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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Dec 24 1896, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - December 24, 1896, Marble Rock, IowaVol. 22 no. 20. Marble Rock Floyd county. Iowa. Dec. A is90. Teems 81.50 a year to the users Oloti i i Why buy poor Oil when you can get Good Oil for the same Price Aye do not buy Oil from the Charles City tank Wagon. We buy Only Pennsylvania pro duct shipped in barrels. Throw away your old Wicks used with poor Oil and try our Oil with a new Wick and you will never have any More bother with your lamps. Yours for Mutual Benefit Geo. W. Gates. Roswell g. Horr dead. This distinguished statesman and Public orator died at his Home in Plain i flu x. .1 i Maui la Gilt Gucu iof Lith the deceased was the Cousin of l. S. Lion of this place or. Horr was a Republican at the birth of the party and retained a work ing interest in it up to the time of his death. Or. Hit represented the eth the was a very Intel latin i j o one and we feel that we gained much by being there and pronounce it a Suc Cess. It. G l Ruth. Go Trude Tux Bec y. Des alpines letter. Michigan District in Congress Lor three our projected Mutual Telephone e change has Dow members and i making its first assessment. This re i a Mutual concern no dividends sued five terms lie was of the r Are to be declared for any one the Cost Best and most ii Yetive Campaign Ora a j to being the a Tuul Cost of operating the tors in the lie publican ills 3 i j i i Exchange which it is guaranteed shall humor and satire made his speeches Iii i not be Over 8li4 for business houses most effective and Drew Parsze crowds to and Lor residences. There will be hear him. Tor the last fave years or. V a merry in the Telephone business Here before Long. Horr has been Tariff editor of the Mew presents hop Turk Tribune. His illness was the direct cause of overwork and exposure in the la e Campaign in which he delivered Over ninety speeches which at the close of the Campaign left him worn out and he fell an easy victim to Olu Cullia Oll fut teachers fleeting. Societies. A. F. A. Is. A a a. Stone Lodge no. 251. Regular communication Wynn Eslay of or before full Moon. Via Tiuis Brothers in Good standing cordially invited to attend. To Buret Hogget. In. 31. S. Ii Davis Sec. I o. O. F. Jia we Hock Loire no. A inc to even in of Eark week. Visitors cordially invited. A. G. Ii. sep. Beelar Lodge. To Sill ceif tuesday priming f each week. Brethren invited. H. Kajisa c. C. Walt k. Of k. 1.i_ of n. It sets the 3rd tuesday Nishit in Cali Mouth in add Fellows Hall. L. W. , 1 luf. It i. Anklet dec. Sec. C. Meets it the Home of mrs. Stewart the 1st Iua bal thursday of each month at 2 o clock m. Mrs. A a. 1 res. Chris Tina Aspek. Sec. The insurance Combine of the state held a meeting last week for the Pur pose of influencing legislation this win str. In an interview they announce that All they wants to be let thief and highwayman make the same request. Secretary ology has Given it out hat that president Cleveland will the Cameron Resolution should the s line be passed by both houses of con Gress. He says that it is Trie constitutional right of the president to recognize the Independence of new govern ment and that Congress cannot take this Power from the Chiel magistrate. It is also claimed that speaker Reed concurs with the Secretary of state. Month. W fir to s c. T. Ackley com. Xiv. B. Crib Jlee adj. W c t it meets every thursday. My i. Tyler president. A. M. Mebbi.u-, Secretary. Churches. At 11 . Find . Epworth meeting at meeting Thor Day v. pastor. Christian ii uncut preach Iii sunday at 11 . And a in. Christian Endeavor meets at p. M. Prayer meeting wednesday Uve Ninf. J. Will Filee sundays at 11 . And p. M. You Ritz Peoples meeting at prayer meeting tuesday . Pastor. every 1st sunday in each Mouth ail 1 a. M. And p. M. Sunday school every sunday at 10 s. Re. Services in the Union school House. Ii. Grant pastor. City officers. Mayor. Joseph recorder ii b Rosenkrans treasurer. J w Martin Street commissioner c. F. Jesmore marshal Willard Stroud c dates not i m Fletcher. It it it Ber it la asset Colon township school Hoard president go Xiv Bussell. Secretary. U b Mies treasurer. John director Mck a tautly Harry Packman k p Wals Ter Lew Egbert Davis. I 7 John s of Ailef i Arciser ii ceo Xiv bus Eli 10 Sam Shaffer. Governor Drake has lowing proclamation issued i he Fol. The South Western Section teachers association was held at Marble Rock dec. 1 2 the meeting was called to order by the president of the association k. G. Anderson. The subject of the declamatory con test was taken up first. Special Atten Tion was Given to the marking of contestants by the judges. The markings Are so provided that each contestant Way have a fair Chance. The afternoon session was Well at tended. The first paper school libraries was omitted