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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Dec 7 1882, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly (Newspaper) - December 7, 1882, Marble Rock, IowaFarmer is Friend South Besl Indiana. Oily i Fly Ceils to circulation j c my. It to for pre Aizuss club Thrift it j of a new Rock Aula Ait my Vigoa taws the plug Mac mint. Frit farm to t be Conru Lite i of Uri Torr tin s for the it 1 aim ant Coli Ribatt t Witolf malice toward stae and Charity for terms s1.50 per annul in Advance volume Marble Rock Floyd county Iowa december 7, 1882. Number of tit of Moj Tiv Huit of Jour a and our Lui Iriri Friend publish Iii co j South kind cheapest Money f. A. Roziere. Loan real estate broker chalks Clov Iowa. This new map i Rynta Buxo in or reasonable question that tit Chicago North Western railway u by All Best Road for you to take when True ring in either direction Ana of in the carefully map. of the West and North Iro stations on this its in Mingli Tuluii close connections with trains of All 31 Junction Points. Xegot4.vtks Loans on improved at fewest obtainable Kates. To prompt Invin men Itti Clio Ico Serai it 1 offer incl Vail. I terms. I Atu a Vitus to set Ilav i or consummation of Meit Viilu to Security is if foot i Itil Ficili Clugage insects can a All Tii Iii Rol u i upon. F. A. U021hxk. The Chat Agio a Ula Walor nit it r Nis Way daily from two to Muiir or More fast exp rps trains. It Only Hose nor. I or Northwest of Chicago cars. Al.tu5dihnir.in" 1 will Mai ski Jaiup or of ii 900 matk Fth my u the follow Init trunk Una Oji Ili l Hilf i i in my Iii Ota a i ciitni1 t a r Ham t Lin Olla to i. Katl i Man dam Dii say a Alley. I a Tufts a it Ilont Walkr i. Maui Genii Northern o a this Road ill in ticket a Enle in the l Nutell St Tow Ami heme to for 1 in i vent Lii Sar they k Ott it. Vid take Ute Ether. T. G to l Paw. Agent i i Aii i c. As. r. Or it. Pc i us. I Bat town h i Jill ii ice. And Dju Vvs 4 of the Ratut tonic i May. I Naoma Afao it reliable remedial a mod St. Joseph i Fig co to. Winona Wagon co our tag on stands on its own merits rom not in fat a Mem a Murat pars tag pm pita Mph of do act and pow Eiful toss use i. Era certain easy Ouick cheap. T a take it r t i is now made for air Cath year and a record of i h to tie first Mac has a Hong Jolo while compel i Baacl Hrutki Uig have been for on of or two seasons and sumo of them Are advertised year for to win Tittio. In to not Terv in Nils Anil i i lightest Jamiat Gitt. Host dual but Best Umoh Jed Marnise a Tho Iivo i guv e Truu t i Iii inc in the Tutt s ptll8 act diet cult cd tic Ifcic a cart a mud free a of 4 r or. 4 co. Tit Aid Fiumos. That h Kip pm and i which for the Benefit of roller skim to bed. The Ceasr of 4 l t in tort re. M traveler. Why a use a could it did it Hare Theo i Don t Wadi any Curlew. Anything that had wings and could Fly and Dulu t leave the country i Loti t want f or my Diu a bal Lini�re Belle by in ferried policeman. His beat wa.1 front of Oer for Over Yew mod she noticed that Feuerer snored. An innocent part who an Orion Grid Iligir a Monkey for the rat Limiti Eulai sued that thine one of them ant that we read a labourer i Don l oat to that firmer. Confounded Fence a Are nil barbed wire and 1 can t get m Nuu Ute i rest climbing Don t think Dat Bucauto a pot a face Ain t no if Ovid Uncle Mose. De Monkey is Al Ien grinning but lie Don t get off near 0uch Good jokes a de elephant health journal insist upon reposing on the right Side Only Ana claim that it injurious to lie on both sides but we dont know where they will find a health Ioukina Wjt us guru Uruu ii yarn. A firl from Cincinnati kept on grow ing and though she dieted on Battah for a Jetish. Id vain the tried to kit Tab All tie Adt postal Pattah till the doctor said she d Betta Stop her Beah. A stranger called forty eight differ ent housed in Clerland and Salced is the Boss there we no mail Home a any Cue instance Nad yet forty seven of the women replied Yea sir what do you they Don t have Rains out West a Cloud just up Tut it Nimes a town and then collapses just Over it. Nobody escapes but the newspaper re porters and Book Constitution. I hate that exclaimed Fil Kuson in a passion she Cim tinned Don t Jet 5 with Jit a you. Picky. Ii pfc should know