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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Dec 13 1877, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly (Newspaper) - December 13, 1877, Marble Rock, IowaRates of t Cohan Nett with malice Tow Aidana meal Rater Marble Bock Floyd county i Wii 1joember terns also Par Annan x but Abri y m meat to per for Tat me Tiwi t number 19l ova Visbac Quot Abr Tim. Tit nil of Ami rom w. The Burli Octon Cedar rapids Northern and Minneapolis St. Louis railways. The Only route the riia trains j Btl own Ami . With sleeping cars , Ake As follows. A with Tel win. Vorla a we nine War Reid Boon. Stone and Brick Mason and horse plasterer. Will furn it i no to builders when desired Wildcat and work Stum to any desired shape. All work Widm the or 1uic drive Sun. Jim duct Bim fail Street. Of Moln St. A not. . Hayes m Turk mus so Rob w. H. Johnson Aikui a u blk up to tin co mum at it new of tit Xet it to that Clark Shurd ukr lodging by the Wert or of vain Uhl stat until Kock. Lust. Main us t Sittu cd Bro Frfd Brett weft of travelling Public will tic balt to a Miami k. Fur Linfu Kirkut. Jul tire Uri l u Cuil ill plinth a Mew two no. By web Kuil with Burlington a h for Hlubb fled us til porn to a Turkma Blick a manner. Call Uii us at Marble Rock. Jul Ucell u. With Job Kaili owl fur at c at with burial Iii fur at Watt Liberty. Who fut Smuc Kullma. For til kick Vilm us at Kalib. Etta Ali Sukk Citi Liitt of b c r s Wax Gold pwt title Meo Regor with Chi Hiya a us pm and turn tier at you Ike kills a kit ulv Lou of b.c.j1. S. K fur Trier Ltd a Amstady at War Wuhl of Tow Etta lieu Tel kill rom or do Milit us Dot us Siuai Olej. At skill Hock Witk or or cult at Kun a Ackloo. With Mil nuke t St. kill win for Muzii flit us Cir. It Iii nit a at. Lid full Ilia y lakh a so Ful Aam wat for i Nirie a Cam. St. b v t at Albert Lea with if Titi Attoa. Vetr Radii i Job Northern railway Forur Rulo. Coltar t of. Hap Las. nil psf that. Wpm us data. Wawa. With. S. For Suntato. Peter. New Ului. , Ltd Miler and Sinoi City Jiuji Allol. Witk 1 a rib rail. It w. H. Ostrander. And repairs. I am prepared to do All kids of and big go wort from the up also dimits plows 4c. Luada or Short notice. All kinds of work Dune with boat Alai and Diseati hand warranted to Gire satisfaction those Alwg my will Call and via we i of 4o at the Wagon shop Hathe Book. Re Lif b. Yoa Dot be pm Hawk Utor Fife Foar a but b Tow wort or Only we a Jaipur y at i but Yugov cannot it a fade m Tut t r it Tiwi but Huttig try Tom that free. T oct lion. John Good Ciller d both the anal German for i Tinl will sly to unt Charles City. . With it full . t it i. Northern fax Effic Init emf Oruille nut rain baggage it Jeckyl through Ami fur title to All principal to thud the United Sod i a a win Sulu. J. Ivris. B. R. Len. Ticket j. S. Twigg auditor Rantt. Conc Yancer Anil Tohl tn1 str a Trent. Will Laid or churl to City. It or Jacob Bikk. F . And i agent titles Racyn orals cd. City. Nuts. Sign painters Ted eve cry of Titi of the i ninth staks and to ans ill i Clit. Address Dnniel f be Tofy 3 Isth. J. J. W. Darud Stock dr7 goods boots shoes hats Caps. us a. Kinds. Kill . Chicago North Desteni lines. Pm. Hutches it co., Grain dealers i under mtg Man Tenient the Reil trint a Milos Kijoo the Vest us and Tii and. With a Muerman Miri i ii to Tran the flu ten Ami it Tekem Ernult of a Superior and latest pattern cutlery Yankee notions etc., it the paid for All kinds of tar Neil Brut it Man Kotti Airn it Lul t Tah. , Rich Mph Ami nth bran Whon to Naff thl t a i All i i wlm i we it fur to the j the living profits. Torto a two Iowa. Al 1 of Marble Rock at no. 1. Belij. Drug Nin tit nah Tolm m that of Bingo Miri St chif Diin Ami it Tiraj w i or grrr i we receive r to j buy approved paper _ pitl am j Ehn Nguc and do i general a h at j. K. Fen porn pc thoth k r it tvs Wal Campb my m jew uni fratt wvirti1, Moat Murray Tor cosur Kab at m do flu Linn Call ,.n a. N. Mamold. Amk int not Atno m7t it Arr wry. Schoolteachers a i i. V Vuini a Irani of Era Iri Ture traae t of ant w we Ctm Toj it if. Hot the plaid a mat a Fri Center own kept curl neat and confectionery. 3. P. Nurrit. My Hatol b Cou any Mac thy. Cumi Grace of Tjia ukr i Fonh Chr at m l a. Bea Lekin groceries dried Glass Ware i Kim urm. The Ivi. I 1s77. K items relative u oof look where we will we the bad Many Paru of the effects of Early the dockets i Thyria has Nikea oat fed rate War prices thu list vein of tin of courts Are figured by applicants i somewhat Ala Wing War. Are to note. tin-1 for partial and divorce. I sprite of a Kurrel of dour sold kick Ranj for of Livon and the Price of War was the Case of tem per Vio sem of or proverbial set Forth fur the Matue Wood and Willow Ware and every tiding fact found a first class Les j and Appl i other Nee i portion. I that such j twelve be i five dollars apiece while Lieut i Towi the Unnur Witk Cro Oery store. Jut the highest Price for c Oun Tir produce. Inu sell my owns at the Luw at living Prust. Cell and we for yourself. 