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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - December 16, 1897, Marble Rock, IowaMarble Rock weekly. K. Kies Fife Hen Jia Eble Rock. After the leaves. There is a Beauty in the naked Trees a tenderness in faded Leaf and Flower a of thought in each Dull withered thing that summer s lavish Richness does not hold. Though gilded by the Sun s divines As though the reveler with empty cup Buu in Ere he drank Crair. To taste Ash of thud Ransu that he had drained. We who have Quarter the wine of flowery months deep warm delicious draughts of life and Light pause on the Brink of dearth to dream again the Joy of summer Days. And Are these a aves not like our Silver hairs or like the wrinkles on a careworn face. Symbols of age of Beauty that has been of Dayi and years gone by and us grown old and How Are we More vital than the leaves were it not for the soul that Burns within in springtime All the Wood is merriment. Sons full with chirp and Carol everywhere but now is solemn stillness Over this too is proper setting for our years with somber colouring of Gray and Brown. And mosses wrinkled like an old Roan s skin and leaves that tremble As with palsied age. Liach Spring i hasten Forth to drink its , attend the sounds of revelry and youth and in that transport am a child again but in the autumn Forth with solemn Steps i wander to the Woods and sit and Brood. To note How time and i Are getting on. To think How few the years that inter Vene Between me and that last mysterious change. See retorted the mate hotly. After All it s you what e come to no offence. said the skipper. I did t mean i Don t know nothing horse Rae continued the mate with an insufferable and i never a no Money troubles in Jay life Bein always brought up proper at ome and warned of what would Noppen but i know a sheriff s officer when i see what am i to groaned the skip per too depressed to resent his subordinate s manner it s a judgment summons. It s ruin if he gets Well so far As i can see the Only his hands had paused a moment i for Vou to do is to miss the ship this said tie mate without look ing at him. I can take her All i said the skipper interrupt ing. Very Well you la be nabbed said the mate. You be been wanting to handle his Craft a Long said the skipper fiercely. You could a got rid of him if you d wanted tried everything i could think asset rated the mate. Well he s come Down on my ship without being said the skipper savagely and Damme he can stay there. Cast said the mate cast repeated the skipper come on my ship and i la give him a trip " and where Are Yon and the mate a Oil to inquired the Cook anxiously. Your replied the skipper brutally. Cast off the men obeyed groaning and the Schooner was soon threading her Way in the darkness Down tie River the skipper listening somewhat nervously for the first intimation of his captive s Awakening. He listened in vain that night for the prisoner made no sign but at six hand my form will crumble in the hand of death and i shall know the meaning of these tears. Hawkes in Springfield mass Republican. The Cabin pjssen6er. By w. W. Jacobs. Done with said the skipper. Thinking All of awful Why Don t you go Down yourself Eaid the Well it May just his said the skipper an i Don t want to humor him. If he s All right. I m ask in it As a favor. ill go if the Cook la said the mate after a pause. The Cook hesitated. Go on said the skipper sharply. Don t keep the mate waiting and whatever you do Don t let him come up on the mate led the Way to the compan Ion and opening it quietly led the Way below followed by the Cook. There was a minute s suspense then a wild cry rang out. And the couple came dashing madly up on deck again. What is inquired the pallid skipper. Mate Lea a ing for support against the wheel opened his Mouth but no words came the Cook his hands straight by his Side and his eyes Glassy made a picture from which the Crew Drew Back in silent Awe. Said the skipper again. Then the mate regaining his Compo sure by an Effort spoke you need t trouble to fasten the companion he said slowly. The skipper s face changed from White to Gray. 3 he asked in a trembling voice. He s was the solemn reply. the other with quivering lips. Lie s spamming or else fainting. Did you iry to bring him i did said the mate. I Don to deceive you. I did t stay Down there to do no Restor pet. And i think Jou would go Down and see if you can Wake him. commanded the skipper. Not said the Cook with a a Sample of Railroad air. Tie Chicaro computer Brovig act ii on for examination. Lie a tired into the office looked about him curiously walked Over to the desk in the far Corner put a package Down on it. And said to the Man who was writing there lift lift w returned the Man ambe desk. Said the stranger pointing to the package. The Man at the desk lifted it with an Effort. Heavy in t asked the stranger. The worm turns. Will hot Alws i to Acler submit to affability. The of Fate passenger had been searching for a victim for a Long time. He