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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Dec 3 1891, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - December 3, 1891, Marble Rock, IowaC4 j5 vol. 17 no. 18. Marble Hock Floyd county. Iowa. Dec. 1s1h. Marble Rock weekly. It of Lii hit a and j new Nytody present ieotne.1 to i i a very thursday Knapp Bro s. What is Mon blessed to u ice than to j Loti . . Is a True baying what cheers the heart More than the smile on the Little ones faces on Christmas if Yon want to make them happier buy your goods of George e. May Charles City Iowa local s flu 75 . Wheat to of cents Oats to to 27 cents. Corn to 30 Ilos to h 30 1 j Tiai in Hen. Bring in your Jab work. A trifle Muddy these set Clawge ii Datis Bro s. And. B. J. spent sunday at Springs. Wilson men was a to Koeford wednesday. X. Of a Beifield was in Tern i Tus House j 1. Shul by Stairi acc car. It. J Al. And mis Ullie avid Jour i Beith of this place. F lie Dius reuse but Sci an editor sin i his wife that Bis if to i rights while he writes things Ioki i j Geo. Sharp North of by weight Aid 89 j kit Eli and 20 of Corn who my it it i Catarrh cured health and j secured by Shioli j Catarrh Kennedy. I Rise 50 cants in i Geetu Asper co. J what s the diff trance Between a i prohibitionist Tad an eld i Why the latter full of drams and the of scruples wednesday. Week and Hope our readers will Bear i Charles Dean of Reckfort wac in with in this and a will try town monday. Not eat so much of the festive Fiul go. Clark of Charles City was in town manday. He has Large Lixe of a Akca issuing at violins guitars banjos acco Deom Plush goods lace goods leather cases games etc., Etc Geo. E. May Charles City la. Farmers Headquarters for hardware tinware earn Tetra saddles Fly nets sweat pads kinds builders hardware nails the celebrated Eli Barb wire the celebrated Merw Ngian stirring 1 Laws walking and lading Cain flows Graphite Axle Greete winding Tome a specially prices lower than Ike lowest Obi a harvesters and molten. Elan Wenj Mills buggies and Road Vic Aai supplies of is Eastern you Ever play Western boy hatching the i this but i once got caught to hits the sick a drove of lamp crud list last week. One open Pace Silverine Stem wind wat Eli one elegant Nickle plated stand banquet lamp. One Nice Dresden China clock. One pretty bisque dressed a minis doll. One pair costly flowered China vases. One Good Plush album. All to be Given away on new year s Bay Dpi acc w so Al u a a Georgia minstrels at the opera uau89 dec. Sib i there a Rumor that m select j k. K. Ortix his bar in the a intr i strict near i Cicoria min will lie Given the opera House sense to i to i in i the Riim rms be urn Fred last tues j Locklor 1-nday, and Wil of Iron it 8n can anyone Tell what Clay u ilm Usk j blk 5li" Hrent Cycz . To King warns mourning lot will Lorr a wry Hai zone to Garner to n for v Iles i a dumber the Iii Iii for Ohrt or in the school at that Punec. Sue Mil v 11 i Iran the Barbers Trade. A raw ill., Lor a snort visit. and Date. Bib. Stray i Wilits Mil wry gone to Garner to learn the Barbers Trade. Mrs Walt Daris Aid son visited at Cedar Kapidis last week. Robert Huggett wan Down to water lira the first the week. Leo. Bultz want to Chicago Sun. N. Rose Oknins left hut Kisiday for j i a dumber the i a raw 111., for a Short visit. Miss or the at i. Graniero Senkins accompanied him. By of Sha will attend school at that place the Louig people of Marble miss Smith has been on Tho