessee conies from its River the the ton of a Pepper Box will Al say ways fail off unless it is tied on with a rope. Explain to her that the hard part of Tho Oyster is its eve and that you Aro Sarti whirly of eyes m an article of int. Sho will relish the lunch All the More. When you leave slip an Oyster in your pocket and place it in her hand when leaving1 her at Tho Ornite. This is quite new a trick it will create an undoubtedly Good impression of you. Is Vancoille Argus. Fresh. Fashion White vulture feathers Aro used opera hats. Name being derived from the name of an Indian Village on the River Tana Ohio is named after run Indian name signifying something with an accent of admiration. A Liuna comes from tic name of an parly land company. Illinois comes from the in Dian the of Niue of a tribe. Michigan is claimed to Lake it Tor Bably came from the Nara of Tho Lake Gre it which bore this name before the land and Jaunt nailed Louisi riia i from Tho Trench. Arkansas and Are Indian the former being doubtful the latter is claimed to in is original Muddy which the rivei1. Iowa a a so Siulian with doubtful Means Itji. Texas is is spin Isle a Ilo worry Orison Luis a origin. It probably Indian lint it Spanish origin Brown and a dark Myrtle i is churned. California comes from a Spanish Romaners of 1510. Nevada takes its name from the Moi tins who jets theirs from a re semblance to the a Vailas of so Iii Ai Nerinx min English embroidering stands next to Laco As a popular russet ors for walking and traveling1 costumes the new poke bonnets Are very and very narrow about tiie ears Xii crowns Are mostly of the Mother Hub Newt a Indian sky tinted water. Bard shape. S Nebraska is variously rendered Shal tartan plaids and roman stripes Are Low find Flat now shown in Clie Viot and j Gas is for an ind Tui Kaw porn it Mako very stylish Street dresses de by the French. Mississippi is Nio Chromo color i or Alabama is med with Plush of to real Silver and also new steel but tons Are displayed Cut in facts which sparkle like diamonds and look very Nch upon Street Pckett of velvet or Plush. Leading millinery window s display a startling hat of Felt trimmed with dark red velvet or Plush and the plumage of a Iurii int looking to Pricil Bird. The hat is modelled somewhat after the shape of the hat worn last season. Llano ladies have for figures Are wearing deep pointed to which Are shirred Plain ung ored skirts. No trimming is except a Broad Satin ribbon which is fastened att be sides of the bodice carried to the end of the Indian the name fortress and tribe signifying As is claimed hero to rest not to go Pon Loa. Farm among to careful in varnishing Over the plane twice a ing water color and for the Annj that is to say Yon May take off instead of putting on. And it will Luoc patched or like a seam that shows the stitches in , is in painting take the greatest care to have Brush Scie ten. Donu work quiz Kly. Make up Mienl before you begin and meditate for Tho time you have hid do non your Brush. Always buy varnish. Never attempt int in front and tied into a Bow Aud j to nwk-0 it Youisif it is a dangerous Tubich fall Over the skirt of j not Oss. A varnishing fungi airy first the area. I a Varnis Liing the work quite Itcan. Then will up bodices with girdles of Tilte Toralia to or flemish is with same colors or those which see that your Brushia clean and with the Shade of the dress free from Loose Bairn. Ii your Brush in Are very popular with the Young ladies. The Tarn Sli. Stroke it the wire Cut Tow under the arms the or Irlo Cross the varnish pot give liners off into m minute Point far below it s let it stand in a Mouer tie Waist. They Are trimmed with testing his affections. A mean trick played Uii an aus tin dark . Or. James Crow not Luttig since. To Hud been paying attention to one of ugh is nieu s Dau Viilers it being Gener Nily in Luis Ion Trtat she was 10 get on Bur a Homie and Uncle name reserved. Uncle a old Coon and deter mined to test the genuineness of his future son in Latt s so the other night As they were smoking their , he said or. Crew j has been cogitation Ober Malters and things und i has come to de delusion not to donate Matildy a House an lot on Austin Avenue for dump. Crow sprang to his net in a Fine Taircy. To pulled Down his Vest and slinging his stovepipe hat on the Side of Iii head said in Dat Clifft Sah our future relations done ceases to exist from Dis Jiuu ment sah.1 but let me or. Crow. I