How feel towards him he d be so Strek up you would t be nolo to touch a Fli a ten foot an Effort a to 1 e made to i. Tera in Salt la to. . It As though it mini done if they go no it oysters a sed irom both lug House soup but a Ernul Vigi Lance is the Price of oysters it Sho Siul in he Cnoc Homo the Oiler night in a ruin soaked Well a out. What have you to said his belter Hall for Houie in such a by try con inv was Bis answer Vej to a common Dent asks what time of year do tie Days been to Wliam you have a note in Bank. A note in Bank is a annihilator of time. The Days Are crowded together in thin layers and the nights Are like m smear from m blacking a voter. Little Tina Mcm who had been nit Titi Wutti nil ice urus Lur but Fiat Viiu Tea As if pondering some wig hey problem of life suddenly excl Uruu aunt a Etc by Ted trying to think what business up. And flu Deci Jtj Miuchu u by a hypocrite would Tou do if you were i and 1 were tenderly inquired a oui air swum Yihia lady Friend As he is cot Uhl her Home from Church. oho if 1 Wero you i would throw away that tile cigarette Cut up Tny a tue for fire Wood Wear my watch underneath my coat Anu slay at Home at Nighta and Pray for a gentleman in Troy he received circuit aboard ing school in which includes letter from a grateful Patron who writes i will not Apo Loizu for writing you who have been a Factor in Tantal development of Daugh Ter. I feel ratified for this efflorescence and Awre is no one who has acini ulsted her More than yourself. ism or Subtle Charm with w Ike you have invested your the Road has a one for it give Lei inc a i red Conception of the of All earthly things when he sees the commander of a bar Ber shop a head As Barren to thu Bottom of a Wash bowl and then re feds Bis on a bottle of hair to produce hyperion curls on a Bald head in three Nontha. What s the crowd queried a stranger a he noticed a Stream of Visi tors Goins into a Ion Able residence. If s a Silver obligingly re plied his informant. What s a Silver Why a Chap s been mar ried Twenty five tinie.1, and to id a cell of it in new York wently Twenty five Young men were Given instructions on practical and scientific plumbing. The practical part it is presumed consisted in tearing up Worth of flooring to repair r. 40 cent leak which was located m another place while Tho acion Tiric portion comprised the Art of making out a Bill. The obliging visitor to show that h is re fully fond of children and thru the dear Little one is not annoying him in the least the i try to Irnel Trot How by not we Mhz with it Lovo i tilt Una uncool awl Mournful Ibe murmur the foliage Hotd of the winds of a Mcivor to ppr a cd. She we cur i cuu touch bar band awl Ibe a Nibi at my. To Lay 11 re up Vuic a in Grant mrm nil of Fer Elk in baud yet Kab to be fur omit thu but fell on do land a us of us she plucked a of the a Branch of the Locust Bloom but milk White Zealor face and their aim Pitt i odor m of of Vatai Sod doom and Down where be Wynten Wen fal Haf Amoeo us Pia iut or a Bird la of Foin the were sued at by the or the and Ity in kit of Len Tim to. Or they to j and by tried tint mtg Fri beat d thu k 4 tet e to us uie by of thu amur of Tore that Intok w it at Rel by the rivet and Besun Nas Low in us West in Iro Lilen Kluj world we for tue Buhrt was frit fend toy we f a no in it Tut Montt Ami murmur foil Ivy Uii win Dpi of summer c Stio we there we Una Dijt room for our a Trwin Date i Atta to play and to m ilk who it of tic Bloom it Cru Abod crumpled Tel Rich perfume. As Content on it of till or the Bio Bedria that to tour and the died in k Roj flt from Ahll to it in a by nah fell a it rsm that won Low and wort Ami lit waved Rull cil up when be wave Leta aim vhf majr for Joy Thuc to Etc Floom a Fly fled Krc n Lover they cd inv to Kroc Hii brio in inv mount tin of a Civ toy tie Vul Pyi of at Bis we Femc in Pence from the River tilt Pun Wiy to n of mail too Xiu with hut id i that bad 017 eyes. And of won it int it it bit Altneu witty borrow of tied to tier till my ulivo to my lot e was hut of Puvion of who shall can an 1 it to Rit of n he Phyll Prev or Milf Rawe the Cui Taitt Lime Blyce Ita Tuuu a it Elf to or to ban o thy him in it r f to Tiutko is Tomt Ninatti heart of a Man Ami 1-i Tuc puss Ion of Lugo. Of love or r in or Ducat. A Tab Well Benton hate