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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Dec 23 1886, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - December 23, 1886, Marble Rock, IowaTo w Oak Bollnak. My Elm amma.1 riot take c. Fox. Of Dukuh h. X the Magazine of american history vol. 12. No. Marble Bock Floyd county Iowa 23, 1886. Terms of Polo and fancy groceries. Bock wbek1y Are. 35 to 00 enu. 70 to 00. Otto 20 to 22 Tia my a Cora 00 u 30 Plogt. Eggs 15 per Cream -1 Reata per Inch. Tutvcv.1 4j cents per in. Chickens Centi geese cents per in. Duck 3 per in. A new settlement in Oregon U.A wind Sage Lien. Pure when the to Ermo Toter is or wet it makes people get up an4 dust. goods for gentleman ladies and children at pm Milliner store 19 a Lyo Tuu Vas or Aniced a Scott Center school House last tuesday evening if there u any Huj More exciting to More people just now shall 1 get for christmas11 it his not tree mentioned a Good warm Beav. A Lodge Good Templar we 01 Gani cd at a alar a week ago Moo Day a tuning Smonig the officers we find the names of w d limb u p. C. T and mrs Ella id Tab v. T. St. Louis if cuss and Cotton balt route Standard gauge by sept.1, 86 i new Lim Cairo to Bui. Brit mry. City Little Mcneil Magoo la , mod bktw.4, Zemri Coni Omu Augun fact Worth out Vilu Dallas Alhay Hwath so Antonio Aid Oil Phi Ottja and Central Texas. 1w wit by in y. A my ele a morn fall aet set open pm tar cart Ami Day of annl 1 Trif to Catt to Kwh to ate., t. To b. W. Ford Tab. A s. Down. A fam Oen i a t and is. Lynh to Fetnia inc tej Tii me must Hafl and tense at w i v wifi rib. Fra Grant perfume f Rice 25 and 50 cents. A Blob s cure will re Lieve croup whooping and bronchitis. I he demo critic Mij Onty in texts is on they might As male u unanimous the foundation or democratic majorities in Texas we Laid at an Early period of Ita history. The untidy appearance of a pm tar Board should never be allowed Buck Ham s Dye for the whiskers will Bange their color to a Brown or Black at discretion and thus keep up tour reputation neatness and Good jocks. To among the bogs in this Vicinity recently Juhn 1 error lost seventy or Poore Serener and Robert Nogle twelve. We hero that other artict have also met with losses but to what extent did not learn o Tenc i fat additional locals on fourth Page. Christaw hit in Muddy. Days Are fitting Are Fay a your Etta Chur kill Tuvae Howe. Fierce has gone to Cedar i. A hat been to mini Kuuva is on sick George of Cedar rapids we i. Town monday capt Javares Pascoe has returned front his trip to Michigan miss Clara Haven is Tilting Hoer the parental roof at Floyd de and George Knott of w Averly were in town monday miss Julia Mitchell has returned to her Home at Charles City. The Young Tolks will have Cardi Nal tree in the o Blair Hill. Prof me Murray will attend the meeting at Des Moises next week. Twenty lire of in Kajjy Fanf 16 ref. By Ujick l r Baily and wife have gone to on their farm in Scott township. We wish the Young people abundant us Cefai in this worlds John Walla one Al Allen Moore s tenants died last monday afternoon funeral ski to Sci were held at the flood Creek Catholic Church fore noun deceased was taken ill about one week before his death the next 30 w. In Liao. Kuust Nwider Munni to fib toe 9. A. Angell quit but week d u i Mill s he bus Mariy completed Khu Reeo tred fro a her de Beeta of Nora san gum in town Al Der i East and mrs Heightshoe tis Teil at Kook lord Turlay. Hattu Moore will spend bar vacation relative at Hast City mrs Kolett Wilke has Mijiu in Isoo usin on a her Prenis it i gone to visit to him Martin Gates had two hogs killed by the South bound Tram last monday afternoon take notice Book accounts must be settled by the grit of january by notes or Cash. U c. Robish to Senkins have commenced work on their Back of their neat Market it is Don t fall to examine and Price Holiday goods at Julns pm posts class the Czurles Beelar sold to hut Hen lakes last week Between Twenty i thirty head of Mcmurray has received Days 1 will close out my entire of j set of the encyclopedia Uri Tanica. The dry gooji., Coti Vittini of notions Price of we Iii is bundred dollars oldies mittens also boots now is the time to ret for dyspepsia and liver complaint Joo have a printed guarantee on Ever bottle of ski Lori 8 Vila liver. It never to care. A Nail injector free with each bottle of Shiloh s Catarrh remedy Price 50 cents. A. Jasper. T a. To 0-U.A fail to my Gratis Sulby Carter of Nash Ville icon for the benefits derived fron Ayer s sars Parilu system was filled with Scro Luli blotches ulcers and sores All Over my body or Carter was Mirely cored by Ayer s Sarsaparilla eight months ago and has bad no return of the so Romulous symptoms. My Wiloth Obalek if you will take the trouble to Call and Price out goods you will by convinced that you can do