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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Dec 9 1897, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - December 9, 1897, Marble Rock, Iowa23 no. Ifs. Marble Rock Floyd county. Iowa. Dec. 9, 1897. Terms a year imitation imitation what does wean. Olio t see new they Are trying to act i stove to imitate our German idea kiss but they cannot do it Lor that stove is not made hat will an the work of the German Heater Jum Stormy Jordan of Ottumwa is m do of if i. I w. V j. Convicted this time it Means that Jor Jan will spend several years in jail and Piv about in ones which were suspended during his Twood be Havior. Jordan is Ihetu an Over whose door Hun the sign bearing the your roof on we will save you All this trouble and at least one j third of your Rufil by Selling you a genuine flue g hum a he . Downward dra t diving go where they Aro in use and sit with your feet under the stove and ask Famou inscription Road to hell the user How Thev to heat the floor so hot and hold the lire so Long with so Little fuel they will Tell you the stove does it All. 1 of do j the jury in the Christine Behrens not an entice or to stand and watch it first to open the draft to j murder trial at Devea Nort returned a keep the lire from out and then to close them to keep from setting j 0 in the first degree after being out Twenty Sis hours. Mrs. To hens poisoned her husband having As an accomplice a Ciao by the name of Bendt whose trial will come off this Weet the woman was sentenced to the Penitentiary Lor life at lard labor. General Lincoln of the l. A. C of Ames was offered the position of codger Sman the 7th District j adjutant general of the National is going to try to set a cavalry Post i guard by inv be refused it with reference to the last w. L. Nelson. R. A. Is. A v. To a. stove Lotife no. So. Common mention a cd Liy of before Ull Moon. Brothers in u Hobbrt Llauget. W. S. Ii. Davis Sec. I o. O. F. Marble Hock lose 362, inc ets thursday 3veiiing of Cari Tutek. Visitors invited. Ii. a Lodge a meets tuesday evening f Raci week. Visit id Brethren invited. c. C. A. K. Of r. B. J. L. Of h. Meet tie 3rd tuesday night in each month in j4d Fellows Hall. L. W. Korex kans 1 res. E. J. Ackley dec. Sec. W. Of a. Marble Kock Camp to. 1103. Lug Bur Tenet no second my Fourtly saturday of Utich month at Odd follow Sll All. I Piui Keig Viburs in Yood standing Are cordially invited to attend. A. 11. V. C. Ii. . Clerk. In. K. C. Elf Mtsat the Koine of mrs. Steurt tie 1st and 14 thursday of each month at 2 o Ulmont K. A. , i res. A i Eit Sec established at us Flo dues. The annual convention of Iowa sheriffs will be held in Des Moises it is settled that the new adjutant december to. A two Days session will general will be either col Rule of that he was a Soldier in the rebel army. U. A. Marble Hock i oel to. 30s, moots Flatt sat Day such month. W. B. Cius Tyiee adj. W c t v meets every thursday. C. T. Anklet com. , president. A. 5t. Mennias Secretary. A lurches. Be held. The battleship Iowa has been accepted by the Secretary of Xavy and h now ready for service. She is the Best of her class. Boone Iowa now has a free mail Detiveau. It was ordered More than three years ago but was not put into operation by the Cleveland Adt Ginistra Tion because of the Lack of funds. Congress met last monday the lows legislature will meet nest Janu Ary. Governor Shaw and lieutenant governor Milliman will be inaugurated january 14. The ladies gymnasium of Iowa col lege was formally presented to the College by the donor last tuesday eve Ning. This is one of the finest build Ings of its kind in the United states. The fees receive 1 by the state auditor for or Mali of amounted to last year they amounted to Only the increase a is due to the general activity which has Mason City or major Davidson of Muscatine. The executive Council has completed the canvass of the votes in the representative and senatorial districts and Secretary of state Dobson has finished an official directory of the nest Legisla Ture. The House will be composed of 02 republicans and 38 democrats and the Senate will hive republicans and 11 democrats. But one seat will be contested and that will be the seat of 1 representative John Christie jr., of the Hancock Wright Register methodist Freak Mil suntiaj9 at 11 a in. And t-30 p Jsu Forth league Inlet is at prayer meeting thursday even up. Prayer Kubi son pastor. A tips Ink ecu i rec Niue sunday at 11, in. Christinn and Caver incuts1 n Fol prayer wednesday Uve j. Will pastor. 