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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Dec 16 1897, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - December 16, 1897, Marble Rock, IowaVol. 23 no. 9. Marble Rock Floyd county. Iowa dec. 16, terms a year i i Tat on imitation this mean. Oho i Seft they Are trying to get a stove to imitate our German Hea lers but they cannot do it or that ii not made do the work of the German hotter. Just to where they Aro in use Aud sit with Jour Teet under the stove and ask the user How they to heat the floor so hot and hold the fire so Long with so Little fuel they will Tell you the stove Doe it All. 1 of do not need an Engineer to stand and watch it first to open the to keep the fire from going out and then to close them to keep from setting your roof on we will save you All this trouble and at least one third of your fuel by Selling you a genuine downward dra t diving flue German Heater. W. L. Nelson a. F. A. 31. Stone Lodge so. 351. Visiting Brothers in goodst Dolding cordially invited to attend. Robbert Hugget. W. M. S. A Davis Sec. I. O. Of f. Rock Lodge so. 382, meets thursday k wet til. invited. Sort it winos x g. E h. . Meets tuesday evening f visit in Brethren in rated. W. B. Vorhes c. C. A. k. Or h. B. I. L. Of 1j. 3rd tuesday bight in each Louth in Fellows Hill. L. Eose Marasi pres. It. J. , Bee. Sec. M. W. At a. Hock Camp to. 1463 Ite Cirilar meet second Anil fourth of each Mouth at Odd fellow fall. Milting in Good tending in cordially invited to attend. H. Alkier v. C. Ii. Imiah clerk. To. B. C. Meets the Home of lire. Stewart the 1st and 34 of each Mouth at -2 o clock p. In. Mrs. A a Eton met i Tes. My a Bistika Asper Fec. The i Outing session of the legislature will a asked to make a Large a Peri nation for the Mutha show. Senator Perrin and representative Towner will find that the people of this District Are opposed to this measure. The amount already appropriated should not be in creased. A. K. Of meets first saturday c. T. Anklet com. , president. A. Ii. Mob Luau Secretary. Hurtle itch poit North. W. B. Cab tree adj. C t very thursday. The bail of Frank Novak was fixed at pending his up peal to the supreme court. This his attorneys think excessive and have commenced Heleas Corpus proceedings before chief Justice Kinne in order to have the same reduced. The Case comes up to Day for final hearing at Des Monea. The mixing of White Indian meal with hour and Felling the mixture As pure wheat flour have become so Geuer Al in the South that the Georgia legis lature has passed a Bill requiring the words mixed flour to be branded of each package containing a blending of wheat and the cheaper Corn flour. The mrs. Mckinley the president s in for he of on december Lith. Her funeral took i place on tuesday. New York Cotui on excellent authority that there Are hundreds of Lien in the Klondike Region who will not work and earn a living when they have a Chance but persist in remaining Idle and awaiting Relief from the government. They Are the Fellows who went up there with the deliberate expectation of being and brought Back at the expense of the honest and industrious taxpayers of the nation. Probably it will be Well to fetch them Back but it would be still better to fetch them in a Chain gang and set them at work for a year after getting Here to pay for their food and transportation they might sad breaking Stone on the High ways a Lutlo Dit Terent from picking up nuggets on the Yukon. State auditor Mccarthy in his Bien Nial report issued last week estimates there will be a deficit in the state treas Ury of nearly nest june lie explains How extraordinary appropriations and expenditures have caused a Dequit and says there need be no ser ious apprehension on the part of the people lie recommends that the state finances be brought to a Cash the legislature increase the tax Levy for Brave struggle she to trans her from Ler loved Home in far away Merrie England to her newly adopted one in this country which was All so different and strange i to her no Soldier on the Field of Battle Ever fought and won a braver Battle. Deceased was a no Ember of the i methodist Church an Earnest Christian woman. The funeral from the Home of her daughter mra. J. 7, Wright on Hildreth Street this after noon and was attended by All of her children her he stud May grand children and numerous friends. Gould conducted the a Cruces inter ment in Riverside cemetery. Thus a devoted wife an affectionate Mother a wend is and buckwheat flour. Flour flour. We wish to Call attention to our Brand of Clear Oil flour which we Are Selling at a very close margin. We guarantee that no Superior flour was Ever placed in this mar Ket. We also sell 1 Graham Corn meal proportion of flour and must also be indicated. Indian meal com Relios. At 11 . Aud Tyso . Up Wortlie Cia tie inserting at Fryer Meetins the Jap Fly likening. W. Pastor. S Char Cut preaching sunday 11 Christian and enter meets a. M. M. P. M. Prayer Meetin Iti j. Win. Wednesday Uva Al runs i Astor preaching at 11 . D p. M. Prayer meeting tuesday evening u. Ii pastor. Sunday in each nth Mil. M. And in. Sunday school m. Sen ices held in the Guam pastor. T Ery Union at 10 House. City waiters. Mayor. K e Gates recorder ii b Itose Krans treasurer. J w Martin Street commissioner a Coree Smith marshal Wiltold Kinny c Dai Luul a. , h. Weber h Nugget k. Act Ley. Union town Iliili school president e. P. Vauter. Secretary. U b sies treasurer. John dibtctok3. 