i seen the Tat of them really i begin to Baliero my a Lur use lieu t reached the of eve urn Man in London out of employment nut not yet am i fully Sotl stud with thus i addressed myself half to my in Early May for two hours i lad been interviewing Aho roof men All anxious to obtain the situation of my Pri duty secret i by. I id had in ill sore Hundred let ters per Hajis but Frum these i selected to Twenty. Nineteen of whom i Lind already seen. Usu Ilie one the of who per hips Hud put Piffl me most had not yet put in an Thiru is one Young person below Rupo Odets Llya Sou but it s not it. Man sir. It s a Yong a Tui tar what can a woman want with my Howu tur i will her. A Liiv her up a few minutes later a Ringling of skirts informed Nio thai my latest Visi Tor had Arn Rcd upon the scene. I looked up to and a Young lady of Twenty perhaps simply. Scuibbi by tin Weil. But a Pai Ruf Ven pretty eyes which were Tiki nor to in with an Wii Icli Hud i then a Man would have inspired .1 in chef of n note Fra Yon thai Morni Forf or. In a voice w Rich it Oncy d re tin us. A note from i stammered a amaze. Without further argument she Rose the table by Side no Unotcy Sidney Grant resumed her sent. Tiie was not quite Correct you we.11 she continued Bui 1 am Sidney gnial11 to i for mile i explained half half amused. I am a Bachelor and living in Bachelor i inferred it was a a fun you wished to till the . But inns Nurah Tho duties occupied Only certain hours Dur ing Tho Day 1 thought it might be equally Well filled by a woman i am very desirous of such a position. I am a Good and rapid Penman and. If sex is not Aji insurmountable obstacle i think that i might give you sati Tunc Tho idea she presented me was entirely Nowr vet i Reid knew no Reft Why a woman should not do As Well m Aronn. If she had no objections to i it mid have and to or in mtr it. Iii. Of course Ivaa All mental but Sidney Grant Ronic fifty in uts Lintur Nuu to it was understood that from the following monday the hours Between Tun and four belonged to me. Of Honbiu Eragon of a certain valuation. Monday morning i wakened with n sensation that something you Pual about to happen. A Fomo ments consideration resolved the some thing info the fact Liat my new that Day to enter upon duties. When j in tired the i had ordered prepared for her i Foum. Ner Ai Rundy at her Pust Jour hat a Al cloak were Laid aside and up a to hid nit 1 it the sudden Dis cover in stood my this Dis rotary me but i colder Acil More Weru a Cavarly and i tried to make her understand he duties. For a i would is the by lore Hur a of my but Laft when she prow Tycus Tomed to my Mode of expression. I would merely indicate the tone of the to Pons whether negative affirmative. Or to info hence Eithfl r. Grasped my very Jmc Kir. And Al three o clock nuni me her or with one or iwo Ibex a two weeks along even thing or Kim Mooth Lyv when my Dence by Calm Nidorf inv Hud Loiue building was being done under my i a action and t was obliged to inspect plans and so into Udu Uto to that part of the time Milf Grant would Only perform the manual labor at Niy dictation. U was wonderful How much new irk Goine i found Tho task than 1 bail in ticiuated., Tow fears i and had in the beginning thai my Secretary would at to nil to fascinate to Dii a. Her re serve and dignity equalled my own. Ily Secru Jary had Boon with me weeks stud further than that Sho wad Idt ious in her duties and infinitely charming. I knew nothing. I have Fob Una to state that just at ibis period i was placed in a most delicate and try ing position. By the terms of my Usu be s will 1 to Nurry my Cousin Trio Leigh or forfeit to her one half the tiie. The hitter consideration would by do eans have kudu cd 1110 to give div hand without my heart since i was of in by Tihin try Prev Ureil with world s Grodd but 1 Felt bound in Hon or to out my Uncle s wish so far is meeting my Couin whom i had not seen since a child and endeavouring if to make her Tho offer enforced upon me by he generosity. I found her a very Beautiful girl but utterly cold and indifferent in it certainly however i told Luyo Elf would not be difficult to learn to love her Aud i resolutely tit myself to the task yet at Tho end of i was no nearer the result than at Luo beginning of that period. One Driy when i Jint left miss