5 sunday at 11 . P. Prayer Birtist. Preaching sunday in each month am a. p. In. Sunday school v Ery punday at 10 a. Services held in the Union school h. Gbi35t. Pm or. City Mic cars. Mayor e Tatua recorder h b Kosen crans treasurer. ,3 v Martin Street commissioner marshal Willard Kimny councilmen a c Mailum a. Ii. Walster u. Weber h Hugget r. J. Ackley. Union township school Bour pres Flent a a Olstei. . Ii b sies treasurer. John Gates Directo Jii Sills Staudt Harry Packman f. V Waln tur Lew i Mao Egbert Davis. 0 Madison Bine 7 town s Janil to i arguer y Chaemun 10 . Liasson la Andrew Gates. Scott township officers. Justices John Schermer lion s. Sours Cone tables George listed Ellis Blake town de Crowell Jake Garber a w timer Miles Marsh vim. Eichmeier. _ _ Scott to Vrh up school president e. Garter. Secretary mild win treasurer Chanes d Jer Ricc directors 1 John Fri shop 5 . S e c dec 3 mat Standt t j . 4 Wanatt s Jwj Ebrey 9 John Loojee. Come Over All lines of business. There were eighteen old members of the legislature who voted for Manu Fae Ture and to stent four who voted against manufacture or elected and that seven old members who voted Lor manuf nature and Sis who voted against manufacture were Defeated. Will Kern of Waverly is said to have Conley sed that his former Sweet heart Lyril Fales was the murderer of Vna father also implicating himself. Miss Fales and Kern or. Were not on j How to look Lonk Friendly term for sometime before the j arc than skin s death jealousy is said to have j on a Des Moines Iowa dec. The state treasurer s office is considerable agitated Over an action begun prank Shinn in the Federal court a1 Counci o restrain collection the s ate collateral inherit Anee tax in general lust Winter Shinn questions the constitutionality of the Law under the Lour Leniu Atu enu ment. Which provides that no state shall make or enforce my Law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of the citizens of the United state. Nor shall any state deprive any person of Lile Liberty or property without due process of Law nor deny to any person within i s jurisdiction the equal Protection of the the Case involves the estate of Frank Stewart of arson from administrator or which the state i attempting to collect the tax. Caused Young Kern s confession. The following Are candidate for he of he Iowa House for th0 coming session. J. H Funk of har Din county h j Weilert of Linn j f. Lavender of Calhoun w b Hauler. Of Blaik Hawk and w. G Lidd. Of Butier. Funk schema to be in i the Lead at present. Nil the vital organs if the liver be inactive you have a bilious look i your stomach be disordered you hate a i peptic look in your kidneys be Ai Jou Haven pinched Gnoth Rie Alth. You will surely Liao loud looks electric us prs is a Al Ergative tonic acts on the Kuzich liver and kidneys the 1 Blond curs pimple Blotch ind Hooili. And gives u Siori Cimpl Xii n every i wednesday week closed the open at a j a per is drugstore i m j Cen ii per season for ruffled grouse Washington letter. c. Phen Vin. F Clyde. Term of Conn 4th monday in january. Manaay in 2nd monday in september. 2nd monday in november. Hoard of lacing Lane chairman a Irneli City Phillip san Ltd Marble Hock Timothy pippin a Ockford b. S. Chic Hujter . Merrill Siles Heglas Meutine 1st monday in january. April. June and september and 2nd monday in Sov Ember. And now. Of the trip from which lie j , Hassid i Tnsko a Point of conversing with men in All of Hie and sought to get the views of those who were engaged in a variety of occupations. It was the Universal testimony and my personal observation confirms it that an Era of Prosperity has dawned for the United states such As has not blessed oar peo ple since the Good times we enjoyed under the Mckinley judge Day assistant Secretary of state settled All rumours connecting his Nauvie with the successor ship to attorney general Mckenna when that gentleman succeeds Justice Field upon the Bench of the u. S. Supreme court by stating that he had for personal Sessona declined the portfolio of attorney general president Jjo Kinley offered him. 60 far As anything to the contrary Trinin in judge Day finds his present petition congenial and has no intention of Leav ing it. With few exceptions Republican senators and representatives arc of the opinion that president handling of the cuban been such As to justify Mckinley s matters his in leaving n entirely in his