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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Dec 21 1882, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly (Newspaper) - December 21, 1882, Marble Rock, IowaFrio mend a Indiana. Tiftz Gratist year. Circulation Kighal Terttu Coli ruins. Few in a the Reading sign by the jul isl Rico Terai year. Is to Mercry Cril Hir r. I Trio. A Sui few flow a. Jux Krc of Tav Kirn stuck to t Autv Saad a Itacir. Its v any i a Lisp 3jj i of Tofor Farmers Friend South a bad to i pull shed to Henry b. Flies. We Elf malice toward none and Charity for in f v Marble Rock Floyd county Iowa december ib82. New map question twist to by All oids the bes Road for you to a Bill railway i in oif Iser direction cd safest gaming map. Cites tue i est and North on this Road Lus through train make close connections with the trains of All at Junction n Choti Loans on improved Fame s at flow fast obtainable Kates. Mrs Jolt a daughter of the to have been killed by the masons recently died at Portland. Or., a without saying anything to throw on the mystery of her lather s disappearance. A recent visitor says that general Butler has taken a new lease of life his election As governor of a Chusett. To deep wrinkles on his face Are filling up and the husky voice if smooth Ile is very Busy now. Finishing a the Law business he has on Annj and Gett Irig ready to is Suiava the duties and honors of his High office. Gen. Sherman the ground aim who has been Over knows whereof he o prompt i Villi Choice see Rita. I Grous terms. I a the Dav for Consun mation of Viik j the title to Security Pori act Lii Iii such it All tunes 1 upon. J Over nth i nrincipn1 r it the Uwi Iio .5t pc Rhi Kcal Vai. Way in itly from in i her or i do Fth d Vic so u Vul f Chicago 1 a favors j the of tit 1 Iii a stated a Neil Jit. To of Bic Luik grinding floor Breitels per or Jar. Riih soap to re Saborse Tel stir. Me by Vator. The rat Joseph m f g co., .1 com Nakon sir at i have by Lla w j of j 5? i consider it a meat excellent Jaq Reily for Speaks thick it an expensive Lolly to allow Jess Crow indians i Dri of a few ponies suggests that to acres is enough i Tor each t f these Rcd skins. Kosih seem Areo soya allow Rutx us the Govert Tumut them. Interesting to ladies. Our lady readers can hardly fail to have their attention week 10 j the latest combination of improvements j in the if there was a when the of Jirol to of omitting the usual Holiday Oual recess wan indicated by Ion of uftuira., that time is the i present. A Resolution has been offered in that most of All Domestic ii to the t As we under Sund it a machine for Fujil us should Moat firs of Ull these requirements it Inguid be is Tuple in its it should run it should do a wide of work should be is nearly it should be i Chr baud House our in j f in the i part of inn . In t pm to ii j of Are stomach we. A mini Srnic. Like ration i itching Partil ugly at to Iii in by i a Virv intendant eternal. It a it a Ai mice to i. J t on of 1 ice a terms per annul in Advance. Upon a i felted. Absorb Init thu tutors. 11" j the into so no Bjiek 21 Manint cure where All i have failed duh until Drain the system to Lui is in Sih Mility. Bur try i Price i its ask nil sit or it. And you n Iain it it him to will scud it prom no a. On j of Price. The Misli Oliie co., i , Olio sold by Asper a c o. And go As jump it is durable with sex what i anyway Ian the Amer a an hog done to a Tjoa him the enu Iliyof Llie German Premier is said to decided that he will Oever give Tea to the importation of Purk from the Ligniti a Tjia into y at the which Ler Ninny Subj i Tsure a Niini Ibe state it will soon make Little difference whether the importation of american pork is prohibited or permitted. There will be no one left i the Ftp Harland to eat it Stening week says Chi it coi Ojile can fungo thugs Stopp u in Man at the lower end of Llan Dolph Street ajl cd him Tea tiioi.