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Marble Rock Weekly Newspaper Archives Aug 30 1883, Page 1

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Marble Rock Weekly (Newspaper) - August 30, 1883, Marble Rock, IowaChicago North Western haul by if uni Short like Taits Fatt Hail cute t in Roet Iii -5 orca co us Points in for Tarn Eastern ans Northwestern nor Quern i Enurla a Yon id , Iii nil principal poor is i n it Rte. Tort Iwest West. Owl it Lra versed and k Orv Fiva. my Tii m re . Aad Central Liko i a u to the ".o. Lijuan be offered by in train a a stiff in win n Pisiki sized to b. Hies. Volume 0. With malice toward Kane and Charity for terms per annul in Advance Marble Rock Floyd county Iowa August 30, ifs number 8 Job Colin Birls a pumps j Jialiu vol k. Iowa. Of kinds for compost acid Saft to i i i it a a s room of i ii Ruu Osiier Railroad Dai step log Caks of i i Aud i -nt.nr. on its Council i r i he tra Sling you Huv to to Axi Takk not i ii l i parts or t. To a u lil d. R. C5u j j. Mavet ird Whitt Joseph Merrill Schunck s adjustable i j adjustable stove repairs y p l in Srda sri mud sit run ouly s c cd j i 1 was i Republican state ticket. Foil Goyet took a fran k. , of l Enron county. Eok Mevit ant so Vettor. 0. U. J1axsixu, of Carroll c county. Of. Justice of the court j. A. 15eed, of county. Us of 1 relic instruction j. W. Akkus of Linn county. Republican county Conven Tion. Marble Booky . Or to lion i Anil cams a r i i a if ski Vij fit i j j. B. Shepard Suhi i receive deposits buy approved paper and sell so i change and do a general _ i i and sell foreign Exchange j Ami tickets to and from nil i or of Ihu boart of Rind i flip Culvr Yijin before the tile Raul . I Vail one front Cuch in the re Sty. An i in Adi Litiola therein ii Titu in Tate first Uch dive t in or Fra Climi Teri of r twelve t rim. Jshii a. T. I Turulj for Fia Itie cd action i Sovi Silier a. H a a script o n her of a jul ails by the a Cun Voni Iii. I Liv in oni tilt a 10 tin. Uni Wibur of to wit Cedar a it Ltd Tirve -1 nit inn Only ii Kiev Ron. I Scull. 2 2 St. 5 c Roth 3 s i Silil 5 Unter -1 total number of thu Are req if Ted it visas two of by time ibid Vince of hold town i incubus. I or order a folic Kel county commit the the Susic of Tbs Sain. F. A. Roziene 1 loan heal estate broker j Uli Ahles ult Towa. By Alik k1nse. Nugo Tiarks Loans on improved trunks satchels Etc so a i Fth. App ii. s. N Clear i to to Nici by. My lit i i Rani ii Vai i now1 c u a c Lif of c d i i Oil i _ _ j dentist will be it the Bolar House the 1st of Gunefa month Rera Minini on i week. Also the 16th remaining four , do work ims Over teen done in Marble Hock. J Liest Teeth Only per act. All work Warra thed ten prompt paying men Ettli Choice Security 1 Ofier a Vivanta Grous terms. L am Alvada Able to set Ilia Day for i died who title to Security is and such can at All titles be relied upon. V. A. Geo m. Hubbard fashionable barter i hair Dresser special attention to ladies and children s hair a posit the Post office Rock. Fth info Tho lioiift.-top-. With Anil met. Like i ten uni ii tit throbs on ten i or Thi tej Irsora full Iii when in Vav with who a Cov or the of who i Rock in in to like1 the Pillow in wine of nip Jipos with is acini. I Owers of Grainjr to thu weary 1 of intr like Thi to Fluor i like Calm sleep to a Houff in. Or like Tours to to mourn in i inti love j from our inching torn. Str inc tth1s1o, tilt to can ssh it it sisal. In i i ii Irray Turk. Tutt 3 Kasl Alf skill to feel stwkgmachi1eco dentist. J Oelfke office Block Teeth without pain by the us Unis. Iowa. I Osce 0 to 12 a. A. Thu frym 1 to p. M. Marble Rock vary. a to i uni Irh a Superior county Mutual i but Chi the my Tilc future with to by litle n in uni and Only i juice Ati Jelp upon my Hufert und lira a. I Hiil still us Wii. Still twi ii it to Usu murmur of tie Rizin. So. May lamp lie realtor i Shull Laj Olowu to rvs ii Ivy bail Hsiun fur lieu music j Ioviti he St when is gentle eau nce Ali Znuj ii Tiu Houct de of sortie def till s my Spur ii Vii to it lulls me into slump. When at last my sout Hue fallen Lucy Pace tube. Fol fail repose on nor Shadow to crop like the voice of Wal tiny a noels or the vhf per Belij la toll. Cali Tiff rain trops Cnown u re Quim for my soul. I monthly. Bowl get eth. About the Moonshiner of South carrying Over Date j let any Man except a official thoroughly investigate the Moonshine business in South Carolina Ami Georgia anti to cannot help but find something in Exius Union of the illicit distillers. The District around Gruen Tillo s. A was Oue time a perfect nest of Moonshiner and last Spring Tho county jail was crowded with prisoners awaiting trial on charge of making con whisky and the number was being constantly added to. Illicit Dis tilling in the Paris and Boston mountains mid other strongholds is More nearly broken up