coming year. J of friends and j sick list Tho weekly with Hor the her new i Miles Carat ban sold Tuc Coli Man which he Paro hosed Luc j to Toa Garter. Or Carney will Field of labor. Up Jiorle of Rock s Tor ending nov. 27, Al. Enrolled for ice ii Day morning with Stock out Good Mother was on the Bicic j a Arm of Liin , known As the Bret of this week. From. Daniel Al Iowa Klim Nini pent str in this City. I at Ahnrae he with orca j nor tardy Tfaye proceeds of the school entertain in his lie us part of i Rummy amount Dio Elf t Laft Friday for a Litvac will Numis or enrol Levi Tuo Beys Are great spar i a Sor " i Ani Danci these Day Hunting rabbits. A s w a b 1 j Ortii. I i cry Avrun l if . Lbs i or. Viljar of j Nora i in town. J la Lols j Tho Smith pros have an i i Art elegant menu uni Larne other two seated Bossy to their . J a to i Tea by Kavc 1 he i Tauoa of our it idols our j7 to the advertisement of Muon a j who i Isle no solicitors in in outlier j Gold Only by 0. R Hokk wooo. Igloo Chas. T. Rex m i ii ii Lumn. Their Nii Rae in familiar to throughout Tho country. In i of i i Cun auction with the Public Cotton the i the Sty com a Kcjr now Papor Man or. Huie of diaries City was i is is in a Nuriu Lyrll .i., f., i 1.1. F to limit neither no i for the past forty Vars. Mihov huts made of ii draw a we hoes ill in ill prof. Will Ijo Ith of work 13 to cons Rio. It tron i go spent thanks jmj in this City. I not in a Nyitray Winnie Dora to or. And hrs. L. A circa i 1 Der an 8 Pound girl on dec 1st, till t i ij2u Steyrl the opera Tricy Java tour cred in Llic Best Mills mus Fier of stack Ford War j you to tar guest of min Bertha Akeley last week. Read what Geo. M3v of Unity Lias to to this week. Miss Millie of Twiby of Rockford was i Klupp in Ami for a stain i a touts i Ruric a Var a cd or than j sort lilt Ilien i j noir. I i in Minnio Stewart. Yeti Itrat j no try this. I Jiann a Lautej t b relic Ilu to j it will Cost nothing nil Rill i taif St Stop of Harrio Ackley Clyde pcs Tyau j f i a i Lynu or ill town rep fort came the Tucan Hez. Garber s Little Jirl had one of her a tin shop in connection. Job work and repairing a specially. All work warranted. S. I Malater r. F. Wilke dealer in week. C. F. Beelar and d. G. U Ines la wart Charlie City visitors one Day Lait Creek Misi Gran Watkins. Of Rock Ford 13 Iii Ting with her sister mrs. S. H. Daizi. Or. And mrs. Or. Haylei and son Justin their Eastern visit Lut week. Wilts. Koy in Tours. I. L. . . Of or any trouble with i Hsc of Volt for and Coftus in s1 u. Wilkow. D ii thu k i Wii i Wei i in i n i i i fill t l i b. Ablated abort i Ami j Lawt a tilt a if 0 Cru led Muncy by f v. I was shipped j Amiga Lilly Iron found i j r i Liis Wilace for burial monday. I number Lii Diness j the thing and under ii use l Uli ii. J. V f i i i i am Rico Virv. A petition it being signed by All tin i 1d it for Anula Boito at our expense Aid lean von will Lipini your sri f to Ltd How r i i a petition it being signed by All 1 bit Siuess men a town asking for a igbo Biazi on trains 5 and c. We should hive it. Two mails each Way daily ii As goed for is a adjoining . Charles Coli ipod John Jesmore trial bold jct Ricc .11 us Nellie Ackley Lillia Sievera Lla Itie i store silo soc and litter Florence Imus Kinney Flertie Angell Lidiia Maynes Tarn a irs Quaca the school entertainment Given Hay sure. Witchall. J the opera Hoase last Sata Aday ploy crab Roe. Oct Rule Cdo Noc in d. 0. took a trip through we Anlo Luell i ,-.rtie Willa Campbell. The