had made exclamations when Reading his paper in the Hopes that it would attract the attention of some one and give Hira the Opportunity to show his Power As a conversationalist but til his Little rates failed. The people who eat near him seemed to be wholly entered on themselves Lut still he was not completely discouraged. He looked about Ana and. Selecting one Man to whom lie thought he might be Able to impart much interesting information he began operations by re marking Pardon me but you look very much like a Man i theman who was addressed looked Over the i should Sav replied the Man at i the desk. What the Type he replied in tones that Ould cause the thermometer to in the Klondike yes that a pos Siwy so but at the same time you must excuse me for you look is mighty shudder. O clock in the morning when the fear a two of the hands went and peeped coming within sight of the har tur Tivi copyright 1s97. I he Captain of the fearless came on to the wharf in a manner More suggestive of Deer stalking than that of a prosaic ship master returning to his Craft. He dodged round a empty Van. Lurked behind an empty barrel flitted from that to a Post and finally from the Interior of a steam Crane peeped Mel dramatically at the deck of his Craft. To the Ordinary observer there was no cause for alarm. The decks were a lit Slippery but not dangerous except a Novice the hatches were on and in the lighted gallery the Cook might be discerned moving about in. A manner indicative of great Security and an untroubled conscience. With a last glance behind him the skipper descended from the Crane and old Puu ii Gunj Auu uru. Said the Cook coming out quietly. I be been watching for Devilish Fine idea of said the skipper irritably. What is the Cook jerked his thumb towards the Cabin. He s Down he said in a hoarse whisper. The mate said when you come aboard 3-011 was just to go and stand near the companion und god save the and he d come up to von and see what s to be said the skipper trying to moisten his parched lips with his Tongue. I could t whistle just now save Tny the mate Don t know what to do and that was to be the said the Cook. He s Down there with in giver in drink and a myosin Well you go and whistle said the skipper. The Sook to Viper his Mouth on the track of is hand. Of does it he inquired anxiously. I never could re member of go and Tell Bill to do cried the skipper summoned noiselessly by the Cook. Bill came up from the forecastle and on learning what was required of him pursed up his lips and started the Noble Anthem with a whistle of such Richness and volume that flip horrified skipper almost deafened with. It. It acted on the mate like a Charm lie came from below and closed Bill s Mouth none too gently with a hand which Shook with excitement. Then is quietly As possible he closed the companion and secured the fastenings. Nil lie said to the skin per breathlessly. He s a prisoner. He s and four glasses o whisky an he seems inclined to who let him Down into the demanded the skipper angrily. It s a Fine thing i can t leave the ship for in hour or so but what i come Back und find people sitting All round my he let himself explained the who saw a slight opening advantageous to himself in connection with a dish smashed the Day before an i tvs that surprised i dropped the Large dish and smashed what did he voc iterated the skipper. The Blue one i said the Cook vrho wanted that matter settled for one with the place at the and for Gravy to run what did he voc iterated the skipper. E ses ullo e ses you be done it eld replied the truthful Rook. The skipper turned a furious face to the mate. When the Cook come up and told said the mate in answer. See at once what was up so i went Down and just talked to him Clever i should like to know what you muttered the skipper. Well it you think you can do bet Ter than i did you d better go Down and right Tor begun to dance like a Cork upon the Waters the mate reported hollow groans from the Cabin. Let him responded the skip per briefly As holler As he i la just go Down and see How lie said the mate. You stay where you said the skipper sharply. But you Ain t Goin to starve the vely Down through the ski Light. The empty Cabin looked strangely quiet and the door of the stateroom stood ajar. They came Back looking As though they and of can a ghost. What s to be said the skipper helplessly. Well the Best thing you can do when we get to Plymouth is to suggested the mate. Well hide it up As Long As we can to give you a s Art. It s a hanging that s what i came in to explain to said the stranger As he Drew up a chair and carefully settled himself in it. You see. Winter s coming so i be returned the mar. At the desk. Somebody must have been Reading an almanac to retorted the stranger. However let that pass. With Winter comes cold weather. I suppose you be heard that i and in cold persisted the stranger they shut every door and every window on every suburban train running out of Csc ago and before you get fairly out of the station during the Rush