at this Date than at any period during Tho War. The Moonshiner. It is Roro to 6nd a Moonshiner who is not ,1 Farmer. Forty nine cases out of fifty he is also a poor Man. He Liv sup in the valleys of Iho mountains whore to of of t. Ackley Marble iroc s or j. B. Schermerhorn Scott. Bridge Bill thing and cutting pc tones of for rates address. T. W. Noos Koeck Iowa. Wanted Peck s bad boy and if is a. Flitcr Brj Copic sold a in Otlis. Lays it by cow ii with fun. We the lir i tax Lutc edition it Mist. Its Ali Jim i 25 to 50 of m including blk. 81.00 t. Tra for Amat at two. M to tet Titoff Book , fifth to i the. I turn f i Tfir two 21 m. Mass dealer in q sewing machines Marbe Rock a. Keeps for Salt the for string Well a known machines , Home and the new Imp Ruvo int prices which Deir Competition. Machines attn be at nayne1 Bro s store. Fuss Nanut and he lives in the most primitive style. His Homo is r. Log Cabin of Tho poorest description ignorance surrounds him and he. Hns to work hard for whatever crop his i ads yield. It id not one out of six who owns a font of land each holds his Home by paying rent take Tho toughest looking Moonshiner in 3 Southern jail and you will find Tho Only charge against him is that of ii Iii do tilling and its results. You will be told that he is honest in his dealings with individuals a Bard working Man und in some instances n prominent Church ttt5 . There Are two excuses which Tho Moonshiner Assi jus for Bis course in de Fritog the Laws of the land up to the War there no government tax on whisky and almost every Plantation Snen lift with a still. Every planter made whisky and nearly every Man drank it. And it was looked upon As a is pral in Crago. Skigin a conversation and to will at once Advance the Assn Merit if my father could make whisky Why can t was no xxx but Why should there be one now.1 Well it is the Law "3o they say if to Eric was no Law Twenty Why should there be our you nervy argue awl i scow but you cannot convince hint that it is a crime in him la follow to the of Thow who were never dist bed a doing As he he Mav Good hearted but he ignorant fee now nothing of world outside of Iho three or four counties Firmind Ami to or hire a it loud mule or in. Evilly owns and Hirt i in. Inns three Over tin Road to arct to ii Ciu it trip brought him Lor to be to s in out to Nui but lie o in tiny to j u Pulit. hint clothe. I and Ruvii Imus. And Hui shall be j so Itzig a a till. There is Corn Ami in to creeks and ravines hiding Aad whisky to Jarriod away six it a Tirui Anil sold fur ready Cash to imm callous a like selves Liu portion of the Sumn Unity. Suim Sikio has a still cheap two or three neighbors Aro re airy to form n Copartnership ind it a natural turn of Evi rits and arbitrary Trail i the farm to turns Moonshiner. To Sestini edit a urk sonic Ike in Posod to to Safe in Usu rtt Trinity Oili Cei t. Aud he Mill on. The i Lii rats. I talked Naif a lox no the profit of illicit . Aro none. Ii the owner of i Feriv Iraq a still in tin mountains was left at peace for Iivo year.-3, lie could tint earn Ilic Usu Kiev paid the auraire i Elianic. Me must buy his Corn run risks of Acci Dent tote his whisky Down to the towns and thu men who but of him Taku Adan Taivy of his to must sell his Mon Naiu Dew for a gallon and he is thu our who takes All tic risks. Noetic can Point to a Moonshiner who has suru Atli bettered his Cir Ilu May live paid Oil some old debts Reul thud his family Ami put by n few dollars to for the dicing Suid a visit from thu doctor but i has not purchased land or bought live Stock. Cal to Uin or moussiiinkit5. Or ten years one Moonshiner could not have been bribed with to give another away. They Ivere a fraternity in which even1 Man Folt Honor All this Luw be in changed. A lieu a still by dome stroke of Good Hick it was do. In great Britain there Are of wealth and poverty but Facia recent la published Rio to show Liru in in Mlinor j of very Rich not it. Is to j say to tier have been More i created in Tho United Trio ibo Piunini of civil ii a mud been Devo Loyied by Acen Turof Tenn Kirilj. And in Britain. There Are do Ingle fortunes in England comparable to those r4 Vanderbilt Gould , flood Tho Astor and Stewart estates and Proba Bly fifty which be mention the us non known examples go i accused of portraying in to i Cir act i scan Tiff 0. Jenkins k. S. A., writes to the 1 Itti mull to amur it would . Tsien that the cholera we Iii our shores is not Indian but Ditl it eni. There Are i and favored to show eleven years ago. When i stated 1 l it mar Luj is wit Rully that tic next attack hmm by in Oil i a kit. 1 is Hnit Paris or people Aro still living say Wiio look his Little Priis n a Serti civic. Fulveia Biluys is Savaii Benin rat Constance Adarno Taghon the Queen of Illyria is the it Iota of Naples tie Prince of Axel is tie 1 Rice of Orange Tom in an English