Grant to her duties my Butler Blar led to by the announcement that mrs Aud Thor Leigh Hall honoured me by a Call. We arc so anxious to see Yon in a our Bachelor Apar Lineni. My dear exclaimed my aunt As i a Elcuri de her i Cupul not resist the impulse to bring Alice to see you. Now you roust Lake us All Over and show us everything1." not i said As Wal entered the Library Aud my aunt had moved to wards Tho door her Quick had detected. That is my but us Fate would have it hearing my voice and utterly unsuspecting any thing so unwonted As visitors. Miss Grant wishing to Alk me Sonu question her self opened tie door. For n moment the ladies regarded each other la silence then a buying Blush miss Grant withdrew but not before my Auto had drawn Berwolf up with conscious virtue and chilling disapproval. she to Alice we have evidently Madu a mistake in our intrusion. Will remedy it a far As we May by bidding Jour Cousin Good you must not misunderstand the position however i replied eagerly. The Young lady whom Joti ave just Soen ii myies Scurf and i Only am to Blamo for having brought Alice waa the haughty reply and the two ladies so Apt out of Tny doors. Litaud troubled and , fora moment then went into study. Miss Grant busily writing but i Iier fact wad very Pale and i wondered if had overheard my at mtg words. She did not leave me in doubt it will be two Monthel to Morrow or. I entered non my engagement with you. Will you kindly accept this Short notice of my Resigna your resignation you wish to me just when you have Learned to understand All my ways and have to no dependent Ripon so dependent it Ltd i really not Rcd those wonk and having uttered could i retract them a thousand now ideas went whirling through my brain but her Toice calmed them. I have known she said that my position Here waa somewhat an anomalous Omi but t thought i could reconcile Ita necessity to myself. I find that t am wrong. Than its to your generosity or. Courtney my need a not so great u when i applied to you and i shall doubtless be Able before Long to find some other employ Tuitt but How Ever this May to 1 shall always feel for you thu de exist gratitude-11 you say you will be grateful Sid i answered. Then prove it by a again inf Wilh me. I cannot do with my Secretary but we will Jhc the Post another cannot do with out my wife. Sidney Darling when you stole my lie Art i do not know but 1 think on that tint morning when i determined to Harden it against the Wiles and fascinations of Sidney so t won my wife and my Cousin Alice came into half my Uncle s a traveler we leaning at night against a railing at the ferry Railroad station. A locomotive came along and he sprang lightly Orer die rail u escape possible danger. Lit thought it a Meadow on Tho other Side but knew mint air when struck in a Muu Stream Furt Frh piles. J ii rely a sense it Ruhl tin in a pres jut of in stomach eur. A -2 -i-.urr. Like Perm ration pro Icin crr u Teri a. Itching panic Bra at to jilt Ling in bed. H Ion at in Del. i i it. Pc. 1 Konof or. Wei Floc acts directly the of. I ice Ltd ab0orbing the Tui Urs. J the o o o 9 us p s de up q o 413 n b Enlal a co. Of Wilke dealer trims satchels Joseph Merrill in n fool.1 a Baa ii for Era fut. Lamb chops looked in this Way i it Thorn in a frying pan with a Verj Lilile water so Little thai in bowl by the time Ziy Ray fat is tender then Pui in lumps of buttts with the meat and let it Brown slowly there a ill to a Brown Crisp surface with a flair or. Serve for Bru Ilkka it ill Jwta Loes Ctet cd Chook Small and i i Liitt boil until they Are tender dram off the water Over them while Mill in the Kettle at least one Teacup fail of tin Isle to Tom smooth in i even Whf Post. The necessity for Reform. If would Only follow the Noble rent Nolc of Reforno mar be i in Munici Al a Olivics by thu my incr i fax what a country thid would j by. Aim Thoj must do it common j it necessity demands it. J 1 be Titus is when Yoa must spend j Conan tineral la Concy where a if w of j would effect a pfc cd Core is Necic i in tic Louse bold. Hereafter when of the fam ill Are suffering front in digestion headache Flitcr or their uis. To o wiil Lave no . Stable sewing machine co 30 in of s3u4ve.hew Chicago. Ill. Orange. Mass. J. Ano 2 j 5c
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