-. A life it will said the look and when the match ii Luduina cd inc loom the Man was revealed Nith Liia id our Hund and it wicked revolver lying across the fact of it. It s now and you fellow Lave Only got a second a. Half la Iglitz out this before she strikes. F be Man Steri ily. To a Ftp Flat Mellenee throughout. These conditions the Light Kun a tuft new Homo certainly it has Aldo several very important and use Ful attachments and motions " of its Jan to it to popular favor. In a. Great Many families have been and Are now using the old wailing for the times to improve wait ing for latest improvements in in and mechanical Escell Noti. J5ut Why delay longer considering the Low prices at which Good machines arc now sold and the improvements thai have been made now is a i Good time to buy and the new specially recommends itself to Purchas is on Etc count of Ita Superior tue comm Eal construction ease of management and Racasi liable Price. Nearly half million Lave Beeti sold in the last Tom acts All of which Are giving Universal a if in uni railed is manufactured by the new Home Ewing Maui the co., 3u j Tilon Square new Yurk who wish us to say that All who will Send Send for their illustrated catalogue and inc Csc Timeir advert is neut printed to another trill Eimire a Sot of fancy advertising a Oulu ties of value to those collect Iii curds Ufeo. L runners ind of tigers do siring a Gen i lucrative Agency business by Vrljich to a Day can be earned end Caldrai once in postal to h. A cu., 205 and 157 Street new . Instant until january 3 this would involve a of Twu weeks nearly which a he ill be spared. A week that time fio Perly used would be Worth a tru the country Thau can the matter of the i Orcsi uen Jaf count Rai it be act Ejmi in it for Pretner court there ire in important things which 10 he which must necessarily go undone if that neck is lost. A couple of from Salt Lake City have been in surf Joehanna 1 enn., the pc Sec feet exploring thu Sito and surroundings of Joseph mormon Temple of which u few traces still remain. Their visit reminds the oldest inhabitant of Susque Itimus or. Buck that he Sun the original heard Hisiu expound and witnessed i attempt to repeat the Luis Clef on thu water. Joseph bad Ere Tod submerged sidewalk in the River Abod two Miles West of suss Joehanna and advertised the toting Miracle far an ucar. Trio bight before the performance the grex hire for t m i f Irin a Jun Buu Ilot and Iai b bold nad60 Geo n. Huuj3ard, barter Kair Lrosser Spet in Atte Liori incl the 1 Oal office. Uvo euro s7jltxx i a ticks in Tbs Niarkos. U. La 3-ck s 2 or. Barter ked Icese 3. Jos a. St. 1cks. Fey of a Gress is Mikolj to by Ukia up in Ilc Riding election . Were .111 close Iris Tricis Liis fall and inc Del Caton Waii clip Estes in must of them will doubtless unde Aror to till Huir of to nests . The to Vaasil sins tvs i int that to not be out of pocket Ora Iii j Tidd a locates the use Orr ii to in tic article from the number of Ilie american he Riding wet or Damp Wood or dry More a Sieff Iid to pensive Niin Jeo Plu imagine and t in Buji it is worthy of Iowa Otic it to a Sun Ven or the of the i where Wood is used. Ai some persons out a Section of planking and the assembled multitude Luul tic tilt usury of seeing the Prophet Ului Ost drowned. The new York Tribune 3 a Strong clean enterprising circulation among the to Tribune Tfir try vill he i Erishi Niit in Heinis Tali to Yub Ujiie. In Licota Kini pc u has iian Vlark. N in in purify the up in ctr u Cuil Tinnil Iii Tomt Cifuno May he Coq ecu Al Iii e trim be offers to Siili Fri him a of inn rat it and Standard incr Ifim Ltd so Are tied Tom Book la a fifth tiie sub Crabtr a splendid work for families n. Mass sewing machines Marble Rock a. Keeps for Sale the following Well known machines new Davis is new Loiue Singer and the St. Johns at prices which Deif Competition. Machines can he seen at Hay pcs Uro s store. Pumps of All kinds for Solo at Reafie enable prices. Also will repair old All work warranted. Marble Rock j. E. 00o a Reulo aug Liu Uii l i cloth Tiu to Mil Diw. La of Lulu 111 of if he his cr.5e. Having Wiere woo s us Al is wive