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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Dec 2 1897, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly, The (Newspaper) - December 2, 1897, Marble Rock, IowaVol. 23 no. 17. Marble Rock Floyd county. Iowa dec. 2, 1s97. Terms a year imitation imitation what bean. Ohol. I new. They Are trying to get a stove our German Hea eks but they cannot do it. For thit it not made that ill do the work of the German healer. Go it where Iro in us and sit with Jour feet under the stove and it it ukr they manage to heat the floor to hot and hold the fire so Long with to Little furl they will Tell Jon the store does it All. You do need to stand and watch it first to open the drifts to a top it firs from it Biog out and then to clone them to keep from getting four roof on we will Tare Yon All this trouble and at least one third of your fuel by Selling you a genuine downward dra t diving German Heater. W. L. Nelson. A. A a. M. A. V. no. Asi. Or a ton vat lbs in Good Undine the eco Joe. V. M. 1.1. Davit Bee. I. O. O. F. Hock Todte no. I Thun Dit itt Blac wok. Ylinton cordially invited. A Poitr Damiun u. A set. K. Of a .n.sw, meet tue Idar 1 1 Mca wok. A living Brethren to rated. W. B. Void Hui. C. C. A. X. Of r. B. T. L. Of h. It cat Ltd tuesday no Jet in month j44 Kail. L. W. Roix huns pet. M. To. Of a. Harble Keck comp to. 44s8. Regular a meet u Alcraa Tonth of etch month to i yell own v lilting Jiel Ghiors in Good atut Lif cordially matted to attend. H. Clerk. A tits. lit Tae Home of in. Stewart the lit and m taraday of month at 2 o clock p. M. My. K. A. Siti is Tvr vet. Fec u. A. R. Luck Fott no.306, frs saturday Mck w. B. Adj. C. T. A Kkt com. Hmm the radar. Mrs. , 1 raid Oak Kai. A. K. A Buu Secretary. At 11 a m. And to a Epworth league meeting fret by taif Thart Dit veiling. W. W. How mox filitor. Cirii Itjin sunday at 11 a m. Chr Titian meet at Prajer meet the wednesday Ito. J. Wat Valt cts. Pastor. Sundays at 11 to p. M. It Sjef meet lne Tuen my Venini c. E. Calkins pastor. Sunday in Jack tall a. M. P. M. Sunday school m. Senigla Bell in the h. Bast Factor. W. H. Flenning will he the got private Secretary and we. Messenger and janitor of the executive rooms for the Neit two years according to gov elect Shawa appoint ments Shaw announces that he will appoint col Joseph d. Mcgar Range of pcs Moines As custodian. Col Mcgarraugh has held several offices of Trust and will undoubtedly make an Excel ent officer. The state teachers association will meet at die Moines december 27 to 30 inclusive. President Jordan of the Leland Stanford or University will the principal address on tuts Day evening december Sisty. It is thought that the attendance this Jess will reach one of the most ridiculous verdicts Ever Given in the state waa the one in Novak s trial at Vinton the Man according to All the evidence was either guilty of murder in the first d e it Cost Uncle Sam liver the mail to the City Moines the year. De Des judge Spurrier of do Moines who recently resigned a judgeship in Polk county concluded to move to a Kansas. Judge Spuner is a demo pop a Friend of the judge to whom the above was related last evening timoted that in bidding t Ardwell to Iowa and migrating to the Spurrier had in View the gratification of Long entertained political ambitions which being denied him in a state overwhelmingly Republican he might seek to attain by casting his political fortunes in Iowa a state the Antithesis of Novak has he Eto aped tilt at to a. Boom. It to b f. E. Oates Tunrer. ,.j George Smith junk Al Willard Kimny c Dail Axil a. , h. Weber it in get k. J town atop school p. H b Tieni. Pihs tors Hariton Blue 7 8 10 11 Andrew Gate. Jamea Parcher of toot blk of Fleora. The Meroni s. South Ellis Bluit Cowk mimic a a w Wuttur Marsh and vim. Towo Phlp school Board. A Mideast k. W. Tarber. Otott y Baldwin Tom near i , directors 1 f x w Oarb 6 . Witter. T pc Spaulding t it Mingham 6 jew Jeffrey i Jean Loewe. C. Sherwin i. F. Clyde. To Mao in Jai aary lit in Luy 2nd monday in september. Sod cd airman state Tia War Richha Alcue amur 1. C. Merrill Charles City Merme Rock Rock fwd Radd haitian monday in january. Jau i sep taper and 2nd monday in in Jiu utt.w.ptrker w. To and Tunu of Cruitt Ammu . R a. Frank Oak k p Wamer. T k wicca cd cd wind protect your Wrim John Gree or not guilty at All. Cause to be thankful that the Gallows. An Young lady miss Alice Kaufman of Des Moines was highly honoured at the dedication of the Rocke Feller Ball at Vassar College recently being chosen to Tad the procession which went to the Hall to perform the ceremony. Miss Kaufman is president of the senior class of the College. Iowa is again at the front. According to the new code if a per son sustains injuries by falling on a defective aide walk be must cumme Oce Hig action against the town within ninety Days and service on the City Council must be at least thirty Days in Advance of such suit previously a Perron had two years in which to commence his suit. Iowa s Butler product is to big that it fills 100 Ordinary trains of thirty three care each. The value of it is not Leas than the Daven port Democrat wants to know Why we make such a fuss about Klondike which sends Down an occasional f . A Joung Man from minn., by name of Jacob Pussar came near being lynched at spirit Lake Fri Day under the