1 Sec Standt 1 Harry Packman i e r Lew Inman 4 Egbert 11 Andrew Patea. 0 Madison Blue t John Gates s James Parcher Miles Clikeman h . Glasson Scott town lip off Cem. Schermorhorn s. Sours constables Georue heed Ellis Piave town Crowell gather Witter Miles Marsh ant v in. Scott township school nonet. President e. Garber. Secretary. George n bul Tsin term Unrur Chiee t Lerrick directors 1 5 t. F. S e w Garber 6 e u s karst my j Cunningham 4 to Tannart 3 jew Jeffrey 9 John Losee. The Senate has decided to take up l i. W u4 i a. A u in. It Cut i Cut y ails a joint Resolution will be put through. We very of Cut doubt the Wisdom of the Sandwich islands United slates territory the negro question in the South is not yet solved to the satisfaction of a majority of our people and to complicate this by adding the nest two years to such an extent As it May seem necessary that extra Ordinary appropriations be limited that it be ascertained what further Revenue May be obtained by taking such prop erty As does not pay its share of the Public Revenue and that the legislature continue us work of guarding and. Where necessary reducing the expenditures of the state government and state institutions. In memory Iran. Washington letter. J Ivashin Tox dec. Id 1897. The most astounding thing brought to Light by the first week of the session of Congress is the audacity of the agents of the lobby which is trying to prevent the annexation of Hawaii. It is Only necessary for a senator or representative of prominence to express in private conversation the slighted doubt of the Wisdom of annexation to have these agents announce through such newspapers As they control or Leo. W. Gates. More of the same kind of our government is to say hazardous Timber to the least Iowa state Gal linger is right about those private pen Sion cases but the worst private pen Sion cases arc those which Grant Large amounts to the widows of sex officers. There widows who get a Yea from the government. Those widows had better opportunities to save something for their old age than the widows of poor privates. It is downright and rank injustice. The government ought to support no widows death strides behind us All or less distance and sooner or later enters upon any event of this h c. Whenever and wherever the dread messenger Call s he leaves aching hearts and tearful eyes but he brings no words of deeper grief than these by Hook or Crook obtain space is unquestionably paid in some in the senator or representative in question is straining every nerve to defeat annexation. They have misrepresented senators Morrill and Hoar and speaker heed. It seems As j certain As anything can be that such audacity is in the end bound to react upon those who employ it and to re suit to making More votes for annexation than against it. This lobby was started by the sugar Trust but Here Are reasons for few More inc Money it is spending so liberally comes from the secret funds of three Mother to Susan Lanoah a divine was born in Friedsburg. Kent 11, 1825 she married or. Henry Packman october Al 1847. In 1s74 they came to the United states joining several of their children who bad pre ceded them across the Ocean and settled near Thorn in pleasant Grove Floyd county Iowa where they resided eight years and then moved to a Eagle Grove Wright county where two sons were established in the mercantile Busi Ness there they continued to reside though their two youngest children bad married and gone elsewhere to live up in luxury but those who Are dependent Ilo two weeks when tbe5 and worthy ought to get their Sites. The widow of a private to pet As much As the widow officer. Needs. I a desire to come to Charles City and spend the Winter with their children Here and mrs. J it Var Echt went to of foreign nations which Disiro to prevent annexation but have no reasonable excuse for attempting to do so openly. Some of thu democratic senators who talk loudest against Trust during a Campaign Are acting to concert with the sugar Trust now. In fact with two Gorman and Morgan All the democratic senators appear to have landed bag and baggage in the lobbyists Camp. Senator Davis of Minn chairman of the committee on foreign relations which has charge of the treaty is thoroughly Coo adent that annexation will be accomplished through the treaty and absolutely cer Tain that a Bill providing for Annesa tic can be passed by both Jouse and Senate should the Power of the lobby be sufficient to prevent the ratification of the treaty. It is his intention to push the matter to a conclusion in the Senate at the earliest possible moment. Senator Chandler chairman of the committee on elections and privileges Best and most economical heating stove on Earth is the round Oak. For a e of Joe Wiloth. Although so Good a Republican As representative Johnson of Indiana has told them in a Speerli made in reply to Gen. Grosvenor of Ohio liar lie Dis agreed with them. Gen. Grosve nor s idea which he will Endeavor to get through in the shape of a Bill is mend Lions made by the president in Liis Ann Ial message and by Secretary in his annual report to co Gress Secretary Gage has been asked to put his ideas into a Bill and submit it to the committee the conservative men in Congress the in Eagle prove to accompany her Mother j Saj committee Here her father deciding to visit his youngest son at Goodell a Lew Days be fore coming Here for the Winter. For several years