As Well or better by buying at Home than you can by h Aring your Railroad fare paid to some towns to lung offer Topay your expenses etc., we you tic Benefit of goods Bough for Cash a Liberal discounts for Cash but can t Fiat Railroad Tare or sell at Cost As some advertise Good goods at Nax mame prices cheap goods at cheap vhf no Priff. .vi7 for Iti or jockey fully or gamer having purchased the Alexander place a Scott township re Quested or Cartwright to pay for Ball of the line which or Alex Ander Hail erected without notifying or. Courtwright or. Courtwright re fused to pay and claims that entire Fence is on his land set Bix feet and has notified the parties to take the Fence off Hii land a Law suit to be tried to Morrow will probably Settle the matter the b c r n. Railway will sell round trip excursion tickets one fare Lor the round trip Between All stations As follows december -4th and and december Slot. 1ss6, and Janu Ary let to kits Good go ing one Day from Date of Sale and Lim iting the time for return passive until january Lih j. A Roche agent. Will sell Jjulius and Clyl Irens Boea at reduced h t Robison so it on the excellent Testi Mony of senator Mcdonald that the i full Telephone ease cannot be finally decided by Ibe United states Supi toe court inside of seven years or one year after the expiration of the Patent. 1 or Hans after All Innis Ruf be found the supreme court of Ohio Hai decided the Dow liquor Law of that state . This decision will end a Large amount of litigation in the state and will considerably swell the Money in me a Junta treasuries the div us a tax of soc in Evi by keeper Selling in jurors the democratic members of the court do san Jcj Sim Rex Seoud Ativo gallon Keg of whiskey last saturday afternoon at the express office we give the Lor for warning that to licit repeated violation of the Law will them into rouble. We give thu warning i h the Hope w 0 t u. M. E. Church list sunday i Totcie were an chefs the program Well carried out we and Danville Breeze one can be said of the ice Nian if he has any left Over he does t warm it up for break fast. At Minneapolis last monday Young fined Tho Scarlet women ears in the state next Lime All Jet g our Orch in Jar lbs parties indebted to us must Call and Settle this month. This Means c what it says. Come at s once. Delay is dangerous i . S still about Chili r Sha n out Sale of jewelry. Watches clocks jewelry and silverware. In tact everything that is contained in a first class jewelry store will be sold actually at Cost until january 1st, 1887, by r. R. E. The jeweler Greene Iowa. A now to our mid Lutc Jiuu Onifade Rabii new i Kierul on the Way Ruiu clinic Aga Tim to id solid nil we must on our Sci Dora for the fleas a up Haynes Brothers. Or Flici indebted t. Haynes Tiro s Are venues red to Call Anil before Tho that some of the parties will profit by r Isi Day of january Isom. We must i t j j Annery i have tie Money by that Date Don t forget it. It. Our people Are determined to Stop this elicit Sale and giving away of intoxicating liquors the sooner Par lies interested profit b this notice the tvs lit 1 17 11 better it will be for by arts a he Mai blk Rock monday under the Cen Rol n of an import Jill or. The tanners of Jur Jiu Loek and Vicinity in Etc line of w to Cash fill or Rel Rock Iowa the following Are the eight grand jurors drawn for the january term of Dir incl Conn 8 b j s Trigg. S f Gcorge scrip d my morny when the jury 13 january three of he will be rejected leaving five to do the bassinets the Spanish Cortes has granted for War and Simin Larcaly boast i he a steals Cruiser afloat this decade will go Oft signed in his tory for a Gnu Elul All Powers j upon improvement in naval armament i Auto Wefun the and fur our own attention to our warship and sea Board Del cues not it it the to be used for a Coal Seattle and the tar Mcdo to blow out woodchucks arsenic appears to be still Rife Are 10 no 1 hard wheat Minnesota and cannot beat our Plicht Cir and when they do 6 r i _ l t -.1 i. L ukr Doirs Katri no 1 Miller Kura no 1 Mil Xuy 1 wheat extra no. 1 flour Mac. Zist for Juni iary begins the Twenty first volume of this Well sub labed Magazine opening the Ink of City we re . Gently uned for t. 24 dec 7 09 n cases of Scarlet fever to health the Board of Sturm windows i am prepared m Wako storm a flows of All of cry is at time to order and Iliff pc Neiuber of can buy Mufic Turer s paces. R. Ramsay. N r j will sell round trip excursion lie kits from All principal Fittl Iob to Calif drum Points including san i hypo j at very Low rates. Tileti food til for further particulars All i on ticket Itati or j k. Attention if Yon want to buy jewelry now is the nine As i will sell Lor the licit Thirl f Days cheaper than foil imagine 17 i Rose Chatis Council room of the incorporated town of Marble flock woe 17. Of. Council met in regular