because of thu absence of Mae far Liam Bock Ford. The subject was introduced by Rosa Knoop Roik Ford. Prof. Huggett Greene prot. Moffett Lockford and prof. Ander Sod Marble Rock gave us Many Good Points on How to obtain a Library Tor our school and what kind of books should be put in them. There Are Many ways to earn Money for libraries i but work is connected with them All. A the setup Centennial year of the state i of Iowa has been appropriately observed Latue work on talc Cher s part and in accordance with provision Ade therefor by the Twenty sixth general Assembly. It would seem be proper that the full completion of the fiftieth year of the state s history should on the there have Public recognition. I therefore recommend that the Twenty eighth Day of december instant the fiftieth anniversary of the passage of the a admitting Iowa As a state into the american Union which act consummated her admission be observed in the cities towns and townships of the state in such a manner As to the the help us her pupils each country school can be provided with a Library. The nest subject was that of Pri Mary work. The paper was omitted on account of the absence of miss Korinke Charles City. Prof. Anderson brought the subject of synthetic work to Light once More this aroused much Dis Cussion and its Good As Well As its weak ones were thoroughly brought ouf. The majority agreed that it was Ike method by which to Leach Reading. It was moved und seconded that the people of he various localities shall be j Poniard tem can be t by succcs3. Appropriate and convenient. I direct that on the Day named the Flag of our country be displayed on every edifice belonging to the state and i recommend that it be made to appear on every building in Iowa however corporations May View the j matter municipal ownership will con line to grow. The City of Des Moines a an electrical Engineer at work Figur on its municipal electric Lii it Plant it strange Whin our buildings Here Awn and run their own electric lighting plants that the City should be paying out Large sums Eich month for lighting g. L. Dobson. The new Secretary of state did not reappoint the clerk of the executive Council Frank k Lind Era but contemplates appointing in his head e a. Shipley. The members of the Council who served with or. Dob son United to a request that Landers be continued in office questioning or. Jobson s right to make a change Deputy Secretary Burkitt. Hat the Secretary sex offi Cio clerk of the executive Council has such a right so it is altogether Likely that or ship Ley will take or. Lander s place. Kven the governor is not free from Domestic furry occasionally miss Mary to Rel Drake the governor s Beautiful daughter was secretly married on october 2sth. Last in Denver to or. George Sturdevant. Miss Drake is Well known and highly respected All aver the state. She has been the Lead ing lady of Iowa since her father s inauguration As governor. J lie governor has just been made acquainted with the facts by his daughter in Denver whither shul had gone fur her health the governor was not altogether pleased with the affair but like a Good and father has invited the Young couple to his Homo to spend Christmas and everything will doubtless be Well we have the finest line of Ever brought to the City in All the latest styles and shades. You can t a nicer present for your gentle Man friends. This is not a Drake and her summer husband match have lovers since they were children. In whether Home or shop or Stoie school House or College building. T would furthermore suggest thai in the religious services of the preceding Days the occasion be remembered and that the prayers of the people go up that the Blessing of heaven thus far richly vouchsafed the Commonwealth in is growth May continue to attend its Lully in the country schools. How to Deal with a Lazy Pupil a the country schools. This subject was brought Forth by at excellent paper read by Loren Inman. He said that 1 laziness was a disease. The subject i was discussed by Samuel res Marble Rock. Or. Moffett read a very inter j Esling paper on How to real with the Lazy Pupil in the graded Dis Cussion followed by prof. Huggett. A miss been Unis Twenty four years old and she is Twenty two. He goes into the banking Busi Ness at Moravia. Mrs Dawson wife of s. R. Dawson the murderer of Walter Scott who is now incarcerated in the will bring suit against the Des Moines i National Hank for the Possession of Dawson s secret for making Damascus steel. This is locked up in the Sale Deposit vault of the Bank. It is said the Bank refuses to let Dawson inti Cidie without a a regular Hibib Scriber read it i or Many years of tic Issue us Tiu teacher must come Down on a level 11 pm Ishultz. Scott town help . Marsh g Baldwin Volney Leoy Lin Ilcy. Town w Nic Hokeii. Kinney to and or. Scott township school president John Bishop. Secretary. George s Baldwin treasurer Chanes j Merrick directors 1 John Bishop s e to Garter dec 3 Uker j run Fincham. 