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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Dec 10 1896, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - December 10, 1896, Marble Rock, IowaX vol. 22 no. 18. Marble Rock Floyd county Iowa dec., terms a year bargains close Der of Stock we have in Stock a limited Quantity of John Foster go s Fine shoes and to close them out quickly we have Cut the Price Way below manufacturers Cost. The entire line of and shoes at this Sale Only boots we almost give away. Geo. W. Gates. Societies. A. F. A. M. A f. To. Stone Lodge no. 251. Regular wednesday Oil or before full Moon. Mil Ujj Brothers in Woodst funding cordially United to attend. Robbert la Kirget. W. M. S. A Drris Sec. A o. O. F. Kock Lodge so. 382, race liar Sony big of Earh week. Visitors Cordi Nuy i imbed. Ii. Thurs is y Imit dec Mei ii s. G. , Lodge no. 219, meet tuesday evening f each week. Visiting Brethren invited. K. . C. C. Walt Datil k. Of r. B. I. Jul of h. Heets the sri tuesday night in Ench Mouth in add Fellows tall. W. , vies. A j. Acklis dec. Sec. In. K. C. Meets the Home of jars. Stewart Hie 1st and 3d thursday of month at 2 o plonk p. A. Mrs. K. A. A Tewart Pree. Sine. Chin Isuji , u. A. B. The message. Each month. W. B. Cab title. Adj. C c. T. Ackley com. T u meets Evert thursday. Inns. Tyler Prusia enu a. M. Merciai. Secretary. Comr chios. At ii . And to Ijo a in. Up Wortlie meeting at prayer meeting thursday waning. W. , pastor. Christian Cannon pre actins sunday at 11 . M. Christian knee inter meets prayer wednesday j. Win. Pastor. At p. M. Ning. Free at . And p. M. Young Peoples meeting at prayer meeting tuesday evening . Pastor. every 1st sunday in each month at 11 a. In. And p. M. Sunday school 3ervices held in the every sunday at 10 a Union school House. Ii. Giust pastor. City officers. Mayer Joseph Wiloth recorder Rosenkrans treasurer j w Martin Street commissioner c. F. Jesmore Jis Sbol Willard Stoud c dnrlani1, win Fletcher h Hoven Krabs a 11 Meier chs w Eber k i Suggett Union town help school Hoard president Geo w Russell. Secretary. Ii treasurer. John Gates director 1 ick Staudt 2 Harry Packman sep Wulster 4 Lew in non Egbert Davis h Madison Blue 7 thu Gates 8 James Parcher 9 ceo w Russell 10 Sam Shaffer 11 pm Ishultz. President Cleveland s last message has been transmitted to Congress. The document is of considerable length and deals largely with the cuban question. The president does not think the time opportune Lor the United states to interfere with the affairs of Cuba Al though he recognizes the fact that such a time May come at almost any moment. The Wilson Bill is praised and the usual prediction made that it will furnish sufficient Revenue if Given a fair Chance. Other matters Are mentioned in a Mere routine manner until he comes to the retirement of the Greenback his views upon this import ant matter we give in full financial Reform. This plan of issuing Bonds for the purpose of redemption certainly appears to the most effective and direct path to the needed re Loroi. In Liuia Uii of this however it would to a step in the right direction if currency obligations redeemable in Jerold whenever so re deemed should cancelled instead of being re issued. This operation would a slow remedy but it would improve present could unions. National Banks should redeem their own notes. They should allowed to Issue circulation to the Par value of Bonds deposited As Security for its redemption and the Tai on their circulation should reduced to one fourth of 1 per cent. In considering projects for the retire ment of United states notes and trea sury notes issued under the Law of 1s90 i am of the opinion that we have placed too much stress upon the danger of contracting the currency and have Cucui Tuu Lou attic upon Luc Siutu that would added to our circulation if invited to us hotter anti safer Gna Neial methods. It is not so much a Contra diction of our currency that should avoided As such unequal distribution. This might obviated and any fear of harmful contraction at the same time removed allowing the organization of smaller Banks and in less populous communities than arc now permitted and authorizing Banks to establish branches in Small communities under proper restrictions. The entire Case May presented the statement that the Day of sensible and sound financial method will not Dawn upon us until our government Abandons the banking business and the accumulation of funds and confines its monetary operations to the receipt of the Money contributed the people for its support and to the expenditure of such Money for the people s Benefit. Our business interests citizens Long