Western part to. Sute the first j Jue to of tic of the week. Ilderton Mckuy will take Kant Bex s u team but in the Walker District Star blk Ford. That backing Lough can by i icky cared by Shiloh s can we Gus Antte it. Asper a. Co. I a. A Wal hts nn1. Hor no boys Don t say any bins in Mason a Lew this sir ii. Ii c a i ulna j and foreign Pali ints Upp. U. 5, 1 j office Wasli Ingunn c. Flour 1 v part meets for their hard work in Drill i of c ing to Little enea in their different dumber enrolled parti. Marble Koik Haa a corps of average daily attendance a Schirs that Shn May Well 11 1iiies Lilje from neither Swient nor in Wii be l. Vij. F , teacher i or i in Lii visa , i a of by in Arvater. L. F. Jiw i will Pierce Kiy Harrison. Harry j i Jim Pillow slum Holder. A. K. S i and j. C. Miller brat . H. J. .1. Mill Mattie , Hiram that Little scrap be had or. Of Lilc v.0 with the Wagon i Wallace has been Here several weeks a. I a Amber mrs. Winchell who been in lilo Offit or. . Vallace Are stopping ours of tardiness Wisconsin for Tine returned i. Laces sister mrs. W. A. N of Liose Nai her to Sattof the week. I i Lor the present bit will go to mrs w. Farney and litre i pc i Mettle Turk. A Ila Harrison visiting with or. Carneys folks i a Lubbard. Lla Itie a Lubbard Creek the past week. Surprise Paft j Steeple a u i to i.1 thai terrible Doug. Of Illus. S cure is the it Enwiya Tor Yoa. Asper it i iou will v suffer with dip resin and r Greene Tyrone Iii Raie. W. Crash. Lercy. I ii for i h. U. Exira. Iia Racasi j Wolfjr s t i i tit in full c. L. J. Rotary frolic and conv Ancer. Mil i i Iii Agi it. I Mir t i Milf. A i i it of tilsit Milon ill it. F. I avenge daily 19. Spec inner cases. S. H. I filch. I rouble with neuralgia i Viseu a. Aau in Lucr. L no Iichi Wiur so sent nor uru liver on sprint Shiloh s Viii or ii ill la Hon their. Of the Ma-1. Ita a la Iota m can in. Asper t o. Iamont Lilly Strong and Sadr Inonu i. I up 5 1. I. Ii c t Lui Kas added a he larger j Thyret a Llie is t list Are i he j of arc Ellirt Vii ii ild a Jivco to an i flirt ii it -r-.-o. Fell a-.f.i-, Ujj. R. In Jivraj . in. 111., l to. I Mil Moro this v a barrel def f w Bav a very Robus indy to s. B. Llantin us i Virv big is was inc Rabii i Clark this a " Clr combo Loki cinc w might w file ii. Tisoc Forth Tii of on out Jioji Lor two weeks. Rely. Ii i co. Oci ice in co ii like a will he a of. J v s i i apples Abnir to hit shop and its a to. 5uiri oka., is to be no with the times i r -1" an Kila . Elder Kas Yrtti Dan Speal a few Days at . Alter Etest Injo a "01. Our director Hutnek. i. Is no kelp a. Tailoring so -1 w j in Lonj tsa1 i t. Lis j if Grants to Ofalt is Eccl. An. Ivert was or Rise Pirty at and. A tic with an the Junt Willow i we will Roish then with a ire Mas it to Kandy Nicot. The Aluir bean Laiful ump. Bottomed Slair to in. A i i being Mia to tint i shich of diff Treut Kinin j Erncr m them warn if i in niger in until an i Are not interested in Trot Ife 0 in. C. E. In Jushaw mrs party spent u Kour i l with the res i a. Owlia. 0. Had five Kever t Edsali l Levy to i to attended the funeral of or id visiting having a Good Oister Eric connection with Wii Katts it Cedar fills last in fans Wal. Abent ii Ile gladly Grant for n 0. 0. Hopkins it now rep Lori by a Ifni All or 10 is0 inf c. R. S. la Llast had of Tor Kul i i should a in or. I Traiani ak4 few it Fie sent bring or. Tii Ikezi by r i j Are. L. Lily five Cir 1 of " it v in a a live i. T. I
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