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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Dec 22 1881, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly (Newspaper) - December 22, 1881, Marble Rock, IowaF 1 i cheapest Money a. Kozien it Cal estate byte a Tritt Ciu . It Gottuk Loans on farms at with Zalke toward hone and Charity for All terms jl5c per annul in Advance boots. A.v1 , a Vijuk a. Hin Oil. I lir ii he a Peru mme volume 7. Marble Rock Floyd county Iowa. December 22, 1881. Number 21 Maun luf Tun i til and dealer in it. 1 old we Iii i no with ibo to we i Ibi chm biotin 1 in title to purity u perfect j Nek eur it ill be pm. th3e Topmost popular. J 13 be hip Stone store Marble Rock Iowa i _ _ in Avil sell nil kinds of goods such As i Tea Coffee sugar s spices exit acts tobacco Al the Takila. Gle Aitio and All Kididi of Tiodos usual or kept ii a general dry goods and grocery i store. Cheap and Man that Post for his i clothing is to kind Qun mics to Supply Cusk my floods Art Werni Utcy a repro Satej or Money refunded. I i i u. Tell new swing Machlik one o f the Best manufactured Allen Moor e Listi my others 33 co. New York 0 Range Maes. This si3w and Correct map Chicago North Western railway b Odds tit besi far Jou to Rake when Trade linux in either be i nor n i chit Aga and Elf of a it int in i u i Schilt examine Kiiji 7 iit1 1 coils of tie n with i St Iiona on i. Its ten Murli minis in pc Ulusc connections Irskin of nil sri Frontin it Jun Tob Point. Appet Izab tar Tia a kiddie Wens co Jim Well or. Or 1 fee wit i a trin that int jigs wrote i end. And m Effort at it lip Tou tread that Shook w and to to a girl my spew Akmid Luik d faintly an or. Sporte Kyj win itis hebrew. Lilo of she. Re nit i some a a Caiiou or. La two of Tho infant t i Don t tee How j on make that or. Grave la i on t know w Hen id now looked like tiie thumb a of a Boud Lobule w. Do i Uudo rat i id Juu that my Bear any Roeii Blanco to the Bead of a i to Kiwi the general murmured pc Dyke. The general features seem to nit or. Scoop cedi Ewanit ninja 1m acquisition it our general features arc at All alike no Isago raut remind von of an Earth quake. I a cd kit Liee what makes her fold her like Slio Cin t help mis. Spoont Nuye. Illey a anti Whitmi Tuii no time like the quoted or. Spoof my Ami he took ins Dautaj tet s feet and pulling her limbs i Don t in thi3 Faliu c while i m the head of Gatun la the to cry and or. To Soulie it i Kitchen i Clico Fctich-et-eer1 lie Clair ruled. A eat what a inv in and id a How much is Mouth weigh sep Hikuichi a Kite be you la have gut thai Mouth to fed in before cold weather. In a s the Mailer wit i her perhaps you Imit her. Let me take her pleaded helpless Alia. I Litiff Well enough. I you hold up you and Ali Iii in catch her Mouth Iti u 3 nil Over i Geneviere Elf Onira. Dry up i m going to Havu trouble a Vannig Unis one s temper i can Here Bond tie Oiher Way and or tuck up his oftsprmg1 nil lion t ii till. H a Conio to me do Niom iut 5h-s. I i or. Forced to Hei Over. Well that s quite n said to. Nursing and eyeing what s those bumps Orr its eyes for what preponderance of intelligence do h in Eoff by i crke1 . m Ketaner d a , Tolu Hock Sye to kit adj u4 u u no Arr u c inn n i by join by Dato gifts a Booths Penowi trl that in vial or it u "5 Kocl in t e for t toll. Kots and Jurg Wale i u War Jie Picatti u of tk4 from aleut of Cap a etch Bot a. Int no la nmn Kib the 4north-Wmter Kia Waif Over ill Iti principi1 inca Rann Cich win Biily two to our or More Kex prow Tunini. To the Road weal of a Heigo thit tiie Pullman hotel dining cars. It it the Only roid rum Fullingin sleeping on North or North West of it bi5 a rarer Ninilee it torus the t Oll Oving trunk Linen Denver it cil Tornia Winona Mion Costa and Dikori scout c by Sor. And Yankton line St. Ind minor Polis Northern