impression that be was John Overmiller the murderer of John Legal. The sheriff got him of to jail after a brisk skirmish and when finally the truth out As to who he really was be was released with pro Luie Apoi Ogies. He was arrested at Marshall town. W. E. Bullard of Belmond. Iowa has announced himself to be a Candi Date for the position of Secretary of the Senate at the Corning session. Or Bullard was Secretary of the last regu Lar session but was not a candidate for re election at the extra tension on account of the Legal troubles which will remembered. Or. Dullard waa cleared by the courts and hat decided to enter the race for his old position Warren w. Beckwith of it. Pleas Aat Iowa who recently eloped with the daughter of boat. T. Lincoln is direct descender of two scottish Kings. Robert Brace and the Beck with of Yorkshire and can Trace Bis Uek to 1066. He is also connected with some of the oldest in the United sums. This Branch of been a the u. The session of Congress now about opening will be one of importance Ai it trill be brought face to lace with questions of the gravest Coose que Ces pertaining to both foreign and Domestic politics. First of All the cuban question is certain to come of for some action at a regular stage of the session and it is not believed that any consideration of conservatism can prevent some sort of recognition for the struggling insurgents at the extra session a Large majority of both houses favored such action and it Wae Only restrained in the House because that body was not fully organized be ing without Laws or rules and wholly Wash Eton letter. Washino Toh the Fitt draft of his annual message to Congress and today it was read at the Cabinet meeting and every recommendation it contains was unanimously up proved As it will be by the Republic Cin party at Large when it is made Public. Some Effort has been made by the democrats to give the Public the impression that differences existed to tween the president and Secretary Gage As to financial legislation that should be recommended to Congress but it can be stated on the highest authority that All stories Are purely imaginary. The president and his Secretary of the Treasury and in fact his entire Cabinet Are of one mind on Thia subject and president Mckinley be tevet in the possibility of securing financial legislation at this session of flour flour. We wish to Call attention to our Brand of Clear flour which we arc Selling at a very close margin. We guarantee that no Superior flour was Ever placed in this mar Ket. Under the control of the speaker. It is probable that belligerent rights will be Given to Cuba before the session of Congress is Many weeks old. The out come of the Hawaii Janucz Atsion is far More doubtful. At the extra Sion Many influential senators of both parties were opposed to the treaty mid it is understood that they have rather than lost strength since adjournment though senator Morgan has just returned from a tour of investigation prepared to strongly advocate i lie Vine in me Senate will be close Onlest some unexpected development interposes. 1635, Long taxi orb to gain a residence finding of the court martial is that the i accused is guilty As charged in the specifications and that he be reprimanded by me reviewing author Ity the Tourt is thus lenient in View of the Good character of the accused As shown in the the above is the verdict in the Coart Martini trial of capt Lovarin of the 0 s. Army. It is already stated that a Corporal who testified against Lover ing at his hearing has been reduced to the ranks upon some trivial offence. From which it seems that the officers Are wholly in sympathy with Levering. A court martial is made up of officers and As a Rule officers do not and will not punish each other if can help it but let a private come up and the same officers on a still less offence will Send him to the guard House. How Many officers Ever see the guard House few indeed. That Hammond needed punishment no one denies but the brutal Way in which Levering did it altogether unbecoming an american officer. Lowering admitted that to was guilty of the charges but said he Only did it to enforce orders it is to be hoped that president Mckinley will ignore the recommendation of the court Martini and Deal out to this Captain what the officers dealt out to the Corporal. Is it a wonder that the you is Tuen of the country Are not anxious to enlist in the army when the officers can treat them As they would a dog. And still get Only a reprimand this is undoubtedly a cause of Many of the desertions from the army. The or raise or All. Or Jones of the drug firm of Jones son. Cowden 111., in speaking of or King s new discovery says that last Winter his wife was attacked with Lai Nippe and Hercamp grew to serious thit Cowden Aad Paua could do nothing for her. It Achmed to develop into Hasty consumption having or. King s new discovery in the store and Selling lots of it he took a bottle Home and to the Surprise of All she began to get better from the first dose and half dozen Dollar bottles her sound and Wel or. King s new discovery for Consu tuition. Coughs and colds in guaranteed to do this Rood work try it. Free trial m perhaps not All that Sill be asked for but something in the line of strengthening acknowledged defects in our present financial system. Such veterans in the congressional Arena As