hands. Many who were in favor of the House adopt ing the joint Resolution adopted by the Senate at the extra session declaring in favor of the recognition of the belligerency of the cubans now express willingness to leave the whole business to be dealt with by the presi Dent represent tire Cannon the Veteran chairman of i he appropriation committee said Jock Early of the Situa Tion i Don t know what m the world we shall do for speeches now that they have turned All the americana free chairman Cannon of the House appropriation committee speaking of the in neral poly of that committet1 in Ine Parins appropriation Bills at Ihie t Kolii in a not extravagant policy in making a and until our revenues shall oppose entering upon new enterprises requiring the expenditure of government As an expert upon financial matters there is Man in whose opinion car n is More weight than that of or Cannon he says that by the close of he present fiscal year the Dingley Tariff Bill will be producing sufficient Revenue to meet the legitimate expend o the government. As to the length of the session he said we should be away irom Here Rasih y the of june 1 he Dou to whether any important Leisla Ion Wil in acco Epli hed owing to the condition 1 tin is Nat. Tie chop Llonch Adolf. Flour flour. We wish to Call attention to our Brand of Clear quil flour which we Are Selling at a very close margin. We guarantee that no Superior flour was Ever placed in this mar Ket. We also sell fresh Graham Corn meal and buckwheat flour. Call and see us. Leo. W. Gates. Parker w. D , and Prairie else Kcjr and it i now in a lawful to Kiil any of the first two j species Rio to october i the. Washington. Dec. 3, Prairie Chicken season opening septem. Alter a careful and conscientious Ber 1. Dealers in game Given five study of the situation from a impartial Days to disc Ose of on hand and j and la interested Stan Iju not. Atid in the alter that it nth of time it is unlawful the observations which i have Forant person to have the Birds made run my armr i i candid named in their Possession Tho penalty Jilm t the we is for killing pop assets or a Raitio f us tin s of the Suu h4. Of Hettie i township Range 16 nil it f j d county Iowa find my Iii tie title theret be quieted in him tidal Jud be barred and Fuff a 1 Oil having or Clonin Jinjr adj r get or till thereto Advent to the Piwin Tiff. Unless you opt ear to Fri to Aid Nef Euit before Noti of the tiny january Erm. 1808, Ai i i trip court we try Nill on tie 2-Lth d of january 1898, to the url Hhuse i us Bales lows be Milt will enter my he Tainan. You unit n de Cree Renric Rirl pier Kay okd. V in Iff attorney a . Hwi to James b. And mrs. A Mes b. Bis w it Sylvester j. Slater and mrs. Sol water j. Slater his wife Jose h Ster. Siml or. Pm Slater Liis wife Ulii Rimini iou. And each of you. It a i i Bifid that Liere is now r of Trecle a of a d Floyd Harriet a. I inn v. Guv Oid. Nln i. Blood Minn e a it v. Burr As u and the sumant she no for clinic attn i Lal Forini. Once Zorc the Price lists choir going no mud Silver going Down at the same time. Thu fluctuations of the markets Sizow no respect whatever for the Chicago York world. Ever made As it has done so much for j Tats and in december to Tico the p s ii him and Lor others in his _ net Llinat. T Kex k e or Kite o new discovery is lbj4t we comry was Jusi oc-1 for Coors cold., and Gioma to fully the terrible i consumption. It Don t fail. Trial. Effect of and free Sci jul new liver Stirn Init and intestine Ali aug m j free at a. J. Asper 4 Droe enabled him to form More vivid in c. Are a Luri or Niode of the of strut Between Tea h. D. Muss fun d. C for their so dwt Serwe of Patent attorneys Otto f. L. Lii. I e. De claim Iii tha Thuv up the in few lots in it Olin of e.4 of sep. .111-3 x 17 p. In. 96 in. Umic to. 1b of on if i m., bed l to x 4. In i if sir by Section no. 4, in township 9t, nor h of in. 18, the i fifth p. M., and the or Lii if tent their or either of you nod also that Jou be barred and stopped from j Linvin or claiming title or right to j the aforesaid premiere Adverse to the j named or Filber o thew. I Kow unless you appear Thor to and j defend before noon of fhe second of the term of the District court of flood county lows to be on the 2-Lth Day of january a. D. Default highest Market pried get j will be engred Agu icat you and decree Price 00 cattle before i Reou Irwi a prayed. A w. For Dekler id live Stock. Marble souk Iowa

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