Illinois Freeport and Dubuque Urchen Bay t like Superior line 1 tickets Urr Iliia arc by ill Houpou ticket i the United Elim ind Kim Tbs it Lekeu i thu be Are to my Gier and w. H. St shr Akl Chicago. H Fie a fated Chicago ill drucci9ti of nuts Batum Are Tsi skis e. Coccus Iran Ink sunup hand Shadow John Dough Iron Tow it Book is pro h Wodula to bitters a. 6. A tour met and m saw Lac aft tall 4 h. At so inbox bitter a a Muin care for it Trimn a Coap Tete tonic Matt not Funt. It Aye the Etc. Tens tvs us moral or act Tea Iii Kulff Urf new lift to tie acts like s inc Mott Cic rat. The half Iron Tom win tic Teeth or Ittye said Var nil Graf tit fun Thule. Co. In Mirn a card. We Tike picture in enl line the attention of our friends and to or. O Nirh Long Winch is perfectly harmless puff tint u the Tjitte will not nauseated gives Reliful nost it matters not How Sere re your Coupe May i of How Many a ouija Nirdi cites you have tried or How Many physicians Juu consulted the tonic soothing i and Healing properties of this Medicine loosen it and assist tie Tiro Al and j langs to expel tie offending matter j having them in healthy condition Urce from irritation and the air j e Clear. Besides and Price i cents. For the Pom tic cure of Toich Irr Mtnlion of the Throat. I f he Chest twins tit the r 1 i i r 11-1 l rough and rarer. We ii Meti Cine above pabers. Call and get a simple bottle free. Jonrs a. J. Ask a co. I you must t talk remonstrated mrs. Tho Maud Bowest child you Well she i got to Stop biting her nails before she goes any in her with this or Che ski like your hands out of your Mouth can t you War Don t Tor put tier hands by All do explained mrs. Spoo Pendyke. Ton Caa l Slop a 11. Maui in a. Olt Ouji Indyke Anil i Dun t to True feed wit i in Titis child up. Yon mind s put your your pockets let me Sec any Muro or Yoa i la get mixed up in an argument. Site that from your Fatu Ity up open Dendon t you want to Iro Ami order some asked mrs scoop Enk Rke. Rejoined her husband i want to see Ali to Hur Chin do sabit.5 Alua jts have their upper jaw set right on their shoulders i Tehee i Tehee Hor Scalp Uinci Clear to the Bridge of Hur nose. I don11 believe she s quite right. Where s her forehead great her i All on the Back put , that got to to pressed. That s no get mrs. Scoop Endyke Slie s a a erect Angel. There s Bolliing in the world the tent or with course Yon growled or. Tun Don t want any thing Mort than a Horn and n. Nov spent appropriation to be an or Liau Asylum. If t your Faith and the Colic i d make a living n foundling s Ito Rae be old enough to in a Wei a won t no she a whup said mrs. Saw open Dyke. Shell Nerer Buou enough for that ill bet slip will grunted or. Spoo Pendyke if Shell Erl it Belore she malt irm up to that Peri Oil. All. Me take her. Here left Hare Birt of lofty your Dod Gaste j baby i roared or. Saw Pedtke. If Yon j More about than t do Tenn twp her. The any Yon c Nydle inc j won think she was a no Tow complexion. Of Yon one Oro j brain Vid a handle you d a i fair rattle fit Yoti up wit i a broken and a rare Csc Mcl you d do f or .1 and or. Starte it it to find his Frieml e. Wlm can Liim Natl stalled of wit i Kirn to in i Earlc Chinn of an poit a car Maui a pm As unit the pm Becco rdc of Floyd cd anti. Coarts i Wirig done. Cite. La. 23 Enmin cd ind a Tincu to Ima. Is Sunti stay in . Will Wai no Liobalda t Pool pm. Owac can hero him by proving property and Pic in cd puns so at 119 West eighteenth Arcet. A Small Nan with a Sharp face die door. Hate Yon found a my life found him. Some brought b m on a and that door aug air Al it u Siwic i no 1 e 1 itt i j with or rent Woof am a Piir Hlf i tuft Jour a Tolu to come i 1 Back after Newt Nej Era. We the own to of that with for Rufu j Wool Anil Pirp e of no. I 1 get a a i Lii i i a mall Man i Kim know j n v c buy closed tote 1 Iti