for a rest and All Good from feverish this reference to the condition and agitation and the inauguration the r t 1 policy which will encourage Enterprise and make certain and Industry. The rewards of labor United states District attorney fal Len has caused the arrest of the officers and commissioners of the Iowa soldiers Home for alleged violation of the pen Sion Laws. The commissioners to whom is entrusted the government of the Home adopted a Rule that where the Soldier has do dependent relatives to whom the a sets of pension Over per month May Given that the of state Treasury Scott town help Marsh. G s Baldwin. Lune i5t.t-Rf, Ltd . Town clerk to w s Scholton. Kinney of liter bearer. Scott township so tool president John Bishop Secretary. Keorce Baldwin tre Murer Chanes d Herrick 1 John Bishop h Bruce Ward. 2 k w norber f c up Muldins 3 Chan veer t to Cunningham. S j w Jeffrey Al John Losee. Judicial w. Birr John c. Shornin. Terme of court -4th monday in january 1st monday in suy. 2nd monday in september. 2nd monday in Board of supervisors. Lucius Lane chairman Phillip Shaltz Timothy pippin k. S. Cal Beeter 3. C. Merrill Charles City a Marble Kock suggests an allusion to the weakness and vices of our financial they have been frequently pressed up on the attention of Congress in previous executive communications and the inevitable danger of their continued Tole ration pointed out. Without now repeating these details f cannot refrain from again earnestly presenting the necessity of the pro Ait Reform of a system opposed to every Rule of sound finance and shown experience to fraught with the gravest peril and perplexity. The terrible civil War which Shook the foundations of our govern ment More than thirty years ago brought in its train the destruction of property the wasting of our country s substance and the estrangement of Brethren. These Are now past and for gotten. Even the distressing loss of life the conflict entailed is but a sacred memory which Fosters patriotic senti ment and keeps alive tender regard for those who nobly died. And yet there remains with is to full strength and a cavity As an incident of that tremendous struggle a feature of its Fia Neial necessities not Only unsuited to our present circumstances but manifestly a disturbing menace to business Security and Ever present agent of j ent Revenue of the government is in Cess shall go into the which so liberally and supplies All the wants of the inmates of the Home. The supreme court of Iowa decided that the commissioners had a right to make such a Rule and the outcome in the ederal court wiil watched with considerable interest. Extra session of Congress is needed Atid should called As soon As president Mckinley assumes control of the National the nation expects an improvement Over present conditions and this improve ment can Only come the enactment of a Revenue measure framed in Accord Ance with Republican ideas the pres monetary Dib Tresa. Because we May enjoying a temporary Relief from its distressing influence this should not Lull us into false Security or Lead us to forget the Sud Denness of past visitations. I More convinced than Ever that we can have no assured financial peace is meeting Mon Fly in Jannary. April. June and september and 2nd monday a november. Auditor to Winter clerk of the Conru recorder Superio Undset so Tenor Cownty Attoy Conrader Georges Hanford Cathy. Tare . I safety until the government currency obligations upon which Gold May demanded from the Treasury Are with drawn froth circulation and cancelled. This might done As has been heretofore recommended their Exchange Koc Vord for Long term Bonds bearing a Low rate of interest or their redemption with the proceeds of such Bonds. Even if Only the United slates notes known As greenbacks were thai retired it is prob Able Tutt the Treasury notes issued to payment of Silver purchases under the Hadd Frank c. W. Knickerbocker town cup of Ike peace e f Walster s h darts Cutles t r a cml nmn a Al men rom .0 w Bowman Mia x . Foiled outly 14, now paid in Gold when not create much disturbance As they might from Tima to Lime when received in the Treasury redemption in Gold or otherwise to and mlle and it ardently replaced sufficient to meet the Manninj a temporary measure should passed at once the present Congress to meet this deficiency but this should in no Way interfere with an extra session to Frame a protective Revenue. Mckinley s protective Tariff utterances during the Campaign had much to do with the splendid Republican Victory won at the late election and it will wife Tor the party managers to give Tho people the Benefit of this Victory at the earliest possible