was going Ter of. Go hire a Hall and invite yer friends to exclaimed Crow insolently. All right or. Crow our future Rel Lions has done Cense tar exist but i Only wanted Ter let yer know Dat de Reihon i objects tar Katimy Habin. Dat it am too Small so i am tar her Dat on Taccati Street a Liili in twice in Jim tried to explain his position on Uncle Sace solemnly lifted up in Booi the size of n imm Aii l pointed to the took tiie hint and Rei Usei to tits the Silver mystery. In Iii Riun inn los Lii of Silver Cerlini Icalea Lias set . Or almost a Manili of Del Lars in Oral of to Sou t is imply s. Let us in tue thu net is Mie tin same and the of Silver on Liam now. If inv Ikis Beti lieu rally with i Farly All Tho of the it ninth has Lour into i Iii in Silver Leril Yiirs has Dipini in Ilia Treasury by holders and t of Cheritt Iorii a inv been by these d visitors thu Silver do Illers Ilii a ulves have been paid out. J it follows that tiie payments from the Tern try during he Nion Tii of septem Ber have incur did eight and lir us Juar of Silver Mil Lions a week. Such u an is untrue. The Nimlo the government during tie month were Only to the Public debt. W 11, i. The greatest Success of the age. Butt i heroes of the Plains wanted by w. Bucki. The mid wonderful All Vii agents turn if Vild ii111. Lull Tel Rotl. Kit Cimpl. . Aih Ollir Indian san ii. In Mars. Ami cupids. A Book of ail on Ihu Focht Ullh Ini Liau i .Isii in Turoldo Hin luf. Sur Row Wii Widt Raul lid Radii it. Life in the fur West. 1u it coloured i lists. The bulk for Abbiss Over published Rositi Cly every if Yon linux to Bini act Quick i into Yalu time Send for Roi Milete tit tit outfit copy for it once for or Dan . 1 Uli null ave Usif. Agent wanted mormos1sm Cavell he. It a Jio Mon Bis lot. Being Llic Only real of the blood Aton Krs. and other secret of i Ull and authentic particulars of the Merrible butchery of men and ii Ildren a the Meadow and terrible and auf i rings of mrs. Big. Ila Nipton. A wonderful Book Lor agent. Jour plate Outh t 7.f cents. Outfit and Sample copy secure an Agency at once or write for illustrated circular and special term to sum . 210 pint Street. 21tri it. Louis. To 50 cents. Try warm place to dry. Bailea . Or uru i a sealing Wax Varna ii for chairs or j sometimes band painted Liose o i o. Two ounce Plush however Are made perfectly of fax to a con rec powder pour Plain and laced front and Back with r Quarter of .1 pint of spirits of wine Gold silk cords. On it a let it bonnets will to in rope without aha King the Buttle for the opera during tiie coming till All is dissolved. Very an Elef font Mode from Irot is j , on tiie goodness of your in the Jaunty Bebe shape. I Lio brim i Watt. Antt Iho colors is of drawn Satin and the Crown in of by different coloured w a. As this Pink Plush. On tie led Side of lint i tarnish dries very Quick in. It should Aro a Cluster of soft Pink Ostrich Feath j Unm to is wanted for use o. I Era tipped with Scarlet and circling there a of course no danger in White Puiu Ulinor this varnish. Piles. Piles Are frequently preceded has Enric of weight in the loins and Lew i part of tie to Lutnen causing tin Tuitt to suppose he Lias some of Tho Kiln us or organs. At. Symptoms of indigestion a present As flatulence uneasiness of the Stoiu Ach Etc. A Mui Turc like perspiration a very itching particularly at night inter Pel Ting warts in bed is very Cuin nun attendant. Internal external Ami Icli piles yield at once to the application of 1 Ile which acts directly upon the parts footed. Absorbing tie tutors Jullay Tuii coughs Colas asthma. Tho Crown is .1 of i venetian lace Ann i 3 dry of i Benelian lace. Ann liar Pink so tin f to polish two Roke irrigation of the Throat soreness in Tiu shape has of Tripoli into an of Arthen pot or Basin achoo Are my Lily of than Ever before. It Hiji Bock crack out of Larre u Rar Scalars. A. G. A Teton 2? a ctr us pm Caro few All tonic m, of Flot l can nov. cite. far ii thud. Lucr. Fern of App Tiu of Starwi Gotsi of ehotb7, Etc. Era tiie inc acc Sod e , Isicc on the the of xxv by Tow to Anoren the Only Iron preparation a not the Tarth or , sold by All Artif at a Boule. Co. Caln Roc. Ltd. In War or im1tatkmis As Muc h is in fro. In the of How inane tiie or Ranf to boil a .ulx.wtuub.4h Iii ii no Silver dollars were Ever pail a u us Luix us to Iii to or if timer. A nil of for Ina or two to Iii tvs of ill by tiie urn Clit cure where All other remedies