the Tai w in Fantl tue w o hat when prof Tut an or ,1 non. And Lif i Lounger i How la in. J cd ind Raj Heil Krown t Frt refrain by if of us Wobito i two French Gemeni u Are Goinsjr to Munive Texas san Antonio. White county. To nne swe during the last three 3 cars hag realized to Puers in Limber. The first Mii factory o translucent porcelain in United slates was established in new Orleans Spring. It is thai about Kirve Mii Bushe of Ojst is will be Lake from the Virginia Waters a Butcher id Somerset county.fern., not tasted meat of any kind in fifty years. More ducks Are on the grounds about Lake this fall thaa in Many previous seasons any. Gen. Mulcary. Of Texas a few Days ago decided Ihmle u is unlawful for to be employed about spoons. Liere i one Good thing about a boy when circus ii town you where to look for him. American horses will never make As much Roosev abroad As american doa have then. Tar Lin tit Tim o the soul bul in Aiu t half of us a pane in the Sui Inch. The Boston Globe has discovered that Cleopatra a. In Cist. It was always supposed was a Cyri Witch. A Gus Bijur critic a Young not Redd a Painter might dwell probably because she kit like a says an eminent actor is fast becoming a lost he probably never saw t Ilni age fencing with an imaginary lobster. A radial five four inches in length and eighteen incites it Circum is one of Ihn of Nia county Washington territory. according to one of Thyl inc Ftp Paporto. Is to Bate an army and a Ivy club with Stern no As Preo Wem if can be induced to accept the he Sitio. A Chap in Oregon married four within ten Miles of Ench other and was t found out until the four happened to meet at Natl showed the kind of Dollar store car rings. Memory of mys a col ored philosopher stays wid a Man Jon Gordnn de recollection no pleas no. Lur a. Matt can moan longer Dan be can the aesthetic craze has struck Leal tale. A Pipiu Lieut of that City has Wentien to Boston to inquire which is the most Correct Friste for a horse thief being Cairy a Lily or a sundew or a Wai ton county Georgia Farmer Cut off his old Watermelon tines about six inches from the roots slowed and Hoed the old stubs and obtained a finer of melons Abtin were produced in the first crop. Nothing t Tat the doctors had to offer about the president s half so Appel Itig As the London Sute nit nth fat the abscesses in the kidney s in a wifi of Micro Cocci some Salt it la Honvo been ripened a sunnier Tennessee. A by slice of Salt from one Hundred ga.1 Luiis of Walet Tow till Limo Wells Hill to to abandoned for the want of capital. A horse which Dean Boomer of Don. On had in his for Lorty Sis years and we really two years older Man thut was Boot to it from starvation. It had to me too weak to eat. Down town in new Yolk has tended its lift far North n Twenty third Street where the Calvary Len Wiist Church the congregation of which hits decided to sell the building and build another away up on Scienie Street. Last Spring s. Boarder a 8. A South Acton Mas-., miss Crl a Good old lady was but their was nothing j Moreu and Shein Ignaut by left for other quarters. Last week she was seen enter an outhouse of her former Home and search for some thing. When she loft a nit m of it f 100 Bill was picked up and finally j500. Somewhat Mousia catch wad loud a Der the eaves. Gen. Sion Man s one Hundred acres of at Angeles cn.1., yielded i average of eight tons of to t in Avic. In sonic placed reaching As Hiigli m a teen tons. Jiw gave a return of h60 per att. A Khuoc is incl Man called a Nephi Bora Bank re Jan de a suit for Slinder resulted and the Jurvie timed As follows Xot guilty on Lan but was off on cock Mach and we find damages in sum of ten Ai the flock sleep while Llie clergy Man is Bis Sermon they hunk it no Norr than fair that they Sam Ltd Rice while he is r Adint it. In Milf to to said How incr to Tiu