hopi a. When everything is crowded you have a sick headache three minutes later your appetite for dinner is gone and by the time the train has Goue five Miles you can feel typhoid fever coming on. Am 1 you Are right you instinctively recall All the articles you Ever read about the value of the absolute recess in of it to maintain interrupted the stranger and you won Der Why no one else Ever read any of those articles. Am i right you Are right answered the Man at the desk but what has All this got to do with the weight of that pack that s a Sample of replied the stranger. A Sample of a Sample of the air in Asu Tirban car during the Rush hour on a cold muggy Day last week. I chipped it off to bring up to you just to illustrate my remark s. And. I tried to bring you a piece from the smoking car but after i had chipped it off t found it too to Theu he made a Quick Retreat Leav ing his package and As a result the health department had to be requested to fumigate the Post. Aptly like a Man i Don t want to puck. Fry Grain of try Grain of ask your grocer to Day to show you a package of Gkalx-0, the new food drink that takes the place of Coffee. The children May drink it without injury As Well As the adult. All no try it like it. Graix-0 has that Rich real b rown of mocha or Java but it is made from pure grains and the most delicate stomachs receive it without distress. 14 the Price of Coffee. 15c and 25 cts. Per package. Sold by All grocers. Had t thought of that. Some time says an insurance Man a Man asked me to accompany him Home As he had some things there to be insured. J when arrived at his Home he showed me 100 boxes of cigars which he wanted in j sure. There were 100 cigars in each bos making in All Aud were valued at ten cents each so i insured the lot for j a few Days ago the Man came to me and j asked for the insurance Money. You be had no fire at your i replied. No but i be smoked said he and according to the paper i am entitled to the Money As it reads distinctly that if t up consumed by lire Money is paid on application As far As technicalities were concerned he was ail right but i knocked him cold about a minute later by saying in a very Stern manner All right sir you la get the Money but according to your own confession i will proceed at puce to make a charge against you for incendiary so Well i la he was ail he said and the room Shook violently after he banged the Philadelphia record. The Pursuit of Wilny Pineta. When the declaration of Independence asserted Man s right to this it enunciated an in mortal truth. The bilious sufferer is on the Road to happiness when he begins to take Hosteller s stomach bitters the most efficacious regulator of the liver in existence. Equally reliant is it in chills and fever constipation dyspepsia rheumatism kidney trouble and nervousness. Use it regularly and not at Odd intervals. A Welcome announcement. Not the plot thickens. Voice from the audience that s Good it Baa been pretty thin so tit bits. Is inquired the pallid skipper nothing to do with said the skipper ferociously. If a Man likes to come Down and stay in my Cabin that s his business. I m not supposed to know he s there and if i like to lock my Cabin up and sleep in a of c s be what s got More fleas in than ten other of c s Les put together and what smells worse ten of c s Les rolled into one that s Rov the hapless master of the fearless wiped his Clammy brow. I can t think he s he said slowly. Who la come Dow n with Roe to you d better leave it the mate kindly. It Ain t pleasant and besides we can All swear up to the Nrec Orit up i touched who la come Clown with re i heated the skipper. I believe it s just yes but i Don t want to berth for a trick and that hell Start up and serve Ard grumbled the other. He i me Bat i feel that i must he caught Bill s Eye. And that worthy Seaman after a Short Ottiss be his nerves shuffled after Hira. The skipper brushing aside the mate who sought to detain him. Descended first and in can t touch me. I can go and sleep in my you la do what i Tell you. My Reto the skipper. The male talked off whistling and the skipper by no Means As easy in his mind As lie pretended to be. Began to consider ways and Means out of the diff Only we nah tip ftps my when they reached port. Sort o looking Chap is he inquired of the Coo a. Big Strong looking was the reply. Look As though he d make a fuss if i sent Yon and Hill Down below to gag him when we get to the other suggested the skipper. The Cook said that judging by appearances fuss would be no word for it. I can t understand him keeping so said the skipper that s what gets Over he s biding is time. I said the Cook comfortingly. E s a Ard looking customer sides which he s Likely the night passed and Day broke and j still the mysterious passenger made no i sigr. The Crew got the habit of list ening at the companion and peeping through the skylight but the door of the stateroom was closed and the Cabin was silent As the grave. The skipper went about Stith a troubled face and that afternoon unable