1 also to of full line of dry goods Beady e boots wiob8, everything pertaining to dry goods. I i by of Gullli Elgin , saw and american jewelry Silver and 1 late d . 17 i it. R constantly Vul hand. Main Street Marble kick. i a full line stantly hand consisting of bureaus tables bedsteads chairs cribs and to turf thiner. Donaj a syst furniture store a Eide made cuss always i hand. I Uli keep a pm fill m m Plum a taif dealer is shoes Mitt do trunks inc hair. Her Nora Oil. Whip and brushes. And its. Also and Deder i of the brat tanned work it Tail a inf Warrel d. Marr 1 1 of Tate my. Wort. F lilo were Pru i exciting event our agitated age. It Neesom scarcely possible j the cause of usae bad effects Are Early i state of affairs sex utter Only Ubarri Aries. America by which we ago. E think the color-1 always mean the to cited of Talca they ins almost stood still since its i Delight fast things. Out the Nat but when we come to i into the Bill room Aid into t the arms of souk silly fellow who a i husband to a child wife. So go the Giru sowing the wind and often reap ing the whirlwind. It Man strike a foreigner strangely to see mothers often looking nearly As Young As their Ler How the War found and left it we cannot Tail of see Iii wonderful Vanc Cucut. I have been interested i Nihil about the Unn Ling of this matter rhe District of Columbia did Law been Auu cd that i a Oniu those beings who were indeed of Little above the brute Only a decade ago should have made such Progress. Am Justou ubed to hear numbers con verse intelligently giving evidence of taste refinement education and Intel Igent culture. Howard University Educato and prepares negroes for the try and every year sends the tenth preachers and workers among by rent people. The coloured schools tue Al Knght by coloured teachers who Fern been prepared for their work at a Normal school established shortly after the War this City for the purpose. A need is greatly full now Lor More of these whoops hero. Thouc now established Are full and hundreds of Chil. Dren pass their time the streets who would be school were there any accommodation for them. A wide spread interest now exists throughout the Cotin Tatj concerning the destiny of this Ricc of people Many deep thinkers con lend that it is doomed to extinction taking that ground from the fact of the i ,1. Steady decrease their the siberian emigration movement still the of Mouth though Dise our Are tin own before it at Vicry step. The last objection presented to the Blacks is that they cannot live the ii Emu of Liberia after lift cd Long America Tor More thin a Century. But arc still agitating the movement did hundreds of thousands have already joined the emigration binds. Indian summer toot leave with the ailment of thanksgiving Day which dawnc.1 upon us with a void and Lisi Ual rain seeming More like a Day of mourning than one of rejoicing. City not worn a very merry a pct of late. The Huron disaster spread a dismal pall Over Many a Home and the whole town Felt the effects for the Ofiu Ere of the unfortunate veam a were All Well known Here. One of the singular things now brought to Light connection with this Accident is the following dist March while the run we lying the Harbor of 1 Ort Royal s. C., Lieut. Focus her her eur. native officer left the a 24 hours leave of absence and failing to return at the expiration of that Tinaje the ship sailed for another port without Piiru upon Fletcher s retain he re ported to com. I lit Junior naval off icer and told him that some time previous he had had b amp mint if he.6niiihcd a he won if i perish by and that failing his bad purposely till tic Huron should Hare for this Offe he wan placed under arrest and tried by i tort martial at the his Only defense Beyril that he was so of the idea no Hann cd with it fact that it was a Waible for him to for my own Anft 1 Ani not Ermag to a Haj of this sort but lt.1 a matter of Reo at the Navy depart Andrt w. Or. Fra Eber fully Vini cd Liat his warning has the be a new was almost solid against repeal. Sew York new Jersey Cali fornia my Iiga and repeal lab Blu . Let Baiyi Kan ail blah Alp bulb win by the bit for for Refell am Marl. thirty Bibe Tor bad forty owe . The can far repeal nne of these thir it vol of. The cases which t ing the period he him above Reade Faith Artel by rare. This a cart Bibity remedy and Uia Umatt tit lot ease of a effective ravages of this gladly welcomed. The Timu fired stent of Monty. I Dilaj f Laaied of Jurf Chiao to Howse har Chase Hato. Paid for. After a hat at Row dollars and then Wawa Vaai Street put his sew hat Telfair Rev their Sfer i to wac Wen Jabeir lad Baen a risking hard Tea afcan to Tua very bad Over what hot m wan Macnak. We have for celebrated that of at b gnat bargain. Apply at thu afire. Of for Cedar rapids Carriage works Soulet Miller proprietors and manufacturers of All the leading styles of can Kurges buggies
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