credit of the tint Seldom 50 to m Church. Generally keep their eve. S during the service. Sew Bonn Cutie to cd Macli. There k one Point on the West Shore Hill on River Railroad nearly oppo site new Whf to it is almost impossible to Fimmen to nearly 1 000 Man having the Job and Given it no. Tub is n very huh a nil Wah urdu a set Jools m. . Law info. It Myrtli Ediht a nov Iii ii of wind Liff his out about f he the Money in Provo the of Tho c in , which Fin ally wound up in bankruptcy among dupes were Lour Boston a resident of fair in Van. To. For a while Wood from his shed Aifiti to Otto a Tel come of it loaded nil Sincu Powler. Alien it morning cup Fotion at Trie of a lie r in i i Nii i ffniim1 Fin to ont "-lovi1 Spicl Iho Whie i the co i kit. Pus Ter ii a Thi f i Rij. A boy a incl Nic of Man. Us y kill-1 Ain pc while out luf civil tiie re Poilu Inu the barrel i Gin. Mac Ndini to fire it a Mark Wii i it. Win Timi Iii in d ii Fri i i a d. A id wan f in on Hie Natl 1-Chind him. T e a is not i j but he prvs fur Gina sonic n. In i e d to adv Pra Rcd from Hill. P aet to. And Cit Eti uiting tic is m to rate or flip be. At uie conc lion of i lat Ion of Lite the f und in an Fri Nulo red Shaft Tife but starred 10 a Shadow. I ear of of Civ recover. Townly a trivia a with Rich Irinee Coal and Otto aug this is us report of a competent who has a i Corx Ful Ouatu Inatius of the strata a that Region. On Tuu Maranee of at i has Louie been Behe Vedt c in i Hare bought 70.000 arts of i land in the head of Tho tuning str gun. And railroads will be built so la to j bring this new natural wealth Wii Liin read i of the commercial world. Tim Coal whih is abundantly distributed u to Yium use purest Coke or car Bon that he been produced in Ali is country. The Loca Ity of to Liege part at 1 mines ii near the Frontiera of Kentucky and the Jne swe of guide the Liziie of . They will not Long isolated. If Minton or Obb y hns the Sturgeon i Vang firm in the country. It employees inc thirty or forty pcs All to d. On the Beh Winve Len of Are i i had y the month. A Schooner is kept b Isy in the ice Traile. And a Steamer a companies the boats. While i the men Are fishing the Ste Toifl moves Fiorin Boit to , taking on the Star go Oti As Fatt As caught dress Itig the in on the Bont Aud taking the Caume the whirl to Joe Muirid. I in tailor of Mexico. Mo., by dim of Nir knocks h flu to i Ftp Timof Nii omit to ovo. He Nuzie .1 Small Inesti Uffit or in my c Una out Titi i. He qut Tud tic to lo., his Days on ii inc int his Tup nimble in a l i a and to e pour Joe w to Ken to the Asylum a imn ii id 1 Faiu ily Are left pc nil a. Us ii he my is de id Lotrn in. Ii Lii ii self to the . Atm a n to the Only in in of Mexico u4.ii m n d he ahead at one nine but in d of wrecked i dull1 1 ice ii Vav 3011 a in in treat Jour own c Tui Artiel he stated it u to spawn of tha j a favorite sauce particular 1 by with t1 e Gorma is. It co sista aim 1 ply of Tho properly Caieto. And it Gnu it acid High la. Many Hundred aug i Are in Ppd 10 Germier each year. The film after much Tiomi blk w to put up the Ca Vocio tory nicely with a Patent preparation. A great peat. A foil cry had been committed whereby it was of thirty pounds the culprit succeeded in Selling safely out of end Ratul. And to the Argi Aulne 4iupublict where to fire .va5? no extradition treaty. He was believed to have to Cen Tho whole of tie put Dur i it Hin. M his a Arnolv u thinly Lutil no portion of in and no let tuts adduced to him had paused through Tho Posi of Floc of so a private Dei Octavo of great re petition was of of Ovid by the Bank authorities logo oat to the River 1 Laue. And i ii Leavor either to the Money or to lure the former into a position Theio he might to . This detective was in educated in in us Uyell Litti a to carry Oul t in Rote he of m-ijurll., travelling for his