Tryx try Host to title Weri Natle by lir . Do not Lcuy until tic Tom Dir of Silver dollars. I nil Hnin on the system or Monoca their bulk Wui Ghl. N Iuka this Issue j d ability but try it Niu be in tin Law pro Mutl acid j 0" Ean of i no ton advertiser. Will Send it on receipt Philadelphia is Invina a tremendous Meili inc Diqiu Ohio sold by simple for and an elevated Asner a to. In Street. One of business thoroughfares. The property of veers Iho line Sekiu to ice divided terms per annul in Advance j Peale t boots. V. Hijji also 1 i.1j and dealer in , Surbro Kirk. Lowi. Al of 82 the s2 i it 1ss1 Lii i Obe Liwo fret Millici sliced with Iiri Ilu tin fat ii. A Ariletta and Liiv Tulit a iliac Lih no would Hurt Nii l of wt-1 Mikil it won Lei Ivr k us a cims of to never i the under which Chr i Jim the Vil Heintl of ii in a in flite trip jul Ilij Ciotla and lifted who. While Wrentt a car Jilm. Stood of Iio Tirc Aioli or ii us lace in Tolu prime Ami to Jajor of Niiori Hoika. Wilt to int dirt full of of tick int in in country. Tin Tiili Trust which the pc i a no Himml in Limiti Liru Lipri by Ilii i Iod Himi of Den is a ten i m i Yar of the Unrath work to Iliin Wlinich 1m Mil Mier a Hud Kucci Willil Linchu. Ult Tom Huylu Lllan Uwell Wortle tile Andret i of nit am Fri eni Iccil. Uni Rev rwin1 Ritsi tits my tiie it Sutil of i a. Tinder ii a flan United if Tatry to Tulk be it will Wear it. Ilu was Ilmoni tin of tin fur j rim Rte it. Utill a torts Chr tick Al Tutu a sumo hts a. Noti Fly Broad View fully info nirl in. Ujiie to if Anil Iii mice Diu Riti inti k tic liars them Tiona Fly tent thu kind Muni Autt work fur Mic country ant . We Tojie his Tomt fill a Calico i Iii tin evil spirit of faction Elj Iii Ion fro i Trio tie pm Ray and Ilia i Iii till us to Iii Cut onto Timur a Cati by i of a majority of if Muraire in in Man tinier and Mil but Iii nine Nii us a Tiitu a Hulwi Iii and Torti Corr if a. Nit Fouin no Lviv of to an the future Liy of . To Lynnly by Iai Forini n-.j to in Lippi Al i Mir Sofai men in he a sound Urr mice an Silver in Taf Jar of u hell Ciru Hitaf liar it. Alli Riu tin Adi of the wit Iii ivc while of nil lie or tit Lull Jilch Tiou till will hot of the of which of fact the Wii Oad the of Mif Lauri. A inuit is Ishii Ible tin to fun n a ski Iii u humic Dpi this of Ilic Allan ii it stale i my Irreg. i pm it i mics l . I. fee of in of it is . In Titi in or i i in tils Kumh Tonti it or Ilutta while i to. I Salsa of kill turn Atilio two ii Pur Iii or Moi to Iner i Ali of conk lit it for end x Iivwcjihf. imm Ibi Jirec which in 1m -vn.l-Li. It it. it j. In n in Kiwi in. Of in lil it hit rosily ring Vitrine in tiie Lection , Tiluy t Riv 1 cough in i lever Reo Roneric j i this my Joicine All of hrs. I the Nam Berof Whins it with tiie Tripoli l simple bottle free. Your in the Public schools of the uni j toil know when tiie truly a. J astir a . Ted states is j process is compelo by wiping a pan us i lower 500.000 is a the work with a so Nero and observing l Tronu Mies. Tsp too look Koping. 500.- Littner there is fair and even i 000 i clean off Willi a bit of flier find _ a i Tion books. limn Loies. Hue flour. I3a careful not to rub Tho a Raj Iiran s Loyice 01 Row to gain i Sejora Plicis s.p00.600 Gnu work too nor too but Only to j health i Mars. 2 000.000 he and even l a Caius Swoik i Mythol it a i i to of pumice fid water u a t .1 Vos rear Dir a user the work with the to t mixers if it Grain Iii lil the Srain Asni is Are .-.varo. T it clan to anon. Tii Rai nit i i Tripoli and i Els boiled 1 no evil v. No . A-1 Bright fact. T. Fairly or mini in in Cone discover if the b of is is Intro in out i h l he work to a by very remiirc3 he i hits jkto2 1 i polish but it twinn. Recu Oak will boil sir in and in in ounce of Rosin it be sufficient hard fit Lor use. Use no Peru met of kind counteract the odor of Iho paint this will i worse. Admit Frei air Iree y every Day working if possible in Hue Wea lick. In painting Wom. Use an easel to hold woo l wild in upward b fore i incr. May sit j and rest hand that is. If yrs Are to i at Coe licit ii by thu Kittens Henru Tho old subscription prices. I Icli Minn a idea Hizy to i Orocu a lid Suhs own u an wife or Mother of setup Sliv in in or Oiin per your trs. Ions of trip full Al tit the be trios Lua in on in Iii i Eisl j can tinned Aii l what me Tuii Curcy in i St macs a ritual Are a Wuy i nor Anent. -m.d. 1
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