or to and nothing to we in s of recently Nimie on Tirra up ii a Content whore per Sis tons muvf4ctvred by his i he had to boar the Burden o own expense it unsuccessful he u cat f Sijer i a Chance Worth Uio vent t is a Ufa f u i lire a Carr. Id tiie i alld tiie Cupi is of Tell j a Wilt full a of Ipince for 1 or. Suli scribers. Wynona Wagon co. Otto stands on its Totts Merit Keke expressed i l he Fnu ctr j Al truth hit will t d tin i Wiuf Lwow f oct. I trial flow Uirt wan of t f Bat 70 u Tilor t f Bat 70 u Hytt Newl lib lip in 7 h Ujj Ibe offer p. To Yuu any to pm Toai to Middle Ace or Oli dub he to or Impo Tarico i died circular harh1s Louis my. Rat nation Rotor Nam Ibe t transit s. I. h a. of at Koek on i Ija tur i.-. I Narv 0. 1sss. Balul a now Iii is tha it Xci Ramsay. F. Mis. Spelling i. Barnes. The Decesa Potter. Teachers without b. Ii. Davidson e. F. Kraiger. For wat Kins 1 Pratt near participles f. Troutman. J the literature of m. . J amusements their use and of. A. Aubry. 0. F. Aoatoa. I systematic Kcal l. Drake. J Irene acc i for y broken dry Coal gives us much ii at As about seven tuns burned As wet As it would be if water wore dashed up on ii and drip Iund off for a Short time. And is the condition of much Iron j kept in Damp vaults Leaky Sheds out of doors. The is on is Obri uus keep the Coul in a dry place and Condi u till Tion and 5 to 14 per cent. Accord lit Ihrl nov ing to us fineness will be deeded to obtain Tiu Jame heat. There is a Good scientific explanation of this. Water in changing to Steim or cold Ruport is in drying or makes latent Abo t degrees of heat. If heated to the boiling Point the steam really contains about decrees of i Biumi weekly tic Jewr id practice acid to Cuye receive deposits buy approved paper change and do a i general p. And sell foreign cd change Iii id sell passive tickets to and from All principal mints in Kuruji. F inc v. Tri lithic Fin i ill Coill cd3i encyclopedia in 15 to Lumc trim ii Liu Timie tin Kory ii. Chi Tetly thu mini to crisis i1 Joseh Merrill Jun sible. Or Are shown by the thermometer. The waste of heal is Atill greater in burning Green or wet Wood. The sap or uses is Carrica off in a latent state cry Large portion the boat produced by or its dry material. Much Man and team incl Marly Kotu the offer Lic of with . Film in 5 50 of it Eki v Trifuno one v Vith the tril ten co Iii of it there r is a i Julic cd to will be a Saturna even-1 Rren of a Liili tic Proir Tajii will j or i later. J . The a i i c for 5 i Bis Iii Whf a made for fourth year and has a record of unqualified Success. It was the first made and Las been a fought to perfection White competing and imitating machines have been for Only or to see Oak Soras of lips Are advertised Bis rear for Trio time. It uses Frayall Cord or every bundle and a Braught am bist a Celcie a the snarl act. By Otio Ivhon Hays the Der Barso ii tries avoids Evert of soul to or in the Harvest. William Chicago. Pills act of unit l. To in to let of s 11 Kunfi died no Cordini to Ville i my i with Iii urd Jav. Olio n a i of Raj ration ill of 70-1 to not in he Ris air tin Ato. Not of sorted. Rolls Tiu on a elixir t Floice a Here it i Tir i ii i up h s Nus. Pc Ftp tin Rykr a a . M from i i kept. It to carries t Ceil. So is Fiina str my cheap in Etra Lorai t Torter Couch onto blood his hands re tired to is co and soundly the re to of . In the morning denies All 1 of it. Haul three or four Wood As Tor six or thu lesson is and split it As finely As it i in the i Louic Tikiun and keep it in a try pm the for it will tar tort for heating than i burned or wet or a Tup Rizic Only exception to this Novice when of on and on acc ill of the Leisure of Nti l to a in Wetter. It Lizay to cd t l Lio inc the but in Ull cases let it be Well dried ii a of j i a hymn Jyh Ribu tit Jive i Arur Livi lie or with one of thus Cini we wkly Ofilio tribe an diet Earv. A portrait of Garfield thu tint will its Reader a dior trait i 7 or one Oliverj feel r. Of Wilke i i
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