Ioen a Dure the suspense any longer he civilly asked the mate to go below and investigate i d rather Suid the mate shrug Ging his shoulders. I d sooner he tarred the and have tearing the Cabin stood hesitating with Bill close behind him. Just open the door. he said after von. said the Well bred Bill. The skipper stepped slowly towards it. And thing it suddenly open. Then he Drew Back with a Sharp cry and looked nervously about him. The bed was empty where s he whispered Bill trembling by. The other made no Rcpt. But in a dazed fashion began to Grope about the Cabin. It was a Small place and soon searched the two men sat Down and eyed each other in Blank amazement. Where is said Bill at length. The skipper Shook his head helplessly and was about to ascribe the mys Tery to supernatural agencies when the truth in All its naked simplicity flashed him. It s the he muttered the Nate Ard the Cook. I see it All now there s never been anybody Here. It was a Little Job of the mate s to get the ship. If you want to hear a couple o rascals sized up. Bill come on and grinning in anticipation. Wakefulness. Hour to Culm tie mind and Jurling on Sloop. It is not proposed to discuss Here those serious cases of obstinate Insom Nia which often tax the ingenuity and weary the patience of the most skillful specialist but merely to mention some simple measures by Means of which Ordinary wakefulness May be overcome use of sleep is produced by a shrinkage of the brain cells so that they Are no longer in communication with each other results when these cells arc in a state of cd i ctn eat refuse to draw away from each other. This excited cordite for May t Lei Vijh to consumption. Kemp s Balsam will Stop the cough a1 once. Go to your druggist to Day and get a Sample bottle free. Large bottles 50 cents and go at once re slavs Are dangerous. When a popular society gives an Amateur entertainment there is one thing must take part or but a Globe. Star tobacco. If you care for pleasure health and econ omy Chew Star tobacco the leading Brand of the world. Znotin Ifni ten owl ally sulier As much As those who Are compelled to associate with Kewa. Medic later a clime ago. Mcvicker s theater the Lead ing attractions. Dec. 6, of r the bostonian in the it is better to say a Little worse than you weak stomach feels perfectly Well since taking Hood s have been troubled for Over two years with a weak stomach. I concluded to take Hood s Sarsaparilla. After take no a fear bottles i Felt perfectly Well and i cannot speak too highly of Jins. M. H. Saioni Akron Ohio. Parilla is the in fact the one True blood purifier Hood s pills Are . Sec. Go to your grocer to Day and get a 150. Package of Grain-0 it takes the place of cof fee at i the Cost. Made from pure grains it is nourishing and health fill. I Sim that Yon goals of accept no imitation. Route to California. A striking confirmation of the truth of the saying it is an ill wind that no one Good is found in the new routing of the Sunset heretofore it has started from View Orleans Westward. This season on account of the prevalence of Yel Low fever in some parts of the South Chica go has been decided upon As the the route being Over Chicago Chicago to St. Louis St. Louis Iron Moun Tain Southern St. Louis to Texarkana Texas Pacific Texarkana to i paso Southern Pacific company Elpaso to Cali fornia destination. The train runs twice t week leaving Chicago p. M. Every tuesday and saturday and St. Louis p. M. Same Days. Eastbound the same trains leave san Francisco p. M. Mon Days and thursdays and los Angeles a. M. Tuesdays Aud fridays. Sunset limited is a magnificent train completely Vestibule and running through solid comprising a Library and smoking car for gentlemen with Barfie shop and Bath room a combination ladies parlor and result from disease As fever or it mean than to mean a Little worse than you slowly. Men seem to life easily. Even when they Grad uate they do it by May come from worry grief or hard mental work. The main thing to do therefore in order to induce sleep is to quiet these nerve cells and the prevention of wakefulness is Best secured by avoiding men Tal work in the evening. Often however a person must work at night. In that Cense he should Stop some time before going to bed and if he must work late it is better to stay a Short time in order to secure an interval of rest before trying to sleep. This time May be passed in any Way that will Force or rather entice the mind away from its previous occupation. A brisk walk or a Short on the wheel exercise with the dumb Bells or Indian clubs a Cool like these will often suffice for the desired purpose. Sometimes a Little snack such As a bit of cheese and a biscuit or a of Nii a Tonkon while Emlres ing. Will induce sleep quickly. If the mind is dwelling persistently on one subject do Nurt struggle to Force it to let go its thoughts for you will probably thereby make it take More tenacious hold. Try to Lead it away by picturing to yourself some monotonous constantly recurring scene like the water combing