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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Dec 18 1885, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - December 18, 1885, Marble Rock, IowaOf Cal t Tiiu he s Osca emt Rawi f9t21 a present Toadie is relate to in Marble Rock Floyd county Iowa december 18, 1885. Terms 7-Lzv l Klett pro the foully Busin Tsa in toil City Bonnet to per Day. L. Bernatis our jeweler by been Lown his parents. Horace Hawks Nan noved into the shop. T. A sgt Buiu Pticek. 6tabfe- Rye Wio 4n . 00 St. Cents. So to scents. Subj need 22-Centi. Bags. 16 cents per dozen cow so cents Fri Inch Thi Best for Cuvi Bruise. Sores i jeers Kreub fever sores Blands chilblains Cornik. Awl All. Skin Firu Pattona and panty Ely. Files or twin in. To in to give a infect sat Isle ration or Atoy retarded. Freess y Kendall i i Jost received a new lot of la idea Jet Oman Wada Ami and incs on Hows Gold pins far Tjw purpose Sifre Durias Stock. Kings at pried a 4e- Ewijk Tilliea. Her Tom was called up from to mrs Beemer Jat Mon Aye about All laity i Atria to within ? a _ and b Asci in w tip t Elhaj Saddle m hip. Blankis Kubits baggy iia Uil Lanieu All Puu Oil. ways a Tio Kitt Louo and d buy a Ami Pua Way Happy v jeweler.-, is a very in oar i fade Aid t the pal from if tier a t Eugeta. Bijj rip. U it in be the hot ind most in aide by a Vej with can Chicago and St Louis a Ferlet Itear i All by Sliv cd so a it Ocram it Var Zuj Otto Public schools Wilt Bare a two week s notion 4unoj the to tidies. Ibis i Zinab has a Colt three my Illus old 500 the Telephone wires Are now comple de to Rockford Oharow City. Nora Springs Uia the band last Friday evening was Welt attended. The music was Jack Kendall in Tot i list week. Be Renotte Bua Ibera Terr Good at the latest reports from or. Clarr Are that lie id improving in health All of which oar cil Iwu Are glad to note. John Waller shipped a car loud of balls and cows to. Milf Stec last John Randa l claims the Belt for Rabbit Outing. He brought Down head Oside Oiom bom. Recently. J Sii Werfal car Vicil Opper Tiou we Perl Ormid Oil m c Arriener a Large powr waft re Arvut her the do petition a by or. K. A Birney of loot atom Arteil or. V. J. Fhe patient u do the i following Are the officers elected Tor die ensuing jest in Marble Koiv v Robert Huggett. Is. H. The Eie Tator and iced Mill owned and operated by Latourette pro s it 8hciu Borg Lowi was Borndt St Torday insure add . Patin 61 Bubo of Dianet no. 4, which includes Aureola and school will a Chii Motia tree in. The atone a Bosl Boon on Christmas Ere. Prepaid tiros Are being made or Dos k dec. Ethie of Reuie court decided the a brought m. La Sirion county by the state ago citation. The decision held that int Ogutu who wish to sell Ithamor id my Nihil Pax pokes not of uis Cria Ife the nine w any other dealer. All pm rom cd Rutana Art exec my no Mil Aier Tat the m i Harco m Salb Klay eve Biog of at 7 o Sjouk. Let everybody Tau Auu Lue. I our Uduc knt Etta na4 m this City. 0r. Us i be a Tonacci teed pvt did the Magad to Jama who. At ton writing Hytt of Iamb siak nth us Nan my of which will prowl die. The if to take Sincli Coward to a map ought to be despised by my a hate Mug feel urn in thet Tiet u Wash who Hren i with her sister Lille the pm Tew it w ill list week with heart on i tue Daf her end Itira Cuil dered ind her parents were at once telegraphed Lor at crib Grid 111., and it oar Eitor on u edit any narnia to Kud their daughter in a dying condition. In the Altot noon miss Bertha Calk a Lier father to tier aide and told him not to worry that she we getting better Aad a a Tew moments quietly passed into the great Here after. Wason wad about look and her death u i Ournes All who had the of her Quai Nuncci. Her ret ainu will be taken to Brit ii Iii for int nuent. The re Mains with its escort will leave this cite at this Eren Iii. The bereaved parents have the Heartfelt sympathy of our entire Community in this hour of p. Cause of death or. Haynes informs u was hypertrophy. We have an excellent Grade of new York state buckwheat our run Ted Clear of Gilt 1. M. Hutches it sob. cute a Justice kit Watt. Clerk lie Bro. Boulton of the citizen in announcing the completion of the Tele phone lint from Waterloo to Charles City claims that Charles City is the Headquarters for this end of the line. Of course this Little self la Dation docs no one any harm but