Hultti and inti Idiner to pay a Short visit to arcs before proceeding to Valparaiso and pure. Unlimited Powers official and unofficial wins conferred a him lie was supplied with letters of introduction to the loading Poole in the a Public Ami of cur us there was to be no question of expense. Xii us Fui uis Hud lie set on on arriving in 1 Ocnos arcs he Dis Toyei de that tins my had gout some leagues up country. Fullup int up Tauk he found him living in apparent Peni poverty. Employed As a s Tup Henl no .111 two. To whom the Lusty of introduction. In this Raj. Hail no Dillick la in nicking acid Iii iv1 and to Avert i spic Ion. O in ill or by uti ii Vii Ullio Liis position in life had not been wry Muffi int from tint in which found him. As Liis and it in t Leif of 1 f f l l1 Hes Tat Ion thu pm id to shut i t to u of Smith Tell Sig t Talu of in nuts. Etc Petty for him the Kii id Lam Rcd r him Money and look him Iuit Uto the to i v. I Viu he a Linn Rit the of Al Ashi in Enlund d to Iii tint lie in Huil to Winvil i sum in out the i f1, and promising to Tiht ill him is of u u i Tutu. All this Limu i wis t he i in the Moiny Hiil hit about 1 it run and it was to to font for o to uni Iier tins in Cert incl ?.ifc Llinat the Recti pc input of the plot to Long. At Len Tii alien he ii 11 excluded pm Ery Tolhur Kyj Ilc Plai of , and ice mud to h be Ami the Man s pm Tiru i Motif it Nice he went to the o i Plum of Tho b Erin of we lying in in and in he Onti Nola y till then Lud Tho icat inkling of the they a very n the Little . The Foll Ert of inc gunboat were to of Imp it grand Pic Nic followed by a dance on Boud and Sluhu in blk bios Aries Ocie Majot r. And Iii Friend among the r. St. Ine wow it inc pros pet. And Larj Jcj on the for Lim wherewithal to n Bali tiny splendor of Ippe Arante on the eventful As they Down to Trio Arm to aim you tiny to sure tint major it Art with the Tii Uitich already in his one of the Cleverest Ever n Annid by in of pc a Jilin Yard. Hiring a boat the arrived Al my de t la Man of War Tiu p w Arcidy crowded with i Ulics. Jump said inc major As lilo ladder was crud we ions in "wt.ll. In or. Returned the for Gar calling tic det a chive by Hia real but 1 ii Urie in the boat and Uston to inc in inc while Yon go up j of the officer did not feel sold at that moment Ever in. The of u in hic ions rubber had not one puny of Booty with Hira Andi was Tuu uti too wary to Trust the Pust. Lith and his to work Uhuad but ii aural of their cd of com pit whole i Smi. Hut has i was known j lir la win. T it Vima a ctr a tic i j Slid to Eliatu Hail her j 3 Latch. Huunh a ir-1 to e m St 1 incr in i t non in from hns Tifin lit Hui uni ii1 Ofin. An k . If Otic h i two Punu of i in read it. For in i he he in Fri Seel Sion in Ida fur three Inge a b pm u i leu of a Wofle s Jailer bin d Ilu cub 01 mine never no Cje i lived the i Iduru wit i fat but ice. Don Don t there v Lis Sumii a Iti in a nut that the had local next font or live Trinei before to red. Learn this heart. My nor Sci will their visor Aly brain will Heck Iii Moie and powerful. My a t soles be Krulc my dyspepsia and Inu Ige Iti ii no Lorimer me in. My heart s action restored my blood be made Marc pure 31 y weak Lunus Uin Ilc More healthy Ani All the functions Ocine body rest fld to their Nornal cond to on and of of a Eikness Norv oiliness debility id tasted if t use brown1 Iren bitters. News. The greatest Success lie age age Ofa i fun heroes of the Plains wanted . The i Nind Tail Raul att Van wild Hill Bill. Kir Jar if. Jark and it Lar Cleli raid i my i i i Lugli tors i Couk he title. Nut uric Liq a Jook of thrill buy and on tin. In iiuliatid1 Ennid a Ruffolo Lannu. Serpente Row fun Ajith. Wii Darful shoot Lii and Rii Lut a. Soil la Ali in full plate. The print meet Hyuk for copy for 00 Oak for d Ith Iii id it agents wanted by a Moimoi Bishop. Being the Only real expose of the vile deeds of Danitis blood , avj5n01no aug boys and Otylior secret social is of mormonism full and Sutlic Nizic particulars of the horrible Butchon of men and children at the Mountain a adore manic re and Trible wrongs Matij sul of mrs Brig. Tau Ipton a wond Crull Book for by cola. Compile in oust 75 cents outfit and copy ?2.