Over the Edge of Niagara s Cliff a swarm of flies chasing each other in the sunlight or a flock of sheep jump ing one after the other Over a log. Be like the Man Tho was advised by his doctor to count until he fell asleep and who did count up to 25.652, when he found it to get up. Deep and regular breath ing is an important element in the general calming process so necessary to induce youth s companion. The woman one of our Home philosophers very aptly observed concerning a Strong minded Bossy woman who was Mak ing a Deal of fuss about nothing in particular she reminds me of a Hen in a newly made Garden. As soon As she spies a Nice smooth Flower bed she hops on to it and never ceases scratch ing1 until she torn it All o pieces and then she goes away chuckling and cackling As much As to say what do you think of your Flower Bod were that Hen to live 1.000 years she would never make a Flower bed but continue scratching up every one that she could Pittsburgh Gazette. Independent. To cure a Colin in one Day take laxative Bromo quinine tablets. All druggists refund Money if it fails to cure. 25c. We believe some congregations give their pastors a vacation so they can go und hear other Democrat. We think cure for consumption is the Only Medicine for Pinckard iii., oct. And ladies maid in attendance two of the finest sleeping cars and a dining car in which perfect meals Are perfectly served. The dining car service is a la for you prices Are reasonable. A trip across the continent in this train could not but be a Delight at any time but during the Winter months there will be Spe Cial satisfaction in the certainty of a Semi tropical climate picturesque and novels scenery fast time and no Snow blockades. And Best of All no extra fare is charged for transportation on Sunset Only the regular Pullman rates prevailing for sleeping car accommodations. Ills excuse. Passenger on a Southern do you mean by calling hot these Are cold. They were hot when re Holiday exceus lofts. The grip May intensify aches but St. Jacobs Oil will alleviate. Women have great respect for a. Woman who has her hair done up by a professional hair Globe. With cold neuralgia increases. With St. Jacobs Oil it decreases and is cured. A truly great Man is one who can live in a Small ton a and refuse to become Small in his Globe. Cold stiff a Unher. Its St. Jacobs Oil. Limber As a an old Man looks out of place in a brass Democrat. If he was a cripple from rheumatism he in t now. St. Jacobs Oil cured him. South Anil East. On december 7 and 21 the big four and Chesapeake Ohio railway will sell excursion tickets from All Points both one Way and round trip at greatly reduced rates to Points in Virginia Korth and. South Carolina and other Southern round trip tickets will be Good Twenty one Days returning. Write for particulars and pamphlet descriptive of Virginia farm lands u. L. To Pitt Northwestern passenger agent 234 Clark St., Chicago. Persistency without principle is a mighty to which is attached Seitu or Belt nor y. Independent. For Home seeker s excursion dates via the Missouri Kansas and Texas by. And information of their tourist Sleeper arrangement address ii. A. Cherrier n. Pass. Agt., 31fr Ila Quette bldg., Chicago. A Nece Ace of pearls Clam Sony. Twenty five clams open raw and chop Fine add three quarts of water boil them one half hour then add a pint of milk one onion chopped Fine thicken with butter and Fioti Lieut three in the Tureen and pour your Broth Over then boiling is a Beautiful Possession. If a woman owns one and if a single Pearl drops off the string she a Nakfa haste to find arid it. Good health is a More valuable Possession than a necklace of the most beautif11 pearls yet one by one the jewels of health slip away and women seem indifferent until it is almost too late and they cannot be restored. To die before you Are really old is to suffer premature death and that is a sin. It is a sin because it is the result of repeated violations of nature s Laws. Pain lassitude and weariness inability to sleep dreadful dreams starting violently from sleep Are All symptoms of nerve trouble. You cannot have nerve trouble and keep your health. In ninety nine cases out of a Hundred the womb the ovaries and the bladder Are affected. They Are not vital organs hence they give out soonest. Mrs. Lydia e. Pinkham s vegetable com Pound by building up the nerves and restoring organism to its natural state relieves All these trouble some uterine symptoms. In confirmation of this we by permission refer to the Follo Sving women All of Tohom speak from experience miss Celia vast 1013 Sharswood St., Philadelphia a. Grace 1434 Eastern ave., Cincinnati mrs. New the 50 Emerson St., Brooklyn n. Lbs. Isabel Obezo 220 Chestnut St., Woburn mass., mrs. A. H. Cole sew Rochelle of. Y., and Many others for special symptoms mrs. Pinkham has prepared it Santive Wash which will cure local troubles. Give medicines a trial. Write to mrs. Pinkham Lynn mass. If you Are not Doc Samoa

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