4 John Ahart s j pc Frey 9 John Losee. Judicial. Burr John c. Shervin. Terms of court-4th monday in january. 1st bionday in 2nd monday in september. 2nd Montij in Iso Temoer Mourd of supervisors Lucins chairman can rec City Phillip Sulu Marble Rock Timothy pippin b. S. J. C. Merrill future development and that this peo j with the pupils and should try in every pie shall More and More be known As one whose god is the lord in testimony whereof i have Here unto set Ziy hand and caused to be till l of the slate of Iowa. Done at Des Moines this nineteenth Day of december in the year of our lord one thousand eight Hundred and the i ninety Sis of the state of Iowa the fiftieth and of the Independence of the United Stales the one Hundred and Twenty first. Seal f. M. Drake governor. By the governor w. M. M Farland. Secretary of slate. Way to arouse an interest in him. This led to the subject of tobacco chewing. The question was asked what can be done or re jails whew inst i tobacco out Side school. We must try to reach the men first. Boys take pattern after the men. Prof. Ander Young women could exercise their influence More perhaps than anyone else have Access to it a company known As the Damascus steel company organized by Dawson also claims a right to it. It will be hard to Tell How the matter will Cote out. The first use of the rays in surgery n this state was made by or. Rood a few Days ago whereby the location of a Bullet in the leg of James Epperson was discovered extracted. The Bullet had moved from its first position fifteen inches from the time he bad been shot. Two negatives were taken before the discovery was third located it. The femur Bone in All Tho j negatives is plainly seen photographed or Russell of Greene made us a or outre ulc the Raan was shot free tills. Your address h co., Chicago and i get a free Sample Box of or King s _ new life pills a trial will convince meeting monday i april. June Aoa september Ulm and i oliday la you of their 1 ? Are no Timber. I easy in action Anco i effective in the cure of constipation Ood speech on this subject. The question Box was next in order were satisfactorily an All questions Sweryd. The county superintendent helped in the hip and the Bullet was found on the under Side of the leg almost Down to the knee. While cutting out the Bullet Needle was found which up person had forgotten though he now us out with Many of the difficult ones. Rei Nymberg when it was inserted j it is an off Day when there is not a sensation around the Des Moines City 1 Hose who have used or. Kincus i Hali Frank Beard Ariha Otist Are particularly 1 new discovery know ins value and j j those we have not. Have now the been through the accounts of auditor treasurer clerk of the recorder superintendent Coanta attorney Coroner for malaria and port Unity to try it free of count a off Cern. Georgis. Han fort and sick _. N Merman liver trouble they have proved Invar j advertised druse is and get a trial hot . Nacken Bush they Are guaranteed to be i tie free. Send your name and address Call on the judge Phillips and Euins to have them Short the see says he cannot account for it. Township inf Timof k p s i costumes Cattes t to r k Winchell c Durund. Of .v.iimiene1 perfectly free from every deleterious j to i. K Buckler co., Chicago and j 1 Here is also found to be a Dis and to be purely vegetable i get a Sample of or King s new life in the ? fund do Uliey to no1 if substance and to be purely vegetable i it a a Hajj Lehey to not weaken their action but in free j by Sivin tone to stomach and bowels j greatly invigorate the system. Regular Asper co., druggists. Sample of or King s new if e appearance in the cemetery fund do As Well As a copy of guide j from the of truly the to health and household instructor j Way of cily rr0vernment is past find free. All of which is guaranteed to is needed in Des ill this id the verdict of its More than half a million it is Licy Hilll All Ciai Paris Oll. The biggest Best and cheapest National news and a Niiler journal pub shed in America. It sgt Ritsy in politics but it is above All a newspaper and gives All the ii ivs promptly accurately and impartially. It is indispensable to the b Armer. Merchant or Man who desires to keep thoroughly posted. But has not time to read a daily paper while its great variety of Well selected Readin matter makes it an invaluable Home and family paper. Two papers every week. Eight pages each tuesday and Friday. One Dollar for one year. Sample copies free. Phiri Taftt St. Louis to. Joseph Wiloth in heavy and shelf hardware earner Rem inn a specially. We meet All honorable Competition r. F. Wilke dealer in do you Good and Cost you nothing a g0vernmenl is men not Summers j. As per go s drug store boys not blackguard. And Valise

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