moment. The surest Way to Settle the Money question is 10 restore the times of 1s92. The following Are some of the expressions on the president s message prominent party men m n a n said it is the first Louie in our history that an executive who is the representative of a Defeated party Ever Elo fied As or. Cleveland does to the Para graph of his message Over the Success at the polls of his party s opponents. Senator Tillman dem., s. It is commonplace. After promis ing not to go into details he goes in rather elaborately. The Best thing about it is that it is the list we will have from that source at least the last an Nual message or. Morgan dem., aia said in the president s recital of facts and his statement of the moral duties of the United states toward the cuban belligerents there is a response to the sentiment of the people and i believe of the Senate. In asserting that no other nation must interfere in the affairs of Cuba there is the most decisive and practical declaration Olllie Monroe doctrine that has yet been made. But while the present government warns Oft All other nations the message Calls the great civil War an insurrection and on this false declaration it justifies Active Aid to Spain in furnishing All kinds of military motions while it refuse our people the right to Send anything even bread or medicines to the insurgents i regard that this National action is so illogical and unjust and that it must still Cost Many lives and terrible suffer ing to a people who Are admitted the message to at War for the Sake of Liberty and not As u Means of gaining Power for personal ends or. Jcj Killin Democrat said i agree with the president in seeing no immediate necessity or excuse for increase of Tariff duties. I have not believed heretofore nor do i now that the president s recommendations or retiring greenbacks and putting in their places either Short or Long term Bonds bearing either a High or Low rate of interest is a remedy for our ills. This would either permanently or temporarily reduce the that is no remedy for Bard times. Or. Dolliver Republican the president s treatment of the cuban in Instine h in Rolv either to those who desire to see cuban Independence recognized or to the who desire the United states to keep Clear of foreign disputes. Mediation the United states would in the direction of a settlement honorable to All parties but the president s hint of what is Likely to happen in Case Media Tion is refused is a Little too mysterious for practical purposes. The president s views on Revenue and the Tariff seem to Aken from an assortment of previous opinions once current at least in the White House and Treasury depart ment. Or. Cousins Hep. Iowa said ii is evident that the president occupies the same position that he has formerly. To Plain ii does not Lieve that the United states has any right to interfere. He seems to think it might possible for a condition of affairs to exist in Cuba at some time no one knows when that would justify interfering on higher grounds than those involved in the Ordinary rights of nations. What can added to the situation already existing to make if sufficiently serious to justify the inter Ference the president Basin mind or. Lacey Republican Iowa said president Cleveland is evidently to pass the cuban question Mcclure a Magazine cosmopolitan Prairie Farmer free one year appreciating the Liberal patronage we have received this fall and that you May led to still further take advantage of our prices and Stock we give from this Date till january 1st, 97, with every s1o.oo Cash Purchase your Choice of the magazines above. Our Stock is new our prices right our Trade is Good but we want it better so make this Liberal offer the it All May secure a Good practical Christmas present free absolutely without Cost. One Price clothiers. A most cruel and unprovoked shoot ing occurred near it. Last week. Tuffo tramps entered the dwelling of a Farmer and Dan handed something to eat. The older of two Hoys aged 13, started to comply with their demand and As he was reaching up in a cup Board one of the tramps shot him id the Back. The younger boy escaped and informed his parents who were Husk ing Corn in an adjoining Field. The wound inflicted is of a serious nature and May prove fatal the tramps escaped although the whole country was soon out looking for them Over to major Mckinley. There is no real solution of the question embraced in his message except that Spain had better sell Cuba before the property is j destroyed. Mckinley reads visit u iut Trest. When the nest president read or. The new York Ledger America s Torvi talk. Always publishes the Best a most inter Esting Short stories serial stories special articles that can procured regardless of expense. The latest fashion notes and patterns can to found every week on the woman s is always something now in the Mew York Ledger that will interest every member of the family. 