Acasio with mayor Mirlin presiding. Trustee Hubert Huggett minutes previous meeting read and approved Bill of h h of 10 for printing ordinance no 3d, presented read and on motion allowed and ordered paid on notion ordinance read for the Leeond time no 36 was Gen. Tick pc Pam. Agent Eclectic Magazine t Kkt of Asp Art. The literati a loathe world 1s87-43u1 year. N in it link urn of arsenic appears to be till Rife Hummer we re at Visith a on motion the of Manach Reetis state guard Stales that new if poisoning from this continue lob to the notice of Halili demur truent Tuo Sauch care can not be taken especially of Sonois. That inc sir shill not be impregnated with health at no Art the Leijing article is Divot cil to the satiation and among its Illus tenons is a Fine portrait of general Booth an article entitled schools in Thi turkish by the Rev a f tin and. Also the Woven of Lidia j both wearing upon the Pii to turn i to if. The Anno need new of d health Tiute should lie such iced a Fine a jul i me. Did t oar democratic bar it opens and is and U.A nil of neck with of a Church j written n charming y Gracelna i m Cicon prompts two vein thai in or Powell s such Kat deals Cleveland or Wald Kave Frh Bat Aho take notice. Me by a Mathews be Iru Alum m this Nura with at of inf uru Nance no 36 ordinance no a was Pai cd on the following vote j w. Martin. It a Angell. Ii Stolt s f in ii c oar land and c ii Oakes Voi Fig on motion Council adjourned Tito Watss in order we Are prepared. To Cichy c to 5 Law of Flitt per Bushel in Lott of ten bushels or Over ining of your wheat to Kwa Tiff in wow by a tar Gnu Shim Ike lib Liiri it Law. Ew4 Swu w Cal Thowe of by but Buok Sof Waw of an Mem incl act. U in tin few of tour id veil a wet will we w4 it will w lat Van it we u Jov fait naga Ink of american history ill Artud Kis Urical my Clr. How red in 1877. Who Iii of Ibe put Trva Tod m u Well Themie to Ibe Public life wet it Hitchm i in Eiery part of the in Tiv Misc value in it Nettin awl Ewlyn of their it b of the Houck. . My. Aid it pm us Woak Timoi of aay Manish Oliu of Luraetta u world. La grown Noa Kimy daring the Fitt ear now in toe cad in my Alvah of Muy and to Tuit i will cont inn to of Flor combination Sumchit Tiosh thu of Tow Kwh great Onavea item to Patnou U.A us Mie ulary Aad Ruiu. Magazine american Host Obj v4 the forum. The Harper. 10.m Lood s.00 the american review g w the Anetter Retow the nation army and Navy journal. 13.00 Crinch and Turk Ober Var. 10.00 Nicholas. Scientific 10 00 50 Suu Thyri univ too 6 of queries 5.25 any other wired Eoff Bimini in of Lead no will be U.A Abed just cd on top lotion of Vitt Loti Rbt Oft a Clit in Well mini r pvt omit hold Walun fcb adv Fri. Do my Jeuline in Chstr b u Tau in the of act Momiu intr m. I Bly i bpm Chvat la i Raub ble my Luau of in blk Ufir with a Berlun win bin i the of elite i us at. It i Hwy. Baulf my to Vafi Nulu n the of tar Imi War u it my Riata of phobia will pow. .11 Witch or us tit Imit Prawd no Turk Mil ii h us w in Klmle orld.1 tue Cimon it it la of he g Alrh jail Are Aid Jil Lac Zinc or american Kis Tofy. Us a Turk City. New meat Market 01? Rosenkrans Engett we would respectfully info twi Public of hues and Vicinity that we opened new meat Bradford Street our aim will to please our patrons and keep baud a fall and Complete Supply of Freih and Salt Weats in their season we solicit share at your patronage be pc fully. Us a irix , Bem Salve in the warm for sorts. Silt in Lieym Kever Tetter chopped Lamb Chi Buiu corns ind All skin erupt runs Point self errs Pilts or m pay it u guaranteed to x Lect us action a Money it Lundel. Price is cents Pur Box for tale by Kendall Tut Rio ii that Ruabon ind both by Wolf and owe ii in lives w Atilus t Ciu fowl Haws their Purdi Erivin Bave Wii Powell there u wot proved tree. Steve bad us also a f Wely a title on Street a cow in and new tort we dosed the Nti Vul j town Ger of Trewett a whey n Ibfoni-1 j y the mar me to Lou a at fair in a Itma Ibert be several min Pasco m teaching Terui a Kisool in the a l Vav suffer Ibon of tic of will will j of Throat Kibb s new Jyh for ii ube face we Taefi will w of Jim v cares to nor Tow of per truth of wid Hwy try be tit to the to whoa Abni by blurt. With Jimmh or record of of cop Tui Feren their to Takh. K few k few it Tammmy Tim it in i e 1. Kick j or thai or i c k , Alt Law Al l. Audi if tic Toni w in. 1.1 i to it m the err Octie 13 tit of Are made by Linn. Cutt Pailun my of a plane. Stin dbl of t i is a Pom Tive ii in a i u u Viilu sbi1oa will ire in Winnie 10 Eta m eur and d Catarrh liner Ujj Pim Viive Core Titard Uip Hovia and t ankh a Mouth a. I ill Ofutt it a to Asunto to new deeds of daring by Blue Gray. Or 1 inf lust in Lynw 1 m the if a e5gravikg3. No ten to Tut be a till Tot Hal it Niton Khz to Ems 4a copy. 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