House age tit not in the Rue Kowalc. But hard Elyson me Raul is n Puli Guowu journalist and doctor Liou Thereau u Well known sur Geon. Such is the key. We Are told to these ingenious mystification and to Many others which i Havo Botthu space to mention. It matters Little to my mind whether in each Case the Cap its tie supposed Model for nothing is More evident than that Alphonse Taudul his proposed to himself to represent not Only Tho people but the persons of his time. The Conspicuity of certain individuals has added to Tho Force with which they speak to his imagination. His is for salient and he has said to himself that there is no greater proof of being salient than be ing Gunthr ground and submarine wires. Wires arc almost invariably carried underground towns. Copper Northwest dip action. Trio Indian tid arabian streams in England. As a mutter of fact the Luhiau. From its much longer course exhausts itself in Russia and Germany and in All prob ability we have never Hadaa attack of it unless perhaps it be when Tho North of England suffered it is31. And regards the dior fermion Itiat Oue us often Titars that All cholera can be traced to Tho Ganges what is to to said about the cholera Vilich Hist july in Mexico and last january was carrying off by fearful ravages an immense num Ber ill victims before the present year Clofis 1 Asp tact to hear that cholera has broken out in every Quarter of the Globe. In a Cuiru North Carolina Thuro Are Tifty Niue peaks above feet ninety three Between nud and Aud 5.000. A total of 2u5 Naovu Lugo feet piles piles frequently of Csc of weight in the Buck Lifis and lower part of the Abdomen causing tie Pant to surf us be has some affection Joseph Wiloth in harness collars a and gentle inns in whips Oik Ami in fact every thing u am i Ess shop. Marble Rock Iowa found in a first a All work warranted. S Voll tidier neighbouring there Are j2.uuu Miles of i in. Bym tows i wire in the United kingdom. There is i present As flatulence uneasiness of tic Reat outcry for More underground 5t0macli, Etc. A moisture like a Crispi Ivory in England owing to the Des True Tion to open lines gales and Auy a storms but wire for wire a Carat preset labout four into Chi much its overground Lin a. And their capacity for Iii is Only our fourth to that overground Are commercially sixteen times bettor than Gudr mgr Hird to Ian Iho whole of the Posto Liucc sys tem Hii tip around would mean an or no fit ii ii Tipert is no to put wires under ground except in towns. Nov run for in i their cil Eias Are far exaggerated. Of tin compounds that have been used for ins Burlington Cedar Northe n railway tie Siruc Iii slate of intr wifi 11 in.-? a thu Tarth for Siinnos Iii Anil in Kulij Points with the Imp till try Lii in son i. And n no in wet it. Purposes the oldest and thu inst it like i of Price. Address All other materials used for telegraphy. Medicine co., Piqua Ohio sold Iii Ira Provod Vii stay through thu c o. Schirching that current give the Engineer. The past Lea years hns Soctt the or Lotic Cove Trail with i network of cables. Snot telegraphs have become a solid property. They arc Laid with facility and with Civ aunty even in Tho Ilc Opest oceans. Thanks to Inch sex of in l s. Challenger the floor of the Ocean id becoming Mon than the surface of Auteny n Timmus. Thiere Are a present i _ Miles of Cable at work and Teeth i s0 sen4 at Havu been Ura barked in establish tie rant a Licet of to eat Nino slips a Matching and re ration producing it very Magr cab be itching particularly at night after 50 Nir Ting warm in bed is a very common a t tend ant. Internal kit Ernal and itch-1 Mihic Oliai Iii ing 1 Ilos yield at onre to the Npphca-1 4 Tion of or. Bosanko s pile i Ulli Iun of tuft a Ftping which acts directly upon the parts affected absorbing the tutors allay in it intense itching and effecting a i in Anent Curc where All Ether Hutu failed. Do not delay until the min on tie system produces Normn nuni j Price 50 cents ask your drug St i a it and when you can not obtain it of Send it prepaid on receipt Minna Polis St. K line to i. U will i Al of Nett l maps time advice to mothers arc you disturbed m and Cen of your rest by sick child i he crying Vith of cutting. Employed in pairing the cables. The Atlantic red by nine cables in working o r Type of Cable Asch Boen Htit Vicy i to fac from Tinl syrup for chel Hicks i value it will relieve the poor Little sufferer immediate Lar. Oepen a upon h. Mothers there is no aids Tiki about it. It Urci . T Ieli. Iolj a subscribe for the Globe Democrat r. Of to j i Calais but the Chandler of the rent Fri Jojn the the breaking of Tiiu to the w1 Iron -.viry. Iii Cluj has Roach de Nir Seiy to tic Inch and Rio a attn non. Fly Phy t spa Phi n j company. To. In i in n 1 or Haiti a i Yerter. I t live. La. Or . I
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