2v ice 5 cents. For Sale in this town Roy Thorne agent who has a Supply of free Baui ple copies on hand. Thousands of people Are looking Cali Forni swirl. They want to know where to to and raise fruit and How to travel cheaply and comfortably. For full in formation regarding questions address California Bureau of information bos 572, Cedar rapids la. Dec 31 weak men made vigorous. Cleveland s words operation and effects consider us the of the present Tariff Law although it. Was Cerf in he did not concur in the beliefs expressed he made no sign expression of i countenance or use of words which would indicate his differing ideas on on that subject although those about him were inclined to comment. Or. Cleveland s utterances on the statistics of the Treasury department retirement of greenbacks and National Banks were All read with apparent concern and his consideration of trusts was read in full j with interest. The discovery saved his life g. , beavers j Ville. Iii., says to or King s new cure Eor a Rene discovery i own my life was taken j for All forms of headache electric with la Grippe and tried All the physicians Lor Miles about but of in Avail and was Sivan up and told that i could not live. Having or. King s new discovery in my store i sent for a bottle and began its use and from the first dose began to get better and after bitters has proved to the very Best it effects a permanent cur and he most dreaded habitual sick headache yields to its influence. We urge All who Are afflicted to procure a bottle and give this remedy a fair trial. In cases of habitual constipation electric bitters using three bottles was up and about i cures giving the i reeled tone to the again. It is Worth its weight in Gold. We won t keep store or House without it. Get a free trial bottle at a. J. A per i drug bowels. Few Case Long resists the use of this it once. Large bottles Only fifty at a. J. Asper co Dro store. What Pepper s Nerv ibor did it am powerfully and quickly. Cures when others fall. Yonne men regain lost in snood Olf men recover youth a vigor. V Mitred vitality impose Haj a 3flkhtly Pon it either hex memory team Luff All of Catt at tolf Arnst or Erie tort Ami wards off inanity and consumption Don t let run Nigist inc pie a worthless Suli Stillie on y i ital Ells a greater or flt. On hat it or Send for it. Can carried la Yeit pocket prepaid Plain wrap per. Per Box. Or rur Tveith a written omani tee to care Nixe Saiid the it Nncy. Pamphlet free. Sola i Ramses. A Loren Ojei Zicai. Chenco the. Sold 0. A. Weaver railway Low ratios soum nov. 3rd and l7ui, dec. 1st and loth the b., will sell round trip tickets at late of Ore fare plus to a Large number of Points in Southern and Western states. Tickets Good 21 Java. Call on c. K. N. Agents for full information or address j. Moutox o. R. I t. A. Cedar rapids Lown. Glom seekers and tourists who desire to visit Points in the North South or Avest should Ake advantage of the Low rate excursions which will run every other week for tie six months the the b., u. R. N. Ivy. On the Fol lowing All agents of this company will excursion tickets to a Large number of a tips and towns in Northern Western Ami Southern states at rate of one fare plus ?2.uo for the round trip Jan. 5 and 19 feb. 2 and 16 March 2 and 10 april Ennd 20 May 4 and 18. Tickets Are Good to return 21 Days from Date of Sale. Call of C. K. N. Agents or address the undersigned for full information. J. May 19. Cedar rapids Iowa. Beet route and Host Complete Sei Vico to Cali fornia and the West Ore offer d the b., c. R. A. Cry. Through their tourist our excursions. Kiich tuesday during the Winter season a Pullman tourist Sleeper will attached to b., c. K. N. Train to. 2 which leaves Marble Rock m. This car will run through to los Angeles and san Francisco via Kansas cite it. Worth Texas Elpaso end the Southern Pacific ry., the Ideal Winter route insuring passengers secur Ity against Deli is from storms and Snow blockades. The rate per berth to los Angeles or san Francisco is Only 3600 and the tourist has every Comfort and accommodation of the regular Pullman. For descriptive pamphlet giving full in e ration regarding these excursions Call on c. R. N. Agents or address the undersigned. Dec. 31 j. Maktos p. A. Joser Wiloth dealer in heavy and shelf hardware earner repair eng a specially. In meet All honorable Competition v

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