our love far truth Anil Justice compels us to say that it Bushon is wrong Marblo Rock claims the Honor of being the Center of attraction in the Teie Paboue business. Turci lines Centeria this office As the Charles City line a Oakford Nora and the in wetly line and before Oil ice can go North or South they must first be United by the wire Arm of the Kock office. This is once Bro. Boulton thai the Hub it pay tribute Tozier sister. P Jarod Clark Trade a find this neck in the Woods near Frank tie cider s Fui m irom All belonged to the Tibet who last fall broke into the residence o Adam i Errick. It consisted u sack la luf which were found two doll a pocket six am and i Bunch of Whity one Voyca of nil Aizic Oil . The Prefert Tun be recovered by application of Constable Kox Piid Puu Batu factory proof will be delivered to its owner without paying for this notice. Very Lindy is invited to Cill Sec our Fine display of a t. K. Bryan the a ugly elected min to Trews re and present of a a firings is unable to get Deu Cratl administration to accept his resignation As our sister town. Or. Bryan has turned the voice Over to ski the reason of tins delay in accepting 3ir. I iyar s nation As nost Viaster at Nora Spring lies in the fact that there Are a number of the faithful who re anxious to fill his place and the is loth to award the fur tear the other Fellows would ret mad. Glitters. It s not All out you husband a Nice hair Clinin and noun cd Lor a Uhri atm present at de. I tapes lot Tloyd. Vij Cartei Weber our old ill Lii us Butcher hat moved into Liis new Quad old Bank building on main a Teet. Or. Weber seed up Hie rooms in go oct style and now has a mar Ket second to none in this Section. Be Neurei the c u reliable meat mar Ket is new located in the old Bank Taiming on main Street. Don t lot get it. A lady it was cry was recently t Ives ii Pruvf r. Usury into the o Blair House on Bru Jorj sect. Olej. 1 Cape i Freo distribution tickets gone a Rudy. 10 the i Loyd i Tinty citizen Imi Pur chased a Law Prouty printing ired. Or. Waller we called to Hockford on by ii ices tuesday. Mrs t. A. Coli Man been very Dicini the past week. Minnie Corr is teaching a Success la term til a look in the George liar Ali Dis trial the inter mediate depart but of our school will Lave a pics def dinner next the lit fort device of the Patent medi Cine men a to paint in vivid color Thi deadly disease thai Euine to people Sliu who in the old Bill lawns Aad then show that their Jive Diwali that ror Jed Pii Tau Thoc town have a swim Tot Wient wed Cine. All raw Niue people will endorse Rte for wide s that the wiil str Rice be a Kihm. Kkt to a life Ginger a elea Simony Aad Tav Hermle at their wre the or. John Tobison is taking in Metropolis of cubic afro this week. Or. Edge ton and family occupy the i Pierce House Maine str St. 3jus who has been working or jars. Leifi Husoe thu past months has returned to her Home. Allen Al orc u Able la Nel about the use on crutches. Hope to see him Down town in a Days. Wotier what Lias become of the lion win k Fuller member of Congress i the District. of Willie Siu Pird of s school coup Anions Jeave him a Surprise party last saturday evening. Or. James Wallace of Minneapolis Vuitch relatives and Fric Ous in this Cuy Hist week. We acknowledge a Call. A Little about the feel arid Braat of u child will prevent trouble from Wonus. We understand that town Sulu of Borad will meet next id take action in regard to the Exchange of Sci soul bunks. Son have the Lindt the currant worm. A plot of bashes mulched with this material in the Spring of on which no inns Elicide application ind this year suffered less front the Worms than an a mulched plot slut been several times infected with about fast said a Gray headed Engineer As the were sitting in the Little Roopi Backol Ersche grocery on 31callistcr Sara t. Nen i . Runyun an eni Ihu out in Australia we sc.i5ft up a drove of Tan zip Whit that s All owl of than you Coald say. Jack the w. U t. Union will meet j the reside Ici of jars. Slut com on j , at 2 o Clit p. To. December j 2oj. All Are to Alfend. Mits. I. M. Set. J Oakes son we Wajc whereby our customers Vril Erit will receive prompt Jiuei Mun if Lell at the printing office in Rock. I. M. Dutches son. D a l e u d in the Murble Koc weekly was the first in flood cd into the president s message. The message was delivered on tue Siuy and not ing its unusual length we