-25 secure Agency at once or write for illustrated ctr Ultra and special to Sun publish is co 210 a 812 i m. Street. 21w-v St Jonii. In Don t know half heir value. They cared no of Apo bilious Ness and it Renej complaint is Yucom i used for tile girls Tho the tora and neighbors 5nid could not to cum. I would have lost both of Thorn one night if 1 had not Irivin Bittern. The Tiki them to 1 continued their use n til Haj cured. Thil is who i Tou do not now half the of Flop bitter. Nuj do not recommend them Leigh enough b., Rochester a. Y. Newdig aftic mind Tait Varoj. In i Koto. In i 30 cd s s v. 2 w q o Prospect a s of 82 the Globe Democrat. 82 for tie Pride ind la ctn turn of Gin. Uil Luik of Ihrl by Nii Iii try inn i mild to ill so l to Ltd lire n Lep no tie Parl i inti Rit Hub lit in tint jul Crown Tonij Anil baud of n i ulu a Nisi in Good lid Nitu thu. We ii we u Stuart on tie threshold it Fujii m Olin in the Priidu hoi it Jour of . T Btu re of of Linn Nult ii Rompc to Liim of i Lillif. Co turn the Huizi Trust which tin nit bad a epoxied Malili Uja dip Perl by Ulitt c or Daili mile Itman Mienl Pirt of i no inti tie i it Virtna had a i d. Siut to la own v run in Uii ii tin add ii emitted set Titei i regt is Iteld Jincai ii it. It re lir Ople fill spun Hii met a a tin i Mcd lift it r. In bit in. He it to to the Tini ii it f in Tiff c Del i urn in Ltd let trin Rontel Myrd 1 1 1 ilium uni ii Tutaj in ticket in the Tite lie n nun of Brand views Tylij on in i i lir d of Offir Deli run net to tymm Hon Citler tin Linin if. Gurdial Nuj port in Ever Peinl Kuril a Jolt re the Aud Ursuh Sicilli of Titi to k i full inv Ell Pirlot of faction will for Ort tote of Lii Pilj did Tibai my t tin i to mob Hill pro til to my it ii to Ltd can it us doily to i i Iturry a a non Ity of be ii in ire h i Tel Milju ii it do on in Purl nut Irli Tuph it the i Wii la hit i in he to Milci Mihic in in ital Uci it Fri cup to of. Tone no vet of to ii tin of to Mil Antii a by tron o. Ali it Uris la he tie Vijh Tunn of ill nil Otto Wirtl qty Lilliin lit tint .1 nah if in Slid i round in i Lii if i iwo Lafr i , or Linn Ivanh Jet ism i if to pour to til Jan 1 Tuiai to ii he i to. In Saiti ii Jan a Liili Hie Rte Iii Tbs in Lin i. Aat Iid stink Rullet i in Iii i drug Mogul inv a Ujek Deli of lit lit Trimm Daiil it i of Ali ii i tet the of 1 Repici ill ainu a t of. Do ill we to Cibij t to m i u Tiona on to Iii Idt of lir r m of tin rent it i r Callnin if for tilt Uil. I Prmt Idin i of inc h. I j Iii Lif v to stint i won i 1 or nor j in r. P f i in liw Avirl. To Alk a bit i n i us like mid ii Tiger i a Lii ibo n in lift item unlit do n i re Naour of Iii Niiori t in i intr i Linti sir by a nerf than Ranii the Itric Templi Btl in am ii ii i other att tick. I lie i n n in n in i to it w be t a i i i i of. A tin Tim inf to to Man of i Teni Fiir in Hupfl hid to ii t or i a la h i Lori -. A i i i if t." Flirl Ifill conic for Hwi r 1 1 1 Vii l Lui in ring not Frt Revti two i Itji to hit Mif Tir of t n f h. I i n 1 Hiu fui1 i in of Uirt in Fiu a in a or of net i Ai l in fill our Clil a ill Irma the it i r for i Lecton of ii two agn Lien a Ion. Of Plum y a c . Fas act Troi d. Found 113 Ianc tit them w at b in in us he net Fotij i5j4i Lotc Tito Jad v "9 Irien i i ened to in of to nil of Fri and brn a Yonz r it of Thi. In t i Jim Iii i tit finn one Joil Arpir 11-i" -l-1 ir1. v r of k i y r _ j m Orryl Mil j to. To in to to to a a a c
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