mrs. Packman had Delilah fails and her boy Lover William Kern of Waverly both of whom plead guilt of murder in the second sentenced by judge j been a sufferer More or Ess with Clyde to the tale Pron tue Gin. 4stbtna and the last year had the actual murderer of the boy s j Asher. Get 20 years and the boy As accessory before the fact was sentenced jcdic1al. C. Sherwin. A. F. Clyde. Terms of monday in january 1st j to 12 years when sentence was i pronounced the girl neatly fainted and j Stim Lents had j to enable her to year had grown perceptibly worse. Some Premoni Tion that the end was not far off Jiust have come to her As she expressed a to talk Back to the jail. The murder was cold blooded one and desire to come Here and to die and be i buried Here. For a few Days after her be administered j Arr Vai Here seen Jed to enj0y Ler j ported the pension appropriation Bill fill Jeide upon its report in the Oregon Case at its nest meeting and that he has no doubt the report will be in favor of seating Hon. H. W. Corbett. A successor to Hon j. Ii. Mitchell whose term in i the Senate expired last March. If the democrats who have expressed them in Levi in favor of seating or. Corbett vote that Way he Mil Seitts. The houss committee on a Propri s broke the record when it re self visiting with her j crated a us Drin. Out b Ana in september ind Tae judge in passing sentence took in in november. To consideration the debauched Ohar. It soon terminated fatally. Children and a cold or pack i Ane chairman. Charles City Mill shul a. Marble Rock pippin Rockford b. 8. Chichester Tidd . Merrill. Silas met tiny Aeter of the murdered Man As Well a Man summoned and arrived Satur the Early moral turning of the two j Day before her death. I mrs. Packman was the Mother of the Stirt Lina j eleven children five sons and six incident o which or. John Oliver of daughters of which there Are nine lit to the House this week thus furnish ing evidence that chairman Cannon and the industrious members of his committee intend to do their pan towards pushing the imperative Busi Ness of the session in order to help that Only employees of the government i regardless of party approve of who should be embraced of the j position president Mckinley took civil service rules Are the clerks whose on cuban affairs and the duties Are not executive in the do j be in his apartments at Washington and employees of the postal service in All branches. All other positions he desires to have thrown open and the democrats who now fill nine tenths of them thrown out to make loom Lor republicans president Mcl Vinley s bring detained at Canton by his sad duty Lias not in convenience f engr est. A he arranged Alj matters Rei Quirina his personal at Tention before starting upon his ust trip to the bedside of his by intr Mother everywhere his name is mentioned the deepest sympathy expressed for Hui. The committee on and currency has obtained permission Sioui the to sit daily during of the and will it once Endeavor to agree upon one or More pm _ september ind a fondly in j Philadelphia was the subject Ignar i rated by him As i was in a j Moat dreadful condition. My skin was i it i county it a Klor. Tell water. Clerk of the Courti. Joseph Packman Sura City Iowa j republicans. The Penmon Bill carries Henry Packman Jane Wright Han j of which j. Cajili m. Tarr Willard j Errin w. f. almost yellow eyes sunken Tongue j Coaney actor Fly. Coroner nah heaver Susan City i for the payment of pensions. Coated pain continually in Back and j Robert 0. Packman. Earle j it has already been made apparent no Grove Iowa George a Packman that a serious attempt is going to be Weikert by Day. Three physicians Enilda debut West Plaines to i at this session of Congress to up fortunately a Friend Towaoc flip c. Or. Knickerbocker advised trying electric bitters and j to my great Joy and Surprise the Erst and Thomas Packman Goodell j modify the civil service rules president she had thirty three Gracd children Mckiney stated in his annual the project for Early adjourn portions of the financial ment. Which 13 generally favored by the discovery or the aug. Port. La says or new discovery is Ine Only thing int cured my Couch and it is the bus Feller i j have j k i to Mph 11, uie Cha t of j Ariz writes or kind s new discovery i All that is claimed Lor i it a never fails. And is a Mir Lur bin in Ilif Viand o Worth two in the when a in we slum _ ii ii .1 Nali t in in a the Burrt to on l Aud Liu in Umit for a Nickle on l ii freckled Squaw greatest so. Cigar on Earth. Fire consumption. Cough and coif. 1 cannot say no Mph for its or. Clerk a c pal nil thine to a tent protect they rut bottle nude decided improvement i j i Rhi All of j message that believed Many positions i continued their vac for three a lion with the sorrow Iti husband Are i were now embraced by the civil service King s new discovery for consumption woman gone. Rules which not to be Republic j my life and robbed the of an of in swim Ife l other victim no one should fail to Only go per Bogue i i Wita we Ivy w of i _ t our with the deceased cans in do not feel that they j Century dates to the from of w Here we a thl the of pre payers Are maintaining i fund by popular ?. From which we Oiler a of for the i and conviction of any Incesti Dikiy in a in any of the associated towns. Are or form in toking part in the a. .1. A. Nov drag store. File . Clan Block pcs Lown 19yl

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