senator Burrows of Mich and Kerese Stathe Dale Ell of pa., Are not carried away by the prophecies of this being a Short session of con Grets made by men of loss experience. They recognize that a number of subjects certain to be taken up especially finance will consume much time in debate whether anything is accomplished or not and consequently they expect the session to be Well up to the average in length of the Long session of Congress. Senator Burrows places the Date of adjournment in the neighbor Hood of August lit to has been taken for granted that any Bill carrying out president to Kinley s Guancial recommendations would receive the support of the Gold democratic senators and possibly of several other democratic senators who supported Bryan and the Chicago platform last year because they were party men and not because of my sympathy they had with either and. Who Are believed to be favourable to it gis lation that would result in removing the mover question As a National Issue. The latter class of democrats if there really be such could not be expected to announce any such intention Ami four fifths of their party shouting Lor free Silver it would to political suicide for them to do so. With the democratic senators it is different they Are already out of the democratic party therefore no Testa Tina was Felt in asking senator Lindsay of kv., the first one of them to arrive at washing ton what if any policy they would have As to Guancial legislation at the coming session of Congress. He re plied. We have had no conference among themselves and therefore have not agreed upon any policy to a line of action i have not been informed what it is. Hence i am not in a portion to give the in or motion desired. 1 May say however that i think the country still wants currency Reform and i believe that if the republicans would agree among would be possible for them to accomplish that stale senator Vorhe of new Jersey is visiting Washington. He said the republicans of new Jersey feel very Good Over the situation in the state we have the state safely in the Republican fold though it was once considered nominally democratic and we feel confident that we will Send a Republican in senator Smith s place when Hia term expires. Senator Smith will be a candidate to succeed himself and although he is wealthy and shrewd politician we have no tear of has winning senator Foreaker was in Washington this week but he declined. To Dincus political tit station in Ohio As he had nothing to add to what he said several weeks ago with him the Campaign ended on election Day. He does t seen bit worried Over the misrepresentation concerning his Posi Tion which hate been such conspicuous feature of the Don comic newspapers for some weeks past. Sent tors Are Harlly we also sell Juresh Graham Corn mean and buckwheat flour. Call and see us. Geo. W. Gates. Best and most economical heating stove on Earth is the round Oak. For a e of Joe Wiloth. Be attempt to adopt a report of to c committee on election and privileges Deli ring Uon h. Vav. Corbet of Ore goo who was appointed b5 the nor. To be entitled to the vacant sent Lett by the failure of the legislature to elect Luck Espoo to sector Mircol Roll whose term expired on the 3d of last March. No report has yet been i aide in this and members of the com Mittee naturally decline to disc iss it. The talk among other senators is believed to be on the knowledge that senator Hoar to whom or. Cor be t s credentials were referred by the Codin Pittee reported to the committee in Lavor of seating or. Corbett. The full committee has never taken a vote on the Case. Republicans Are. Of course anxious to secure the vote which this vacant seat represents if i can he properly is to a in accordance with and precedent free Send your addres to h. E. Flocklen co Chiean. And let a free Sample bus of or. Kind s new life Hills a trial will convince you of their merits. These p Len Are easy in action and Are particularly effective in the cure of Annm spation and sick Flea Niche. For my liver troubles they have proved invaluable. They Are guaranteed to be perfectly free from every Schten us substance and to be purely vegetable. They do not weaken their Adion but porch i ii stallion 5t. Charles. Description. Dark Iron Gray foaled july 25th, ired by Bataille no 19 951 he he Rivolte in. 5489 he by device no 1946 he by French Monarch. To. 731. Dame Frimoth be n o 3021, is e by no 1123u. He by Val hot no. 404, he by be fire no. He by Coco no. 712. We hereby certify that the a botel Pedigree u True and Correct. boo s. St Charles will make the at my Arm two North of Marble tonns 8s 00 in Miil la Mure slip per of pain with can Dittens. 40 Henmy Nykl. Carbiener by to stomach and greatly invigorate the system. Regular size 25 cents per Box. Sold by a Aster co., druggists livery feed and h d. Mussman dealer in live Stock. I -1 bottles at a. J. Asper co s drag i informed about first in Marble Rock Iowa i the t Market prices paid. Wiy pm hours and cattle top cry Sale stable. Finest Rizijs in o Northern Iowa. Main Street two doors East of Bank. A sore the lip for ton. A transaction in a like Tare Tali is. Bilious Ness Wick fur Rod Lougue or piles Aud a Atli i ills caused by Konsti Putio Aucul sluggish liver. Cati Artic to o wonderful a car Btian Cut i d i or ,.ltioie t euro

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