presented to our readers on the thursday follow ing. Veo our democratic exchanges who ought to have been exceedingly interested in the message failed to give it to their readers while it was Jet Frosli and the topic of the Day. The a Kelt spares no expense to give to its Readirs the important events of the a most Point in uie Antler to increased a Ujj production consist a thoroughly domesticating the feeding the jowls Trout tha hand with meat occasionally their eagerness for which overcomes their insures i Good results. It is a plan to break up fresh bodies for in twin daily flu Civ not Only Lucrett cd Itic production of but assists materially in familiar. Tag he fowls with their attendant. To sure their docs Tuhy fowls should be Viti cd often treated with kindness 1 cared Lor to such a degree that the owner s attention will be largely recognized nod appreciated. Fott try world. No Lucre poultry wanted until after the holidays. Kei. Bret on charming a picture has been engraved a a in Reinin Lor Godby b lady s Book for ss6, and is one of he most Desira Jle inducements Ever offered by that or any other Magazine. The plate is an unusually one one very faithfully diced and of a size that makes it Fie table either for Ilie port nuo or Lor framing la by apathy represents a Little girl sitting on a Stair Way in deep distress bar Little Chin rusting dejectedly on her bands while of to de Bis nose Over her shoulder d saying distinctly u any. Dog uld say awfully sorry fur in picture is Iraj orally mid has had an immense Sale h forties who failed to Settle their account with As on their flax Tec. Lor the past Faison arc requested to conic and Settle As Soons possible if not tic Money Call and Settle in sonic Utec Wuy. We must close up our books ind therefore must re quest a settlement with our customers i lease give this Jour attention. I m. Hutches son. Notice themselves in to Call and 1 1ssc, me bankable ton run. All parties k no lain be to cd Settli on does a my. Success is owing to in the Road to Fortune is through primer s t. Barnitz. Iii Cess ilex Liidi upon a Liberal patronage of printing drugs oils lamps stationery window shades toilet articles and druggists sundries. Prescriptions carefully compounded it All hours of the or Holiday goods. Our stools of Holiday goods is Complete and consisting of Vicinity. A bums mirrors 1 of act , a vices la lies hanging lamps. A Cono plate Stock a of Call and examine our stuck before purchasing elsewhere. Goto l. Bernatz come to Friis City with a Fine line of jewelry clocks Gold and Silver cases latest patterns and a2l kinds of movements l gut we Dalian . Of Collar 3bio.tton.s an elegant line of castors butter dishes. Knives Forks spoons Napkin rings and other articles too numerous to mention re pairing a i. Kan gatow Boh you never Jackan Rabbit oat on the Plains i guess about Jechin out a Jack ass Rabbit take. N one of your chased. Zip Whiz b is incas its Jost j Streak and i the parch he j a a fellow Tii Ned to have been with Camcro. Gutin Woof of opioid in Bra i Hare Leo of Hon the Street that i had. A Bill for and Ibey he. There it Riti Zuhri Streak about it they Sangar Skift Aad jackass Mil a caulk w a debtor Ike in f . M. Hutches son. To All funds of Grain seed i hike Jii inc Paul luf also keep Conat Viliy on Han i a Ribra Flouff feed and Corn me i . T. In tart mcs.1, at wholesale and my son Deal with Nten who Adver .4 str foe. Louwill never Loose by retail. Also Illinois Illinois and Iowa soft Coal. Several grades of soft Coal constantly kept on hand. We j have the exclusive Sale of the la Salle third vein Coal for Marble Rock Crystal piece loss. Notice omnibuses Aid li9hi bp1dw Wail few hotels in livery. Is lifts Faith we Takk Hose reels Hook 4 user trucks patrol wagons 4c. M. Fit m in Benji traits and Good men of influx few can of fit favor Ablo . In. Horton co., 169 6a Stottl. O. Want Yon co Iris a Ltd i 17. D Taney. Wilotis. Free Ollars wort of gods Pur store or a Hafl ticket for drawing tikes place on the december t 1 Isth Tea 1 Napkin r total Jutt prof Kikto of Tylli Maui Kouk meat Market All kinds of meat inn give in s my i orders left at the print Ujco once will in its a civic prompt attention. Orders in the City limits delivered free of trial. Satisfaction guaranteed. Cash for Fri Trot and Holiday goods. Aft v chm inc Al and m u of Hwi atm Fittim
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